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The Juice Diet

The Juice Diet

The Juice Diet

Do you keep hearing about the juice diet? Do you ask yourself what is this new juice diet everyone is raving about? Let me tell you. The juice diet everyone is talking about will help you to detox, cleanse your system, and make you lose weight at a very fast and healthy pace. It will also get you nutritionally fit within a few weeks. Does it sound too good to be true? I’m here to tell you that the juice diet is the real deal.

Countless people have had success with the juice diet. Some have been able to get off their medication, while others have felt more alive than they have in the past ten or even twenty years. The one thing they can all agree on is how effective the juice diet is for losing weight. I lost twenty pounds within the first two weeks and was able to lower my blood pressure to a point where I didn’t need my medication anymore. I dropped two pant sizes and felt really great. My doctor even said he was amazed at how healthy I was when he ran a blood test.

Is The Juice Diet Healthy?

The juice diet is very healthy and safe if done right. It’s a process of running fruits and vegetables through a juicer so you can drink your meal rather than eating it. It sounds tough, only drinking your meals but it really isn’t and becomes second nature. The idea is to load up on the nutritious juice from the fresh fruits and veggies while leaving out the fiber to give your digestive system a break. This creates a low level of toxicity in your system and in turn, your body starts to release toxins and fat. This is where the weight loss comes in since fat is stored in fat cells.

The Juice Diet Assumptions

I often get asked if juicing your fruits and vegetables is as healthy as eating them. The truth is, yes, it’s just as healthy to juice them as it is to eat them. But a typical recipe in the juice diet might call for a cucumber, an apple, some carrots, a big handful of spinach, some celery, and some other ingredients. It would be hard to consume all that at once and you would feel bloated. Imagine trying to eat a meal like that four to six times a day! You will be able to consume more fruit and vegetable juice by juicing as opposed to eating. More juice means more vitamins and nutrients and that is what the juice diet is about.

What about protein? Isn’t it unhealthy to exclude protein from your diet? Yes, it most certainly would be unhealthy to nix protein from your diet. Did you know that vegetables such as kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, broccoli, and collards contain a good amount of protein?  There are also some fruits that contain a small amount of protein. Protein doesn’t only come from meats, beans, and nuts. The juice diet accounts for your proteins along with many other healthy vitamins and nutrients.

But wait! You can’t just drink juice, you’ll starve yourself! Not true at all! The juice really does fill you up. It’s not like your drinking a glass of water to simply fill your stomach. On the juice diet you are giving your body a massive amount of vitamins and nutrients each time you juice. After all, hunger is the motivation our bodies use to tell us that we need more nutrients in our body. So when you load up on nutrients with the juice diet, your body is satisfied. It’s your habitual eating that is telling you to eat. Habitual eating is when you eat out of habit. A good example of this is snacking while watching television. You might not be hungry but you are used to eating a snack while watching TV so when you do watch TV, your body says its snack time. You will get over the habitual eating habits when you go on the juice diet.

I want to know more about the juice diet

If you want more info on the juice diet, I have written some great articles detailing information on how to start and what to get along with tips, questions and recipes. There are links at the bottom of this article that will direct you to those. I hope you have a better understanding of the juice diet and want to give it a shot. Its benefited so many people in so many ways that you owe it to yourself to hop on board with them and write your own success story.

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  1. I love your website, before I found it I was doing smoothies because I was misguided. Ty so much. My question is no coffee?

    • Hi Mary, welcome to JOJ. No coffee unless it’s decaf with no sugar or cream. But that kinda of defeats the purpose of coffee now doesn’t it? Cheers!

  2. A simple filter mask may help you reduce your exposure.
    They would drink around three cups a day of this mixture.

    Other than this, these devices mainly utilize a specific appliance like stealth dry herb vaporizer to heat the flavored e-liquid into an aerosol mist.

  3. I need help understanding the 3 day cleanse… the shopping list divided by 3 doesn’t add up… unless I use two of every meal… HELP!!!

    So do I do 2 breakfast juices, 2 lunch and 2 dinner everyday???

    Thank you in advance,

  4. Today is my fast day of the juice fast. I’m trying to lose 50 pounds. I really want to get my high school body back. I’m excited to try this.

    • Diana, welcome to JOJ! I wish you all the best on your juice fast, please keep me posted! Cheers!

  5. Hi can you put fluid in juice diet to thin it down .My first day going ok.

  6. Well I just downed my first juice of my 7 day cleanse. I am super excited and I think that reading comments on your site every day will certainly motivate me to not be a cheater!
    I know that detox is important for our bodies but I feel that imflamation is the culprit for many ailments so I am hoping that this cleanse will help in that area. cheers and bottoms up!

  7. What kinds of fruits and veggies should I use and about how much of each? I do spinich and fruit shakes every morning

  8. What about v8 juice? Can you drink that and have the same results ?

  9. Hi how Menes juice veg drinks do you have in a day. I’m new to this. Sharon

  10. Will the juice diet help reduce belly fat

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