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Start Juicing

Start Juicing

Start JuicingSo you want to start juicing? To help you start juicing I have put together a few plans that will help you get started. But first let’s run down the checklist.

1. Do you have a juicer? If not, check out this Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor at Amazon. It’s an excellent price, super easy to clean, and works perfectly for juicing just about all veggies and fruits.

2. It’s best to prepare by eating mostly raw veggies and fruits the week before you start juicing. This helps you to get ready to change.

3. Have a plan in place that sets time aside for juicing, especially in the morning.

4. Each plan will have a shopping list for you, make sure you get the basics that are on the list.

5. Drink warm or hot water with Lemon in the mornings as soon as you wake up. Do this every day you juice.

6. When you start juicing it’s okay to take Tylenol or Ibuprofen for headaches during the first few days.

7. Remember, the first 2-4 days is the hard part. Your body is detoxing and getting rid of all those bad toxins. So it’s best if you can start at a time where you can be at home and away from the draws of fast food.

8. Be sure to not eat any solids when you start juicing. It’s also best to eat only raw fruits and veggies the few days before you start juicing. This will get your system ready for the juice and help start the detox process. It will also make it easier for you to go straight juice when you are ready.

On to the plans!

Start Juicing with a 3 Day Juice Fast Start Juicing with a 7 Day Juice Fast 2 Week Juice Fast Plan
3 Day Juice Fast Plan
Complete guide with plan
and shopping list!
7 Day Juice Fast Plan
Complete guide with plan
and shopping list!
2 Week Juice Fast Plan
Complete guide with plan
and shopping list

How To Juice Fast

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  1. Hi Donnie!
    I am a flight attendant with a crazy schedule and I need to meal prep since I am usually gone for 3/4 days in a row. I’m thinking of freezing my juice and taking them with me. What do you think and do you have any suggestions? Planning on the 14 day fast.

    • Kat, you most certainly can freeze your juices ahead of time. Keep me posted and I wish you all the best!

  2. Many scientific studies and researches have been done on the vaporizers.

    There are many, many things it would be best to keep away from after your surgery.
    It is small and does not require electricity so it
    can be carried easily in a backpack.

  3. I have the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer and it’s pretty easy to clean except the strainer. That part is a pain but I figure all centrifugal juicers will be that way. Does anyone have a solution for the silly air vent on the back side of it where pulp flies out? It’s weird.

    I think I will start putting a plastic grocery bag in the pulp container to save on cleanup. WIN!!

  4. A juicer works by separating the fibre and the juice contained in fruits and vegetables, maximizing digestion by separating the two manually.

  5. hey Donnie!
    I am on my juice fast day 2. It’s 5:15 pm. Having a little headache, tired, HUNGRY!!! I don’t know if I am taking juices in right time. How long should I wait for example between morning until lunch, and have that between juice “Jolt Juice”? I am doing 7 day fast, started yesterday. I am so hungry… On first day I actually did a little mistake “learning from my own mistakes” I used my Blendtec blender (it has a whole juice option) but it does come with a lot of pulp and I was so full from one juice that I didn’t want to have my next juice. But today I used my juices and it’s a big difference. Any tips? Thank you in advance.

  6. Hey Donnie, my name is Chad and I just ended a three day juice fast and am on my first day of solid food. I had to stop because I didn’t feel too great. The healing crisis got too much for me. The day before did too much outside and probably overexerted myself. I’m wondering if I could restart it soon or if there is a certain amount of time I have to wait?

    • Chad, you can restart immediately. If the process was too much for you, you may consider adding in one meal per day consisting of only fresh fruits and veggies. This will help you transition to the juices as opposed to jumping right in. Cheers!

  7. This would be my first time juicing and I am very interested in it. However, I work out almost 5 days a week and teach 2 classes a week which are High Intensity classes. Would my body be ok with just juicing and working out that hard?

    • Morgan, you may want to try including a small meal of just fruits/veggies and a lean protein once a day to help with your classes. You’ll still get all the nutritional benefits but won’t be too exhausted to do your classes. I wish you all the best!

  8. hey man.. i began this today and I was throwing up so much. I drank one at 4PM and one at 8:30PM. I think I threw up almost as much as I drank on the 8:30, not much at 4PM.
    at 4PM I drank Bruschetta tang
    at 8:30PM I drank the shock top juice.

    I’m not sure but I eat unhealthy. I literally eat apples like once a year (one apple), and green beans often (like once every two days). I don’t eat all this or even close to whats in these. Is this just my body new to this, or a more serious issue?

    • Justin, I’m sorry for the late response. You may want to start out by eating only fresh fruits and veggies for a few days until your body adjusts to them. After that, add 1 or 2 juices into your diet and see how your body adjusts. When you feel comfortable, then go all juice. Keep me posted.

  9. Hi

    Today is my first juice fast day,I am planning to do it for 7 days,I have a question how much weight I will loose during 7 day juice fast.

  10. Hi everyone. I am starting a 30 juice fast Friday. I need all of the support I can get! I am scared! My Dr actually recommended this to lose weight and reboot my metabolism. If you are starting a fast at the same time then I would love to keep in touch 1 email me at and put Juice Support in the subject line. Thanks!!

    • Crystal, welcome to JOJ and congrats on starting your juice fast Friday. Let me know if you have any questions.

  11. Can you drink naked fruit juice suppose to be all natural not from concentrated. If u out an get hungry

    • Kelly, I don’t suggest Naked juice unless you can’t make a juice and are out and about. You should only have the green one and only in an emergency situation where you find yourself hungry and without a juice. Make it a point to take a juice with you so you don’t run into this situation. You can also stop at places that make fresh juice. I find that a lot of the places that make smoothies will also do fresh juice.

  12. Hi Donnie, Just joined and ready for my 7dayer starting on Monday. Looking forward to it.
    My question may be answered on your website and if so, I apologize up front. Lots to read here.
    Question: Can I add spirulina and chlorella powders to my juice? I use them both in my smoothies, but didn’t know how they would be received added to my juice.

    Thanks in advance and thanks for this great website. Kudos.

    • Andy, you can add spirulina and chlorella if you like. Let me know if you have any questions.

  13. With juicing they say it has to be taken/drunk immediately after juicing,lest it loses the nutrient richness. Since l cannot pack my juicer to work, after breakfast meal, how can l preserve this richness to my subsequent meals so that it doesn’t become just a junk syrup?

    • Sakhi, it’s best to drink your juice as soon as possible. If you have to take juices with you then make sure they are stored in air tight containers and kept in the refrigerator until it’s time to drink them. Keep me posted.

  14. Hi Donnie!
    Love your site and positivity – just what we need when embarking on this mini adventure.
    Started the diet today, 3 days to start with but will see how it goes.
    Was wondering if there was a calorie counter on here somewhere for the juice recipes you’ve added ? Apologies if there is one I just haven’t found it yet!
    Talk soon xx

    • Jamonamagnet, congrats on starting your juice fast today! It’s going to do amazing things for you!

      I don’t put up any calorie information as it’s not necessary to count calories, carbs, or anything while on the fast. You just need to focus on doing the fast and doing it correctly and you’ll do great!

      If you must know how to get the caloric intake per juice then this is what you do. You should go to a site like that will add up the individual ingredients in the recipes. Once you input all of the information this is how you will figure out your caloric intake per juice:

      Take the total calories. (example: 500 calories)
      Take the total fiber. (example: 65 grams)

      Multiply the total fiber by 4 as there are 4 calories per gram of fiber. Then you subtract the total fiber calories from the total calories and you are left with the true calorie count for your juice.

      Total Calories (500)
      Total Fiber (260) 65×4=260
      True Calories 240

      That’s just an example but most juices are between the 150-250 range. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions Jamonamagnet.

  15. Day 3 and feeling determined! Have to say I found day 2 harder than first day as last night I was craving solid food. As I hardly touch tea or coffee I’m lucky not to get any headaches but one thing I have noticed is I’m not craving so much water as I normally do…usually drink 3 to 4 litres a day and only had about one and half L yesterday. Made me think I need so much normally to balance excess sugar/salt in my diet?

    • Days 2-3 are usually the hardest but once you get past that, it’s real easy. Make sure you keep drinking enough water though. You should be having water immediately after a juice and all throughout the day.

  16. Hi, thank you for all of your juicing information – it has been very insightful. I start juicing on the 12 of August and your information will help me a great deal. Your substitution list is perfect! I am starting with your 3 day fast and hope to work up to your 7 day then 30 day.


    • Barbara, welcome to JOJ and congrats on your upcoming juice fast. I’m glad I could be of help. Let me know how your fast turns out and remember, I’m here if you have any questions.

  17. First day I had the morning glory it took me 1and half hour to drink I am so bad I d I dont like the taste was not sure if I was going to make it to drink 2 but I did I’m really struggling to get them down I waited a long time to make the second one because I just couldn’t down it next is juice 3 I want to do it.

  18. Brilliant Donnie, much appreciated. I will let you know how i get on.

  19. Hi donny, I’m going to start the juice fast shortly and do it for 30 days.

    Just a quick question. when you say 1″ of ginger, does that mean 1 inch of the piece of ginger?

    Any other tips would be appreciated. Thank you

    • Adil, welcome to JOJ and congrats on making the decision to juice fast! 1″ of ginger is 1 inch of the piece of ginger. I’m going to go back and make conversions for both US and UK. Here’s an article with some great tips to get you going Adil,

      I’m always here if you have any questions.

  20. I started today! So far – so good! Thanks for the recipes Donnie.

  21. Just wanted to say I love your blog! The info. has given me the push to start a juice fast! I’m gonna start with 7-days and hopefully continue from there to 30-days! :)

    • Thank you Nicole! I’m glad you found the blog useful and plan on starting a 7 day fast! Let me know if I can be of any help. I’m here if you have any questions Nicole.

  22. Since it is my first time fasting I am definitely going to take your advice and prep first before jumping into it. My plan will be to start a 7 day fast on the 10th then. Thanks for your help!

    • That’s great Angela! I’ll be here if you have any questions. In the mean time, head over to the forums ( ) and post a new group fast for the 10th. I’m sure others would like to join up and juice along with you.

  23. Hi Donnie, I just joined your group today and your forums have been very informative. I’m interested in starting the 3 day fast and hopefully continuing on to the 7 day fast or longer. I read that you suggested to eat raw fruits and veggies for a few days as a prep and I wanted to know how often do you suggest eating them, like 4 – 6 times a day or whenever you’re hungry? And I wanted to start on July 5th so what day should I begin the actual fast after prepping? Thank you for your help!

    • Angela, thanks for joining the group! For prep, just eat as you get hungry. It’s easier to let your body decide when it needs nourishment. You can begin your fast whenever you feel ready to. It is optimal to prepare yourself for a few days in advance although some people just jump right in. I would prep for about three days or more if it’s your first fast and then hop into the fast. That should give you’re body enough time to adjust to the fresh fruits and veggies. I’ll be here if you have questions Angela.

  24. What is the benefit of warm or hot lemon water in the morning as opposed to cool lemon water? I’ve asked a few different people and nobody seems to know. Thanks :)

    • The first benefit is that warm water is more natural and easier to process than cold water. Cold water is harder to process and takes more energy to process than warm water.

      Besides that, warm water with lemon really helps to get you moving in the morning. It gives you some good energy. It’s also great to aid in digestion and gets your body ready for the day. Look up benefits of warm water with lemon and you’ll see other reasons why it’s such a great way to start your day.

  25. Store bought juice is the worse. Most of it has been ptseurizad. Making your own fresh juice with a high speed juicer is better than store bought juice or not juicing.  Of cpurse, a low speed juicer will make a higher quality (more nutrients) in the juice. There are pros and cons to each kind of juicer on the market. The best approach is to select the juicer that will best meet your individual needs. The 8003 DOES juice leafy greens better than the lequip, which is not as efficient on greens