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Purple Power Juice Recipe

Purple Power Juice Recipe

Purple Power Juice Recipe

This is the Purple Power Juice Recipe! It is great for a quick lunch and a filling dinner. It’s loaded with nutrients and has a great flavor too. This is a variation of the Sunrise Surprise Juice Recipe that I enjoy for dinner most nights. This juice not only looks amazing but it tastes wonderful! The juice consists of celery, spinach, lemon, carrot, cucumber, apple, red cabbage, beet, and ginger root. It’s very filling due to the variety of nutrients it contains and ingredients used. The color is a bright refreshing purple that almost resembles a darker wine. This is a fantastic juice to finish off your day before you relax for the night. I like to sip it while finishing up my work on the computer or watching some Breaking Bad and Walking Dead. Enjoy!

Purple Power Juice Recipe Ingredients

Purple Power Juice Recipe
2 Celery Stalks

1/2 Carrot

1 Cucumber

1 Handful of Spinach

1/2 Lemon Peeled

1 Beet Sliced

1 Granny Smith Apple

1/4 Head of Red Cabbage

1″ of Fresh Ginger Root

Make sure to clean and rinse all of your fruits and vegetables before prepping and juicing. This not only helps to clean it but it removes wax from the cucumber, pesticides from produce, and even bacteria. If you don’t buy organic, you might want to consider it because of the lack of chemicals used and the better flavor organic produce provides. Make sure to core out your apples, cut the tips of the beet, celery, carrot, and cucumber. Here are some substitutions you might want to try for this recipe. You can replace the Spinach with Kale, the Cucumber with Zucchini, the Apple with an Orange, or the Lemon with a Lime. If you try this recipe and enjoy it, please comment and let me know! I am also interested to hear of any variations of this recipe that you tried and enjoyed! Now go juice!

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  1. Loved this recipe.

  2. Fantastic thanks..

  3. Hello,

    As by using juicer all fiber removed, so fibers are nt required for our body..

    • Fibers are not required during a juice fast. But since you aren’t juicing indefinitely you’ll get your fiber when you go back to eating solids. Cheers!

  4. You have to use a juicer to get the juice right, or you will consume too much fiber and bloat. The breville is the best, but any larger juicer will do, like a jack lalane

  5. I was thinking of starting this but wanted to kno more like do you really loose weight and can u use a blender.

  6. I’m buying my first juicer this weekend and I am planning a 14 day detox. I’m a little scared… I think this is one recipe that I might enjoy. I’ll keep you posted. I really want to commit to this. I quit smoking three years ago and packed on 60 lbs. I’m to the point where things are starting to hurt and I’m only 38. It’s time to change things. I’m glad I found this site…. Do you have a 14 days detox grocery list?

  7. Hey Donnie: I started my Juicing on Monday. It is now Sunday and I got through cooking all week plus meatballs for my family today without any anxiety. However, as I read the comments I noticed that I should be drinking water after every juice? I did not know that was the rule. I have been having decaf tea throughout the day but not enough water. I feel a little constipated maybe that is the reason: not enough water?
    I did not give myself a cutoff day but I am on for another week at least.

    Your movie inspired me to do this and I am feeling calm and peaceful inside and out.
    Thank you,

  8. Hi, I was just wondering, even though it seems like a stupid question, what I could substitute the beetroot for, because I realy don’t like it, but the rest of the juice sounds lovely. Thanks for all the great recipes 😀

  9. Wow, I made this and tried it before dinner. It was so filling that I cancelled the dinner. It had many different flavors to it and is very unique tasting.

  10. I was wondering can you drink green tea with the juice diet? I love buying the to go Green Tea packets you mix In your water bottle. Thank You!

    • Colleen, green tea is okay in moderation but keep in mind that caffeine is one of the things you are trying to rid your body of. When having tea, it’s best to make sure it’s loose leaf tea and not a powdered mix.

      • I would like to suggest you try the South African Rooibos tea, or better know in the US as Redbush tea. I live in South Africa where this tea is grown and it is the only herbal tea that does not have any caffeine in it all. See link for more info

        I am starting my juicing experience on Monday, just been fruit and veg shopping :) thanks for a great site. Julia in Cape Town South Africa

        • Julia, Rooibos tea works out great for juicers. I’ll even juice some strawberries or raspberries to add to the tea sometimes and it tastes great! How’s the weather in Cape Town this time of year? It’s on my list of places to visit. It looks like such a beautiful place! Cheers!

  11. I just tried this tonight and really liked it. Delicious!

  12. Where can I find the nutritional facts for these juices?

    • Google Brittney, use google! I don’t put nutritional facts up due to the fact every juicer is a little different, and produce differs from place to place. What you get will differ from one person to the next. The best thing you can do is to google each individual ingredient to get an idea of what you are consuming. I find it best to include a variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the day in my juices to ensure I’m getting a good assortment of nutrients.

  13. Good Morning.. I am totally inspired and motivated to begin the juice fast. Today is my first day and so far so good. I am looking to lose up to 40 pounds.

    • Congrats on starting your juice fast Paula! Keep me posted on your success! I’m always here if you have questions.

  14. How many servings of juice does each recipe make?

    • 1 serving CJ. Each juicer is different but 1 serving should equal anywhere from 16 ounces to 20 ounces. Make sure you drink some water after you have a juice. It will help with the absorption process.

  15. I just tried the purple power juice for the first time and it was really good except for the celery part. It’s my personal taste, I just can’t stand celery, but I wanted to follow the recipe. Next time I’ll just leave it out, but can you recommend anything I can sub for it?

  16. burdger

    Just made and drank this juice. Thank you so much! I’ve been really dragging the last two days because I’m so sick of the usual juice I make for lunch/dinner, and every time I try to deviate from it, I make a pretty disgusting concoction that I either choke down, or end up dumping because it’s so bad. So glad I found this one. It is awesome. Even though I only have a few days left of my fast, I’m sure I’ll use this recipe often off of my fast.

    • That’s great burdger! I’m glad you found something to deviate from your usual drinks. Take a look at as it will give you some really great ideas for coming up with your own concoctions. I suggest you start with one recipe and pick one fruit and one veggie to try and substitute with. It will change the drink without deviating from it too much but it will give you some really great ideas. Enjoy and congrats on your fast!

  17. Can we chew sugar free gum during the juice fast?

  18. Hi! I about to start a juice fast (my first time) and I noticed a lot of recipes on the internet include the beet tops in the recipe. This one doesn’t specify, so I’m wondering did you put the beet tops in too? Also, I’m sure you have other beet recipes here that I haven’t stumbled over yet, are you consistent in your recipes with or without tops? Thanks. :)

    • Trixie, sometimes I use them sometimes I don’t. It’s really up to you if you want to use them but no harm done if you do or don’t.

  19. Hi! Do you have the nutritional value of any of these recipes available anywhere for quick view? I’m trying to follow a low(er) carb plan…thank you :)

  20. I juiced with beets today. I didn’t have purple cabbage, so I decided to mix up some flavors. I juiced 3 beets, red & yellow bell pepper, 1 orange, 3 celery, 1, apple, and about half a lemon. I was nervous about tasting it.. but it actually taste pretty good to me. The sweetness from the bell peppers and its aroma livens up the juice. It does have a strong earthy flavor because of the amount of beets I used, but I love it. :)

    • Melanie! I’m glad you liked it. While beets are great don’t use too many throughout the day. It may make you a little queasy if you use too many of them.

      Aren’t bell peppers awesome! Such an awesome flavor and smell!

      You’re doing great, keep it up!

  21. Hey Donnie,

    I find myself adding ginger to almost every juice recipe because for me it helps balance the flavor. Thanks for all the recipes!

    • Melanie you are most welcome! Ginger is great and very healthy for you. Too much of it in a juice can cause a little bitterness or upset stomach so use it in moderation. Happy juicing!

  22. I was wondering about serving size. Is each recipe u give one serving? I made the good morning juice recipe and it made over half a juice jug of juice. I used my Omega industrial juicer.

  23. Hi Donnie,

    I was wondering if you use raw or precooked beets? Are precooked beets (the ones that are vacuum-packed) alright?


    • Laura, only use raw beets. I’ve tried the precooked ones and they just clog up the juicer.

  24. How do I clean the vegetables?

  25. I made this yesterday afternoon (I’m fasting) and it was very good! I had so much energy. It was very potent, so much that you could pour it on ice and drink it and it would still be pretty dark. I loved it and will be making it again on this fast and reviewing any others I try. Thanks for the recipe!

    • Great Lady! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. The purple power juice was my staple for dinner for a while. It’s a very good drink with a very pleasant taste.