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Purple Power Juice Recipe

Purple Power Juice Recipe

Purple Power Juice Recipe

This is the Purple Power Juice Recipe! It is great for a quick lunch and a filling dinner. It’s loaded with nutrients and has a great flavor too. This is a variation of the Sunrise Surprise Juice Recipe that I enjoy for dinner most nights. This juice not only looks amazing but it tastes wonderful! The juice consists of celery, spinach, lemon, carrot, cucumber, apple, red cabbage, beet, and ginger root. It’s very filling due to the variety of nutrients it contains and ingredients used. The color is a bright refreshing purple that almost resembles a darker wine. This is a fantastic juice to finish off your day before you relax for the night. I like to sip it while finishing up my work on the computer or watching some Breaking Bad and Walking Dead. Enjoy!

Purple Power Juice Recipe Ingredients

Purple Power Juice Recipe
2 Celery Stalks

1/2 Carrot

1 Cucumber

1 Handful of Spinach

1/2 Lemon Peeled

1 Beet Sliced

1 Granny Smith Apple

1/4 Head of Red Cabbage

1″ of Fresh Ginger Root

Make sure to clean and rinse all of your fruits and vegetables before prepping and juicing. This not only helps to clean it but it removes wax from the cucumber, pesticides from produce, and even bacteria. If you don’t buy organic, you might want to consider it because of the lack of chemicals used and the better flavor organic produce provides. Make sure to core out your apples, cut the tips of the beet, celery, carrot, and cucumber. Here are some substitutions you might want to try for this recipe. You can replace the Spinach with Kale, the Cucumber with Zucchini, the Apple with an Orange, or the Lemon with a Lime. If you try this recipe and enjoy it, please comment and let me know! I am also interested to hear of any variations of this recipe that you tried and enjoyed! Now go juice!

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  1. Loved this recipe.

  2. Fantastic thanks..

  3. Hello,

    As by using juicer all fiber removed, so fibers are nt required for our body..

    • Fibers are not required during a juice fast. But since you aren’t juicing indefinitely you’ll get your fiber when you go back to eating solids. Cheers!

  4. You have to use a juicer to get the juice right, or you will consume too much fiber and bloat. The breville is the best, but any larger juicer will do, like a jack lalane

  5. I was thinking of starting this but wanted to kno more like do you really loose weight and can u use a blender.

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