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  1. itamay

    How do you find your original message, I’m new to this site and haven’t found my way around yet?
    I did the three day juice fast last week and continued having juice twice a day after that, I have found it has reset my food intake and appetite, can I do the three day fast every week as I find the start of the week easy and then some solids at the weekend, would this do you any harm?

  2. How do u know the amount or how many of each fruit or veg to mix

  3. Hi Donnnie, Ive been studying up on juice fast and i really your website the most helpful. My wife and I are going to start our juice fast jounery this upcoming thursday the 9th of october. Our gaol is to juice fast for 60 days. we are looking forward to this wonderful journey and for sure turn to you for any questions. thanks for all the suggestions your page has to offer.

  4. K8

    Finally back on the losing streak! I gained 5# like I said over this last weekend then just been stuck! I am down 1# today and just trying to double my water intake! I am going to go for a light jog over lunch and see if i can work those last 4# off that I have stuck there from this last weekend!

    • vwilli35

      Hi To anyone who would like a buddy to help motivate and give tips and support for juicing. Could you message me and I will give you my email address since I’m always checking my email. So anyone who would like to help and support each other please let my know. Looking forward to hearing from you!

      • tawanasheriod

        Hey my Name is Rain i would def. love to buddy up . This is a hard mission and teaming up is a Great idea my email is

      • Hi, seems like a great idea to have a juice buddy. Very difficult to keep motivated when you live on your own. Have done 30 day juice fasts before with great success but always go back to bad habits due to lack of motivation. Look forward to hearing from you or anyone who wants to join in. Cheers…….Steve

        • Steve, welcome to JOJ and congrats on doing 30 days of juice! It is tough to maintain healthy habits but one way I’ve found to keep me away from those habits is to always keep fresh fruits and veggies around. I typically do a 3-7 day fast every few weeks to keep me motivated and interested in my new way of eating. Please keep me updated on your progress this time. I’m always here if you have questions or need support. I wish you all the best Steve! Cheers!

  5. K8

    So I kinda fell off the band wagon this last weekend and have been struggling to recover. I decided to eat real food again and we BBQ’d and I tried to eat reasonable but still gained 5.2# over the course of a weekend! I am thinking allot of it is water weight because it was pretty salty stuff and I tried another salt water cleanse to get rid of the junk I ate and think some salt might have hung around! So I am back on board with vengeance now! I have my wedding dress fitting this weekend so I gotta get those 5# back off!!!

  6. K8

    Day 9….a little uneventful. I know I had a big loss yesterday but today just down another 0.4. so the grand total is 19.8 in 9 days. I am still having food cravings, I sometimes sneak a small miniscule bite here and there to remind me I still have taste buds but surprised when just a bite takes the edge off of wanting it so badly. I am hoping that I don’t slow my weight loss by doing that or worse and gain!

    • Keep doing what your doing, it seems to be working very well for you. That’s 20 pounds in 9 days! Super congrats to you K!

  7. K8

    Day 8 and I’m down another 2.4# today! I steped on the scale at 258.6 so that 19.4# in 8 days!! everytime I think about giving up then I have a really good read on the scale! I’m not feeling hungry but food looks amazing all the time I still have cravings but trying to stick to my guns and push on!!

  8. K8

    Full 7 days now, cant say that I am not a little disappointed today that I am only down a little more. I drank allot of water yesterday hoping it would help but again I have done little to no exercise at this point. I think I will go for a long walk tonight and try drinking allot of water again today too. So today’s number is 261.0 so a solid 17 # lost in 7 days! with a total of 27# from my peak! Wish me luck im going to keep trucking on.

    • Wow, 17 pounds in 7 days is really good! Congrats! Start taking walks or do some light jogging as it will help when you start to plateau. I wish you all the best!

      • K8

        Thanks Donnie! Do I need to do another cleanse a week or two in? I understand our digestive system doesn’t have anything to process but I haven’t gone in a week. I don’t feel backed up but just want to be sure I guess.

        • You haven’t gone because there is nothing in your body to warrant a bowel movement. It’s not that your backed up, it’s that your completely empty. This is normal so don’t worry about it. You’re doing great!

  9. K8

    Day #6 and I’m down again at 261.6 so that’s 16.4# in 6 days! yesterday was a rough day I didn’t take my juice and went to dinner with my sister. I did cheat and eat one small peice of onion to taste the sauce her chicken was cooked in but followed it with a full glass of water. so far so good. I’m rarely hungry but don’t have excessive ammounts of energy as a lot of people claim to have. anyway going strong this is the lowest my number has been in a long time! from my highest I’m down almost 28#

  10. K8

    Day #5 I think and today am at 262.4 so that ovover 15# in 5 days!! I’m doing well resisting temptations, not feeling hungry but struggling with the water intake lately! I’m still planning on holding out for the full 60 days.

  11. K8

    Day #4:
    Today I was 263.6# so that’s 14.4# lost in 4 days with little to no exercise. I am going to try and start walking or maybe even light jogging to see if I can boost my weight loss as to not plateau. I haven’t used a recipes yet for juice I kinda just toss stuff in there with trying to have about 70-80% veggies over fruit. 56 days to go, wish me luck!

  12. K8

    Day 3 and going strong. I didn’t plan ahead to bring enough juice for the day that left me needing to run home and make some over my lunch break but went ok. This am I was 265.8# So sense I started this whole thing I am down a total 12.2 lbs total in just 3 days which is very exciting! I am hoping not to completely plateau like most diets do after you lose the water weight. I am feeling good, no headaches like a lot of people are talking about, to be honest I feel full for a long time and am needing to remind myself to drink more than 2 juices a day and to keep hydrated. I know I have 57 days to go on my fast so a long road ahead of me still if anyone wants to join me for support it would be greatly appreciated.

  13. K8

    Hi Everyone, I am on Day 2 of a juice fast before my wedding! I could really use some support if anyone out there is fasting too! Would be nice to have a buddy to do this with! A little update on my progress! The day before I started my juice fast I was 278# I did a salt water cleanse that night (don’t recommend!) and then the next am was 275# started just juice yesterday and this am was at 271.4#! So heres to day two of my juice fast! I have 58 days before my wedding and am hoping to hold out fasting until then if possible! Please let me know if you would like to be a buddy during this process for me! I am sure I could use it!

    • vwilli35

      Hi there I’m just new, don’t even have my juicer yet. Going out to buy one on my day off and fill the house with all the ingredients I need. I’m afraid I’m not going to lose any weight since I’ve been yo-yo dieting all my life and I’m old now and get no exercise what so every (work from home). I really need a buddy who can tell me to get off my ass and start moving because I’m so tired all the time. I have no energy and have been drinking caffeine to keep awake in the day, so don’t know how I’m going to go without that. I just hope this fast doesn’t make me weaker or more tired.
      I’d love to hear from you going to start on Wednesday September 10!!!
      Wish me luck!

      • Vwilli, it can be hard to get motivated but once you put your mind to it and actually do it, it’s very simple and you’ll haev all the motivation you need when you check the scales. After a few days you’ll start to get that burst of energy. The energy you get from feeding and loading your body up with fresh nutrients will always outweigh the energy you get from caffeine. Just set your mind to it, do it, and you’ll be so glad you did! Keep me posted every day and hold your self accountable. You’ll do just fine! I’m here if you need me!

        • vwilli35

          Thanks for getting back to me and I haven’t been drinking caffeine. I have a question in one of the recipes it shows a bottle of POM pomegranate juice. I thought we weren’t suppose to use pre-packaged foods. Is it ok to use that then?

          • Vwilli, I use the POM pomegranate juice as a substitute when pomegranates aren’t in stock on the store. There are no preservatives and it’s all natural with no additives either. Just remember to only use a little bit as a little will go a long way with the pomegranate juice.

      • K8

        Hi there! Ide love to be a buddy with you! I have yo-yo dieted my whole life and this was the first thing that has worked so well for me. My mom just started yesterday and she is in her late 50’s and is already down 3# her first day! I think you should give it a shot I have tons of energy but I still crave food not going to lie!

        • vwilli35

          Hi there I actually put off my juicing until today. I finally got my juicer and bought all my ingredients, good thing my fridge was empty because all the fruit and veggies are taking up my whole fridge…lol I had the Morning Glory and it was delicious one advantage I have is I’ve been a vegetarian for 20 years so I certainly don’t miss meat like some of you must. I do feel kind of hungry but I think it’s mainly in my head knowing that I can’t eat. How would you like to communicate I can give you my email address. I was hoping maybe we could get a chat group together like through Skype or one of those online free chat groups and get a group together.

  14. Hi there – I’m new to this forum – just wanted to say hi and wondered if anyone has any good juice recipes to help promote clear skin? For some odd reason I have started breaking out like a teenager again – despite being 25 and wondered if there were any juicing tips that could help me and my rebellious skin?!

    Many thanks.

  15. juicedad

    Hi everyone I’m new to this forum. Just want to say that I have been juicing for a year now and feel the benefits, also I have lost weight as a result. I’m tantamount about juicing for health benefits. I’m currently 95kg and need to get down to 80kg to counteract my type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. I’m sure I’m on the way and am currently living on juice and raw salads daily. Keep me in the loop for updates.


  16. These juices don’t just look yummy its good for the body.

  17. Hi donnie great site I have a question I have underactive thyroid and read I shouldnt eat kale or spinich what could I use instead with the same benefits thanks

  18. Chrissy

    Starting my first cleanse tomorrow morning, Monday May 5. I’m shooting for 7 – 10 days my for my first run. Need to get through the Mother’s Day hurdle because my boys like to give me treats. Any tips will be greatly appreciated. Wish me luck!

    • Hi Cassie, I’m starting today and yes Mother’s Day will be a hurdle! I’ll be really interested to see how l go! I love my food – if l manage to get through 7 days – l will be amazed! I have been going through ‘the change’ and my eating has been ‘insane’ – all sorts of junk especially anything with sugar and salt. I am really hoping this cleanse settles my hormones down! Good luck!!! X

      • Chrissy

        Good luck to you too Gopixgo! I hope this works for you :)

    • My apologies Chrissy – l obviously need glasses!

      • Chrissy

        :) Thank you Gopixgo. Day two is so far so good. I’m a little sluggish from time to time but no headache.

    • tykoja

      I started on Monday ande so far going pretty good (except muscle cramps). I got on the site to ask Donnie about that and read your posts. I am curious how it is going for you.

  19. mrsdossthaboss

    Starting my juicing journey tomorrow ,not looking to lose a certain amount of weight I just want my body to look a certain way so however much fat I need to lose to get that way that’s what I’m aiming for . I want to look good naked . Wish me luck going for a 30 day cleanse .weighing in at 174……. I’m ready

    • MrsDoss, congrats on starting your juice fast! I’m sure you look great already and I wish you all the best! Keep me posted on your success! I’m here if you have any questions throughout your fast. Cheers!

    • janine

      How’s ur juicing going so far?

    • Chrissy

      How is it going Mrs Doss? Today is my first day. I’m pulling for you! Keep me updated. :)

    • veganempress

      how is it going for you? I’m new to juicing and want to know what to look out for and tips.

  20. dta

    now borderline Diabetic/ i read in freq ask ?;s limit to 1 fruit/ douse that mean 1 peice per jiuce?

  21. janine

    Starting Sunday, weighing in at 180 hoping to lose 30 fast. I’m very excited!!! :)

  22. Hi i am new on this website- I’m coming all the way from Namibia, Southern-West Africa. a friend recommended me to this website hoping that it will help me become healthier in the choices i make when it comes to choosing the right kind of foods to eat and juicing recipes to follow up on. i hope your website can help me.

  23. Dear Donnie, well here goes, I am giving your juice diet a go! I weigh 132kg and I just turned 40 and it’s time to finally get rid of the weight. Will let you know how I am going each day. Hope it works. Ellen.

    • Hi Ellen, how did you get on? 10 days later? I have just started today, was anxious to get started, but got a bad headache about an hour later and have not been able to get rid of it since. So I have had it for 7 hours. Would love to hear how you got on.

  24. Hello everyone,
    I found this site and it ignited my desire to get this forty pounds off and enjoy my juicer. I love the taste but have a simple question. It seems that all of my kale and spinach end up in the pulp bin with only a few juice drops. Am I getting anything from this? I have a pretty nice juicer… Help!

    • Hello all

      I have the same problem as Tina, I have a good quality juicer, but most of my kale, spinach etc ends up in the pulp bin with just a little juice, is this normal, I get slightly more from brocolli. Any hints or tips from anyone please? Thanks.

  25. Slallykins

    I start my 3 day juicing on Monday, I have never done it before. My friend just did it and lost loads so he is my inspiration. I hate celery though so would like some ideas of replacement. Also my job has an effect on me as I drive round in a big van full of chocolate crisp and sweets which I have to handle all the time. Need to be strong and think positive.

    • Good luck with the juicing, I don’t like celery either so use extra cucumber, courgettes, peppers, hope this helps. I’m starting juicing again today, keep in touch I know how tempting sweet treats are.

  26. Hello All: I just bough 7 days worth of fruits and vegs today. Didn’t realize how expensive some of these things are in NJ. May have to find like a wholesaler :). Lost 50 pounds last year with exercise but have been stuck on my current weigh of 250 (actually have started to again it back a bit). Going to start juice diet Tuesday to get things started.

    Again thank you all for the guidance and recipes on the site. Wish me luck and will reach out to the board if I have any questions.


  27. LilBoots

    So I started my 7 day juicing today!! Definitely looking to continue with it but started with a 7 day goal first. I noticed that there is 6 different juicing recipes to choose from and the shopping list. Is the shopping list made as if you were going to have 4-6 (16-20oz) juices everyday? Cause after purchasing all my groceries and separating everything into ziplocs to make it easier I do not have enough groceries for seven days. Also the Tomato recipe only makes about 8 ounces so you have to double the recipe using more groceries. I also notice that the 6 recipes are the ones you use for the two week plan and so forth. Can you only have these six juices or is there other recipes to choose from that are just as beneficial? Thanks

    • Hi, Did you get any answers to all these questions? I just started my 7 day juicing today and have the exact questions as yourself. The juices are good but do we have to stick to these six only or are there others? One thing I had straight away was a headache, did you have any problems like that?

  28. What is the best way to reintroduce foods back into your routine?

  29. Hi Donnie. I am starting my JOJ tomorrow. I have bought my juicer and my fruits and veggies. I have about 35 lbs to lose. I am going on a week long trip in 14 days (napa valley) and will be gone for 1 week. My concern is that I will undo all my hard work.

  30. I started my juice fast last night, and I’m doing the 14 day fast. I’m very excited about the fast. Wish me luck!

    • I’ve just started mine today, 7 day fast. wish me luck :)

      • Slallykins

        Good luck, hope it goes well for you.

  31. My hubby and I are trying the 3 day juice diet. We have started juicing today and we both feel great! I’m looking forward to drinking the next juice! I feel energized so far. Question: How far apart should breakfast and lunch be from each other. For example, are we to juice every two hours or just when we feel hungry?

  32. Hey, Donnie. Congratulations on your mission to share your life with so many others. I’m in Nairobi Kenya and I’ve started the 7 day juice fast with the aim of continuing on for 60 days. I can’t believe I’m not hungry… It’s a revolution. I weigh 193 and when I turn 50 in June I want to be 147.

  33. I am in the planning stages of my juice fast. My weight is the biggest problem. I am over 300lbs. I am also on oxygen. I am so excited to start. What veggies can be frozen to maintain their freshness?

  34. I don’t know if I am posting in the right area or not….I started my juicing today! However, what a mess I made all 3 times! Thank God I work from home but it was really time consuming.HELP!

    • saturn_jinx36

      If your juicer is spraying a little I use tin foil to wrap around to help guide the juice out.

  35. I have just started my juice fast and so far it’s been ok I am trying for 60 days my Dr. Thanks it’s a good idea I have so she will be able to watch me and make changes the only thing she says is I should drink a cup of tea with honey in the mornings because I take mediation and should have a teaspoon to help coat the stomach I got some at the health food store but your website says no honey is there something else. Thank you for your time and effort you put in to this site I love it Larrie

    • saturn_jinx36

      I am down 38 lbs. so far so good almost four weeks on my juice fast. Thank you for all of the information on this site. This is the first time I’ve ever been on a juice fast and I have had great success so far. Larrie

  36. pammi

    Hi Donnie I’ve just finished day 3 of the 7 day juice fast and I am loving the results already! I haven’t had any headaches (yet!) and I have stuck to your plan 100% and in am finding it really easy to follow! I feel full of energy and I’m not missing food as much as I thought I would! Your website has kept me motivated and I wake up looking forward to another day of juice as my willpower is soaring!!! I’m feeling proud of myself that I know I will be able to complete the full 7 days on just juice with the help of your website!! Thanks so much!! X

  37. Donnie can you tell me how quickly juices should be drank after juicing. I wanted to make my morning juice and also take one that I can drink at noon. I’ve heard they need to be used within 15 minutes
    Thank you!

  38. Started juicing after years of neglecting the power of juice. Ballooned up to 356lb @ 5’7″. Had both hips replaced and now with a bad back. I took all the medications that they prescribed, but I still had pain. I decided to go back to juicing. Slowly moved into over the course of 2 months. I started it by one juice meal a day then only steamed vegetables and fish. Lost more weight and then I wanted to kick into high gear. Watched the movie “Fat, Sick, and Nealy Dead” ( said that is me. I have not taken any pain pills since Dec. 12, 2013. Day 4 of a 7 day juice fast and so far lost 7.8 pounds in those 4 days! I will continue this way of life from now on and view your site for good tasting recipes. My wife, God Bless her, has finally excepted this way of life for me!!!! Had orange, cucumber, kale, apple, and lemon for my meal today. I have no hunger pangs or pains. (Something in the other foods?) As of today I am at 310.4lbs. My goal is 190. I can do it. Thanks for your site.

    • Plubda’son, welcome to JOJ and thank you for sharing your story! You’re on the right path and I know you are going to succeed! You have the desire and motivation to make it happen. I think you will see 190 before you realize it Plubda’son. I wish you all the best, please keep me updated on your progress. I’m always here if you need me. Feel free to email me anytime too. My email is at the top of every page here at JOJ. Cheers Plubda’son!

  39. Starting the program this weekend!! I’m newly engaged & we have set our wedding date for this October & this seems like the perfect, healthy way to jumpstart my wedding diet! Our engagement party is in 2 weeks – so if the first 7 days goes well, I might shoot for the 2 week juicing plan to hopefully get some awesome results for my first celebration! So excited!

    • Alli, welcome to JOJ! Congrats on getting ready to start your juice fast this weekend and an even bigger congrats on your engagement and future wedding! Keep me posted on your progress and know that I’m here if you have questions. Cheers!

      • Thanks, Donnie!!! Well, i started last Friday, so today is day 7 & I’m already down 8 pounds and feeling great! I’m loving the juices & am pleasantly surprised that I am not feeling hunger…Week one went so well, I’m going in for week 2! Thanks again!

  40. Hello, I wanted to know if there is anywhere I could find out how many calories are in the juicing recipes

    • Angie, most juices contain 100-200 calories. There’s no need to focus on the calorie count during a juice fast. Cheers!

  41. chikamigrania

    Hello Donnie….I´m living in Chile and found out about your amazing site. A friend and I are starting tomorrow with a raw food diet in which I will definitely do the 7 day juice fast to start with.
    Will keep on posting our experiences!!!

    • Chikamigrania, welcome to JOJ and congratulations on getting ready to start your juice fast. I wish you all the best, keep me posted on your progress. I’ve always wanted to visit Chile, I hear it’s beautiful! Cheers!

  42. I love your site. I got a juicer for christmas from my husband. I really wanted to find away to lose weight and feel better. I started looking for juicing plans and recipes and found your site. I decided to start my new year off with a fast. I attempted the 7 day but found myself light headed and dizzy at then end of the fourth day. My 8 year old said “Mom you just need to eat something”, she was right. I decided that i would just eat a salad of the things i was juicing. It was great. I have always had salads with ranch dressing, this time i just went with a little bit of lite balsamic vinegar. It was truly one of the best salads that I have ever eaten. I started my fast on Jan.3rd. (just because my new juicer was broken and had to be exchanged) On monday the 6th at 1:30 i was at the Doctor’s with a friend and weighed myself. I had already lost 10 pounds and 7 oz. I was only on my 4th day. When I saw the numbers on the scale I decided I was going to change my life and my eating habits.
    My body has been rapidly changing everyday since. I weighed myself today, I have lost 17 pounds and counting and feel great. From all the great things i have learned from you, I have created my own unique plan and it seems to be working. Although I don’t follow your plan 100%, I love everything on your site and have recommended it to all of my friends.

    • Phyllis, welcome to JOJ and congrats on deciding to start a juice fast! You went about this in a very good way Phyllis. Everybody is unique to their own situations and their own choices. You made a change and it’s working for you! I wish you all the best in life and I hope you continue on your path of healthiness! Please keep me posted along the way. Thank you for sharing your story Phyllis, it’s very motivational. Cheers!

  43. Hi Donnie.
    I am on Day 4 and I am having a very tough time with detox symptoms. My stomach is upset, I have headaches and I have NO ENERGY! I can’t seem to get down more then 3 16 ounce juices. Please tell me this gets better with time!

    • Koko, it will get better. The fact that you are having detox symptoms is a welcome sign that your body is releasing toxins. To ease the upset stomach try adding more lemon and ginger to your juices or you could even add parsley as that will help an upset stomach. You may want to go for 12 ounces at a time instead of 16. It will get better Koko! Cheers!

  44. Hi Donnie, first let me say this site is awesome and so very informative. I’m getting ready to begin juicing this week. I want to start it when I can be home for the detox period. I work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so I’m not sure what day would be the best to start. Do you feel like crap on the first day or is it usually after that? I was thinking of starting either Wednesday or Thursday. I’m excited to start juicing! I’m hoping to do it for 2 weeks. I would like to lose about 10-15lbs so I’m sure I will need to be,on it longer. Thank you so much for your input. Have a great night!

    • Welcome to JOJ Cathy! I usually feel great during the first day and second day. Start on Wednesday or Thursday and see how it goes! I think you’ll be surprised at just how fast you’ll lose 10-15 pounds. It can be done within a week or two if you stick to it. Keep me posted on your progress. Cheers Cathy!

      • Hi Donnie

        I started juicing on Monday and feel great. Day 3 for me tomorrow and it’s my 50th birthday. Hoping to be fab at 50 soon! I’m loving the juices, don’t feel at all hungry and am not at all tired.

        • Angela, welcome to JOJ, congrats on starting your juice fast, and mega congrats as it’s your Birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthday Angela! I wish you all the best and may you have a happy healthy year and many more after that! Keep me posted on your progress and know that I’m always here if you have questions. Cheers Angela!

  45. Lisa

    Hi Donnie,
    I’m new to juicing and very excited to get started. I’ve done the lemonade diet 3 times…twice for a month at a time and once for just two weeks. I had great results…first month I lost 24 lbs the second time I lost 22 lbs and 14 lbs on the 2 week run. I felt great while on this cleanse. I ran across your site and wanted to give it a try. It’s gonna be nice to have a little variety than just a lemonade mixture for a month…haha! I start in the morning and can’t wait to see and feel the results.

    • Lisa, welcome to JOJ and congrats on planning to start your juice fast! Lemonade fasting does work to lose weight but it’s not as efficient as a juice fast. You have a much wider variety of produce and you get much more nutrition. You’re going to love it Lisa! Keep me posted and let me know what you think. I’m here if you have any questions. Cheers!

  46. Hi Donnie, thankful to have come across your site. Thank you, it’s great.

    I started your juice diet on 1st so on my third day now. I have a quick question for you though. You say to drink between 4-6 juices each day but I’m struggling to even finish a third before bed time. All the liquid is not sitting so well with me. Will this get easier do you think? I’m pretty sure I’m having a bad detox as I feel like I’ve got the flu my muscles acme so bad and a thumping headache.

    Do you think I need to up my intake a bit?


    • Gem, welcome to JOJ and I’m glad you enjoy the site! If you can only get down three juices, that’s okay Gem. The best rule to follow is to have a juice when you feel hungry. If you don’t feel hungry then don’t have a juice and don’t focus on hitting 4-6 juices. Also, if 16 ounces is too much at one time then cut it back to 12 ounces. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water immediately after a juice and all throughout the day too. Try taking Ibuprofen or Tylenol for headaches. I think you will be fine once you regulate how much you are having and get it to a level that your body is comfortable with. Just stick to having a juice when you feel hungry. Hopefully you’ll be through your detox soon! Stick with it and keep me posted on how things go. I wish you all the best Gem! I’m always here if you have questions! Cheers!

  47. AMBER L.


    • I’m doing fantastic Amber, I hope you’re doing great too! Bottled juices aren’t near as effective as juice that you make due to the pasteurization process that they go through. It kills off a majority of the nutrients that you need on the fast. I really suggest you get a juicer. You can get them fairly cheap from amazon. Take a look here: I’ve listed a few juicers that amazon has on sale right now that are great deals. I wish you all the best Amber, keep me posted with your success!


    Hello Donnie,
    I Love your website and all the tips. I started 7 days plan on Monday but I aam feeling sick with the cold and I am quiting today. When can I start again? And how often I can do the fasting for 7 days? Also what is the lastest I can drink juice at night? :)

    • Griosny, it sounds like you were either going through a really rough detox or food poisoning. You can do the 7 day fast as often as you like and I find it best to have my last juice about an hour or two before I call it a night. I hope your next fast goes much smoother for you! Keep me posted and let me know how it goes. I’m always here if you have questions.

      • GRIOSNY

        Thank you Donnie,
        It is true I think it was a rough detox not the cold. Also I lost 5 pounds a feel great!! My whole skin peel off. Is that right?
        Thank you again :)

        • What do you mean your whole skin peel off Griosny? Not sure I’m following you.

          • GRIOSNY

            Hello Donnie,
            Yes my skin peel off like when I go to the beach: my face, back and legs skin peel off. and now my skin is smoother and looks bright. I started yesterday again the 7 day fast plan and feel good.

          • That’s great Griosny! I’m glad your skin is feeling smoother and looks bright now. Juice does amazing things for us! Keep it up and you’ll benefit even more! Cheers!

          • GRIOSNY

            Hello Donnie,
            Iam in day 5 and 7 pounds less. Feel so good. Thank you

          • Griosny, congrats on the weight loss thus far! I bet you feel fantastic! Way to go!!!!! Keep me posted on your progress Griosny, I wish you all the best! Cheers!

  49. Rhonda

    I just got my Jolt juice ready for morning a good way to start the day.

  50. Rhonda

    I just juied oranges an rasberries what a tastey drink.didn t want my rasberries to go bad so used them up an it was good

  51. Rhonda

    I just juiced bananna boost an didn t have mango I added a bit more carrots an a 4th of lemon an it is pretty good. Taking a risk there but it was good lol

  52. Rhonda

    I am juicing for 3 people question is if making same all the same juice can i make 3 at one time or do i make them separatly?

  53. Rhonda

    Donnie e your on what can i substatute for ginger root couldn t find any today or anyone who is on that knows /

  54. Rhonda

    I just juiced the Jolt Juice added spinich instead of kale it was yummy. Nice full feeling. My husband really liked it also. looking for one to make for lunch lol open to suggestions. have a blessed day All

  55. Rhonda

    Hi everyone , I just got a Hamilton juicer an made my first juice. I made bananna Boost Juice. Im sure i will get faster than it went today. I so need to learn more. We drank the juice wasn t bad for first time it had a strong celery tast if any one knows if that is suppose to be like that or not . Im trying a morning one tomarrow an see how that goes. I wish us luck. bye for now

    • Rhonda, celery can be overwhelming in juices and I’ve learned that depending on where I buy the celery, some can be much stronger than others. So if it’s too strong just use a little less next time. You’ll get the hang of it. How was your morning juice?

      • Rhonda

        I made the Jolt Juice for my husband , my sister , my daughter , and myself this morning. everyone loved it. I sent my hasband off to work afternoon turn with strawberry juice i wrote down some a bit ago so i can get more of a menu for him . He is trying to lose weight. i want the vitumins so im working on getting better at this. thanks for your comment any advice will help. By the way i did cut down on the ammount of celery an it helped alot thank u.

  56. pgmorgan

    Good Morning all,
    about to start my first juice journey, i have read alot of interesting comments and answers to alot of my own questions.
    looking forward to this everyone seems to have great results.

    • Good morning Pgmorgan! Welcome to JOJ and congrats on starting your juice fast! Keep me posted and know that I’m here if you have any questions.

    • Rhonda

      you will love how u feel on there Juices

  57. Alisha

    I just bought the Hamilton juicer, and I am super excited to start juicing! I have tried everything to lose weight, and I feel very confident in juicing!! Plus I get to be extra healthy while losing weight… Ill keep you guys updated on my progress!

    • Congrats Alisha! You’re going to love it! Keep me posted on how things go and know that I’m here if you have any questions.

  58. dimplez

    This is day 2 of my 14 day fast. Out of the 6 juice recipes you have provided I only like the Morning Glory and the Jolt. I have also tried one with sweet potatoes, gala apples and carrots which I really like. Would these 3 juices be ok to do for the remaining of my juice fast?

    • Dimplez, those two are really good! If you really like those three then stick to them. Feel free to experiment and substitute ingredients in there to change them up every once in a while. Experimenting is half the fun!

      • dimplez

        Hi Donnie, yes I have experimented with many different fruits and veggies like mangoes pineapples, bananas, and squash. I am on day 7 of my 14 day juice fast and feel really GREAT. I would have never thought to do a juice fast until I came across JOJ, this is an AWESOME site!!! To be honest I wanted to give up after a few days because I wanted something hot to drink or chew but after I stepped on the scale and saw I had lost 8.2 pounds in 7 days I was so motivated to continue. Thanks Donnie!!

        • Well I’m glad you found JOJ Dimplez! It’s truly amazing the difference food can make in our lives. You’re doing wonderful and showing great results! Keep at it and keep me posted on your success Dimplez!

  59. Hi, Im starting my 30 day fast tomorrow. I am a little confused.
    Am I supposed to just drink the juice for the 30 days
    Without any other food intake?
    I just bought a juicer and never juiced before. I want
    To make sure I’m doing it right. Can I also work out with
    Just juicing?

    • Vanessam, congrats on starting your fast! The goal is to detox your body by drinking only the juice that you make from fresh fruits and veggies. It would be counter productive to include solids in your fast. You can work out but it’s best to let your body rest and recover during the first few days. Don’t set yourself a time limit, set your self a weight limit and take it day by day.

  60. Where is Donnie? Have not seen any comments from him in awhile.

  61. Hi I am starting my juice fast today,my prepared my own juice with fruits and vegetables that was awesome breakfast,planning to do for more 7 days,I am 60 kg want to loose more 10 kilos.

  62. PrincessTracie

    I’m starting my fast today for 14 days I think. If I can get through the 14days then I’ll push it to 30. I’m starting off at 230 lbs :-( I hate my weight so hopefully I do this right and find fellow supporters and fasters :-)

  63. LizZampano

    Plan on starting a 10 day juice fast Thursday providing I can find a good juicer in a store and not have to order online and wait. Anyone else starting? Can really use support…

  64. Starting this coming Monday for 10days?

  65. Can I have decaffeinated latte while juicing?

  66. Jazz

    Hi its my Day 1 and i feel sooooooo starving and anxious was that normal? can i also drink coffee and tea while on juicing?

  67. Nadia

    I have started juicing Wednesday so today is my 4th day. I started at 232lbs and am now at 229lbs. Yesterday I almost broke down, I was starving!!! Last night I felt really anxious and could not sleep, I felt like I was shaking inside, felt really weird and it made me feel scared, like my nerves were shot. Is that normal? I am also concerned about consuming too much sugars from the fruits and veggies in the juice, can someone give some insight or perhaps juices that are low in sugar? I was also diagnosed with diverticulitis last year and was told to take fiber laxatives while on the juice fasting so I don’t get constipated which could trigger another episode. Thank you in advance for any insights. =)

    • Hi Nadia, don’t worry the sugar from the fruits because although it is sweet, but it wont cause you diabetes because it is natural sugar. Our body can absorb it and digest it easily.
      You will have some changes on ur health. But all these changes are good. You will see your result at around 10th day. Let us know who is ur outcome when u complete this program.
      Have a nice day

  68. I am on my 5th day of my juice cleanse and I am still fighting the hunger. Is ok if I also drink some V8 to help? Also is it ok to drink pure coconut water?

    • Billy, make your own V8! It’s fantastic! I use 4 tomatoes, 1 red pepper, 1 carrot, 2 celery sticks. This way you know it’s freshly made. I will add basil or cilantro sometimes. I also add a few drops of hot sauce when I’m feeling spicy!

      • Skipper, that’s an excellent recipe! I’ve enjoyed something similar to this with a little green onion in the mix. The hot sauce is the finishing touch and really brings out the flavors.

    • Billy, stay away from the v8 as that will most likely take you out of your cleanse. If you’re hungry have more juice. Coconut water is fine in moderation. Keep me posted on your fast and let me know if you have any questions.

  69. Hi Donnie,

    Going into week 4 of my fast. I honestly never knew I could do this. The battle with cravings or mental hunger are quite diminished. I feel fantastic and the energy levels are great. The doctor took me off my thryoid meds 3 weeks ago and I haven’t felt any fatigue. I’ve only lost 11 pounds in 3 weeks but I have never been “fast” at losing weight. Any idea why that might be? I have a fruit juice in the morning and mid-morning (like carrot, apple, orange) and then it’s veg the rest of the day (like mean green, my version of V-8, etc). Perhaps the thyroid issue affects my metabolism? At any rate, I’ll take the 11 pounds! And now, because I feel so good, the slow weight loss is secondary to the feelings of well being. I will keep going for another week and will decide if I’d like to continue to 60 days. Appreciate your site and what a cheerleader you are for those of us who have struggled with weight for years.

    • Skipper, congrats on week 4 of your juice fast and getting off of your thyroid meds! Sometimes a body needs more time to adjust. If your feeling good then keep at it. Keep me posted with your success! I’m here if you have any questions along the way.

  70. Just ordered my juicer. Will shop for veggies and start Thursday. Can’t wait!

    • Wayne, welcome to JOJ and congrats on preparing to start your fast Thursday! I wish you all the best! Keep me posted on how things go and know that I’m here if you have any questions.

  71. Since I been juicing I have not have a regular BM in 3 days is that normal when juicing?

    • Stacye, you’re not giving your body anything to digest or warrant a BM so it’s perfectly normal.

    • believe me your bowel will move when its ready! dont worry about it, the more you worry the less it will happen, just take it day by day and it will move when it moves, everyones body is different :)

  72. Mrs.Lopez

    Great and Thanks.

  73. Mrs.Lopez

    Thank You.

  74. Mrs.Lopez

    One more question. Can i alsokeep drink hot tea ?

    • Tea is fine to drink while on the juice fast, just don’t add in any sweetener. Keep me posted on your fast and let me know if you have any questions Mrs. Lopez.

  75. Mrs.Lopez

    Hi, i am going to start juicing soon. I wanted to know if it is safe to work out while juicing? Will it get me more hungry if i do?

    • If you get hungry then you simply have a juice. If you do exercise, keep it lite and don’t overdo it.

  76. Hi Donnie, I would like to do 5 days normal eating and 2 days juice fasting per week. I have read about the 5/2 eating plan where you eat normally (2000 calories) for 5 days and fast for 2 days ( 500 to 600 calories). Are 4 to 6 juices a day in that 600 calorie limit? I usually juice a bunch of spinach, 2 granny smith apples, ginger, 2 oranges (or 1 orange and piece of pineapple), 3 medium carrots, 1 beetroot. this makes a litre of juice which I drink as two juices. I also have a 1 apple, 1 carrot, strawberries (6), 1 orange and piece of pineapple in the morning. Would all these be around the 600 calories? I change the juices as well but these are most common. Have you heard of the 5/2 eating lifestyle and do you have any tips or suggestions for me? Thank you. I love your site and juices!

    • Tranquil, what are your goals? If your goals are to lose weight and become as healthy as possible it’s going to do you some serious good to go on a straight juice fast for 5-7 days. After those 5-7 days then start using your 5/2 plan. It will be much more effective after your fast. As far as the 5/2 if you want to lose weight and keep it off then eliminate your breads, dairy, sweets, and any excess sugar from your diet. Keep me posted! I’m here if you have questions.

      • Thank you. My goal is to lose 8 to 10kg. I will do the fast as you suggested. I still want to eat a couple of slices of bread a day and low fat dairy on my five days normal eating. i am hoping if i incorporate this with exercise I should lose weight. I currently weigh 75kgs and and 5’7. my BMI is just overweight but i feel awful. I was 68kgs a few years ago before I had my little girl. The weight is creeping on and my diet can be very bad. I completed two days of the fast last week but blue it yesterday. I am back on it today so here’s hoping I last five days at least. I am trying to conceive as well. so here’s hoping for that too!

        • I would eliminate the bread and dairy. It’s not going to give you the benefits you seek and can lead to weight gain after your fast. Let the juices do their magic and after your fast start incorporating a healthy plant based diet with some added protein. This will do wonders for you. Keep me posted.

  77. Hi Donnie,

    I would like to get rid off another 5kg. but at the moment I’m stock at 55kg. I would like to go back on my normal weight before I had my children. I think now I have to work a lot harder not just juicing. I think I have to go back to the gym but I do not like gym. Today, I started my 3 days challenge again. Sometimes I start my goal in 3 days and then I continue to 7 days. But because work, studies and family commitment it is hard to look after myself. Any advice are welcome.


    • Zena, stick to your fast and that weight will come off. Instead of hitting the gym try adding some light exercise like a good jog around your neighborhood at night, or some other simple exercises that you can do at home. Put your health as your number 1 priority right now, everything else will fall into place. Give yourself a full week or two and put yourself first Zena.

  78. Hi Donnie,

    I have done 7 days juice and I feel good and loss 5 kilos. Now, I’m maintaining my weight and doing 2 to 3 days juice only every week. Every other days I have my salads and protein meat and vegetables in a small meal.

    Thank you for your website.

    • Zena, welcome to JOJ and congrats on 7 days and 5 Kilos lost! Keep on maintaining your juicing along with fresh salads and lean proteins and you’ll continue to lose weight. You’re doing fantastic! Keep me posted Zena!

  79. MissieB76

    Hello there!
    I’m on day one of the 7 day cleanse and I can’t tell you how much better I feel already, so excited to see how I am at the end of this!

    Decided to do this, because so tired of being exhausted and over weight, so decided to do this. The recipes are fantastic and in the next day or so, thinking of jazzing up some of them!

    • Congrats on day 7 of your juice fast MissieB! Have fun experimenting with your juices. That’s half the fun! Keep me posted on your success. I’m always here if you have questions.

  80. Hi Donnie,

    I find myself returning to your website because of its simplicity and organization. Thank you so much for maintaining it. I am on day 10 of my juice fast and I feel FANTASTIC. Down 7 pounds and the inflammation and pain are remarkably down. My joints don’t ache and the achilles tendonopathy I’ve suffered for months is much improved. Because I’m shooting for a 30 day fast, I visited my doctor last Friday. He cautioned me against extreme methods of losing weight and healing my body. I do, however, have his blessing to proceed as long as I listen to my body. He took me off my low thyroid medication and wants to run another blood panel in 8 weeks to see how I’m doing. His major concern was the amount of protein and fats I’d be getting while fasting. I’ve read your articles on protein intake, so I’m good there. But I have not seen where you’ve addressed the missing fats while fasting. Could you please talk about that? Again, thank you for this great website!

    • Skipper, congrats on day 10 and your weight loss success! Some of the best sources of healthy fats are from fruits and vegetables. You’ll still be getting your fats through the juice fast. Here’s a good graphic that shows fruits and the % calories from fat:

      It’s great that you are checking up with your doctor. The best advice anyone can give you is to listen to your body. Keep me posted on your success Skipper, I’m here if you have any questions.

  81. started a juice last week and lasted 5 days till I broke I felt really weak and STRAVING. I was putting ground hemp seed and chia seed because a friend told me she did it is that okay? Also is snacking on raw almonds when hungry okay for the juice fast? I miss coffee so much is there anyway to drink it on the fast? PLEASE HELP I want to lose weight and feel engertic.

    • Cindyo, if you’re having your 4-6 juices per day there’s no way you’re starving. Hunger is how your body tells you it needs nutrients and you get plenty of those on the juice. You’re experiencing cravings. At the beginning they are hard to differentiate but if you stay focused and stick to your goal you can do it.

      Don’t put anything including seeds into your juices. The whole point of a juice fast is to eliminate solids (including seeds) from your diet. When you include solids you aren’t letting your digestive system rest and you aren’t getting the full benefits of the juice fast. This means no snacking on raw almonds. There’s no need to snack, that’s just going to slow or stop your weight loss. You need to drink only the juice that you make with your juicer. No snacking and no adding anything to your juices.

      The fast is only going to work if you follow it correctly Cindyo. It’s best to eliminate coffee but a cup in the morning is okay as long as you keep it sugar and cream free. It’s best to avoid it altogether due to the caffeine but start out slowly with one cup and after a few days eliminate it completely or switch to decaf. We all have our staples and if a little coffee is going to help you at the start then go for it but make sure you don’t add any cream or sugar! Keep me posted and let me know how things work out this time around. I’m here if you have any questions.

      • Thank you Donnie. I will try that and I was only drinking 3 15 oz. juices a day so that is why I was starving.

        • Just make sure you listen to your body and have a juice when you’re hungry. If you’re not hungry then don’t force yourself to have one. Keep me posted.

  82. Hi all, thinking about starting the two week juice fast and I have a few quick questions. The instructions say to drink somewhere between 4-6 juices per day, but the sample menu only gives three juices per day. I know the sample menu is just supposed to be a guide to help get us started, but do we double up on 2-3 juices per day to get the full 4-6 recommended, or can we just pick a couple of extra juices off the recipe list and make those in between meal juices? Does the shopping list accommodate for 4-6 juices per day, or just the three per day that the sample menu shows? Before running the veggies through the juicer, are we supposed to remove skins? I read that coring the apples was recommended, but wasn’t sure if the skins were supposed to be removed as well. Thanks for the input, and have a wonderful day! :-)

    • Barbie, on the 7 day juice fast plan it states the following:

      “6. It’s recommended to have between 4-6 juices per day each consisting of 16-20 ounces. The below list is great to get you started with different juices. You can choose whichever juices you please while on your juice fast. The list takes into consideration you will try them all. So feel free to experiment while on your 7 day juice fast plan!”

      There are six recipes up there for you to try throughout the day. Feel free to have as many as you like throughout the day. The shopping list is set for those 6 juices per day. You can also use other recipes if you like. Feel free to experiment and see what tastes are out there.

      There’s no need to remove the skins, just core your apples and remove any rinds from fruits such as oranges and lemons. Let me know if you have any questions Barbie.

      • Super helpful… thank you so much Donnie! :-)

      • I do have one more question… can you make a whole week’s juice the first day, bottle them, and store them in the refrigerator, or is it better to make each day’s juices daily? Thanks!

        • Barbie, it’s ideal to make them and drink them as soon as possible. They tend to diminish in nutritional value the longer they are stored. You can make them in the morning for the day but I wouldn’t keep them any longer than that.

          • Fabulous… I will keep posting about my progress as time goes by. I have a weight loss goal of about 60+ pounds and have tried tons of other methods but nothing really works for me. Hoping this is the light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks again, so very much, for your help, Donnie! :-)

          • I’m sure you’ll lose it if you stick with your juicing Barbie!

  83. hello can’t wait to get started at my new life .. new juice tomorrow, buy everything I need for 3 days .. it is so exciting to start something brand new ..

    • Summer, congrats on getting ready to start your juice fast today! It’s going to be an exciting and rewarding adventure! Keep me posted on your status and remember that I’m here if you have any questions or just need some motivation. I wish you all the best!

  84. Finally got up the nerve to spend the money on a juicer and enough fruits and veggies for the 3-Day fast. Everything chopped and bagged for tomorrow and indulging in a Twix tonight! Hoping that after 3 days I will want to continue for 4 more…thinking that the short term goal will keep me motivated to do an entire week – of course, some weight loss would help too!
    Will keep you posted!

  85. I don’t have a juicer and I would like to do the 7 day juice,i have a nutribullet. Is it okay to use that instead. I can’t afford juicer right now. thank you!

  86. lutch

    Hi Donnie,

    I’ve been wanting to start juicing but since i had surgery 3weeks ago for my gallbladder, i have to wait until my full recovery. I’m on my 4weeks on friday so I’ll be okay and good to go. Now my question is, i’m planning to start the 3day cleanse first which i’m going to purchase in my local Chef and then the following week i’ll start the 3day juice. Is that fine? I need some advice.

    Thank You,


    • Lutch, welcome to JOJ! It’s fine to start your 3 day when you are ready. Since you have time you may want to take a few days to prepare yourself. A good way to do this is to start eating only fruits and veggies the first few days leading up to your fast. You can also include a lite lean protein too. Make sure you read up on the site as it’s loaded with information to help you along the way. I’m always here if you have any questions Lutch.

      • lutch

        I’ll do that. Thank you Donnie! you’re such an inspiration. I’ll keep you posted the day I’ll start the 3day juicing.

  87. Suzo Vanja


    I’m starting my 3 week juice diet tomorrow morning. I already got my juicer and everything and are ready to go, I’m so excited!!

    I have a question though, Can I mix in spices such as cinnamon a matcha green tea powder in the juices to make them more flavorful?
    I bet stevia is a BIG no no?
    This is my first time juicing. I’m a fitness competitor, and I’m a little bit scared of losing muscles. But I have totally messed up my metabolism lately and need to reset my body!!!

    Thank you so much, this is a great site!

    • Congrats Suzo! Feel free to mix in spices but stay away from any spices containing sugars or salts. While stevia isn’t really a sugar it’s best to avoid it as you want to keep everything going into your body 100% natural. You may want to include a pure unflavored protein isolate to help ensure you are getting enough protein to maintain your muscle mass. Keep me posted and let me know how things turn out Suzo! I’m here if you have any questions.

      • Thank you Donnie!

        I bought Raw unflavored protein from whole foods, it’s made of 100% raw organic sprouts, 17g of protein/ 80 calories serving.
        How often do you suggest I add this to my juice? I want to lose weight, and fast if possible :)

        Thank you!

        • Suzo, if you’re a weight lifter or super physical throughout the day then I recommend you put some in your morning juice and pre/after workout juices.

          The protein may slow down your weight loss so only use it if you are in fact trying to maintain muscle mass while you work out Suzo. It’s pointless to take the protein if you’re not working out though. So keep that in mind. If you’re just worried about your protein intake then read this article as it explains where you get your protein from while on a juice fast:

          Let me know if you have any questions.

  88. raegreen

    Im getting ready to head to the farmers market, and Im so excited to start my juice cleanse and turn around all my health issues. I have a list of basics to pick up, but Im wondering how long the juices are good for? I have a trip planned for next month, and dont want to alter my cleansing because of it. Can you make the juices ahead, and freeze them or will that affect the nutrients? My juicer will be here today, and I dont want to get more produce then I need. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE INFO!! Im so glad I found this forum!!!

    • Freezing the juices is fine as it will preserve the nutritional value of them. If you have a centrifugal juicer it’s best to consume them right away though. Try freezing them and keep me posted on your success Raegreen! I’m here if you have any questions.

  89. I would love some inspiring words from anyone who is able to offer some support. I am looking to shed about 30 pounds total and was wondering how much weight loss to expect in the first two weeks of fasting. I am hoping to cleanse for 30-50 days followed by a very clean diet. How much exercise is recommended for during the fast? I would like to drop this weight as quickly as possible so I can get back into my regular workout routine and eating clean. Thanks so much!

    PS: I am of average weight, on the higher end of average but not overweight, if that helps. Dropping 25-30 pounds will get me back to my lean weight that I had before some changes occurred in my life. Thanks so much!

    • hello JuiceGirl22, congratulations for you desire to lose weight and your motivation, talking about motivation ,i think that it’s the number 1 in anything especially when it comes to losing weight.
      if you follow a juice diet with a little food included it’s not a problem but try to find a food that don’t contain much sugar or fat elements.
      and for the exercises , just begin with running if you can, because when you run outside is not like inside the gym, and if you can do some abs exercises that would be perfect because they make you sweating and work your body at the same time.
      stay motivated, would like to hear from you soon and the results.

    • Hi Juicegirl22! I have been on the juice fast for 1 month as of today and I have lost a total of 21.8 pounds. I am very excited to have lost this weight. I never find myself hungry anymore. I do, however, still have to fight cravings occasionally, but I am a food lover so that issue will always be with me. You will feel better and certainly feel better about yourself with the juice fasting. Good luck with your fast. This website is very helpful and Donnie will help you with any question you might have – !

      • Janet, congrats on losing nearly 22 pounds on your juice fast so far! It’s true that better quality produce will yield better quality and better tasting juices.

    • Hi Juice Girl, I started juicing the first of August and have lost 25 lbs. It’s an amazing way to lose weight and feel great! I’ve started adding in a little homemade vegetable soup in the evenings and that’s been pretty tasty. I juice fasted for 28 days before adding in the soup. I haven’t done hardly any exercising except 9 minutes of HIIT 3 times per week and a little bit of very light weight lifting. I didn’t do any exercising until after the first week. I’d say to listen to your body. You’ll have lots of time to workout in the future. At the beginning of your fast, rest and take care of yourself. Happy Juicing!!

      • Super congrats to your and your husband Patti! I love your advice “You’ll have lots of time to workout in the future. At the beginning of your fast, rest and take care of yourself.” This is so true!

    • raegreen

      Hi ‘juicegirl’, your story is a lot like mine, Im not really overweight, but Im uncomfortably carrying around more then I would like. My goal is 30days, but if Im doing great Im shooting for 60. Id like to lose about 30lbs, but more then that, Im looking forward to the other benefits, energy, clarity in my well being, clearing up my skin, and now that Ive been diagnosed with a couple of conditions I really looking to see my body move towards overall great health. I hope your new life challenge is a good one!!!

    • Hi Juice girl. You are probably way ahead of me by now but, this is really an awesome thing. I have been juicing for 4 days now. I have lost 6 pounds as of this morning. I feel better than I have since I was a kid! I do feel hungry now and then but, I really rather juice! It’s amazing. I have SOOO much energy I dont know what to do with myself. I have been cleaning my apartment all weekend. LOL
      Strangely, I have suffered from heart palpitations all my life and believe it or not, they are almost non existent right now. I am realizing that my old way of eating was slowly killing me. I really don’t want to stop juicing. However, I can’t really afford the cost to stay on it constantly for a long period of time but, I will mix in healthy foods maybe once a day. I am waiting to see what I can lose in the first month. If it’s a lot (And I believe it will be) I am going for another month with as many juicings as I can afford.
      I hope your program is going well. Let us know how you are making out. Best of luck!

  90. Hi everyone, like everyone else i tried all diets and always failed. I finally gave juicing a try, i started August 6, 2013. The first 3 days were the hardest, i had massive headaches, i guess from detoxing and no coffee, on the fourth day i wanted to give up, so i needed something to keep me going, i was afraid but decided to weight myself on the fourth day, i just wanted to see at least one pound lost to keep me motivated. I got on the scale and lost 4lbs, i couldnt believe it. i have a total lost so far of 11lbs. I love juicing, i have cut out alot of junk foods, fried foods. I feel great, will continue to juice. Good luck everyone, it really works..

    • Catherine, congrats on 11 pounds lost so far!!! That’s really amazing! I’m glad juicing is not only helping you to lose weight but to cut out the unhealthy foods. Keep me posted on how things go for you. I’m always here if you have questions.

    • hello and congratulations for your effort it’s a pleasure to hear that there are still people who want to live healthy
      for me i’m following my own diet which is no more bread and no more soda that’s all , and in just 2 weeks i lost 3 kilograms. and yes with juicing you can lose many more pounds and back to your normal weight.

      • Adamlerois, cutting out breads and sodas is a great way to start on a healthy path. Sodas are pretty bad to begin with so even just cutting out soda is a great start. Congrats on the weight loss thus far!

        • yes so it’s a great idea for other people also to replace these foods with juicing it’s good .

  91. Hi Donnie I started juicing last month on the 9th, I juiced for 8 days and I lost a total of 9 pounds. Since then I’ve only regained 2 pounds. After I stopped I did as best I could eating properly (about 90%) of the time. I’m starting back today on a 7 day juice. I’m trying to do 7 on and 14 off. But I really have been eating differently. No chips, bread or rice in almost a month now. I have gotten over the craving of that type of food. Thanks a lot for your website and your help. I will check in again shortly.


    • That’s excellent Shannon! Getting over the urge to eat the bad foods is one of the hardest things to do. So congrats big time for resetting your eating habits and eating much healthier! I’m always here if you have any questions Shannon. Keep in touch and let me know how you progress.

  92. Can you still drink coffee?

    • Sorry Heck, caffeine is something you are trying to rid your body of. You can however have decaf as long as you don’t include any sugars or creamers in your coffee. Tea would be the better alternative though.

      • Thanks. Tomorrow I will have decaf. :-)

      • tea is very good , i drink tea almost everyday. but do not drink tea before eating something, because this way can affect your blood.always eat something and then drink tea after.

  93. Hey Donnie,
    Great Site – very helpful and inspiring. I am excited to get started tomorrow on a 14 day fast. I have been struggling with my weight and now I am dealing with colitis. My good friend told me about juicing and I am going to give it a try. I have a lot to lose and feel like I have been stuck since having my second baby.
    I am sure I will have questions along the way – wish me luck.

    • Heck, I’m glad you were inspired to start your own juice fast! You will do amazing on your fast if you stick with it. Keep me posted and let me know if you have any questions.

  94. Becky6158

    Hi everyone! Donnie… thank you so much for creating this website. I am planning to start a 7 day juice fast next week. Just waiting on my juicer to arrive, (come on Amazon). I am really excited to get started. My goal is to find better health as well as lose 50 pounds. I have tried so many diets, some with success losing a great deal of weight, only to put the weight right back on. I suffer from depression off and on, hormones are crazy and erratic at times, I have allergies that arrived about 3 years ago along with a diagnosis of Asthma. I’m 42 years young and I know this is not the way God intended our bodies to be. So, I’m starting with 7 days… then I plan to take a few days (if I feel I need to) and continue to juice along with sensible eating, then another juice fast. I want to keep my goals attainable. Thank you so much for your hard work! God bless you! ~Becky

    • Becky, you have the right mindset and your goals are definitely attainable. A lot of diets are too restrictive and don’t fix the problem of our eating habits. That’s why when we go off of those diets we tend to go right back to our old eating habits and put that weight right back on. Juicing will help correct those habits for you. Weight loss is just a symptom of that. You’re going to do great Becky! I’m here if you have any questions!

    • Good luck to you, Becky on starting your juice fast! I have been on the fast for 18 days now and I have lost 17.4 pounds – I am so excited to be losing weight. I am like you, Becky, I have tried every diet imaginable and have lost and gained weight so many times in my life I’ve lost count. Give the juice fast a chance – you’ll really be glad you did!

      • Congrats on 18 days Janet! That’s a really big accomplishment!

        • Thanks, Donnie. I am very proud of how well I have done. As of this morning, I am down 19 pounds in 3 weeks. Thanks for all your encouragement and advice!

      • Hi, JANETR – Congrats on your weight loss. I am pretty desperate for a drastic change in weight and need this juice fast to work for me. If I am of high-average weight, do you think it is likely to drop 20 or more solid pounds in 30 days of juice fasting? Did you work out at all to drop over 17 pounds in 18 days? Thanks so much! I am in need of some motivation and promising words to get me going on this juice fast and stick to it.

        • JuiceGirl, browse through the forums. There have been plenty of people who have lost a good amount of weight. Irene lost 24 pounds in less than a month. I’m sure you can lose 20 in 30 days. Just have it in your mind that you are going to do this and you are going to lose that weight and get your health back on track!

  95. Donnie, I started my juice fast the other day–probably 7 day but would like to continue till goal weight. So far so good. Years ago, I used to do water only fasts and they were grueling especially at the start. I used to do them when not working to be able to get through the process. The juice fast is amazing! I have tons of energy and still able to work. Thanks for all the inspiration, recipes and shopping lists–they made it much easier to get started. I usually drink green tea everyday (keep a bottle of already brewed in fridge)so I started adding to the juice.

    • Congrats on starting your juice fast Mari! Water fasts are grueling and aren’t nutritionally good for you. I’m glad things are working out well for you on the fast so far. Keep it up, it’s only going to get better for you. I’m here if you have any questions.

  96. Hi Donnie – Day 17 – I started eating dinner on Friday – just vegies – I added a small piece of fish with the vegies on Monday – still juicing for breakfast and lunch – lost a total of 13 1/2 pounds – really happy – I am continuing to lose weight even though I added a light dinner with mostly veggies -I have slowed down to about a 1/2 pound a day – hope to loose another five pounds in the next four weeks before I leave for Italy.

    Thanks again for all your support.

    • Congrats on your juice fast and losing nearly 14 pounds Theresa!!! I’m sure you will lose 5 more pounds before the next 4 weeks if you keep eating healthy and include juices in your diet. You’ve done so good! It’s great to hear others succeed in their journeys. I’ll be here if you have any questions!

  97. hey Donnie, I started Tuesday, yesterday and did ok. I was wondering if I could add a protein powder even though i am still getting protein in some veggies? Also, Do we HAVE to put a 20% fruit in it? I am really sensitive to too much fruit.

    • Zoey, there’s really no need to add any protein to your juices unless your a body builder and working on building muscle. You can use less fruit if you like. It’s better to use less fruit as you’ll take in less sugar. Keep me updated on how you do. I’m here if you have questions.

  98. Donnie, I have lost a total of 15 pounds in 14 days – I am beyond excited! I still have lots of pounds to shed, though. Do people consistently continue to lose weight at a fast pace? I originally thought about a 30 day juice fast, but if I can keep up this rate of weight loss, I would love to keep on to reach my goal of losing 65 pounds.

    • Congrats on 15 pounds and 2 weeks Janet! That is truly amazing and inspirational. Sometimes people will continue to lose weight at that pace and sometimes it will slow down. I suggest you keep juicing until you are at your goal or withing 10 pounds of your goal. Once you switch to solids you can still maintain the weight loss with proper diet and a little exercise. Keep me posted Janet!

  99. Are green tomatoes okay to juice?

  100. Nikki Brewer

    Monday Im going to start juicing. I was wondering, can I make juices ahead of time and freeze them or keep them in the fridge? I need to find a way to have juice for lunch but obviously I cant bring my juicer to work & make it fresh.

    • Nikki, make your juices in the morning and just bring them with you. That is the best way to do it and still have them as fresh as possible.

  101. Hi im all new to this going to start Tuesday :-) can I drink the same juice every day? im a mum of 3 so always on my feet thanks

    • Laura, you can drink the same juice however it will get very boring. It’s best to change it up and try out new juices occasionally. Make sure your juices are 80% vegetables and 20% fruits. Try to include at least 5 or more different ingredients in your juices so you get a variety of nutrition. Let me know if you have any questions.

  102. sara

    is beets another name for beetroot lol x

    • Sara, a beet is short for beetroot. I actually get asked this a lot and will start making it more clear when I mention beets (beetroot) in the future :) Have a terrific day!!!

  103. Day 10 – I FEEL GREAT!! You were right Donnie – I did start to lose weight again after the two days of staying the same – I have lost 9 1/2 pounds!!

    Very Excited!!

    Thanks for all your support!

    • That’s awesome Theresa! Congrats on day 10 and nearly 10 pounds lost! Keep it up, you are doing really great!

  104. sara

    got my juicer, cant waite to start, hopefully i can stick to this diet fingers crossed

  105. Donnie, I’ve just purchased the Fusion Juicer and I am amazed by the delicious juice I’ve been making. I was using the VitaMix and I was getting more of a smoothie type of taste which I did not like with all the fibers. Today is Day 1 of the 7 days detox and it’s going great. Thanks for all the great juicing recipes!

    • Nirva, congrats on getting your juicer and starting your juice fast. A blender is great for many things, but juice fasting is not one of them. I wish you the best of luck, keep me updated on your status. I’m here if you have any questions.

  106. Hi Donnie,

    I have commited to taking a 2 week Juice fast and am starting day one today.
    The problem being is that the taste of the Juices are making me feel sick. Can i sub the vegs in the juice for fruits? I was planning to use a large variety of fruits so i get a mix of vits and mins.


    • Danny, congrats on starting your juice fast today! The taste will get better the longer you juice. Juicing will reset your taste buds and you’ll start to crave your juices after a while. It’s important to maintain an 80/20 ratio of veggies to fruits on your juice fast. Try adding more lemon in your juices or substitute an apple for an orange sometimes. Just the simplest adjustment can mean the difference between you having to force it down or getting to enjoy your juice. Keep at it and you’ll do great Danny! I’m here if you have any questions.

  107. Hi Donnie,

    I’m back and of course I’ve got a lot of questions, as usual… Like, how much kale to substitute 1/2 head of romaine?

    Thanks so much!

    • MW, use 2-4 kale leaves as a replacement for a half head of romaine lettuce. Let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy and welcome back!

  108. Day 6 – I FEEL WONDERFUL – yesterday was magnificent also – Day 4 was really tough – I felt like I had the flu. – but the following day I woke up feeling amazing – I wasn’t hungry all day yesterday – I even baked for a memorial service and didn’t even lick my fingers.

    Off to a Motorcycle benefit today – I have my juice in the cooler for lunch – I will drink it while everyone else chows down on BBQ Sandwiches – I bet I will feel much better than them this afternoon.

    I have been posting on facebook and several of my friends are now going to try the juice fast.

    Thanks Donnie for this great site and all your help and for always being so prompt in you replys.
    Ciao for Now!

    • Congrats on day 6 Theresa! It sounds like you are past the detox period. It’s only going to get easier from this point forward. Enjoy the motorcycle benefit, and I’m sure you’ll feel amazing! I’m always here for you Theresa!

      • Thanks Donnie – I haven’t lost any weight in the past two days – total 6 1/2 pounds for the week – is that normal – I want to stick it out for another week – I hope to lose another 5 pounds.

        My plan is to juice breakfast and lunch and eat a light dinner i.e. fish and a salad – what are your thoughts on this?

        I have two more friends that are starting their fast tomorrow – excited for them.

        • Some times you will level out for a day or two. This is why I don’t suggest weighing yourself every single day. Just keep drinking your juice and the weight will start to come off again.

          • I know – my husband says the same thing but I am obsessed with the scale.

            Thanks – do you think my plan to eat fish and salad for dinner and juice breakfast and lunch after the two weeks is a good plan?

            What does our diet consist of ?

            Have a blessed day.

          • Theresa, I think your plan will work great. I think it will work better if you start by eating only raw fruits and veggies for the first 3 days and then incorporate fish. Read over this article a few times as it goes into detail on how to come off of a fast and start eating again:

            It’s best to eat the same stuff you’ve been juicing and still incorporate a few juices into your diet. This will make sure your body adjusts very well to solids. Have a terrific day Theresa, I’m here if you have questions.

          • Hi again – you don’t have to answer my question on what to eat after the fast I found the answer on this site – thank you and sorr for all the questions.

          • No problem Theresa, I’m going to link the article here just in case.

  109. I’m really big into counting calories. Is there any information on the number of calories contained in the various juice recipes? Maybe I’m just missing it on the site.

    • Tanko, the great thing about a juice fast is that there is no need to count calories, carbs, or fats. It’s pointless on the juice fast. If you must know how to do it though here is how…

      Add up the Total Calories based on the ingredients you put into the juice and subtract the calories from fiber.

      ( total calories ) – (fiber calories) = True Calories

      To figure out your fiber calories, add up all the grams of fiber in the ingredients you chose and multiply them by 4 since there are 4 calories per gram of fiber.

      That’s the basics, but most drinks have between 150-250 calories.

  110. Donnie, How do you feel about supplementing the Juicing plan with a protein drink like Ensure on occasion (1-2 Ensures per day)?

    • Tanko, I wouldn’t recommend adding or supplementing the juice plan with any protein drink. If it’s protein that you’re worried about you’ll get plenty of protein in your juices. If you’re a body builder and not trying to lose weight then you could add an unflavored protein isolate to your juices. But I would only recommend this if you’re main goal isn’t losing weight.

  111. Started my detox today. Have not yet committed to the length but i hope to do 10 days. If this goes well, I will push on for longer. First juice today was lovelly. Already starting to feel a little hungry but have several other juices prepared in the work fridge just in case. I will say however, over the last few days I have cut right down to 0 cups of caffeen. I did have a headache for a few days, but feel great today. Ready for the juice challenge.
    Good luck to my wife too, who has joined me on the journey. Together we can do it honey. x

    • Congrats to you and your wife on starting the juice fast today! Just have a juice whenever you start to feel hungry. It’s all about listening to your body. If your headaches get bad, take a tylenol or ibuprofen and it will help. I’ll be here if you have any questions.

  112. Weighed in this morning and after 3 days, I have lost a total of 7 1/2 pounds! I am so very excited! The only side effect I have had from the fast is a dull headache occasionally. The juices are doing a great job of keeping my appetite under control. I love tomato juices – does anyone have a good recipe for using tomatoes? Love this website and all the help and encouragement it offers!

    • Congrats Janetr on 3 days and nearly 8 pounds lost! The dull headache is because you are still going through detox. It will pass. I have a few recipes with tomatoes in them, browse the recipes section.

  113. Day 4 – going well – I love all of the juices – I am feeling kind of lightheaded today – I felt great yesterday – is that normal?

    I lost 6 pounds – very excited!!

    Thanks for all of your support.

    • Theresa, you’re just about through the detox period. If you feel lightheaded, take a break or drink another juice. Congrats on day 4 and 6 pounds lost so far! That’s really terrific!

  114. Oh I forgot the best part – I lost 4 pounds!!!

  115. Starting Day 3 – Doing great all day except early evening – I get a slight headache and queezy. Woke up today feeling great – well rested and energized.

    Thanks so much Donnie for the Cool Cabbage recipe – I warmed it up as a soup after lunch for a quick pick me up – had the rest for dinner as a soup – it is tangy and satisfying.

    Heading back to the store today to replenish some things.

    Are there any veggies or fruit that you shouldn’t juice – I was hoping to find a fresh pumpkin and do a pumpkin, carrot and orange juice with cinnamon. – might have to wait till the Fall.

    Have a blessed day fellow juicers!!
    Ciao for now.
    P.S. my husband now calls me juicy!!

    • Theresa, many of the recipes can be warmed up to a soup. I really enjoy them that way. It’s great to be able to do that and sit down and have a warm meal with the family every once in a while. You may want to refer to the manual that came with your juicer for an idea of what you should not juice. Pumpkin is good to juice and so is butternut squash. Cheers!

  116. On the eve of Day one and my wife and I sat down and watched fat sick and nearly dead. It gave me the momentum to spring out of bed this morning and get juicing. We nervously juiced our first drink. We started off with a very refreshing apple, carrot and lemon juice. It was so good that I juiced a green lemonade made up from 3 handfuls of spinach, 1 green apple, 1 cucumber 2 celery stalks and a lemon. It was great. A bit too lemony for me, but I can adjust on the next one. SO far so good. We had planned to start on a 3 day detox, but we now plan to start on Friday and go for a 10 day detox. We want to start just before the weekend so that if we feel low, ill or anything else, we have the weekend to get over the worst of the detox. In the mean time, we plan to experiment with different flavours and we have both stopped caffeen to try and break the back of this first. I plan to have 3 juices a day and a main meal (carefully selected of course) to get us ready for the detox. Thank you to every one here for your support and informative blogs. I will keep you posted on our journey. x

    • Simon, congrats on your juice fast! It’s a great idea to take the weekend to be able to adjust and let your body get past the detox phase. You have a good plan in place to prepare you for a full juice fast. I know you and your wife will do really well and have a lot of success! Keep me posted and know that I’m here if either of you have any questions.

      • Thanks Donnie, i really appreciate it. I am very excited about starting. I keep looking in the mirror which gives me the momentum to get going. We plan to keep a video diary. Will keep you posted on our progress.

        • Simon, It’s also a great idea to put a calendar in your mirror and check off the days as you go. Write your goal on a piece of paper and tape it to your bathroom mirror so you see it and read it every day. I’m looking forward to your video diary and your updates. Keep us updated Simon. I’m here if you have questions.

  117. Why are there ads from Mini Wheats on your page? They are full of sugar and bad for you.

    • I don’t have 100% control over every ad that pops up on the site. I do my best to block most of the bad ones but sometimes a few slip through the cracks.

  118. All,

    I am going to start tomorrow wensday for 7×2 days fasting. As i am 220lbs and very much needed for diet. Please let me if you guys have any better tips other than what it is available on website. Any motivation tips for not discontinue in between.

    Best regards

    • RP, just keep browsing the site and the forum and you’ll find plenty of tips. Congrats on starting your fast! I’m here if you have questions.

  119. Hi Simon – You will be fine – be sure to include fruit such as apples or grapes – they sweeten the veggies nicely.

    Follow the recipes – Donnie has done a great job combining the flavors – I like them all so far – my favorite is the breakfast one.

    Best wishes

    • Thanks Theresa, great advice and I did follow the recipies. They were fantastic. I am totally supprised by how fresh they tasted. many thanks

  120. HJi all, I am new to this, I picked up my juicer thjis afternoon and I am ready to go. Fridge is full of lovelly greens and fruit. I am very nervous tho as I plan to start my 5 day fast tomorrow. I hope the juices taste as good as everyone says they do as I am not really a fan of veggies! Does anyone have any good tips for a beginner?

  121. Winding down day one – feeling a little light-headed and queezy. Loved the flavors of the juices. The Tornado Juice was great as a soup – much more satisfying when warmed up. I was able to have dinner with my husband – I had the Tornado soup and he ate a regular dinner.

    Thanks for all your help and support!

    • Theresa, the Tornado juice is very good as a soup, sometimes I’ll even add a dash of hot sauce to give it a kick. I’m glad your fast is going great! Keep me posted.

  122. Ready – Set – GO – Day 1 of Juice Fast – so far real easy – of course it is only 5:45 AM – having my lemonjuice and hot water – going for a short run and then juicing my breakfast and lunch.
    Thanks Donnie for the tip on getting everything ready in zip locks – will make it so much easier to get ready for work today – otherwise it would be too much work in the morning and I might get frustrated at the starting gate.

    One question Donnie – I usually drink a cider vinegar and water tonic before dinner – is that ok while fasting?

    Ciao for Now – I will check in tonight!!

    • Theresa, congrats on day one of your juice fast! You’re going to do great! There’s no problem with cider vinegar or tonic water on your fast. Enjoy!

      Keep me posted and have a fabulous day. I’m always here if you have any questions! Cheers!

  123. Just to clarify, do you mean ‘shouldn’t hurt?

    Have just made my weekly planner, printed the juice recipes, and ordered my produce, looking forward to tomorrow.

    Thanks for the site, it is amazing :)

    • Jilly, thanks for pointing that out. I meant to say “it shouldn’t hurt to give him a juice or two throughout the day” I’ve corrected that in the original comment. Tomorrow is going to be a great start to a new and healthier you! Congrats on taking that first step and deciding to start your fast!

  124. Hi there

    So excited to find your site! decided to start juicing/eating raw as I’m so fed up with feeling ill all the time and this makes sense, I suffer regular migraines,take high blood pressure medication, HRT, Antidepressants, am overweight and can’t seem to shift it, so basically a mess, can’t wait to get started and change.

    Also, My son suffers with Crohns disease, is Juicing good for him too? I don’t want to aggravate things by giving him something that won’t help.

    Thanks Jill

    • Jilly, congrats on deciding to start a juice fast. Juicing will definitely change how your body feels and acts. As far as your son, it shouldn’t hurt to give him a juice or two throughout the day as it will increase his daily nutritional intake. You may want to ask his doctor about it to be safe. Good luck and keep me posted. I’m here if you have any questions.

  125. On a personal note, and I believe most of this program is about change. No matter the problem. I have always been a heavy drinker (not an alcoholic) and a serious not chain smoker. I have cut down to 3 nights a week. I did cheat last night with a couple glasses of wine. Cigarettes actually really are starting to taste really nasty. I have chronic joint and fibromyalgia and want to be natural and get rid of my 9 medications I have been on for more than 18 months. My joints have felt better today. But to have this program to work you have to be serious, no cheating or giving in. I decided this morning not to drink anything but juice and water and nothing else. Last week I had ordered and paid for bakery products for today. I picked them up and I thought about eating just a corner, but I decided to give them away instead of being tempted. Came home and looked at some of the things that I could cook, but no I drank another juice. Hall the JUICE!!!!! I have been mixing up some of the recipes I can tell you as long as you stay to the 80/20 (80% veg. and 20% fruit) rule you will feel wonderful. Love you Donnie, once again thank you for having this website with all the treasure trove of information!

  126. Hey Donnie, I sent you some questions yesterday and I forget what topic it was under. I think maybe you missed it or didn’t get it. Can you check for me please.


    • Sorry Donnie I meant Hi not Hey. Hey sound rude, sorry again.

    • I responded Snowflake. It was under the juicing questions page. Here’s what I wrote:

      Shannon, congrats on starting your juice fast today!

      1. Not sure what juice products Lowes would have? The only Lowes I know is the hardware store. Just make sure you bring plenty of juice with you Shannon.

      2. You’re seal a meal should be fine but it’s also okay to just use a regular freezer bag.

      3. It’s perfectly fine to run the pulp through again. A lot of people to this and get more juice out of it. Go right ahead and do it if it works for you.

      4. NO, none… That kind of defeats the purpose of the fast to lose weight and rid your body of toxins.

      5. You’d have to ask your doctor about the medications and your juice fast. I’m not a doctor and I’m not familiar with your conditions, meds, or reasons for taking them.

      6. A lot of juicers come with a scrub brush but a toothbrush is a great alternative. I always hand wash my juicer immediately after I use it. It’s so much easier to clean that way.

      7. You can freeze the juice if you want. It keeps it’s nutritional value that way and will hold it’s taste.

      I wish you the best on your fast Shannon. I’m always here if you have any questions. Keep me posted on your status.

      • Thank you very much. I’m on my second day and I feel wonderful. I have a lot of energy. I love this way of natural way of controlling weight and being healthy. I was told to get off of processed food, carbs and gluten. This is a GREAT way me to do this, which I couldn’t do before I gave in every time from being hungry. I applaud your website, that has so much information and support. Tomorrow I start my third day and people I know they say that I look different from even yesterday. I’m so GLAD I stumbled across you. There has been so many times in the past two days I wan’t to give. Thank you once again for this GREAT support!!!!

        • Congrats on day 2 Shannon! It’s amazing how quickly you will change while on your juice fast. No more cheating with the wine though, at least for the duration of your fast. Good job on passing up on the bakery goods. Fresh baked goods are hard to pass up. Just stay strong and keep going on your juice. Have fun with the recipes, experiment and try out different combinations. Use this list to try out new things:

          I like to take an existing recipe and pick out 1-3 things that I’m going to substitute. This makes it a whole different juice and I’m often surprised at the results. Have fun with it! The more fun you make it, the more you’ll enjoy it and stick with it.

          I’m happy you are enjoying the site. I do my best to inform and help people with their health and their juicing. I have a blast sharing my success and being able to share in the success and happiness of others.

      • Donnie, it is ok to make your juices and freeze them? That certainly would be a great help to me when getting ready for work–I could just get a juice from the freezer and have it for breakfast and take one with me for lunch. That would save me from cleaning my juicer twice a day, too.

        • Janet, it’s best if you just make your juices in the morning. They stay more fresh, and they will taste better. You can freeze them if you want but I find it’s more of a hassle to do that than it is to take an extra 15 minutes in the morning to make them fresh for the day. What kind of juicer do you have? I find the cleaning process usually takes about 3-5 minutes if you clean it directly after you make a juice.

          • Donnie, when I weighed this morning I had gained 1/2 pound. The only difference in what I had been doing was that I only had 3 juices yesterday. Could this be the reason for the gain? I am still so happy with the loss I’ve had so far–11 pounds in 1 week!

          • When you don’t drink enough juice, your body will tend to hold onto as much weight as possible because it’s not getting the nutrition it needs and it’s not sure when it’s going to get more. Make sure you drink plenty. Also, make sure you weight yourself in the mornings after you use the restroom and before you consume any liquids.

  127. Greetings! Let me first say how excited I am to have found this site! After my son’s autism diagnosis last year I have been doing a ton of research on how to take a natural and holistic approach to my family’s healthcare. While my husband and son will not be juice fasting with me, I am excited to add fresh juices to their diets. We’ve been focusing on eliminating processed foods and finding ways to incorporate more veggies and thanks to juicing we are off to a great start! I am starting a 2-week juice fast today and am very excited about it. I am hoping to go longer than 2-weeks, but for now, 2-weeks is my goal. Additionally, my husband and I are prepping our bodies to prepare for pregnancy…weight loss, healing the gut, increased vitamin intake and eliminating toxins. Sorry for the rant, I’m just super excited. Thank you so much for all of this wonderful knowledge!!

    • Tyffany, welcome to JOJ! Congrats on your fast! It’s going to be a huge move towards bettering your health and prepping your bodies. I wish you the best of luck and please keep me posted on your fast. I’m here if you have any questions.

  128. Just wanted to say I’m on Day 9 and I just can’t stop! I decided I’m going to continue juicing for breakfast and lunch and have a healthy dinner. I am so amazed at how incredible I feel. The last 2 months I’ve had some serious medical issues and although juicing hasn’t cured all…it definitely helped a lot of symptoms! I don’t have a scale in my house but my body has been reduced to half! I used to have to nap everyday…now I have so much energy that I had my torches going in the evening so I could continue weeding! I’ve even noticed the dark circles and bags under my eyes are disappearing. Doesn’t get any better than that! I have several people “watching” me do this diet and now they all want to do it! Thank you Donnie for such a great and informative website!!! I feel amazing!

    • Congrats on day 9 Jodi! That’s great Jodi, I’m happy you were able to cure up some of your issues through juicing. You’re comment is an inspiration to everyone Jodi, congrats on the success you’ve had with your fast. Keep eating healthy and include juices into your everyday routine. I’m here if you have any questions.

  129. Hi Donnie – thanks so much for your site – I am very excited about starting my fast this coming Monday.

    I have over the past 4 years become gluten intolerant, sensitivites to dairy and meat. I started a mostly plant based diet which included chicken and fish – I then gave us fish. I felt much better.

    This past year I started to re-introduce meat into my diet – I feel ok but I have gained ten pounds. I am 5’8″ and 138.5 pounds. My husband and I are going to Italy for our tenth anniversary in October and I want to lose at least ten pounds before we leave – I don’t want to eat in Italy and gain another ten pounds.

    I have trouble sleeping and take malitonin and benadryl to sleep each night along with sleepy-time extra tea with Calm (Magnesium). Should I stop taking this during the fast?

    I also start each day with GreensPlus and EmergenC – should these be eliminated as well?

    One last question – I have read your comments about exercising – I am considering doing a twenty minute walk run interval training during this time – do you think that would be ok – would I have to supplement with the Protein Isolate for this type of exercise.

    Thank you again and I look forward to posting my progress next week.

    Your site is definitely a blessing to all of us wanting to get back to a healthy lifestyle.


    • Theresa, congrats on deciding to start your juice fast this coming Monday. I think you will do terrific! While it’s okay to take a calming tea for night time I would suggest against taking the melatonin and benadryl unless you find that you are having trouble sleeping. Your sleep patterns will start to correct themselves while on the fast. Start each day with a healthy juice and you’ll find you won’t need the GreensPlus and EmergenC. You’ll get plenty of nutrients via your juices throughout the day.

      You can exercise during your fast but makes sure and listen to your body and don’t overdo it. For walks and runs you should be fine with just the juice as you’ll get enough protein from them. Keep us all posted and I’m looking forward to hearing of your results. Also, congrats on your up and coming trip to Italy and your tenth anniversary! I’m here if you have any questions Theresa.

  130. 2 days down.. feeling good! juicing is so fun. but I’m finding that with all the prep work, a 3 month old and 6 yr old and juicing double for me and hubby is a lot. Im hanging in there though because after the fast i will be juicing 4 instead of 6. and will also sort into specific ziplock bags to help speed up the process i also decided that i will only do a 5 day fast with introducing solids on the fifth day. the process to going back to solids is an adjustment just like starting to

    • It is fun isn’t it?! You do have a lot of prep work especially since you’re juicing for two. Just keep going strong and it will all be worth it in the end Trinity! Congrats on 2 days down and keep me posted. I’m here if you have any questions.

  131. I am on day 3 of my 10 day juice fast and I feel great! Cravings are still pretty strong but I have not had any headaches or dizziness, wondering if this is going to hit me tomorrow?? I hope not!

    • Jacquick, congrats on day 3 of your fast! The headaches affect those who have strong caffeine addictions more than those who don’t. You may not get any headaches at all. You’re still going through detox and that usually lasts between 3-5 days. So you’re just about through the hard part. Keep doing what your doing and it will be worth it in the end.

  132. cwhit120861

    Hi, Today is my first day. I am beginning with the 3 day detox then move forward taking a week at a time. I have a few questions.

    1. What do you recommend for someone such as myself who work 8 to 5 away from home? I read you should drink the juice immediately but how can I do this since I work 5 days a week.

    2. After 2 weeks of juicing can you continue to loose weight eating 2 healthy solid food meals a day and juicing 2 drinks a day? If not what is the best way to do both and enjoy both worlds of eating solids meals and juicing to loose weight?

    3. Can you loose weight juicing one week on and one week off or is there a combination to do both to loose weight.

    Thank you for your time, your website and the information you share. It is very encouraging, motivating and informative.

    • Cwhit, welcome to JOJ and congrats on day 1 of your juice fast!

      While it is best to drink your juices immediately that is not always feasible. It’s fine to make your juices in the morning and bring them to work with you. Just make sure you store them in airtight containers and keep them in the refrigerator until you’re ready to drink them. This way they won’t lose much nutritional value and will still be fresh when you drink them.

      You sure can continue to lose weight once you go back to eating solids. You just have to keep a healthy diet. Read this article on how to eat after a juice fast. It will help you come up with a plan.

      You can lose weight anytime you go on a fast. But it’s best to stay on the fast until you reach your initial weight loss goal. The longer you stay on your juice fast the easier it gets and the more rewarding it will be for you.

      I’m always here if you have questions.

  133. Your program was suggested to me by a very good friend of mine who is a Nurse Practitioner. I had not seen her in a few months, and ran into her the other day, and she looks fabulous!! She has lost 40 lbs in 90 days using the 7 day cleanse method. So she shared your program with me. In the past 4 years I have had three “unexpected” children, I have three older children and am now turning 40, and find myself 50 lbs overweight and just feeling blah, and tired most of the time trying to keep up with the little ones. She assured me I would feel amazing after getting through the first few days. So I just ordered the juicer from Amazon this morning, and as soon as it arrives I will be starting the 7 day cleanse. My family is very supportive of the idea, and my husband, has agreed to pitch in more when it comes to cooking for our family. And I see you have some awesome ideas about how to sit down together, eat and continue with the juicing. My only question is that I give myself a weekly injection of B-12, then take a daily Iron supplement, and vitamin D-3, all are prescribed by my Dr, as I have a deficiency in all 3. Is it okay to take the daily vitamins, and do you think eventually I would be able to stop taking them? Thank you so much for anytime and consideration you give this question.

    • Angie, that’s fantastic! Congrats to your friend, and congrats to you for making the decision to go on a juice fast! As far as the vitamins, you should get with your doctor and tell him/her what your plans are. He/She may want to adjust your dosage. If they don’t adjust your dosage it’s no big deal. Any excess vitamins will go to waste. Eventually, you will probably be able to get off of all of them if you go on a proper diet after your juice fast. Keep me posted Angie, I’d like to see how things turn out for you. I’m always here if you have questions.

  134. Right then…..Im just writing down the shopping list now. I start tomorrow…my juicer arrived yesterday!!
    Im planning on an 8 week cycle….im mainly using it for weight loss but I like the sound of all the other good things it does!!!

    Wish me luck and i’ll keep you guys posted!!

  135. Hello!! I’m really excited to actually get started to juice and stop talking about it doing it! Your website and all of the good reviews gives me lots of confidence but at the same time nervous just because I have never done anything like this, nor taken advice from websites that effect my body. My biggest concerns is that I’ll get really sick or my health will decline. But hearing all of the great stories and some I have heard from friends I am going to give it a try and hope for the best. Thanks so much for all the recipes and support!

    I just have some questions.

    Is it okay to workout during juicing? I just did not want to over work myself, I guess I feel like I wont be eating to get the energy.
    How long of a juicing fast recommended for beginners?

    • Lola, no need to be nervous. You’re body is going to love the juice! As far as working out I would suggest you either stop working out or keep very light workouts during the first few days. Once you get past the detox period you’ll be okay to hit it hard again! It’s best to let your body rest and recover during the detox period.

      21 Days is a very achievable goal. Set your goal to 21 days and set your mind to 14. Once you get 14 days of juice in you, you won’t want to stop!

      Eating is just how you normally get nutrients into your body. You’ll be getting more nutrients and better nutrients when you juice. Energy comes from the nutrients we take into our body. You’ll have plenty of energy after your first 3 days.

      I’m always here if you have any questions Lola. Keep me posted on your fast.

  136. Donnie,

    I spent a lot of money on a Vitamix and want to use it to lose weight. If I cut the recipes in 1/2 or consume less juice throughout the day, will I still drop the weight?


  137. Will this fast help with weight gain caused by meds? Also…is it ok to drink de-caf coffee or tea?

    • Jodi, the fast will help you lose weight and regain your health. De-caf coffee or tea is perfectly fine. Just don’t add any creamer or sugars. You can add splenda though. I’m here if you have any questions.

      • Started and am excited about how good this stuff actually tastes! I like that a lot of the leafy veggies don’t change the flavor and you can tweak the recipes to your taste buds!! I actually came up with my own recipe today and my neighbor and her husband like it so much they are considering trying the fast too! I will post the recipe in your forum!

        • Jodi, congrats on getting started. Aren’t the flavors really amazing? They were nothing like I thought they would be when I first started. I’m looking forward to trying out your recipe. I’m always here if you have any questions.

  138. maryc

    Hi, I’m new on this site, I’m very intrigued by the juice fast but I’m really scare about starting, I’m afraid to fail and that 7 days will be too much. I’m always trying to lose weight, I decided to try a vegan diet, I purchased the “Skinny B***h” book, and there is where it mentions about Juice fasting.
    I was recently diagnosed with signs of arthritis, this scares me a lot, I have always been a very healthy, energetic woman, strong women, always up and down on my weight but for the most part healthy.
    I’m 4′.9″, Hispanic, weight 148 lbs. I’m about 25 lbs over weight.
    I just need some encouragement, I know that if I do this juice fast it will benefit me, but will it help with my joint aches and pains? I consider myself young (40)to be waking up hurting every morning. I want to be a success story on this site!

    Thank you in advance.

    • Mary, thanks for messaging me. Don’t be scared about starting. Juicing works to help your body in so many ways. Once you get past the detox phase you will not only start to lose weight but you will feel awesome!

      I’m sure the juicing will help with the arthritis. I’ve seen juicing help so many people with so many different ailments and I’m sure it will help you with yours.

      You can do this, don’t let it scare you. It will change you in such a positive way you will wish you started sooner! I’m always here if you have questions. Keep me posted and let me know when you plan on starting. I’ll juice with you!

  139. Day 5!!! Gonna try some new juice recipes today. Maybe sweet potatoes???

    • Awesome Kidknees! Congrats on day 5! Try out the sweet potatoes, I’m sure you will love them!

  140. megan256

    Donnie: one more thing I wanted to ask. I take a probotic. When I start my fast, should I stop taking it? or does it matter?

    • Megan, you can stop taking it unless it was prescribed by your doctor. If it was prescribed or recommended then you should ask your doctor to see what he or she thinks. If its just something your taking then you can stop.

  141. irishlisa

    Hi guys on my fifth day today, but unlike others on this forum yesterday and so far today are the hardest for me. I am increasingly finding it hard to keep juice down so therefore i am starting to intoduce a little solids, i was wondering has anyone had this prob

  142. megan256

    It would be nice if some of you could give us some feed back on how your juicing is going… I’ve heard the days 1-3 are the hardest.. :) Starting mine next week ( only because thats when my juier will be here )..

    • Megan, take a look in the forums. You’ll get plenty of feedback from the people who have juiced or are currently juicing. The first few days are the hardest since you’ll be detoxing during those days. It’s not as bad as it’s made out to be though. A lot of people only get a slight headache. It’s the cravings that can be bad, but if you can keep them in check you’ll be good. What kind of juicer did you get?

      • megan256

        Donnie: I got the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth.. :) Thanks so much for all you do on here… I’ve told so many people about this site… I think its the first few days I am sorta dreading.. but I will be fine… :)

  143. Hi Donnie,

    I’ve started juicing gradually this past few days. Today is the first day without any solids and drank tons of water in between. My question is i use Vitamix 5200 so everything is in it, I drink 12 oz then followed with 12oz of water. Would this help me loose weight, about 20 lbs. is my target. I weigh 133 now. I also started exercising every other day, walking and taking willpower classes.



    • Ally, if you want to juice and get all the benefits from it you’ll need to use a juicer not a blender. Read this article to understand more on the differences between juicers and blenders and why you can’t use a blender on the juice fast. I’m here if you have any questions.

      • Thanks Donnie.. Is there a way to alter the recipes or less serving or drinking the smoothie through out the day instead of downing it to lessen the calorie intake?

        • Ally, since you’re using a blender it’s really no different than eating the produce raw. You can adjust the quantities of the ingredients if you want more or less. When you’re juicing there is really no need to count calories like you do on most diets but if you’re using a blender you’ll be taking in a lot more calories as opposed to juicing so I can see why you would want to count. You can probably reduce the amount of ingredients by half and it will still make a good size serving for you.

          • Thanks Donnie, I went ahead and ordered Hamilton Beach Big Mouth yesterday. i had it shipped overnight so i’ll get it today… i can’t wait, so far since I started drinking smoothies I have lost 1.5lbs.. Looking forward to loosing more with juicing… Thanks for sharing your knowledge in this website….

          • Fantastic Ally! I’m looking forward to hearing of your success!

  144. irishlisa

    Im juicing 3-4 times a day ,each drink measuring a pint , with lots of water throughout the day. im just finishing day 2 and am coping although had terrible nights sleep last night so here is hoping its better tonight. Good luck

    • Lisa, how soon after your last juice did you go to sleep? Sometimes the juice will keep you up. You may also want to have a night time tea to help you with the sleep. Keep me posted.

  145. Day 1 for me.. How often should I be drinking a juice?? should I wait until I am hungry? I hate hate hate feeling hungry.. will the hunger go away once I drink a juice? or should I keep myself “full”?

    • Welcome to JOJ Fabulous! Have a juice whenever you are hungry! The hunger will go away. Don’t mistake cravings for hunger. Drink plenty of water throughout the day also. Keep me posted, I’m here if you have any questions.

  146. megan256

    I just bought a health master juicer, can i use this to start my fast?

  147. irishlisa

    Thanks for your help Donnie, thats great

  148. irishlisa

    I was wondering is it ok to add tabasco, worcs sauce and other spices to juices

  149. irishlisa

    Thanks Donnie and Kayla, its great to know there are people out there that can lend support,

  150. irishlisa

    Hi there, I am a new member to this forum and started my first fast this morning. i am so looking forward to what lies ahead, fingers crossed

    • Irishlisa, welcome to JOJ and congrats on starting your first fast! It will change your life! I’m always here if you have questions.

    • Kayla

      Hi Lisa! Congrats on starting! I just started my first fast yesterday. I, too, look forward to what lies ahead 😉 Good luck!

  151. Kayla

    Also, I know its a “juicing” diet, but since we are drinking fruits and veggies, is it OK to eat fruits and veggies solid if we are somewhere we aren’t able to juice? Thanks!

    • Kayla, you can’t have anything solid while on the fast. That even includes whole fruits and veggies. It’s best to plan ahead and bring juices with you if you can. I’ll be here if you have any questions.

      • Kayla

        Great, thanks Donnie! I haven’t eaten them, I just wanted to be sure :)

  152. Kayla

    Thanks Donnie! I will keep you posted! I am doing great so far. Getting ready for my 4th drink today, then I’ll have another before bed. It’s tough when I cook for the kids, that’s when I get “hungry”. LOL! I do have one question: where I started running/exercising, I drink a protein drink afterwards. It consists of almond milk, banana, and whey protein. Is this cheating with the juice diet? Thanks for your help!


    • I know what you’re going through. I still had to cook for my two boys. The hardest part was taking them out to places that had food. Don’t take a protein shake. If anything add more protein veggies to your drink. If you have to, add an unflavored protein isolate to your drinks. Most of the powders you get are loaded with a lot of stuff besides protein. Some even have creatine. Best to use veggies high in protein such as spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, broccoli, etc. Here’s a high protein juice for you

      • Kayla

        Thanks for the recipe! I will definitely look it up! I am glad I asked about the shake, cause I would’ve thought it wouldn’t have been too bad.. But, I will be adding more greens/veggies to my drinks! Thanks again for your help!


  153. Kayla

    HI! I am new to this site and I am so glad I found it! We bought a Jack LaLanne juicer a few weeks ago and have been drinking juicing drinks daily. But, today, we started a juicing cleanse. I am hungry already, LOL! But, I know the outcome will be worth it and I can’t wait to see the end results. :)

    • Kayla, welcome to JOJ and congrats on starting your juice fast! If you’re hungry then have another juice. Most times you’ll be experiencing cravings. Hunger is when your body is telling you it needs nutrients. Cravings are when your mind is telling you to eat out of habit or taste. Once you can differentiate the two you’ll see that most of what you’re going through are cravings since you get plenty of nutrients from the juice. Keep me posted on your success. I’ll be here if you have any questions Kayla.

  154. D3BBY

    Good Morning Donnie (8:14am in the UK)

    I read through the Q&A’s in the link Re: Juicers, but noticed you hadnt answered
    Andrew question (11:58 am on June 10, 2013) Re: Masticating juicers ?

    I was looking at a Slow Juicer because I was worried about the juice separating and Oxidisation. (the thought of juice separation turns my stomach lol!)

    Why do you feel that a slow juicer may turn me off ?

    I would also like to take the time to say Thank You, this site is super and I am really looking forward to taking back a little bit of control and try to improve my anemia :)

    • Sorry D3BBY, I try my best to answer each and every comment but sometimes one will slip by me. Thanks for bringing that to my attention! I answered Andrews question so I’ll answer yours as well.

      If you plan on sipping your juice for an extended period of time then separation can be a problem. I usually drink mine fairly quick and sometimes I’ll even down it. A slow juicer may turn you off due to their complexity. They take longer to juice and they are harder to clean and assemble than the centrifugal juicers. I’m not saying they are bad, but I would hate for you to get a juicer that you end up not using because it is too time consuming to operate. Keep in mind your schedule.

      I’m always here if you have questions D3BBY. I wish you the best of luck and let me know when you order your juicer and plan to get started!

  155. Hi,
    My sister and I really need to lose weight and we are very happy to have found a way that will really help us. We are planning on trying tomorrow and will try to keep posted. Thanks for making such a great website! :)

    • TwoSisters, thank you for your comment(s)! Do keep me posted, I’m always here if you need any help.

  156. D3BBY

    Thank you so much for your speedy reply Donnie.

    I am just about to order my Juicer 😀 Should I get a ‘Slow Juicer’? ….
    I was looking at the Hurom Juicers but would appreciate your advise.

    Thank you

  157. D3BBY

    Hi, Can you juice if your suffer from Anemia ?
    I dont have any underline conditions, (this has been going on for 3 years) – I have between 6 – 10 iron infussions every 3 mths as my body seems unable at the present time to replace the red blood cells :)
    Thank you :)

    • D3BBY

      Sorry …….. Hi, Can you juice if *you* suffer from Anemia ?

      • D3BBIE, thanks for your comment. Juicing is great for anemia. The following ingredients will greatly help out with the iron deficiency.

        Swiss Chard
        Beets and Beet Greens
        Citrus Fruits

        Include some of those in your juices
        and you’ll do great! I’m here if you have questions.

  158. Charleyb

    How do I calculate the calories for juices?

    • Charley, one of the great benefits of juicing is that you don’t need to count anything. You simply need to focus on drinking the juice and water throughout the day. But if you’re curios as to what your caloric intake is then follow this method.

      Take the total calories in the juice (total calories)
      Take the total grams of fiber and multiply by 4 (fiber calories) There are 4 calories per gram of fiber
      Subtract the (fiber calories) from the (total calories) and this will give you your caloric intake per juice.

      Hope this helps.

  159. Hi there,

    I apologize in advance for my explicit question.

    My juices are mainly green due to my pre-diabetic condition, mostly, celery, cucumber, spinach, kale, green pepper, brocolli, cabbage, tomato sometimes carrots, beet.

    I drink about 64 – 70 oz a day. The question is, my bowel movement is green, red, and liquid. What is coming out? does that mean the nourishment is not being absorbed by the body and just coming out the bowel?

    I am just concerned.


    • Ed, your bowel movement is like that because you are taking in mostly greens, reds, and liquids. It’s perfectly normal for the color to change based on what you are eating. You’re digestive system is cleansing itself and removing as much waste as it can. That waste is mostly stuff that has been built up or stored in your system. Some of the juice may not be getting absorbed. This is okay too, your body is saying it can’t absorb anymore and the rest goes to waste. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water. It sounds like everything is normal Ed, keep juicing and hit your goals! I’ll be here if you have any questions.

  160. Great Idea!

  161. I just started this morning and I have to say, I LOVE IT!!!

    • Awesome Chloe! Glad you are loving it! If you have any questions just let me know.

    • maryc

      Hi I’m new, just getting ready to start in the next few days, I have to say I’m very nervous, I know it’s going to be REALLY hard, specially over the weekends. My family and I eat dinner together every night, what do you LOVE about it? I’m very curious about other people who are just starting out, what their goals are and if they are getting great results, specially weight loss.
      Thank you and good luck.

      • Mary, no need to be nervous, it will be a welcome change! It’s not really that hard. When I eat with my family I juice up a nice soup with garlic a little onion, some tomato and a few other veggies. I just warm it up, sprinkle with some pepper and eat it with a spoon like a soup. Just like eating dinner with the family! I love the change that juicing does for me. It makes me feel amazing! Read through the forums and you’ll see other peoples responses to their fasts. Good luck and I’m always here if you have any questions!