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JustOnJuice Downtime

JustOnJuice Downtime

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a fantastic start this New Year. I wanted to inform you of some changes that took place earlier today. was moved to a new host to better accommodate all you juicers and soon to be juicers out there. With this new change you should expect faster loading times, better response times, and no more “site not available” errors. There was a small window of downtime while I transferred servers and this may have lead to comments during that time not appearing on the site. If you left a comment, registered on the site, or made a forum post during that time, chances are it will not appear. I’m truly sorry for that and I hope you come back and re post your comments, questions, or forum posts so I can get back to you.

Thank you for your understanding and as always I wish you all the best!


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  1. Where can I find the recipes you used for juicing? And what’s the best way to do it. And we have vitamix can u juice with that or do we need to get a juicer ?

    • Hi Coutrney, I’m not as knowledgeable about this as Donnie but it is definetly worth investing in a juicer as well. They both have their purposes. I have a Champion juicer which is good for juicing both green stuff and fruit. It’s a masticating juicer as opposed to a centrifugal, which is better for only juicing fruit. I have a NuriBullet for making smoothies and protein drinks. I use them both. The difference is which a pressed juice it gets absorbed into your system quicker and quicker to the cells as the digestive track doesn’t have to do any work. The Vitamix or NutriBullet is good because it gives the body fiber. For doing a cleanse though you would want to only do the juicer no blender until cleanse is done. Am I correct in this Donnie?

  2. Hi am just wondering I want to start juice plan but like my food to much, but see if I have a juice for breakfast. Lunch and then a healthy meal at dinner time will I still lose weight??

  3. I am just about to start juicing and I have a few questions… Do I have to mix the veggies and fruits to get results….or can i just do all grapes or oranges …

    I absolutely cannot stomach celery….

    There are six recipes on the 7 day diet page….do we have to take only these ones or can we create our miix

  4. Just spent a good chunk of money on a juicer. Ordered it yesterday out of Canada. Just wondered what your opinion was about the 8500S Super Angel? It is a twin hear machine from Korea.

    • Danjyd90 I don’t have any experience with that particular juicer but I’m sure it will work perfect for you. Please let me know how you like it! I wish you all the best! Cheers!

      • Hello Donnie,

        I am on day 15 for juice fast. I have not lost any weight for past 3 days, also the rate of weight loss is very slow. I am losing just 1 pound in 4 days. Am i doing something wrong? I take green juice (3-4 times) and Red Apple+Carrot juice (1 time)in whole day. I also drink same amount of water as juice. Please guide me.

        • Hi Priya,

          Did you find any results Yet?


  5. Day 4 for me! Feel so much better. Down 11.4 lbs in 3 days! Day 2 was the worst! Ppl do not give up on Day 2!!! You’re gonna want to but DON’T! Day 3 is better, Day 4 – WoW! It’s smooth sailing from here! Love the recipes!! Delicious! My goal for this cleanse is to prepare myself to go Vegan! I feel ready!! Juicing is forever! This is an easy way to get all my veggies and nutrients in daily! I will always drink 2 juices a day!! Eat fresh veggies! I want to stay healthy and feel great all the time!! Thank you Don for this great and easy program!! {☆_☆}

  6. Hi! I am on the 7 day juice fast and I love it, today makes day 4. While on the fast I have created a meal plan so that I could gradually introduce solid foods back into my system. Plus, I don’t want to gain the weight that I lost back on. I feel energized everyday and never got any headaches or any side effects. The recipes are really good too, although the Bruschetta Tang made me want bread, so I probably won’t be having that one again. Thank you!

  7. Hi. I read above that a lady didn’t go to the toilet for 22 days. How can this be normal. I have just started juicing and I have been constipated for years. I thought by juicing you not only rid yourself of toxins but empty all old matter.

  8. Hi there I’m on day 22 and I’ve lost a stone I’m going to try and do the 60 days but I have been told as soon as I start eating again whether it’s healthy food or not that I will gain most of my weight back on as my body hasn’t had a meal and it’s not used to digesting and I haven’t been to the toilet for 22 days is that because I have nothing to digest

  9. I have a question I am looking at trying this juicing thing again. I have a jack Lalanne Power Juicer but I have read where allot of people have been using the nutribullet which would you recommend for best results?

  10. Great blog!! :) thank you for sharing :) i like the 7 day juice fast plan 😉

  11. saturn_jinx36

    I just love your site I am on a 60day juice fast my Dr gave me the go ahead I am on day 3 I so far have had headaches and nausea but so far so good.

  12. Hi Donnie, I just discovered your site while searching for a 7 day juice cleanse. My question to you is should I buy a juicer? What I have is the nutribullet but would I be better off having a juicer that gets rid of the pulp? Thanks!

    • Never mind! I just read the juice tips and found my answer :)

  13. Happy New Year!! I just returned home from the super market, I just purchased everything you said to hold me up for the first 3 days, only I bought red apples instead of granny smith, will that be a problem? Should I return them? Or do you think I will be ok until my next shopping trip? Also I cannot eat *beets* yuk! I wish 158lbs. I am so excited to start tomorrow morning.

    • Lisa, that shouldn’t be a big problem. The reason I say to use Granny Smith (green) apples are because they have the least amount of sugar out of all the apples. Less sugar means faster weight loss if that’s your goal. You’ll do fine with the red ones. I find they tend to make the juices a little sweet for my liking sometimes. Try them out and enjoy! Cheers Lisa!

    • Lisa, the red apples wont be a problem. I prefer the green apples as they have a lower sugar content but it wont break your fast if you use the red ones. I wish you all the best! Keep me posted on your progress! Cheers Lisa!

  14. If you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them here.

    • Hi, today is my 3rd day! Headaches have subsided, although I do have a question, is it normal to be cold off and on at times? This seems to happen. Thank you.

      • Lisa, it’s not uncommon to get cold during a juice fast. It’s part of the detox and will pass. Cheers!