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Juicing With Vegetables

Juicing With Vegetables

Juicing With Vegetables

Juicing with vegetables? Juicing fresh vegetables makes it easier for our bodies to absorb the vitamins and other nutrients so needed for good health. Why is juicing more beneficial than say, grabbing and eating a carrot? Juicing “pre-digests” your food allowing it to get into our system more quickly and easily. Quite simply, you consume more veggies by juicing as well as enjoying a greater variety. And not only will your body thank you, but so will your digestive tract.

While juicing with vegetables is easy, there are some guidelines one should follow to ensure getting the most out of your drink.

1. Drink Immediately:

Once your have juiced your vegetables, drink immediately so that you are getting the maximum amount of nutrients. While vegetable juice is extremely perishable, it can be stored for one day as long as it properly sealed in an airtight container and placed in refrigerator.

2. Top Vegetables for Juicing:

When juicing with vegetables; green, leafy vegetables are the best choices for juicing. Not only are they packed with essential vitamins, you can even add an apple for sweetness or cilantro and parsley for a little pizzazz. If you are unsure about the taste at first, start with cucumbers and celery then add other vegetables like spinach, kale and lettuce. Keep in mind that carrots and beets, while delicious, have high sugar levels. Drink those in moderation if needed.

3. How To Prepare when juicing with vegetables:

It’s necessary to properly wash, dry and refrigerate green leafy vegetables before juicing. With leafy vegetables, soak in cool water so all grit and dirt are removed. Carefully remove leaves and rinse thoroughly one more time. With root vegetables, use a scrubber to get off all excess dirt. When they are cleaned, chop into sizes appropriate to your juicer. Store in an airtight container or Ziploc bags for up to 48 hours.

Finally, did you know this about juicing with vegetables?

• Juicing is the best way to consume a great amount of greens.

• Juice is absorbed in your body within 20 minutes. Talk about a quicker picker upper!

• If you aren’t a huge fan of green vegetables, add apples or carrots for a sweeter taste.

• When juicing with vegetables, you may be reducing food cravings as vegetable juice contains fiber that is not only filling, but also quenches thirst. Who needs an expensive energy drink when you can drink a much healthier version?

• Juicing with vegetables can introduce you to foods that you may not normally eat, such as wheatgrass, which is considered one of the top “superfoods.” Give it a try!

• Most vegetables are low in calories with little to no fat or refined sugars. Substituting fast food or sugary beverages with a low cal vegetable juice is a great way to lose weight. Not only that, you will be avoiding the afternoon blahs that usually happen a few hours after a heavy lunch. I hope you enjoyed this article on juicing with vegetables!

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  1. I am not a huge fan of greens but when I tried cabbage+carrots, it was really bearable and sweet.