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Juicing Tips

Follow These Wonderful Juicing Tips

Juicing TipsThere are many Juicing Tips for beginners as well as for experienced juicers that I would like to share. Also, if you have any wonderful tips please share them by commenting or emailing me your Juicing Tips so I can post them here. Juicing is such a great experience physically and mentally for many of us. Not everyone that juices, juices for the weight loss that is most commonly associated with it. Weight loss is more or less a symptom of juicing correctly and detoxing your body of those nasty toxins we have accumulated over the years. Here are a few quick juicing tips that will help you on your way to becoming a juicing guru!

  1. Use an assortment of produce when you juice. Don’t just juice apples, or cucumbers, or only carrots. Instead, try juicing all three of them. You will maximize your nutrients with a variety.
  2. Get a juicer that is easy to clean and disassemble or you might get discouraged and stop juicing. I use a Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice ExtractorJuicing Tips, it’s very powerful, easy to clean, and has a large pulp catch for big batches of juice. It’s also on sale and 20-30% off!
  3. Cut, clean and prepare your meals the night before and put them in gallon Ziploc bags for easy retrieval and juicing in the morning. I put tomorrows lunch in it’s own baggie, when I wake up the next morning I proceed to mix the meal, and store the juice in an airtight thermos for consumption later on that day.
  4. Always try to drink your juice fresh right after you make it.
  5. 1/4 lemon juiced into a a cup of warm – hot water in the morning is great on your system and will spring you to life.
  6. Make sure your fruit to vegetable intake is 20% fruit and 80% vegetable.
  7. Keep your fruit heavy drinks for in the morning
  8. Granny Smith apples have the least amount of sugar in them and they are the best types of apples to use since they are low on sugar.
  9. Juice your small stuff first and work your way up to the larger more juicier produce such as cucumbers.
  10. Always try to buy organic if you can
  11. Try placing a plastic bag in the pulp catcher before you juice. It will make cleanup real easy and discarding the pulp can be done in seconds!

More Juicing Tips to come, but in the mean time, I would love to hear your own juicing tips and tricks!

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  1. would i be able to take adipex while i am juicing

  2. I buy my juice it’s easier for me because I work 2 jobs. I just don’t have the time to shop and make my own. Is this okay?

  3. The tip about putting a grocery or plastic bag in the pulp collector is THE best! It’s saved me tons of time – no more messy cleanup!

    • Yes! So smart. How could I not have thought of that myself! Lol! :)

  4. Hi I also started the fast today. I work, so I was just wondering what you keep the juices in. I didn’t think that It would be so much juice when I finished Juicing so I had to pour everything in a One gallon empty juice bottle.

  5. My wife an I will be starting our 7 day juice fast this Monday morning. I have a juicer, so that’s not an issue. What I’m concerned about is juicing the kale, spinach and/or other leafy greens as I’ve always been told to use a masticating juicer for those. I don’t own one and from the research I’ve done, they’re pretty pricy. What do you suggest with the leafy veggies? Blending them into a pulp and mixing in with the other juice? Looking forward to the fast (wish my wife were, but I think she’ll come around once she gets past the cravings!)

  6. starting my juceing tomorow,i am 44 and just had two babies back to back.son 8mnths daughter 20 mnths,i need to get back in uniforms for work,i also bought a treadmill and am up to two miles per day..tomorow big day.

    • Melissa, welcome to JOJ and congrats on your two babies! I wish you all the best on your juice fast. I’m sure you’ll be back in those uniforms soon. Keep me posted and know that I’m here if you have questions. Cheers!

  7. Thanks for the juicing questions
    They were really helpfull as I am starting in a few days (waiting on my juicer)
    Great, helpfull, easy to read site
    Thanks eoin

  8. Just stocked up on as much local produce as I could get my hands on at our farmers market for the start of my 2014 juice cleanse-So excited I stumbled across your site!

    • Devon, welcome to JOJ and congrats on getting ready to juice! It’s going to be a life changing experience! Keep me posted on your success! I’m here if you have questions. Cheers!

  9. My husband and I are going to become juicers for 2014! I bought a Bella juicer and hopefulli it will be here next week. I see to peel the fruits but what about the veggie? Love your site and looking forward to juicing!

    • Kerri, welcome to JOJ and congrats on making the decision to juice in 2014! Bella juicers are good, my mother used on on her first juice fast and she loved it! She let a friend have it and I got her a Breville. My rule is to only peel fruits with rinds such as oranges, lemons, and limes. No need to peel fruits/veggies with skins like apples or cucumbers. Keep me posted on your success and know that I’m always here if you have questions. Cheers!

  10. Can I use a Ninja blender to prepare the juices?

  11. Hi Donnie,
    I started today and found it so very difficult and felt more hungry than usual!! so i ended up eating something solid :( i regret it soooo much..but will definitely start again tomorrow and hopefully this time ill stick to the fast.
    I started with Morning Glory and it was quiet a lot to drink at once but i’m not sure if its the type of juicer i have or are you suppose to drink however much juice you get of it? i have a Philips juicer similar to the Hamilton juicer.

    • FarFar, it wasn’t hunger you were feeling but cravings. Cravings are stronger than hunger and we give in to them more often than we should. See, hunger is how your body tells you it needs nutrients. On a juice fast your hunger is curbed the minute you have a juice since you are getting so many nutrients. Cravings are when your mind is telling you to eat out of habit, boredom, or for the enjoyment of it. Push those cravings aside and focus on the difference between hunger and cravings. You’ll do fine FarFar!

  12. Ok I have read all about juicing for loosing weight I work nights when I work we have a good juicer I make all my meals in advance here is my schedule at work start at 6p 1st break 9p lunch 12a next break 3a 6am on way home sleep till 3 after son gets on bus when is the best time to drink the lemon and hot water so being on this schedule in the days I work how many juices should I take to work with me and what fruits or veggies should I mix together for best results

    Hubby and I are going on a vacation next year in October to an island so I really need to get this weight off

    • Please email me your reply also incase I can’t find this web sight again not great with computers thank you Kris

    • Just drink the lemon water when you wake up Kris. You’d be safe to bring 2 or 3 juices to work with you. Just keep them in airtight containers and store them in the refrigerator. Just follow the 7 day plan for what to make while on the juice fast Kris. You can find it here:

      Keep me posted. I’m always here if you have questions.

  13. I’m going to start juicing. The problem is that I wake up early in the morning, at 05:50, my first meal of the day is at 06:30 am. I go to bed at 23:00. If I have 6 juices per a day every two hours, it makes me take my last juice at 16:30 and not to eat at all till 23:00???? What should me my meal routine? Thank you!

    • Marie, just have a juice when you feel hungry. Don’t set yourself on a time schedule. If you need more than 6 then have another one. It’s important to focus on listening to your body as that will set the tone for not just your fast, but how you eat when you come off of your fast. I think you’ll find it very easy once you start and you won’t worry about a schedule. Keep me posted and let me know how things work out. I’m here if you have any questions.

  14. I’m thinking of starting juicing.. But there is a new machine called the nutribullet….. Is doing this as good as juicing?.. I’m taking in the grinded pulp if I’m using nutribullet.. What do you think?

  15. Is it okay to take ibuprofen or tums for a headache or high acid? I’ve been taking my normal day to day medications but wasn’t sure on those.

  16. How many ounces do each of your recipes make per serving? (Roughly)

    • Divya, the recipes here at JOJ make between 16-20 ounces. It may come out to a little more or less depending on the juicer you use. Hope this helps Divya.

  17. Day one has been nothing short of difficult but sticking to my guns :) thanks for the continued support!

    • Stick to your guns Kacie! The first few days can be more difficult as you adjust and go through detox. But once you get by that, it’s so easy and the benefits are great! I’m always here if you have questions.

  18. Just wondering, can I have coffee while juicing? Thanks!

    • Barbara, it’s best if you don’t have coffee while you juice. Caffeine is one of the things we try to rid our bodies of when on a fast. If you want to have decaf go right ahead but no milk, creamer, or sugars. You can have tea if you like. Let me know if you have any questions.

  19. After reading all the reviews, lists, and recipes I am so excited to start!! I start tomorrow morning! I go on vacation in about two weeks and thought this is a great way to cleanse before and maybe drop a couple pounds :) I work weird hours so I’m hoping my juice stays while in a container in a fridge! Thanks so much for such a great website with such amazing resources! I think it will make staying on track much easier!

    • Kacie, I’m glad you are starting your juice fast! I think you can drop a good amount of weight before you go on vacation. You may have to get new clothes. If you work weird hours the best thing you can do to preserve your juices is to make them right before you leave for work. As long as you store them in air tight containers and keep them in a refrigerator, they should hold throughout the day. I’m always here if you have any questions!

  20. Hi, I am new to juicing and want to start this coming week. When your juicing do you leave the peal on the citrus fruits?

    • Melissa, I always peel off the rind of citrus fruits. Not only does it add a real bitter taste to the juice, it’s a prime hiding spot for bacteria.

  21. Not everyone knows this so, FYI, just throwin’ it out there! Veggies and Fruits are usually stored in Crispers in the fridge. Veggies should be set to High Humidity and Fruits on Low. :)

  22. Just a little FYI I’m throwin’ out there. Much easier to clean your juicer if you do it right away! Everything should just rinse right off, no soap! Also, I found some uses for the pulp. I have reptiles so I feed some to them and the bugs they eat. Or, use it to compost your plants or garden. Also, pertaining to cleanup, I found using a tooth brush on the strainer/blade works great! Do the bottom first to push everything through then gently brush and rinse the inside! Easy Breezy, Lemon Squeezy! Happy juicing ya’ll! :)

    • I’ve always cleaned it right away. I couldn’t imagine trying to clean it after it’s sat there and let all the pulp cake up on it.

  23. Another two tips:
    1. A small amount of lemon juice can be added to apple juice to prohibit browning.
    2. To save money and obtain fresher produce, purchase fruits or vegetables that are in season.

    • That’s interesting, I’ll have to try adding the lemon juice to the apple juice to stop the browning next time. I just did a photo shoot with a bunch of different juices and the apple juice browned within a few minutes and did not look very appealing. Thanks for the tip!

  24. If Granny Smith apples aren’t available here at the farmer market; Is there another apple I could use in its replacement? I’m also new to juicing….What is the recommended intake of juicing daily on the seven day plan?

    • Tiffany, get the green apples over the red apples. But if your only choice is red apples then just go with the red ones. I always say specifically the Granny Smith Apples as they have the lowest amount of sugar compared to other apples. But any apple will do if you cannot find the granny smiths.

  25. Hi Don,

    Nice article and I love the ratio: 20% fruit and 80% vegetable. Good! One of my tips for people just starting to juice is to take it slow. Don’t get carried away (like I did) and drink too much of it your first time juicing. You may find yourself sitting in the smallest room in the house for a while 😉 Great article and Happy Holidays!