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Juicing Questions

Juicing Questions and Answers

Welcome to the Juicing Questions at

Please feel free to email me your juicing questions if you are not able to find them here. I will be happy to post your question with a response.

Q. What is Juicing?

Juicing Questions Answer – Juicing is the process of taking vegetables or fruit and extracting the juices for drinking rather than eating the whole fruit or vegetable. Juicing is a fast way for your body to take in great amounts of healthy nutrients since nothing needs to be broken down by your digestive system. When juicing you can take in more nutrients than you could by eating the fruits and vegetables. One of my typical juice drinks contains the juice of 1 cucumber, 4 stalks of celery, 2 big handfuls of spinach, 1 apple, 1 carrot, and a 1/4 slice of lemon. That’s an awful lot to eat, but only about 16-20 ounces to drink.

Q. How is juicing healthier than just eating the fruits and vegetables?

Juicing Questions Answer – When you eat a vegetable your body has to digest and extract the nutrients from it. This provides the nutrients to your body but at a very slow pace. When you juice a vegetable, your body does not have to go through the digestion and extraction process and therefor the nutrition is readily available to you at the time of consumption. It’s like the difference of driving from Los Angeles to New York, or walking from your living room to your kitchen. Those nutrients are there almost instantly for your body to absorb and use.

Q. How much weight will I lose if I juice?

Juicing Questions Answer – Results will vary but typically people do lose weight when they juice. If you go on a 5 day juice don’t expect to lose 20 or more pounds. Juicing to lose weight works great when you juice for 3 days to 60 days and then continue to incorporate juicing as part of your diet. I did lose 20 pounds within the first 15 days of juicing. I did only juice and did not have any solids in my diet. But if you stick to juice, you will not only lose weight but the health benefits you get are well worth it.

Q. I heard juicing for a long period of time is unhealthy?

Juicing Questions Answer –  Juicing is very healthy if done correctly. When juicing, you take in a huge variety of nutrients that your body requires and uses on a daily basis that you might not be getting with your current diet. You can juice 100% of the time for as long as you desire if you are getting the nutrients your body needs. You can always talk to your doctor and get a complete blood test to see where your health stands. But get a test done before you juice, and another one done a few weeks into juicing so you can see your progress.

Q. What are the benefits of juicing?

Juicing has many benefits that include:

  • Increased ENERGY!
  • Improved Focus
  • Better Digestion
  • Weight Loss
  • Much Stronger Immune System
  • Better Heart Health
  • Liver Detoxification
  • Much Healthier Skin, Hair, Nails, and Hygiene.
  • Better Sense of Taste and Smell
  • Decreased Appetite

Q. Should I peel my fruits and veggies, or what about the seeds?

Juicing Questions Answer –  Peeling your vegetables and fruits is up to you. Many of the greener vegetable skins contain great sources of nutrients. If you buy organic you should leave the skin on, if not, you definitely need to at least thoroughly wash it before juicing. You can peel most citrus as their rinds are somewhat bitter and may contain pesticides in them. You should generally not put seeds through your juicer or fruits with hard pits such as cherries, plums, or those of peaches.

Q. Why straight juice and nothing solid during a juice detox?

Juicing Questions Answer –  The reason for the detox is to ‘detox’ your body by drinking pure juice so your colon does not have to use energy to digest all the solid foods including raw vegetables and fruits entering your body. This allows the detox to purify your system of all those built up toxins, most of which are stored up in fat cells. It also helps to remove the build of waste and toxins in your intestines.

Q. How much juice should I drink in a day?

Juicing Questions Answer –  You should be taking in 4-6 servings per day of 16-20 ounces of juice and at least the same amount of water. Drinking water while juicing is critical as it helps the cleansing process, keeps your body from holding onto the toxins, and keeps you hydrated.

Q. What do I look for when I’m ready to get a Juicer?

Juicing Questions Answer –  There are a few basic things to take into consideration when getting a juicer. The first and most important thing I found is the power of the juicer. You should get a juicer that has a 700 watt or higher motor. This is to ensure your juicer can handle what you shove down it. The second most important thing is to make sure your juicer is easy to setup, easy to take apart, and easy to clean. If your juicer is too complicated to clean you might get discouraged and stop juicing. There are two types of juicers that I will compare and those are Centrifugal and Masticating. Centrifugal juicers are generally less expensive but also extract less juice than Masticating juicers. The centrifugal juicers are the most popular and affordable and can be found at most department stores. While centrifugal juicers are more expensive and harder to find, they will pay off in the long run as they extract more juice. This is the juicer I use now – Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor you can click the link to view it on Amazon. It juices just about everything and is super easy to clean. It also looks nice on the kitchen counter.

Q. Can I make my juice and store it for later?

Juicing Questions Answer –  Yes, and No. You should always aim to drink your juice right after you make it as juice oxidizes and loses nutritional value the minute it’s been juiced. I’m not saying that if you don’t drink your juice immediately that it’s a waste and not good for you anymore. You can store you juice but I wouldn’t store it any longer than a day. For a while, I was making my juice in the morning and taking it to work with me for lunch. It still tasted the same and worked out well for the time being.

Q. Can I use a blender?

Juicing Questions Answer –  A juicer and a blender are two different creatures. The problem with a blender is that it does not remove the fiber from the juice allowing your body to digest it. Remember, the purpose of a juicer is to extract the juice and leave behind the fiberous pulp so your body doesn’t have to go through the digestive process. So no, you can’t use a blender if you’re planning on juicing. A blender can make some really great smoothies though!

Q. But where do I get my protein from if I’m just juicing veggies and fruits?

Juicing Questions Answer –  Protein is an essential part of any diet. But did you know vegetables are a great form for adding protein to your diet? Here are some veggies and fruits with proteins:

  • a cup of Spinach contains 5g of protein
  • a serving of Kale has near 7g of protein
  • a serving of Romaine Lettuce has about 6g of protein
  • a cup of Asparagus has 4g of protein
  • a cup of Broccoli has 4g of protein
  • a cup of Cauliflower has just under 4g of protein
  • a cup of Celery has about 1.5g of protein
  • a Banana has 2.5g of protein
  • an Avocado has about 4.5g of protein
  • a cup of Cherries has about 3g of protein
  • a kiwi has 2.3g of protein

So you can see there are plenty of choices and ways to get your protein from juicing. There are also other fruits and vegetables that have proteins that I did not list.

I hope you were able to find answers to alot of your juicing questions. If you have any juicing questions that were not answered please comment with your juicing question and I will post it along with an answer in this portion of the website.


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