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Juicing Myths

Juicing Myths

Juicing Myths and Myths About Juicing

Juicing Myths? There are many myths surrounding the juicing industry that often confuses consumers.  There are those that say it’s a waste of time and money and others that claim it’s just another craze.  But yet, there is no denying that juicing is good for you.  There’s also no argument that it’s often difficult for most people to eat enough fruits and vegetables in a day that is needed for optimum health.

So let’s separate the juicing truths from the juicing myths:

1.  It tastes bad!

This is one of the top juicing myths. Many people assume that when they try a green colored juice, they will essentially be drinking something that takes like their backyard.  But this is not true!  Even the pickiest of eaters are surprised at how fresh and delicious a nutritious juice tastes!  Adding an apple, mint, ginger or a lemon can naturally sweeten a juice to make it taste even better.  Want the benefits of kale but don’t think you can stomach the taste?  Try this:

1/2-cup pineapple

4-cups chopped de-stemmed kale leaves

1 large cucumber

1/2 squeezed lemon

1/2 mint

Add to juicer and blend.  This recipe is rich in enzymes and tastes terrific.  Make sure your drink your juice right away, as vegetable juice is highly perishable.

2.  Juicing is a fad!

Once you give juicing a try, you will find that it will be a staple to your healthy diet.  Not only is it easy, but it’s an excellent way to lose weight safely while increasing your energy level and improving your overall mood.  It doesn’t take long to notice a huge difference in how you feel.

3.  I won’t get full!

This is one of the most inaccurate juicing myths! Juice fresh from your juicer is a natural supplement that can actually make you feel fuller longer.  When your body is getting exactly what it requires, it feels satisfied.

4.  Juicers are too expensive:

There are several very high end juicers available on the market, however, if you are new to juicing, then start with a mid-price machine.  Because you will be saving on those expensive pre-made supermarket juices, as well as those packaged foods that aren’t always healthy anyway, it will pay for itself in no time.

5.  Juicing takes up too much time:

People are surprised at how easy juicing really is.  Many chop up their vegetables and fruits and keep in the refrigerator so that everything is ready to go when a juice craving hits.  Not only that, many parts from juicing machines are dishwasher friendly. A good quality juicer should produce a delicious, satisfying drink in less than five minutes from start to finish, often shorter than brewing a cup of coffee.

There seems to be plenty of Juicing Myths floating around but you’ll be surprised to find that juicing is healthy, it tastes great, it saves you time and money, and has a positive impact on you.

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  1. Also can if i just blend the veggies will u still benefit me

  2. Donnie- I don’t know if you still look at this site or not as allot of the posts I see are older. But if you do I have a question, I cant very well tote my juicer to work with me every day so I have been making 2 juices in the am and having one for breakfast and one to take to work for lunch. I put it in a good quality thermos and put it in the fridge at work. Will it still loose nutritional value? If I make it at 7 am and don’t drink it till noon or 1 pm? If so I need to figure something else out! Can you please email me.

  3. I’ve been on my second day of juicing I plan on doing this for the rest of march your site has completely opened my eyes to trying this. But today while in the kitchen I did have a spoonful of rice I feel horrible I’m sure this wont mess up my complete cycle right?

  4. Hi Donnie my juicer just arrived and I am excited to begin my juice fast journey. I love your site and how you explain the process. I have 80 lbs. to lose, and I need to improve my overall health. Would you please give me advise on how to achieve my goal? I will be monitored by my doctor. Thanks

  5. Hi Donnie /
    I am just about to start a 3 day juice fast as a newbie novice. I am a little concerned that I have read / heard that fiber helps regulate the amount of carbs / sugars absorbed into the blood system. Removing the fibers leads to an overload of sugars being absorbed from the concentrated juice thus leading to insulin being overloaded and a sugar spike being experienced. I get migranes if I exercise heavily then eat chocolate post exercise which I believe to be sugar related. I see that headaches are to be expected after 2-3 days due to ‘toxins being expelled from the system’. I am worried that I will actually be experiencing one thing believing it to be another, less harmful if not beneficial, thing.
    Advice please ? thank you in anticipation.

    • ok, I’ve just finished my last juice of day 2 and all is going remarkably well. To deal with my concern detailed above before breakfast and lunch juices I mix 2 dessert spoons of chia seeds in a glass of water. Chia is being studied as a potential natural treatment for type-2 diabetes because of its ability to slow down digestion. The gelatinous coating chia seeds develops when exposed to liquids-can also prevent blood sugar spikes. I appreciate it’s absorption rather than digestion, but got to be worth a try :)

  6. Im on day 2 and I have no complaints so far, but I am a coffee person gotta have it and I was wondering if we can have coffee with sweatened creamer?

    • Diana, sorry for the late response. You can have decaf coffee but absolutely no creamer or sweetener. 1 cup of regular coffee won’t make or break your fast but keep in mind caffeine is one of the toxins you’re trying to rid your body of while on the fast. Your body is only going to get rid of toxins as long as you aren’t introducing toxins back into it. Keep me posted on your status and know that I’m here if you have any questions.

  7. Hi. I was wondering if I can make my juices the night before, 1 because I have a very busy lifestyle with three toddlers & 2 my days are long and I want to make sure I bring my juices to work?

    • Patrice, I don’t recommend making your juices the night before as they will be sitting too long and lose too much nutritional value. You should make them in the morning. I know having a busy lifestyle can tend to make the timing of things bad but trust me when I say you want to drink them as fresh as possible. The longer juices sit, the more they lose nutritional value and that means that the juices you drink wont be giving you near the same amount of nutrition during your fast. This can do a few things including slowing down your weight loss and decreasing your nutritional intake.

      It helps to prepare each juice by cleaning and chopping the ingredients the night before and placing each recipe in it’s own gallon size ziploc bag. That way in the morning all you have to do is pull out your bags and juice away! It would take me about 15 minutes in the morning to make three juices and clean the juicer when I did that.

      Keep me posted on your success. I’m always here if you need me Patrice!

  8. Hi Donnie! Is it true that when you pour the extracted juice into the juicer once more to create a clearer juice, the fiber will be lost?

    • Maria, you shouldn’t pour the extracted juice into the juicer. You can strain it afterwards but don’t put straight juice through your juicer. Also, the insoluble fiber is removed during the juicing process. You don’t want the fiber while on a juice fast. Let me know if you have any questions.

  9. Enam

    is it ok to do this diet while nursing?

    • Enam, congrats on wanting to start your juice fast! While nursing it’s not recommended to go on a complete juice fast. The reason being is that your body releases toxins that get into your bloodstream and your milk. The best way to go about it is to add juicing into your diet and eat only fresh fruits and veggies while also having a protein once a day. This will help your body ease into it more easily. The best thing you can do is to get your doctors advice on the matter as he/she will be more familiar with you and your baby, and both of your needs. Let me know what happens. I’m here if you have any questions Enam.

      • Is there any place I could find a list of these alleged “toxins” that everyone is always talking about?

  10. I am going to be doing the 7 day juice fast. My question is what is the best thing to do when the 7 day juice fast is over to avoid gaining weight by eating solid foods again? Is there a way to ween myself properly into a normal healthy diet?

  11. maryjames72

    I prefer fresh juice, so I juice breakfast and lunch and take them in a thermal purse lunch box with two ice packs with my water bottles and its great all day. But I’m afraid I may not be getting enough juice. I’m on my 7 th day of just juice. I drinking 3, 20 oz juices. When I added the calories it’s just under 900. I thought the rule of thumb was 3 a day, but after looking over your site I may have been mistaken.

    • Every website I have looked at suggests 4 to 6, 20 ounce juices per day.

  12. Looking for a recommendation when it comes to working full time at an office…I’m not sure I’ll be able to bring my juicer into the office and use it. This morning (6:00am) I juiced 3 meals – I drank one right away, and put the others in insulated cups that went into the fridge at work for later. I drank one at ~10:30, and it tasted alright, but the one that I had at around 2:30 had turned brown (from green), and just didn’t taste right.

    Also, I have only one juicer, and my wife is also juicing, and using it at home during the day.

    What are my options besides only juicing on the weekend? Any recommendations?

    I do have every other Friday off, so I guess I could just do a 3-day juice fast twice a month.

    • Chris, make sure you use air tight containers like a thermos or mason jar. Also, make sure you are keeping the juices in a refrigerator until you drink them. That should take care of the issues. I was able to keep my juices fresh all day like that. Try it out and see if it works for you.

  13. Hi. I am starting a 90 day juice fast today, followed by 2 months of vegan raw diet (okay-ed and will be monitored by my doctor). I am at 415 lb. I am school for 2 days (stay at my mothers the night before and the night between) she would prefer I did not bring my juicer to her house. I have read that if you freeze juice RIGHT after juicing it will be okay. Do you agree with this? or would you happen to have any different ideas?
    Thank you very much

    • Emily, congrats on deciding to start your juice fast! Wish your mother would understand and let you bring your juicer. That would make things so much easier on you. It is okay to freeze your juices though. You’ll just have to make sure to make plenty of them for the nights where you wont have your juicer handy. They should hold onto their nutrition just fine when frozen. Keep me posted. I’m here if you have any questions.

  14. CrawllyFlower

    I can get almost another glassful out of juicing the pulp a second time.

    • Sometimes that works to send the pulp through a second time. If it yields more juice then you do it!

  15. My experience of ruinnng the pulp through again with centrifugal juicers like this has been less than successful. Once the produce is diced up into pulp, it tends to get spun and thrown out too quickly to get any yield. There is not mechanism to keep the pulp in the spinning filter basket. Not at least in self ejecting juicers. Some companies make centrifugal juicers where the pulp is not ejected. You have to clean it out. Those might get more yield from pulp.