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Juicing FAQ

Juicing FAQ

The JustOnJuice Juicing FAQ! I get a lot of questions through email and comments and I decided to compile the most common questions into one big FAQ to help people get the answers they are looking for. If you do have questions that aren’t answered here, feel free to shoot me an email, message me on twitter, or just leave a comment on the page you have a question about. I’ll respond as quickly as possible.

Juicing FAQ

Juicing FAQ: Where do You Get Protein on a Juice Fast?

Protein is plentiful and natural in many vegetables and fruits. After all, how you think vegetarian mammals such as buffalos, rhinos, moose, elephants, and horses keep their muscle mass? You can find good protein in vegetables such as Spinach, Kale, Romaine Lettuce, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Peas, Carrots, Turnip Greens, Collards.

Juicing FAQ:  My Stool / Urine is an Odd Color? Is This Normal?

Yes, it’s normal and nothing to worry about. Since you’re eating mostly greens, your stool and urine will take on that color. It’s the same if you eat or juice a lot of beets. Your urine will be an orange or red color. Another reason is that your body might not be absorbing all of the chlorophyll from your juice drinks. This too is normal since you are taking in a lot of vitamins and nutrients. The excess gets passed out in your stool and urine.

Juicing FAQ: I’m a Diabetic, should I skip the fruit?

First of all, before you decide to do a juice fast you should consult with you doctor. It’s important to not only get advice but to also discuss how to adjust any medications while on the juice fast. If you do juice, you should aim for a maximum of 1 fruit per juice. You should also include more protein in your juices and drink at least 64 ounces of water each day.

Juicing FAQ: How do you Juice and go to Work?

This gets asked a lot! It’s okay to pre-make your juices and bring them to work with you. It’s best to drink them fresh so make and bring only the juices you can’t make and drink at home. Your juices should be stored in a fridge and if you don’t have access to a fridge you might consider getting a small ice chest or cooler to store your juices in while you work.

Juicing FAQ: Can I use a Blender on a Juice Fast?

NO! You need to use a juicer as a juicer will separate the fibers from the juices whereas a blender will not. It’s important while on the fast to eliminate the fibers and pulp from your diet. This allows your digestive system to rest allowing it to absorb nutrients and phytonutrients without having to use energy to digest all those fibers. There’s not much difference in using a blender and just simply eating the veggies.

Juicing FAQ: How Many Juices Should I Have in a Day?

You should be taking in 4-6 juices per day each consisting of 16-20 ounces. This will vary though as I don’t suggest you stick to any certain time or amount to juice. It’s best to just juice when you first start to feel hungry. After all, hunger is how your body tells you “hey you! I need more nutrients!”.

Juicing FAQ: Should I Buy Organic Produce?

Organic produce is preferred as it tends to yield more juice and have better flavor based on what’s in season and where it’s from.

Juicing FAQ: How do you Start Eating again After a Juice Fast?

I have a nice article dedicated to this one topic. You can find it ( here )

Juicing FAQ: Is it Okay to Drink Tea While on a Juice Fast?

Yes, it’s good to drink tea while on a fast. I would stay away from black tea and most green teas as they contain a heavy amount of caffeine. Since you are detoxing, you don’t want to be adding toxins like caffeine into your system. White teas or any decaf teas will work perfectly! Any night time tea will be good too. One thing I like to do is brew a big batch of tea and juice some fresh fruit to add to it.

Juicing FAQ: Can I Juice and Still Work out or Exercise?

Although it’s not recommended to go on a juice fast and work out, there are a few viable options. You can include one lite meal of fresh veggies and a protein such as a chicken breast, small steak, pork chop, or tuna. This will give you plenty of protein to maintain your muscle mass during a fast. You can also add a pure unflavored protein isolate to your juices for the extra protein. Either of these options are great if you lead a very active lifestyle or plan to work out and exercise while juice fasting.

Juicing FAQ: What if I am Allergic to one of the Ingredients!?

No problem! If you are allergic or simply do not like any one particular ingredient, just replace it with something you do like. None of the juice recipes are set in stone. They can all be altered to suit your needs and tastes. Plus, experimenting with different recipes is half the fun of juicing.

Juicing FAQ: Can I still Drink Coffee While on the Juice Fast?

NO! You want to stay away from caffeine and coffee altogether while on the juice fast. It’s important to eat/drink just the juice you make while on the fast to ensure you’re not taking in any toxins that you’re trying to rid your body of.

Juicing FAQ: I get Headaches While Juice Fasting.

This is normal during the first few days of juice fasting as your body is detoxing. It’s okay to take a Tylenol or Ibuprofen while on the juice fast. Be careful with Excedrin as Excedrin contains caffeine and you don’t want any caffeine.

Juicing FAQ: How Much Weight Will I Lose on the Juice Fast?

The weight lost while on a juice fast will differ from person to person. The more weight you start out with, the more you will lose in a shorter period of time. Over a long period of time 30-60 days people lose an average of a pound per day or more. You lose the most during the first week of juicing. During my first week I lost 12 pounds. I’ve heard of people losing more and also people losing less. So it really depends on your starting weight and how well you juice.

Juicing FAQ: Are we Only Able to Drink 3 Juices as our 3 Meals?

When you are juicing, it’s best to just make a juice when you feel hungry. Let your body tell you when to eat. In a typical day you should juice between 4 and 6 drinks that are between 16 and 20 ounces. Make sure you also drink plenty of water in between juices.

Juicing FAQ: Can I Make all My Meals Ahead of Time?

Yes, you can make your juices ahead of time but I would only suggest making juices ahead of time if you can’t make it fresh and drink it right away. Juices lose nutritional value the longer they sit. It’s fine to make a few juices to take to work with you in the morning. But always make a juice fresh and drink it right away if you can.

Juicing FAQ: How Much Water Should I Add to my Juices?

You shouldn’t need to add water to any of your juices unless they are too strong for you. Adding water is more for making smoothies.

Juicing FAQ: Can You Take Vitamin Supplements While Juicing?

I wouldn’t recommend it due to the fact that when you are juice fasting, you are already overloading your body with so many nutrients and phytonutrients that it wouldn’t make sense to add even more via a supplement. Supplements are great if you aren’t getting those nutrients to begin with, but when you are juicing you get a big variety of nutrients throughout the day making it unnecessary to take vitamin supplements.

Juicing FAQ: Why are There Six Drinks Listed on Your Juice Fast Plans?

They are intended to give you a good starting variety of juices to begin your juice fast. The plans are great outlines and the shopping list assumes you will try a variety of those drinks during the intended time frame. You should feel free to experiment with your juices though. If you don’t like a certain ingredient just replace it with something you do like.

Juicing FAQ: How Do You Get Fiber in Your Diet?

There are two types of fibers; insoluble and soluble. The soluble fibers break down in water and are passed through you’re system. The insoluble fibers are what remain in the pulp. Insoluble fiber helps to bulk up stools and promote regular bowel movements. Since you aren’t juicing for 100% of your entire life, you will get the insoluble fiber when you start eating solids again. Also, you have to realize that the insoluble fibers help to promote digestion, and when your juicing, there is really nothing to digest after a few days since juices are absorbed and not digested.

Juicing FAQ: Do You Get Constipated on a Juice Fast?

Many people mistake constipation for the lack of fibers to digest. Read the above answer to the question “How do you get fiber in your diet”.

I hope this helped you in finding the answer to your question. There are many questions out there regarding juice fasting and I will add more questions and answers to this list in the future. Happy juicing!

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  1. March 15th is my first day Juicing..

    is it og to drink coffee mate with my coffee?

  2. And plus if i can juice iceberg lettuce instead of romaine lettuce and kale as in Pakistan romaine lettuce is not easy to get….i want to tone my body as well so from the day first i need to work out .. I will take a bowl of salad wd small amount of chicken for dinner or lunch… Is that ok ??

  3. Hi donnie!!
    Can i juice watermelons and melons along with vegetables? If yes, can u plz give an example

  4. If you’re eating chicken breasts ‘to eat a little protein’ you’re not juice fasting. This entire article made me really angry.

  5. I’m have a heart condition (a fib) and I’m on blood thinners. I have to really watch my vitamin K intake. Will I get the same results if I trim down on the really green stuff i.e. kale, broccoli etc.?

    • Louie, you should be able to get the same results but in your case it would be best to consult with your doctor to be on the safe side.

  6. I saw the question asked but not answered yet, is a nutribullet ok to use? There really is no pulp when using it so I thought that would work.
    Also is it ok to do while nursing? I’ve heard conflicting things but now I’ve already bought all my ingredients & don’t want to waste them.

  7. Hi there can u add a 0 calories sweetner to juice for added sweetness?

  8. Lots of people are asking wether to peel the orange or not. The answer is kind of mixed. It will taste better without the peel but the peel contains so many nutrients that will help you stay healthy during your juicy fast

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