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Juice Cleanse

Juice Cleanse

Juice Cleanse

What is a juice cleanse and how can I do a juice cleanse? Let me start by telling you that a juice cleanse is one of the best ways to detox your system while also losing weight and upping your nutritional intake. It involves juicing raw fruits and vegetables to replace your meals throughout the day. Some people do a one day juice cleanse while others go on as long as thirty and sixty days! I typically do a three to five day juice cleanse every other week.

How a Juice Cleanse Works

When you do a juice cleanse you are flushing your body with tons of great nutrients that your body doesn’t normally take on throughout the day. These nutrients work to flush out the toxins residing in your fat cells. Yes, all of those quarter pounders or other bad foods that you have eaten throughout the years store their excess fat/calories/toxins/etc in your fat cells. This causes your fat cells to increase in size to hold the extra accumulated weight. This is why it’s called a juice cleanse. It cleanses your body of all that stuff.

When you start a juice cleanse your digestive system goes on hold. If you think about it, you’re not really giving your body any fibers to digest. Instead you are overloading it with tons of super potent vitamins and nutrients that get absorbed directly into your system. Your body notices the overload from the fresh juices and starts to flush out the fat cells and all the crud stored in them. This is the main reason people have a hard time with a juice cleanse for the first few days. All of those toxins being flushed out of your fat cells are now in your system making their way out. Of course, once they are out, they are out and it’s smooth sailing from there.

After those toxins get flushed out, your body starts to adjust to the constant flow of nutrients from the juice cleanse. You get a tremendous amount of energy due to the fact that your digestive system is taking a much needed vacation. All of that energy you would usually use to digest foods is given back to you throughout the day instead of being used in the digestive process. Do you ever wonder why you get tired after eating a big meal? It’s because your digestive system is in a panic working full force to digest it all.

Now that all the toxins have been flushed out, your digestive system starts to rehydrate. I like to think of this part of the juice cleanse as a similarity to washing a muddy car. Since the juice cleanse hydrates your digestive tract, all of the caked up crud in there will start to flush out. Yes, it’s as disgusting as it sounds but it’s going to happen. In the meantime, your body is getting used to the constant flow of healthy vitamins and nutrients from your juice cleanse. Not only will you feel like you are on top of the world but you will have lost weight and gained your health back. How long you wish to continue your juice cleanse is up to you. Once you get past the first few days it is simple to go on for a week or more.

Your probably thinking to your self; that’s all good and interesting Donnie, but how do I do a juice cleanse? It is so simple to start and I’m sure you have a ton of questions such as:

Start a Juice Cleanse

What do I need to get started? What kind of juicer should I get? Where do I get my juicer from? What recipes should I use? What if I don’t like them? What do I get when I go to the grocery store? OMG I just don’t know where to start, help me!!!

If the above is close to what’s on your mind, just settle down, this is the easy part. The hard part is making the choice to start your juice cleanse. I have another article dedicated to getting started on your juice cleanse. It will cover everything you are most likely asking yourself. And if you still have questions, I have a questions and answers section as well as a getting started section that includes plans and even shopping lists to get you started. You may also want to browse the recipe section for some really awesome juice recipes. If you still have questions or need some support, you can always email me. My email is at the top right of this page. I wish you the best in your juice cleanse and as always, Happy Juicing!

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  1. Hello,
    I don’t have a juicer nor the time to make all of the juice because I work multiple jobs. Is it okay to use the ones from the store? I bought some Bolthouse juice last night and started drinking it today. It’s really good, I’m hoping I will stay full. I’m going to try to drink 8 oz three times a day. Is this a bad idea?

  2. Now is a great time for a juice cleanse, just after the holidays. Now that things are slowing down I’m going to take a weekend and do a 48 juice cleanse. Some of my favorite recipes for cleanses include grapefruit and oranges.

    • Rich, I hope all is well! I wish you all the best on your fast! I’d love to have you post a few of your recipes when you get a chance. Grapefruit is a great addition in any juice. Keep me posted on your progress, 48 days is a great goal and one that I’m sure you will reach! Hope to hear more from you! Cheers!

  3. I am starting a continuing juicing plan. My only concern is that the last time I did this I developed some large kidney stones the doctor said was from the calcium rich vegetables. Is there a way to prevent this? Do I drink more water with the juice? Thank you.

    • Irenea, how long did you juice for? Kidney stones take a while to form. They can form in as little as three months but it would be hard to say they were formed solely based on your juicing. Give it another shot and stay current with your doctor checkups Irenea. Drink plenty of water and you should be good to go! Cheers.

  4. Hi Donnie, great website and blogs! Juicing is something that I have been doing on and off now for about a year for health reasons. I have a Champion juicer which is good for juicing greens. It is a lot of work but I always feel a difference when I juice. The Champion tends to get hot if it runs too long. Do you have any suggestions on a juicer that does not make the juice hot? I am told that this kills some of the enzymes in the juice. Also to save time and energy I’ll make a bigger juice and freeze about 3 or 4 in freezer in mason jars. Am I getting the same benefit as if I were drinking it same it the same day? Thanks, Lisa

    • Lisa, thank you for your comment. A good juicer to try is the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer. It doesn’t make the juice hot and works wonderfully! Fortunately, freezing a juice will lock in the nutrients so you will be getting about the same benefit as if you were drinking it the same day. Cheers!

      • Thanks Donnie! Awesome that was helpful!

  5. Day 29 and going well. Lost 25 pounds, with 20 more to go to reach my goal. Feel great and my body has completely adjusted to the program. The longer you go the easier it is! Good Luck.

  6. I have a question. I’ve been on the juice fast for 6 days now. It’s mostly gone well although I always feel hungry at night. I’ve been drinking around 100oz a day. Today was a more challenging day. I had a headache, was hungry all day and am very hungry tonight. Should I be drinking more? Adding food? Or is it common to have some hungry days on the longer fasts?

    I was hoping to go thirty days but with this kind of hunger I don’t think I could make it. Thanks

  7. I just finished day 7 of the cleanse and I feel wonderful! It was a bit rough the first 3 days but day 4 through 7 were great! Thank you so much for sharing this great information. Oh and I lost 10 pounds!

  8. Day 1 of my juice cleanse and all seemed well, I quite enjoyed making and drinking the juices.
    In the evening I had terrible stomach cramps, had a sleep to try and overcome. I woke up being violently sick, and then desperately needed the toilet :-(
    I followed the juice recipes to the letter, I don’t know what I did wrong.
    Is this normal?

  9. Today is day 2 for me … I honestly have to say last night was horrible… the migraine I had was so bad. I woke up with it this morning but with a little Advil… I’m surviving. I refuse to give up. I want to do the 14 day cleanse but we’ll see if I can do it. I really appreciate all of the information that you have posted here. Also, what ever happened to Jonas? I would love to hear more of his journey.

  10. Hi Donnie,

    I am just entering day two of the cleanse. I have had this strange feeling in my head almost like I’m buzzed? What could that be? Also, I have recently been working on building up muscle and don’t want to lose my muscle mass, but do want to lose fat. What are your suggestions? Can I work out if I feel ok without adding protein? I want to get the full benefits of the cleanse!


  11. Hey Donnie, I hope you get this message fast ..I been juicing for a week and 2 days I only lost 7lbs and is frustrating me I though I would lose more by now …I don’t have a juicer I use a blender I feel like that’s the reason why I’m not losing weight I feel like I’m not getting all the goods out the vegetables and fruits …I’m trying to do a 60 day fast but I’m getting so frustrated I wanna quit :(

    • Melissa, I’m sure it’s the blender. You’re still getting good quality nutrition but you’ll be able to get more and lose more weight if you start using a juicer. Take a look at the juicer section at as there are three great quality juicers that will fit just about every budget out there. Don’t get frustrated or upset. What you are doing is working just at a slower pace. You are giving your body good nutrition and enough to go through detox. You can keep going along with the blender or get a juicer and maximize the benefits. Cheers!

  12. Hello, I’m on day two of my 7 day cleanse.
    I’ve never done a cleanse before, so I have a couple of questions.
    1) My head feels like it’s overstuffed with cotton…it’s not really a sinus cold, not really a big headache, but inbetween. Is this normal.
    2) I’m starting to feel pretty weak and tired – I have to work and keep on my game, will this go away soon?
    The 7 day cleanse plan is what I am on, I’m using the recipes on it – are these the only ones I can use or can I use others.
    I’m doing this cleanse for weight loss and to get all the junk out of my system.
    I’m on thyroid medication.
    Is there anything else I should know or be aware of?
    Thanks for your help

    • Denise, welcome to JOJ and congrats on day two of your juice fast! It sounds like you are going experiencing typical detox symptoms. These will go away usually between day 3-5. You can use any recipes you like while on your juice fast. Feel free to experiment as that’s half the fun! Stick with your thyroid medication. It may be wise to schedule a doctors appointment to let your doctor know what you’re doing in case he would like to adjust any medications. Keep it up and keep me posted on your progress. I wish you all the best Denise! Cheers!

  13. I started my fast today and was noticed you said no to coffee, but I was wondering if looseleaf tea with organic, raw honey was ok? Only decaffeinated?

    • Amber, welcome to JOJ and congrats on starting your fast today! Loose leaf tea is fine but leave out the honey or any other additives. It’s best to use decaffeinated if you can. Cheers!

  14. Hi There!!!…I am on day 4 of juicing. Only found your site last night and am so glad. It is awesome. Thanks!!!!
    I feel great….today was my first headache :( I took acetominophen and now it is gone . Not sure if it has caffeine but it was all I had.
    Question…..I know a freshly made juice is the best…I just had a beet juice and wow!!! YUM, but the ones I take to work seem to fizzle out when I go to drink them and not taste great at all. Any suggestions? Can I freeze and take to work and let it thaw?
    Thanks so much!!

  15. Started today….ugh. Hungry.

  16. Hey I just found this article and it is so informative thank you for that!! Im planning to start a juice cleanse within the next day or two, when I get the ingredients. My eating habits are pretty bad so Im kind of nervous about the detox period. More so than that Ive tended to not stick with things and Im wondering if you have any advice as what to do to keep myself going and the cravings at bay while on the juice fast? Also would it be better to do a long fast, for like a month or a fast for lets say 2 weeks then eat raw and go back to a juice fast?
    Thanks for all of the info.

  17. So glad I found this site! I’m on day 3 of juicing! I prepped for a few days by eating healthy vegetable dishes. That was awful so I decided to jump right in. So much easier and tastier to drink my veggies. Can you explain what causes the headaches? I had a headache all day on day one. Day two wasn’t as bad and day three the headache came late in the day. Thanks!

    • Tea, I usually just jump right in but I’m used to it and know what to expect. Most headaches are caused from caffeine withdraw. Also, if you aren’t giving your body enough nutrients you may get a headache. You may also get a headache from the toxins being released into your system during detox. 95% of the time it’s do to lack of caffeine. Keep me posted on your fast. I’m here if you have any questions.

  18. Hi Donnie, I’m currently on day 3 of my cleanse! First time doing a juice cleanse by the way. It has been so hard, especially during work because my office is close to the kitchen and the smell from the food is torture for me. I work from 7am to 4pm M-F and i juice every night around 10pm, i use close containers to maintain my juices and place them on the fridge, is this okay? Every day I leave my house around 6am so it doesn’t give me time to juice that early in the morning. I understand that the juice loses it nutrients as time goes by, I just want to make sure that I’m not harming my body by giving it a juice with no nutrients. Also I’m feeling really hungry when consuming 4-6 servings of 16oz throughout the day.

    • Carmen, congrats on starting your juice fast! You shouldn’t make your juices the night before as they will be sitting a long time before you consume them. Make them in the morning so you will get the most out of them. I know it’s hard to do but get up early and do your juices. It helps to prepare the produce the night before and place each recipe in it’s own gallon size bag. It will make for an easy time in the morning. You’ll have so much more success because you’ll be getting such a better level of nutrition. That’s why you’re feeling hungry after your juices. Your juices are suffering too much nutrient loss while sitting there. Keep me posted Carmen, I’m always here if you have any questions.

  19. Donnie – thanks for the inspiration! I will start next week.

    Jonas … Where are you? Let us know of your progress! Stay strong!

  20. I’m on Day 4 and it’s going great! I’d like to report that I’ve lost 5 lbs! for the recipes! I’ve tried many of them and there are none that I haven’t liked. I tried your soup recipe that’s on the Forum recipe list for dinner and it was really good and nice to feel like I was sort of having something different than juice. One question, do you think that by heating them, that might take out some of the nutrients? Oh, another question – do you think it’s ok to take a probiotic while on a juice fast? Thanks again for this site!

    • Wendy, congrats on the weight loss! When heating the juices up you want to do it over the stove and don’t over heat them. You simply want to warm them up so you don’t burn out the nutrients. Also, do not use the microwave. I don’t see a need to take a probiotic while on the juice fast.

  21. Donnie, this site is wonderful. You are so encouraging to everyone and I get motivated just reading the questions and answers. It’s cool to know there are so many people out there trying to get healthy and this site gives me a sense of a support system. This is Day 2 for me. I actually really enjoy it. I think all the juices I’ve tried have been delicious and I’ve some substituting and just throwing stuff together that I think would be good. I am VERY low on energy but my biggest concern is that I get really crampy after drinking a juice and I feel very bloated. It’s not a huge issue and won’t cause me to quit – I’m just curious if there is something I should do differently. I haven’t read any other posts that mention this. The ginger doesn’t seem to make a difference – which I thought it would. My goal is to lose 25 pounds. I plan to fast for 6 days but then my daughter is coming home from college for the weekend so I thought I would take the weekend off – but try to eat reasonably – and then start up again for as long as I can until I lose the weight. I may have to interrupt it now and then for various family and/or friend events. But then I thought I could just start again and keep going. Does that sound like a reasonable plan?

    • Wendy, welcome to JOJ and congrats on day 2 of your juice fast! Remember that you are still going through detox so a lack of energy and cramping aren’t too uncommon of an experience. The detox usually lasts between 3-5 days but gets easier around day 3. As far as feeling bloated you may try having 12 ounces per serving instead of 16 ounces. Also, if you drink 12 ounces of juice then you should have between 8-12 ounces of water immediately afterwards to help dilute your juice and make absorption easy. The main thing is to listen to your body. If your feeling bloated it’s because your body is telling you it’s too much at one time. If you’re feeling hungry it’s because your body needs more juice. Just listen as your body will tell you what to do and when to do it.

      I think your plan sounds fine. When you do eat solids keep them mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. You’ll be fine if you include a simple lean protein like a chicken breast too. Just don’t eat any dairy, breads, or excess sugars. No soda either! Keep me posted Wendy. I’m always here if you have questions.

      • Thank you, Donnie! JOJ is a great site and your personal responses are so helpful! I’m on Day 3 and really enjoying it! I’ve taken your advice and had a little less and that seems to be helping. Today a headache but Ibuprofen has that covered. I will follow your advice regarding the weekend. I don’t normally eat much dairy or bread anyway so that shouldn’t be too difficult. And I don’t drink soda! I weighed myself yesterday and may have lost a pound but I think I’ll hold off on weighing myself until Day 6 when I’m going to go back to solids for a couple of days. This is fun – I’m really enjoying it but so much moreso because of this site.

        • Don’t worry about what the scale says, trust how your clothes fit and how you feel and look. Keep me posted!

  22. I am excited to start juicing, but i have one problem…i do not have a jusicer and i am a collage student on a budget. would i be able to use a blender?

  23. Hi there, just wondering if you can have soup that has been strained through the likes of a fine kitchen sieve? On day 8 of a 2 week fast and to be honest am getting kinda bored of just fruit and veg juices, I miss having something nice and warm for dinner!

    • Rocolone, even soup strained is not the same thing as juice. A lot of people mistake any liquids for an acceptable thing to consume while on the juice fast. The best rule that you can follow is that if you don’t juice it, don’t consume it. While I can understand you’re getting bored with it, you have to look at your health goals and decide what’s more important. Get creative with your juices. Make a good tomato based juice. Try heating it up and adding a few fresh spices to it. Eat that like a soup and enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions Rocolone.

  24. Can you pre-make juices in the morning for the whole day? My husband works on the road and is in his van for a good part of the day. He wants to do the cleanse with me but there is no way for him to have freshly juices juice.



    • Stephanie, you most certainly can pre-make your juices in the morning. Just make sure to store them in air tight containers and keep them in an ice chest or refrigerator until you’re ready to drink them. I did this during the first week of my fast. Let me know if you have any questions.

  25. Karen

    I love this site and it has given me the motivation to begin my own juicing journey for weight loss. I turn 50 in September and despite having had gastric plication surgery two years ago (which was initially a success with a loss of 30+kg’s)I have recently, well over the past 6 months gained 6kg due to eating far too much chocolate. Unfortunately my gastric surgery has to be reversed and changed to either a gastric sleeve or a gastric by-pass as there has been a complication. Any solid food I eat never stays down, hence finding comfort and calories in chocolate. I have decided that doing the chocolate eating is really wasting the money I spent on my surgery and have pledged to myself to do a juicing diet. I have spoken so much to my friends on FB about it that I dare not do it now or I will look like a failure. Shopped this morning for a shed load of fruit and veg, along with buying an inexpensive but very efficient juicer. Tried to get my hubby to come along for the journey but he has chosen donuts and cream cakes instead! Oh well glad there are folk on here who I can follow and be inspired by. Just want to know if you can freeze any of the juices?

    • Karen, juicing will greatly benefit you on your way to lose some weight and feel better. Chocolate while very good, doesn’t do much good for your body. I wish you all the best on your juice fast and you should know that I’m always here if you have questions or need motivation. Keep me posted on your status Karen.

  26. Donnie…Thank you so much for all the great info. I’m at work right now…almost 1am and finishing up the 1st day of my first juice fast. I’m aiming to fast for 30days but will see how I feel at day14. I am currently breastfeeding as I just had a baby in April. Although, I am not exclusively nursing, he gets the most of his nutrition from formula. Would it harm the baby to breastfeed during the 2-4day period where my body is ridding itself of toxins? Also, should I take a calcium supplement during the fast? Thanks!

    • Congrats on finishing up your first day of juicing Mvlayton! The problem with breastfeeding is that you release toxins into your bloodstream during the detox period. You may want to ask your doctor if it’s safe. It’s good that your baby will get formula so that may work out to be okay. You can take a calcium supplement if you want, it won’t make or break your fast if you do. I’m here if you have questions.

  27. Thank you for your website, I’ve gleaned valuable info.
    I’m a 300+ pounder that is in desperate need to shed a great deal of weight in a hurry.
    I was inspired by Joe Cross’s movie to give this a try, bought my juicer and am now starting day two.
    I honestly have never even tried to diet even, so I have no idea what to expect.

    I’ve been overweight as long as I can remember, even in kindergarten, I can still almost fit into the jeans I wore in grade 9, size 40.
    I’m 29 now, and more than ready for a change.

    I also suffer from a debilitating back injury, so I’m not active at all either. Exercising is quite painful, which is why this juice thing might be my best hope.
    My doctor says that if I don’t lose some weight, there’s a good possibility in 10 years or less, I’ll be in a wheelchair.
    And now I’m currently planning a vacation to Japan in december, and I REALLY don’t want to be a 6’3 325 lbs behemoth over there…

    I think the main question that I’ve been coming back to is, how bad is it if I fall off the wagon a time or two? Will power has never been my strongest suit, and from what I’ve read of your site, you seem to emphasize not eating any solid matter whatsoever.

    So, say if I do this fast for a week, and halfway through I can’t take it and binge on say an apple or two(or a cheeseburger) am I going to drastically reduce the results?

    Thank you again for your time.

    • Jonas, you need to go on a juice fast! It’s going to do wonderful things for you and your health and I’ll be here every day for you.

      Jonas, just make it a point to not fall off the wagon. By me telling you it’s okay to do it a few times, you’ll get it in your head that it’s okay and you will do it more often. Just make it a point to stay on your fast and you succeed at this. Hold yourself accountable. You need to Jonas, your doctor said you could be in a wheelchair soon! That right there should be your motivation to make this work. I promise you that I’ll be here every day for you, answer every question, and do whatever is in my power to help you succeed, but you have to ultimately want to do it, want to succeed, and make yourself do it. I bet you could be at least under 300 pounds before your trip.

      So Jonas, I’m here for you. Let me help you!

      • Thank you Donnie I greatly appreciate your consideration.
        As of now I have it in my head to go as long as I possibly can.
        So I’m about halfway through day 2, and I’m surprisingly not that hungry, but I’m sure the worst is yet to come.

        I have the loftiest of intentions, My head says I want to go for 30+ days, but it’s my stomach that is going to be the hard one to convince. I admit while I was typing my first comment, I had visions of cheeseburgers dancing in my mind lol. I’ve pushed that out of my head, but I know it’s going to be the next few days that will be the real test.

        So I’m trying for 7 days for a start, just to test the waters and see how I fair.
        I’ve never been so determined to lose weight, and If I can get past the initial detox (which I am yet to experience, and am in fear of)I hope to keep going.

        A big concern is my job, I have to keep working while I’m fasting, and I have a customer service oriented job, so I’m quite worried that the fast is going to affect my mood while dealing with customers, but that’s something I just have to be careful of I suppose.

        I have been having a slight recurring headache for the past little while which I have been taking acetaminophen for. Is taking this a bad idea on a fast?
        The headache is mild, and the acetaminophen seems to help, but I worry that taking it on an empty stomach might be harmful.
        As of now I’ve taken I think 5 extra strength Tylenol in about a 10 hour period.

        Thank you again for your help Donnie, it means alot to me to have someone take an interest.

        • Jonas, congrats on day 2. Once you can get past the cravings it’s easy. Just keep pushing those thoughts out of your head and keep yourself occupied with stuff to do. Remember, some people don’t even experience bad detox symptoms. Just stay strong and you’ll do wonderful! My mood was great while I did my fast. I had a lot of bad eating habits but I noticed my cravings got less and less and by day 5 I had no more cravings. My mood was also really good compared to what I thought it would be. The only detox symptoms I had was a slight headache. Nothing an ibuprofen didn’t cure. You can take acetaminophen or ibuprofen for your headaches. They help big time! Just take it right after a juice and you’ll be fine. You wont really have an empty stomach.

          I’m very proud of you for doing this Jonas! It’s a big step and one that will change your life! I know in time you will be thankful and you’ll feel so much better than you did before the fast. Keep me posted on your status and know that I’m always here if you need me.

          • Thanks Donnie, I’m almost through day 3 now, and it’s getting harder, but I’ve gone down a belt notch, a small but important vindication that’s strengthened my resolve.

            I really should invest in a scale to chart my progress more accurately (i’ve never owned one before). The only one I have access to currently is one of those old school gigantic ones with the balance bar, and I found it quite difficult to get a consistent reading. Tonight I was sitting at somewhere between 310 and 320 lbs (while wearing shoes and a suit & tie) But I figure I’ve got to be down at least 5 lbs.

            I still have no intention of breaking the fast, despite the cravings and people unwittingly taunting me with their food.
            We’ll see how the weekend goes, I’m cautiously optimistic.

          • Jonas, congrats on day 3! You’re still in detox and once you get past detox it will only get easier and easier for you. I didn’t weigh myself until a week after I had already started my juice fast. Trust in how your clothes fit and how you feel. If you’ve already lost a notch in your belt, I’m sure you’re down more than 5 pounds. Just keep doing what you’re doing, it’s working out for you very well Jonas! I’m always here if you have any questions.

          • Heya Donnie, checking in on day 6, Still feeling quite good, lots of energy.
            I admit on Sunday I did break down and ate a chicken salad(under 300 cal), but that’s been my only transgression, and it was the best damn salad I’d ever eaten. I was a lot more active that day so I’m going to mark that up as a wash.
            My current belt notch is beginning to feel a bit looser, as do my clothes, I think in a few more days I’ll be able to go down another one.

            Here’s to another week!

          • Congrats on day 6 Jonas! I’m really proud of you! No more solids though! It’s only going to push your progress back further. You’re starting to see success and probably even feeling a little better. Just know that what you are doing is going to keep you out of that wheelchair and keep you in better health. Keep me posted and let me know how things are progressing. It’s only going to get easier from here on out Jonas. I’m here for you!

          • Day 10 and still going strong.
            I’ve come this far, there’s no way I’m quitting now.
            Though I can’t help but feel I’m not losing weight as fast as I should be, I still don’t notice any difference in my physical appearance, but I suppose that’s the impatient part of me that desires the instant gratification. I’ve not been doing any exercising yet, but I’m planning on beginning to go to the gym with my friend next week.

            I still can’t get an accurate reading on that damn scale, if I shift my balance even slightly, it can skew the reading by 15 lbs.
            I’m now sitting at somewhere between 300 and 315.

            I still have more energy than usual, and I kind of fluctuate between craving food at times, and other times feeling like I’ve evolved beyond eating.

            We’ll see what the next week brings, I feel like I must be on the verge of some serious weight loss.

          • That’s fantastic Jonas! Congrats on 10 awesome days of juicing! Don’t worry about the scale, trust in how you feel, and how your clothes fit. I bet you’ve lost more than you think so far. I wish you all the best Jonas!

        • I enjoy reading about your progress. You are really motivating. I’m looking forward to your next post. Today is my 1st day of a 5-day fast.

        • How’s it going, Jonas?

  28. I’m allergic to celery, strange but true! What is a good substitute?

  29. Can you help me with why when I leave a comment it doesnt show up in my messages?

    • Are you talking about your personal email or the site message system? The site message system is through the forum and not the comment section of the site. If you posted on the forum you should get an email every time along with follow up emails. But you should also be getting site emails when you comment or respond to a comment on the site. I’ll look into it and see if it’s anything on my side. Thanks!

  30. Great article, Donnie! It always helps me to know what’s actually going on in my body and how our inner processes work. Tayah — I know just how you feel. My partner and I did a 10 day juice cleanse and it’s definitely challenging at the beginning. But hang in there. Right around day 5, I felt better than ever. Light on my feet, great energy and without any caffeine. This article inspired me to try another detox. Thanks!

    • Thanks for your comment Robin! You’re right about the first 5 days being the hardest. I find that it’s usually the first 3-5 days that will test you. After 3-5 days the feeling you get is wonderful though. I’m happy to have inspired you to do another detox! Let me know if you have any questions Robin.

  31. I’m on day 3 of my juice cleanse and I feel horrible! Is this normal? Should I start eating again? My energy is non existent!

    • Tayah, sorry for the delay in my response. My spam catcher caught your comment along with nearly 100 others as spam. I’m working to resolve the issue.

      It sounds like you are just going through detox. This is normal and it will pass. When you go through detox, toxins are in your system making their way out so that’s why you feel like you do. Soon they will all be gone and you’ll start feeling great! I’ll be here if you have questions.

  32. Hello Donnie,

    I am starting a 30 day juice cleanse using the mean green recipe. I am hoping this will kick start my weight loss and keep me on track to healthier eating and a healthier lifestyle. Do you think I can loose a good amount of weight this first month. Of course I will be hitting the gym at least 5 days a week?


    • Jennifer, sorry for the delay in my response. My spam catcher caught your comment along with nearly 100 others as spam. I’m working to resolve the issue.

      Congrats on starting your 30 day fast! I know you can lose a good amount of weight in your first month. I’d be surprised if you didn’t at least lose 20 pounds. Keep me posted and I’ll be here if you have any questions.

  33. Hi Donnie,
    Thanks so much for your website. You’re information is very helpful and encouraging. I just received my Big Mouth Juicer in the mail today and want to get started.
    I tend to go “all-out” when starting something new and then quickly move into “burn-out!”
    So, here’s my question to you. If you were going to limit yourself to just one comprehensive juicing recipe for a period of time, which one would it be? I’d like to start out simply and then expand later as I get this down. My husband wants to start a prolonged juice fast later this month and so I’m going to be “practicing” for now! Thanks so much for your help.

    • Patti, congrats on getting your Big Mouth and starting a juice fast! If I had to choose only only recipe to stick with this would be it:

      2 Apples
      1/2 Lemon
      1/2 Inch Ginger Root
      1 Handful of Spinach or 4 Kale Leaves
      4 Stalks of Celery
      1 Cucumber

      I’ve used this recipe before for 5 days straight. It’s very tasty and has everything you need. After a while you might want to try substituting, adding, and removing things to make it your own juice. But this is a great juice to start out with and it’s one that I continue to add into my juicing routine. Enjoy Patti!

  34. That was awesome information. I didn’t know some of that and will pass it on. Thanks.

    • Glad to have helped you out Shirley. Let me know if you have any questions, I’m here to help you.