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Jolt Juice – Recipe

Jolt Juice

Jolt Juice Recipe

The jolt juice is great for everyone, even my kids like it! It’s base consists of apples and oranges to give you a boost when needed. Definitely a great drink for between breakfast and lunch or even after lunch. The apples give it a sweetness whereas the orange ads a bit of a tang to it. You cant even taste the handful of spinach either. I also add 1/4 lemon and a whole cucumber to give it a refreshing but filling twist.

Jolt Juice Recipe Ingredients

2 Granny Smith Apples

1 Orange (Peeled)

1 Whole Cucumber

1/4 Lemon (Peeled)

Big Handful of spinach or Kale ( I used spinach in this pic )


I always chop up the cucumbers and do them last as not to overflow the juice drink. Enjoy, and please, experiment and let me know what you’ve added, subtracted, or substituted when making this drink.

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  1. Hi, starting juicing for the first time. How many servings is this and roughly how many juices should I be drinking a day?

  2. Hi there I am planning my first just on juice journey :)
    I have a question im not a fan of cucumber and i want to substitute it for romaine lettuce but im unsure of the quantity of lettuce to put in ? Help please…

    • Norma-Jean, welcome to JOJ and congrats on planning out your first juice fast. You can substitute romaine for cucumber, just throw it in there last so you can get the correct quantity. Cheers! Keep me posted on your success Norma-Jean!

      • Thanks Donnie, your story has been inspirational :) Since my last post I have planned everything so I should be all set for my first day tomorrow, looking forward to reeping the benefits. 3day juice cleanse here I come!

  3. I like to make my juice I’m bulk for 2 or 3 days. Is this recipe 1 serving?

  4. This is really good! This was my first drink so I did add a little too much lemon but other than that it is really good!!!

  5. This was so delicious! I used lime instead of lemon & turnip greens instead of spinach. I also added 1 banana. My kids LOVED it too! Definately making this again!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it Marcie! It’s great that you are trying out some substitutions. I always love to hear what others are doing and using. Thanks!

  6. I replace the orange with grapes and LOOOOOOOVE this juice so much. It’s delicious! You can’t taste the kale at all which is an issue my husband had with some of the juices I’ve fixed.

    • That’s awesome Lisall! Great job with experimenting and trying out different produce! Keep it up and you’ll do great!

  7. I just put cut up fruit, and veggies in a bledenr and add water and put it on bledenr setting- it blends to a slurry- add some sugar, honey or other sweetener or nothing at all- I sometimes add some frozen yogurt to sweeten it and I get plenty of energy and feel greatMy recipe1/2 c lettuce and any other veggie that is healthy and low or no calorie1/2 c fruit any that is healthy and low or now calorie1/2 c frozen yogurt1/2 c water2-3 tbsp sugar, honey or whateverand you do not have to peel any fruit you usually eat the peel on like pears, nectarines, apples etc . better for you that way too because you get more nutrients that way