How to juice fast

How to juice fast

How to juice fast

How to juice fast? I often get asked a lot of juice fast questions but the main question I get asked is that of how to juice fast. There are many ways one can fast but when you do a juice fast, there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want to reap the benefits. Planning is very essential if you want your juice fasting experience to be a rewarding one. You should plan your goals, your recipes, your shopping lists, and even your schedule. So let’s dive into my thoughts and opinions on how to juice fast.

How to juice fast tip 1

First you need to set a goal. Your juice fasting goal may be a set amount of days you wish to juice or it could even be a certain weight that you wish to reach. I always tell people if it’s their first time juicing to at least give it a full week. This will ensure your body gets detoxed and cleansed but will also get your body acquainted to being healthy. Juicing for a full week will also help reduce your appetite, and restore your true sense of taste. I was amazed at how differently food tasted when I went back eating whole foods again.

How to juice fast tip 2

Setting up your juice recipes and shopping lists plays a big role in your convenience. Let’s face it, you don’t really want to be heading to the store every day to get those veggies. In planning how to juice fast, it’s important to always have fresh fruits and vegetables on hand. You will be surprised at how much you can go through in a day. In a day I typically go through 4 apples, 1-2 lemons, a half bag of spinach, 4-8 stalks of celery, 4 cucumbers, and much more depending on the recipes I use. If your clueless where to start, I have 3 day plans, 7 day plans, and 14 day plans already laid out along with their shopping lists for you to get started.

How to juice fast tip 3

Setting up a schedule is also very important when figuring out how to juice fast. You typically want to drink at least 4 drinks (16oz-20oz) per day. My rule of thumb for “how to juice fast” is if you feel hungry, drink a juice! Don’t starve yourself of nutrients. If your goal is to lose weight, don’t think you will lose weight faster by drinking less juice. In actuality if your body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs when you drink less and it will go into lock down mode and hold on to the weight it has. It’s very important to stick to the 4 servings or more when planning how to juice fast.

How to juice fast tip 4

When juicing make sure you drink a lot of water throughout the day. I drink 12-16oz of water immediately after I drink a juice and drink plenty of water in between. One of the main purposes of juicing is to cleanse your digestive system. In order to cleanse your digestive system you need to keep hydrated.

How to juice fast tip 5

A lot of people who want to know “how to juice fast” typically ask me about juicers and about blenders. You can’t use a blender in place of a juicer. It simply defeats the purpose of juicing and turns your drink into a smoothie. The biggest difference is that when using a juicer, you do not get the fibers that you do from a blender. This is important because in order to juice fast, you don’t want to have those fibers. Juicing eliminates the need for your digestive system to work at digesting those fibers, therefore giving you back all the energy it would normally consume in the digestive process.

How to juice fast tip 6

When you finally make the investment to get a juicer there are a few things you must know. Make sure your juicer is at least 700 watts. This will ensure you have the power to juice the fruits and veggies without any issues. It’s important to make sure your juicer is simple to assemble, disassemble, and clean. Nobody wants to spend a half hour or more making a juice and cleaning up. So make sure your juicer is easy to clean.

How to juice fast tip 7

When I talk to people about how to juice fast, I find that they spend so much time prepping and cleaning. This always comes as a shock to me since it takes me 10 minutes to prep, juice, drink, and clean my juicer. I took some time to organize my fridge when I started. Another time saver was pre prepping my meals. I suggest getting gallon size freezer bags and prepping your meals ahead of time. That way all you have to do is grab the bag and everything in it is ready to go down the juicer.

How to juice fast tip 8

When juicing, I make it a rule to stick with 20% fruits and 80% veggies. If your goal is to lose weight you should stick to that rule. Fruits contain a lot of sugar so it’s best to keep those for your morning drinks. I juice a lot of spinach for the protein and because spinach helps you lose water weight very fast.

I hope I helped answer some questions on how to juice fast. Juicing is such a healthy and beneficial way to achieve your goals of losing weight, detoxing your system, and providing your body with the many nutrients it needs but has been deprived of. I would love to hear your thoughts on how to juice fast below. Thanks and Happy Juicing!

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  1. Hello Donnie. Me and my cousin are starting the 3 Day Juice fast to see how well we do. I, myself am trying to lose 45lbs by the 24th of may. And she wants to lose another 100lbs. We are really looking forward to this fast. Hoping we can do the 14day real soon.

  2. Hey Donnie ,i Iive in Germany and I’m 24 , I remember on 22.October.2013 I had a shitty day in which I lost my job due to downsizing, failed in two critical exams and my doctor told me that my blood pressure is dangerously high.

    I remember hating myself for being lazy for not taking care of my health because of my busy schedule,
    So I was randomly surfing through the internet and stumbled upon this page , but at first I wasn’t intrested thinking it’s impossible to do live only on juice , but as I continued reading I saw the part where you said in the third day you won’t feel hungry anymore, so I started it, mainly the mean green , after two week I started to eat grilled chicken and fish because I didn’t want to lose muscle.

    Today , after 5 and a half months , I lost 25 kg (from 110 to 85) and I have 10 kg more to lose. as for my health ,
    Every thing is amazing. I have energy from the juice like I never had before I work out 5 times a week.
    As for my job , I was able to create a small business in which I managed to sell juice to a regular clients who wanted to lose weight as well , I don’t earn a lot but it’s more than what I earned before and it covers my expenses until I graduate .

    So I like to thank you for writing this page.

  3. hello,how do I measure out the 20%fruit and 80% veggies?? or is that an awful stupid question?

  4. hello,

    I would like to know if I can add pea protein powder to my juices to get a lot of protein during the day… I wish to loose weight…Would it be ok ?


  5. I’m doing my all my research today! I hope to get my boyfriend and I started on our juicing plan today or tomorrow! We have different goals. Mine is more appetite control and weight loss whereas his is about more healthy habits. I’m excited and nervous! Wish us luck.

  6. My wife and I are planning on trying to do the 3 day juice fast and I just bought an extractor (like a nutri-bullet) will this work instead of a juicer? Those recipes call to add water, but I’ve seen in the comments where Donnie said not to mix water, so I’m not sure if this will work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  7. I would like to start juice fast but I here that it isn’t cheep. I am not working right now so I want to know if there are recipes that won’t burn to big of hole in someone’s pocket.

    • Christine, welcome to JOJ and thank you for your comment. You have heard wrong. Juicing costs roughly between $10-$15 per day depending on the type of produce you purchase. That’s fairly cheap to feed yourself for the whole day. Cheers!

  8. I just bought my juicer today, after reading all the comments and how it’s working for everyone. I am so excited to start tomorrow I need to loose approx. 70 pounds and also to help me clear my skin since I’m starting to get adult acne. Wish me luck, I’m motivated but I have low will power.

    • Lorena, welcome to JOJ and congrats on starting your juice fast! I’m sure you will reach your goals and then some! Keep me posted on your success, I’m always here if you have questions. Cheers!

  9. I started my fast yesterday. Trying to go 10-14 days of just food no solid foods. Im currently 5’6 165 pounds sbd im trying to reach 150 pounds. Currently on day 2 but I’m using the Nutribullet and I’m already feeling lighter and full of energy. I was a bit skeptical on working out while on my fast but I was surprised at how much energy I got after drinking my juice an hour before the gym. I killed my 1 hour cardio.

  10. Hi Donnie,

    Is it recommended to make the juices ahead of time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Since I work during the day I don’t know if it is feasible for me to make the juice during lunch time.

  11. Ok I drank a cup of coffee on day 4 of my fast at 8pm at night…well I didn’t sleep till 7am the next morning!! Seems my body wasn’t used to the caffeine anymore…I think I read that You can’t drink coffee because the caffeine makes ur body work more when u fast u want ur body to go though less stress and caffeine makes your (body stress) i have found it tought not drinking coffee but the determination to lose weight has kept me from drinking it plus I don’t want to be awake all night again

  12. I have been on the juice fast for 6 days so far lost 9lb no you can’t drink tea or coffee just water and juice oh and maybe green tea (if you like it) it really is a fantastic way to lose weight and u feel great and have lots of energy, I’m trying the 60 day like the documentary fat sick and nearly dead, the first few days I wanted to eat real food so I drank more juice I make up a 32oz drink every meal I drink that 3 times a day and I don’t feel hungry at all and the cravings for food have gone now…anyone considering losing weight I really recommend the juice fast just check out some recipes and juice my fave is sunset passion and the mean green is my lunch and dinner (it keeps me fuller for longer)

  13. B-Bird

    What about coffee? Can I still have my black coffee in the morning? If not, why?

  14. I am super pumped about juicing….I haqve been juicing for about 2 months but I JUST UPGRADED aqnd purchased a juice extractor 900 watts 0f crazy power.My question iswhat about adding hemp powder or cgia seeds or flax seeds. I donht see these ingredients in any of your recipes..
    thanks in advance

  15. This answered questions I hadn’t even thought to ponder. Like percentage fruit:veggies. And the difference between smoothie and juicing. Thank you!

  16. is protien powder ok to add to the juices?

    • Sandy

      Personally, I would NOT add protein powders to any juice as they contain non-natural elements. If you’re concerned about getting enough protein you can try adding Spirulina (both powder form and pills), powdered Wheat Grass and Nutritional Yeast to your juices. I also add organic Flaxseed oil to my juices in the morning. Good luck.

  17. i am looking to start juicing. i heard great things about it. but i keep seeing things about fasting as well. what is the difference between juicing and fasting. i am looking to cleanse as well as lose weight. thanks in advance :)

    • I too have just ventured into ‘juicing’ territory myself but I believe (from my research so far) is juicing is drinking your fruits and vegetables. Whereas fasting means no intake of solid food.

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