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How to Eat After a Fast

How to Eat After a Fast

How to Eat After a Fast

So you went on a juice fast, but how to eat after a fast should be your new focus. There are a few different options you can choose to do when trying to figure out how to eat after a fast. You should also re-evaluate and reset your goals like you did when you first started juicing. This will help you keep your focus. It’s also important to make sure you don’t slip back to old eating habits. But after juicing for a week I don’t think you will.

How to Eat After a Fast: Options

There are two good options to choose from when deciding how to eat after a fast. The first one is to slowly incorporate solid food back into your diet. It’s easy to start with one meal a day for the first three days and then work your way up to 2-3 meals over the course of a week. I would suggest if you go this route to only eat fresh fruits and veggies for the first three days. You basically want to eat the same stuff you have been juicing. After three days you should be safe to add a protein such as a chicken breast, steak, pork chop, tuna, etc. This will slowly introduce solids back into your system and ensure you don’t fall back on to bad habits. This is what I usually do when I come off a fast.

The second option when deciding how to eat after a fast is to stop juicing all together and eat only fresh fruits and vegetables for the week after you juice. This gives your body time to adjust to solids over liquid, and since you are eating the same thing you are juicing, your body will adjust pretty fast. This is a good way to way to go and I’ve gone this route before.

How to Eat After a Fast: Do’s and Don’ts

Once you decide how to eat after a fast, there are a few do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind. Whether your end goal is to lose weight or become healthier, you should have a clear plan along with defined rules like you did while you were juicing.

The first thing I did when deciding how to eat after a fast was to define rules of what I wasn’t going to eat. I set the following rules: no soda, no alcohol, no candy or sweets, no dairy, and no breads. In choosing not to eat or drink anything on that list for the first week off my fast, I was able to set the pace for how I was going to eat, the new habits I would develop, and the old habits I would let go of. Use my “do not eat” list as your own, or use it as a guideline. Just make sure you have a “do not eat” list.

After you come off your fast and start eating solids, you will have to make sure you don’t start snacking. This can cause you to drift right back into other bad habits, and we don’t want that to happen.

The second thing I did when figuring out how to eat after a fast was to come up with a meal plan. I decided I was going to eat the same stuff I had been juicing so my system would already be used to it. Most of my meals were fresh salads with lemon juice and pepper. After three to seven days it’s safe to add a protein back into your diet. I would start with a simple chicken breast once a day around dinner or lunch time.

How to Eat After a Fast: Keep in mind

It’s best that while you decide how to eat after a fast, to make sure you are limiting yourself to between 4-6 meals per day. Meal sizes should also be about the size of one and a half of your fists. This reduces the temptation to gorge or stuff yourself. It will also help to control your appetite after coming off a juice. You can also have juices while you are incorporating solids back into your diet. You will be surprised at how you will start to crave your juices more after you go back to solids.

I hope this helps to clear up the question of how to eat after a fast. Make the transition back to solids over the course of a week and you will feel much better as opposed to jumping right into eating anything and everything you want. It’s a process that you have to adjust to while building up healthy habits that will stay with you. I would love to hear back from you on what you did to ease back into eating solids after your juice fast.

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  1. I’m on day six of a juice fast and I trying to add some solid foods like fruit,but every time I try and eat my mouth really hurts and starts to burn. What should I do?

  2. Is it possible to go on a diet drinking mainly juice but eating one meal a day?
    When on a juice diet can you still do a lot of exercise, e.g. running 5 to 10 kilometres a day?

  3. Hello!

    I had a question about the ratio from days juicing to days post juicing. Do you have to ease out of it longer if you juice longer?

    I’ve been juicing only for the past 35 days, and I plan on going until day 50.

    After juicing for 50 days should I ease out of it in a week like you recommended above or should I ease out of it longer?

    When I started juicing I weighed 227. On day 35 I’m currently at 194. I’ve lost 33 lbs so far, and my goal is to get back down to 175 (the weight I was before I started eating unhealthy).

    After I’m done juice fasting I have goals set in how my eating habits will be.

    But yeah…Just wanted to know about if I should ease out of this for more days cause I will be going longer?

  4. I had been doing a three weak juice fast w fruits and nuts chia- i yesterday i became so weak that my husband made me a turkey and cheese sandwich and I ate it. I was literally starving and had crazy brain fog. Well this am my stomach is a bit annoyed at me to say the least. I had no idea that doing this yesterday would cause this. I need to reintroduce more protein now. Any tips? Im thinking the oatmeal bread wasn’t a great idea?

    • Betsy, if you were that weak, you were likely not getting enough juice. Also, if you add fruits and nuts to the mix, it is no longer really a juice fast, your digestive system is going crazy waiting for more food.

      I am on day 35 of a 60 day juice fast and I feel great. I feel like I could fast for the rest of my life. I typically juice 2-3 kg of veg a day. I have juiced as much as 6kg in one day. One staple of my juice fast (every day) is 1.4kg of carrots, one large beet root, one lime (unpeeled) and a piece of ginger root the size of my thumb. It makes about 750ml. Delicious! Some days I do a whole pineapple. When I do sweet potato and apple juice I use two large sweet potatos, which makes about 500ml.

      If you get really really hungry have a carrot juice and avocado smoothie. You’ll love it:
      500ml carrot juice
      1/2 ripe avocado
      cumin to taste

      You do not need to starve yourself on a juice fast!

      • I just finished a four day fast, where i drank nothing but green tea. Not knowing how to break a fast, i just ate anything i could my hands on. I had a bowl of cooked cabbage. And and Marconi and cheese and a piece of a chicken tenderloin. I feel a little sick after eating that stuff. After doing research i found that was exact opposite of how to break a fast. How long should i wait for my body to digest the foods? And why is eating like that, such a bad thing after breaking a fast? And what should i eat after that?

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  6. hi, i just finished my 7 day juice diet, i feel amazing and lost 7 pounds, exactly what my goal was. I’m 5’6 woman,36 yrs old, weighed 132 and as of today weighed 124, pretty much where i wanted to be. I am concerned about going back to solids, I know i will continue to incorporate juicing, I wanted to know if you can publish a do not eat list. I dont want to gain the weight back and am really enjoying the new flavors and veggies in my diet.

    any receipe suggestions for solids would be great also!


    • Hey,

      What juices did you make? For breakfast, lunch and dinner?

  7. I didn’t listen to your advice and now minutes after eating my above plate in the mouth feels swollen and it’s sore. What can I do now?

  8. Hi there
    I’m on the 7th day of a juice fast and I had a question to ask regarding consumption of kale chips after the fast. Is it possible to consume kale chips after the fast and during a juicing session ?


  9. Hello!

    I just finished my 5 day juice fast and I’m still incorporating juicing for the past 3 days and small meals. First day I had a salad and soup for dinner and some nuts. For breakfast and lunch I had juice. 2nd day I had juice 3 meals and had a 0% fat free greek yogurt with some granola. Today for breakfast I had greek yogurt with almonds and tangerines.

    Now I’m concerned in regards to if it was a bad idea to have greek yogurt. Will it make me gain back the weight? Should I restrict it more? I thought it was healthy but now I’m confused! :(

    I really don’t want to gain back the weight or do anything to hinder my progress!

  10. So my husband and I are looking to start juicing in the next few days, we were wondering if it would be ok to have a store bought juice as a last resort, like a Naked Juice … in the case that we were to be hungry or forgotten our homemade juice at home etc.?

    •! naked juice is not raw juice.

    • I started with spinach/cucumber/lemon and pear for the first 30 days then switched to Bolthouse Farm and Naked …it is actually cheaper… I am on day
      84 and feeling great. 69 lbs so far.

  11. Sorry if you’ve been asked this question already, but I was wondering whether or not I could incorporate a blended avocado into my juiced fruits and vegetables while juicing. Or would doing this be considered me consuming a solid since that’s what I’m trying to avoid in the first place?

  12. I finished my 7 day juice cleanse yesterday, March 3, 2014, I lost
    17.3 Pounds! I feel great!
    I still bought a juice for breakfast an one for my lunch. I plan to make a salad for my dinner using the veggies I juiced with. Carrots, Granny Smith Apple and Beets with Romaine Lettuce.
    I’m eating extremely healthy from this day forward!
    I’m so grateful for finding this website and I sincerely appreciate Don for sharing his knowledge of juicing and walking me through all the Ups and Downs of this 7 Day Fast.
    There were No surprises. I Reread his Blog throughout my journey to keep me motivated and Strong!
    I wish you all success in your journey to a Healthy Lifestyle of Eating! {☆_☆}

    • Ardie, that’s amazing weight loss! I’m on day two of the fast and well you know how that is. I’m feeling hungry most of the time but reading your numbers really gives me hope. Five more days to go!

  13. I suffer from Chronic Pancreatist and wanted to go on a 7 day jucier any Help

  14. Hi, am on my Day 7, lost 4 kilos. Tomorrow I can eat solid but can you please explaine to me how? You mean, once a day? If I eat solid for my breakfast, what am I goin to eat for my lunch and dinner? Thank you =)

  15. I am on my 5th day I am doing 7 days. And I was wondering if I could eat salads and fruits/veggies after I am done juicing.?
    Thank you

  16. Started about a week ago a minor hiccup happened but back on track in for a long haul 60- 90 days once I reach my target think I will do 5 days only juice and on the weekend eat small healthy meals if that would work I don’t find juicing hard at all love fruits n veggies n feel lots more energy with 2 kids that helps a lot

  17. Hello Donnie, 1/18/2014 is my last day of my 7-day Juice Cleanse i Was Wondering what is a great Do Not Eat List?

  18. Hi there. First I want to thank for this side. I wanted to do the 7 days juice fast, and this side made it much easier. Today its my fifth day of the fast. I’m feeling OK, drinking around 3 liters of juices per day plus plenty of water. My question is about how to eat after fast – I’m off for a week, so it was much easier to do this fast, but
    Monday I’m backing to work, and Monday should be my first ”solid” day. I’m working 15 hours shift, so I’m just a bit worry how to survive it with only one fruits/vegetables based meal. I’m planning to drink a juice for a breakfast(around 10A.M.), drink another early prepared juice around 2 P.M. and than eat this meal for dinner break (7P.M). I would really appreciate any suggestions. For example – is it gonna be OK if I will eat some fruits between those meals.
    PS. I’m a skinny man, my goal was (is) to clean my body from toxin, no need to loose weight.

    • Szymon, welcome to JOJ and congrats on 5 days of juicing already! Read this article on how to eat after a juice fast: It will answer all of your questions. The best thing to do is to make sure you don’t go hungry. As long as you are getting proper nutrition you’ll have the energy you need and you wont be starving yourself.

      When you go back to eating solids don’t focus on meals. Focus on having juices and foods, sometimes separate and sometimes together. As long as you stick to healthy choices and don’t over eat you will do just fine Szymon. Keep me posted and let me know if you need further help. Cheers!

  19. Hi Donnie, I have started a new fast today and plan to go between 10-14 days depending on how it all goes…I will be including herbal tea in the evenings and hope it wont interfere too much with the fast…il keep you posted ! Thanks again, K.

    • SageK, welcome to JOJ and congrats on starting your juice fast! Herbal teas are great to include in your juice fast. I’ve even added teas to my juices before. Keep me posted Sage! I wish you all the best! Cheers!

  20. Hello Donnie, I’m eager to get started and was wondering if I can use the Nutri Bullet as my juicer? or would this be considered as a blender…

  21. Thank you so much! Im on day5 now and i started to feel better on my third day! And i have one more question. I was wondering if i can use soy sauce to make my dressing? Thank you!

    • Ruby, I don’t see a problem with using soy sauce except for the sodium content. Use very little if you do use it. Cheers!

  22. I have been juicing for 2days now and i have a terrible headache and feel like i have a fever. Also i have no energy. Is that normal? And can i use store bought salad dressing when eating vegetables and fruits during the first three day period after juicing? Your post was really helpful! Thank you!

    • Ruby, it sounds like you are experiencing detox symptoms or possibly getting a case of food poisoning. Make sure you are cleaning and scrubbing all of your produce very good before juicing. Just hang in there and it should pass soon. No store bought salad dressing Ruby. Try making your own out of juiced lemons, a little olive oil, some vinegar, and maybe even a few raspberries. Enjoy!

  23. Hi Donnie,

    I just finished a 7 day juice fast based around your plan, thank you for this site it has been extremely useful….this was my first fast and I have reluctantly broken it with Papaya today, I say reluctant because I still have around 10 kilos to lose and felt like continuing today but I lost 4 kilos during the 7 days and wanted to break the fast on the day I had decided as yesterday I was tempted to break it on impulse and binge…I plan to go back onto solids gradually and am still drinking water and will do moderate exercise for the next two weeks and then begin a 14 day fast to lose hopefully a majority of the 10 kilos I still have to go…Can you give me any advice for the next two weeks before the next 14 day fast as I am concerned the 4 kilos might creep back on and I have been very disciplined so would hate to see my focus go to waste..I averaged around 4-5 20oz 80%/20% vegetable and fruit juices a day, with lemon water first thing and plenty of water throughout the day…I plan to make 2 20oz juices now to drink during the day and two nutritious meals until the next fast and I am quitting sugar as much as possible…Do you think this plan will work because I am really anxious to get down from a dress size 14 to 10, lose the extra 10 kilos slowly and keep the weight off :) Thanks so much for this site, it has been the best by far and most useful iv found and gave me a structure to work around during my fast. K

    • K, congrats on your success! If you keep eating healthy and learn to only eat when you are hungry, the weight will continue to drop and stay off. My advice to you is to maintain a diet of fresh fruits and veggies before your 14 day fast. This will help to keep your body adjusted to those types of nutrients and will make your transition to just juice as easy as possible. Also make sure to have a juice or two throughout the day even when you are eating solids. I think you are on the right track and have the right idea about how to achieve your goals. Now it’s just a matter of implementing it!

      I’m sure you will be into a size 10 before you know it K. Keep me posted and let me know how you progress. I’m anxious to hear of your success! I wish you all the best and want you to know that I’m here if you have any questions. Cheers K!

      • Hello Donnie,
        I am 56 years old 6′ tall 251 lbs and have Muscular Dystrophy, (FSHD).
        I am on day 2 of the 7 day fast. I am excited to loose weight and feel better. Can you suggest how to go about a plan after my 7 days are up? I need to loose about 65 lbs. Do I continue to juice after 7 days? What should I do

  24. Donnie I was wondering can you do a 7 day fast twice? Like for 14 days? I’m on my third day fasting with only juice. I have like 30+ pounds I want to lose overall. Of course I’m also doing it to detox cleanse and absorb nutrients, vitamins and minerals…the weight aspect is my main lose my baby weight I gained with my daughter. Thanks so much for your time!

    • Julie, you most certainly can go for 14 days in a row if you like. Weight loss was my first goal too, but after a while it stopped being about the weight loss. I started focusing more on the health aspects of it as I haven’t felt this good in years! Keep it up Julie, it only gets better! Keep me posted on your success too! Cheers!

  25. Hi,
    I am thinking of doing the juice diet in January how many juices do you need to have in a day?
    also which recipes would you recommend for the best weight loss
    I really want to loose a lot of weight and ive heard this is one of the best ways to do it

    • Jessica, read through the 7 day plan. It explains everything for you.

      You’ll typically go through 4-6 juices per day while on the fast. On the 7 day plan I linked you, it has recipes and even a shopping list to get you started. I’m sure you will lose that weight and feel awesome! Keep me posted and let me know how it goes for you. I’m always here if you have questions.

  26. Hi I’m scared that as soon as I break my fast i will put the weight back on, I read your article ; how to eat after a fast but I’m still unsure because I’ve heard lots of stories that the weight comes back straight away :/. Could you also please tell me some good healthy recipes you followed after breaking your fast as I am new to cooking.
    Thanks in advance. (:

    • Nicki, as with any diet or weight loss, the weight will come back if you go back to your old eating habits. Juicing isn’t just a means to lose weight really fast but to help you change your eating habits. As long as you eat healthy after your fast, you’ll continue to lose weight and keep it off. Eat plenty of fresh veggies and fruits after your fast. It’s fine to add meat and grains but do your best to keep breads and dairy to a minimum. Don’t eat fast food, stay away from the sweets, don’t drink soda, and start on some light exercise routines. I wish you all the best Nicki. Keep me posted and know that I’m here if you have questions.

  27. I am on day 3 of my juice fast and I was just wondering if there is a minimum amount of days to do this fast? Is 3 days enough for my body to fully detox?

    • Jay, 3 days is just enough to get in a good detox. It really depends on what your goals are though. 5-7 days will get you a deeper detox and a little more weight loss but it really depends on your eating habits and your goals.

  28. Hey , Just wanted to let everyone know about my recent fast . I did a 10 day fast and lost 18lbs. I am now transitioning back to solids and I don’t think I am doing to well in the transition phase as this is the 3rd day and I have been finding it hard to just stick to the veggies do to some special events happening. I have mainly stuck to salads but they have had grilled chicken. I am still juicing for breakfast and mid day. Donnie, I wanted to continue to juice for breakfast as i really like it in the morning and I wanted to get your thoughts on that. So I was thinking a juice for breakfast and midday with a light lunch (salad) and then a reasonably portioned dinner. I am trying to incorporate more greens in my dinner and substitute sweet potatoes instead of potatoes.

  29. Hi Donnie, I am on day 4 of my 5 day juice fast. On day 1 I weighed 148 lbs im 5’1 now im at 142 which is great. Just wondering I haven’t really experienced any negative side effects or the detox side effects I should say is that normal or does my body need more time to detox? Thank You in advance for your help.

  30. I’m guna start this juice diet on Fri….shall purchase my juicer and foods tomorrow….need a quick weightloss as I’m fed up!never tried it before but here’s hoping!!

  31. Hi All, I was wondering if during the juice fast it is okay to drink hot green tea? Also I wanted to confirm that exercise is not recommended during the juice fast. Correct?

  32. I started my juice fast this morning with jolt juice. I am looking forward to do the 7 day fast. I have been juicing for breakfast for a while so I am hoping to stick with it for 7 days. I saw the movie fast sick and nearly dead last night and that motivated me to do the juice fast. I am also inteding to do bikram yoga when I have the energy. Can you advise how much exercising is recommended during this fast period?

    • Hi Meetha
      I walked to work in my week fasting which was a brisk 35 min walk twice a day but in all honestly i wouldnt have wanted to do a lot more.
      My body was so busy getting rid of toxins that i don’t think i could have handled doing any gym sessions at all as i did feel quite ill for from days 2 to 5.

    • Meetha, you don’t need to exercise while on the fast. It’s best to let your body rest and recover. Once you’ve adjusted to the juice then you can start adding workouts to your routine. Keep me posted and let me know if you have any questions.

  33. Hi, I was just wondering if I can eat cereal for breakfast after my juice fast?

  34. Hi all, I just wanted to share my experience.I started on a 7 day juice fast and found days 3, 4 and 5 horrendous.i was grumpy, agitated and nearly quit my job.I went to bed early and sweated and shivered but on the morning of day 6 i was a new person.
    my energy levels went through the roof, my sick coloured looking tongue return to normal and my sleep pattern changed dramatically.I use to be a 4 hours sleeper a night with massive bouts of insomnia and suddenly 10 to 12 hours deep sleep was happening!
    I am currently on day 27 and juice fasting has been relatively easy.I cook for my two kids each night and haven’t even found that a problem and have lost 31 pounds or around 14 kilos as we say down here in New Zealand.
    Im thinking i will try going for another week.i find it easy when im working and a lot harder during the weekend but it has been so so worth it. I’ve planned my re intergration to healthy food with soups/ broths etc and have resolved to cut pastas, bread, dairy and sugars from my diet.Finding this page has helped with my forward plan after juicing so many thanks.
    This has been the most worthwhile thing i have ever undertaken for my health and having tried numerous diets this one has seemed a lot easier once over the first seven days.

    • Jamus, congrats on your juice fast! I’m glad everything is going so well for you. Stick to a majority of fresh fruits and veggies when you go back to solids and you’ll do great! Keep me posted and let me know if you have any questions.

  35. why can’t you have dairy that is fat free after a week of weaning off the fast? how many times a day after you wean off the fast should you be juicing? sorry for all the questions!!!

    • Dairy is dairy, even if it’s fat free. You should keep your dairy intake to a minimum at most. I do my best to avoid dairy altogether. Here’s an article from a few doctors on dairy. Scroll down to “the truth about dairy” section

      It’s up to you to decide how much juice to include after your fast but the more the better. You’d be good with 1-2 juices per day after you’ve been off the fast for a while.

      • Heyy :) ive started my juice fast yesterday and im not so well at adding vegetables to my juices ,
        So ive been wondering if i have fruit juices that i make on my own and have one juice each day which contains kale and few fruits will it stop me from losing weight and will it make my body feel weak because it isnt getting all the nutrients it needs
        ? I have trouble finding juice recipes which have both vegetables and fruits but tastes mostly of fruits since i dont like the smell of green leaves such as kale, also can you give me a list of things (example protein)that my body should have to keep me healthy and help me lose weight and which fruit and vegetables i MUST add to my juices in order for me to do that

        • Mubina, congrats on starting your juice fast! You need to make sure your juices are 80% veggie and 20% fruit. The more fruit you add in your drinks, the slower you will lose weight and experience the healthy benefits of juicing. You need to always add a protein veggie to your juices. You can get protein from spinach, kale, broccoli, etc. You’ll have to experiment with the flavors. Sometimes the smallest thing like an extra 1/4 lemon or a handful of pomegranate seeds, or a few raspberries can make a big change in the flavor. As long as you include a good variety of veggies in your juices, keep your sugars down to a minimum, and have a juice when you feel hungry, you’ll do great! Keep me posted and let me know if you have any questions.

      • Sorry for all the questions but I’ve got a few more since I have started my juice fast 3days ago I have lost around 6 pounds and my tummy has gotten smaller but I’m wondering do I have to go an exercise to make sure I don’t have excess flab hanging even after I losr all the weight? or will I go by itself?

        • Mubina, one thing at a time. Focus on hitting the weight that you want to be at. Afterwards you can work on toning and shaping through exercise and weight lifting.

      • Before starting my juice fast i didnt really research much about what age you gotta be to do it
        But now im on my 7th day and i stumbled across a website and it said people below the age of 18 shouldnt do the juice fast and since im 16 im really worrid if something bad is gna happen to me if i continue for 45 days?

        • ALSO every morning when i wake up i feel really dizzy, weak and feel like i have to work harder to breath properly( i am not overly overweight im around 138 pounds and 5.4 ft) is this like a bad sign that i should stop? Im really worrid that if i stop now at just day 8 i will gain more weight that original weight before i started this fast

          • Never heard of that happening nor do I know what’s going on. You should probably visit a doctor and explain your symptoms to him/her.

        • Mubina, don’t believe everything you read. You’ll be fine if you stick to it and listen to your body. It wouldn’t hurt to schedule a doctors visit every now and then to ensure things are going good. Keep me posted.

  36. I am still doing to juice fast but is it ok to have a banana in one of my afternoon juices with a granny smith apple for a little more energy before my workouts? Or is that too much sugar?

    • Nichole, bananas can be juiced but don’t expect to get much out of them. It’s fine to include that and a granny smith in one of your afternoon juices. If it’s a pre workout juice look up the Hulk Juice recipe. It’s a great pre workout one, or the Green Giant recipe. Both will do you good when working out.

  37. Hi Donnie,

    My wife and I started the 7 day juice fast, and today is day 7!! By this morning, I had lost 10 lbs, and she lost 7. Further, I have not had to take any Lantus (insulin) for 6 days, and my sugars are normal.
    We are going to follow your recommendations for coming off the fast. We love walking and yoga. When can we get back to our normal workouts, and how should we ramp up the exercise to get back to that stage?
    Thanks so much for a wonderful website and all the information!

    • Praveen, congrats to you and your wife on day 7 and nearly 20 pounds of combined weight loss! It’s even better that you are off of your insulin and your sugars are normal! Way to go!!!!!!

      As far as getting back to your normal workouts just listen to your body and don’t overdo it. Start slow and over a weeks time keep upping your workouts as long as you feel comfortable with it and aren’t over exerting yourselves. You two are doing great! Keep me posted and let me know how it progresses. I’m always here if you or your wife have any questions Praveen.

  38. can you eat dairy that is fat free like non fat greek yogurt? In moderation of course. Would it be ok to incorporate sprouted grain and quinoa in moderation a few weeks after the fast maybe a couple times a week or will that put the weight back on? I usually drink green tea every day I haven’t been during the fast but it does have caffeine in it, is that ok after the fast? I also exercise everyday doing about an hour of weight lifting and an hour of cardio so please take that into consideration. Thanks for all your help! I lost 10 pounds my first week I’m trying to loose 10 more!

    • Nichole, it’s best to avoid most dairy but it wont kill you if you have an occasional Greek yogurt. Just try to stay away from cheese, milk, etc. Grain and quinoa would be fine to incorporate after a while just remember to do so in moderation. Green tea is fine after the fast but you don’t want to build up a dependency on caffeine. So keep it to a minimal unless you go decaf. I’m sure that second 10 pounds will come off very soon Nichole! Keep me posted!

  39. can you eat dairy that is fat free like non fat greek yogurt? In moderation of course. Would it be ok to incorporate sprouted grain and quinoa in moderation a few weeks after the fast maybe a couple times a week or will that put the weight back on? I usually drink green tea every day I haven’t been during the fast but it does have caffeine in it, is that ok after the fast? I also exercise everyday doing about an hour of weight lifting and an hour of cardio so please take that into consideration. Thanks for all your help! I lost 10 pounds my first week I’m trying to loose 10 more!

    • Nichole, it’s best to avoid most dairy but it wont kill you if you have an occasional Greek yogurt. Just try to stay away from cheese, milk, etc. Grain and quinoa would be fine to incorporate after a while just remember to do so in moderation. Green tea is fine after the fast but you don’t want to build up a dependency on caffeine. So keep it to a minimal unless you go decaf. I’m sure that second 10 pounds will come off very soon Nichole! Keep me posted!

  40. can you have nuts and extra virgin olive oil/balsamic vinegar as a dressing on your salads?

    • Nichole, that’s fine to have after your fast but in moderation. Only eat if your hungry and don’t over eat. You can also add in a lean protein after your fast.

  41. do you have to eat just fruits and veggies forever to keep the weight off?

    • Nichole, you don’t have to stick 100% to fruits and veggies after your fast but just remember that if you go back to your previous eating habits, of course you’ll put the weight back on. Keep a healthy diet and you’ll keep the weight off. Lay off the excess sugars, breads, and dairy products and you’ll do great.

  42. Hey :) thanks for these tips, wondering can you post some recipes for 1 week after breaking my 30 day(it may be 45days depending if I feel up to it) juice fast which has some chicken, meat and fish in them and also some non meat ones? I am all prepared to start the juice fast next week Sunday a day after my 16th birthday sort of like a new start but I am just worried once I finish my fast I’ll go back to my old habits because I have no idea what kinds of food I have to eat and since I am Asian my mum will probably feed me a lot of oil based food.
    Oh and will my metabolism go back to normal a few weeks after I break the fast?

    • Mubina, I’ve been considering posting some recipes for after the juice fast. I’m eventually going to get to this and might put a section up for it. In the mean time it’s best when coming off of your fast to still include juices throughout the day. The first solids you should eat are the fresh produce that you’ve been juicing. So whatever you’ve been juicing, start consuming those in solid form in addition to your juices. This helps your body adjust and keeps the same nutritional benefits. After three days to a week it should be safe to start adding in lean proteins to your diet. Let me know if you have any questions.

      • oh, okay thanks I’ll be waiting for the section :)
        also since I go to school they either sell chips and chicken or sandwiches for the cold section (I’ll be eating from cold section since the hot section isn’t really healthy a few weeks after breaking juice fast) but I’ve been wondering will it be okay to eat bread? or will It make me gain weight really fast? also I’m thinking of having a juice in the morning and either taking a fruit salad or eating a sandwich from school (if it doesn’t make me gain a lot of weight) and having something like rice and chicken, rice and fish or rice and vegetables (depends what I feel like eating) ? (is this a kind of healthy diet?)or will it make me gain weight back to before?

        • Mubina, I would stay away from bread as much as possible as it can undo some of the weight loss. You’re best bet is to go all juice or juice along with eating only fresh fruits and vegetables for a while. After your fast you only want to consume fresh fruits and veggies for a week before you start adding in lean proteins. After that just use your best judgement. Portion control will be the key to keeping it off along with eating a majority of healthy foods. If you keep your sugar intake down to an absolute minimum you’ll do great at keeping it off and even continuing to lose more weight.

  43. Hi I was just wondering if you could warm up the juices and have them as a watery soup? Also I am considering a colonic irrigation after the seven days and wondered if that was okay or not? On day one and I just had my first juice and I loved it! Oh also can you sieve the juice to get rid of the lumps?

    • Noelle, there’s a thread about soups under the recipe section of the forums. I suggest you read up on it as it has some great recipes for soups out of juices.

      There’s no need for a colonic irrigation during or after your fast.

      There shouldn’t be any lumps in your juice. It should be about the consistency of water. What juicer are you using Noelle?

  44. HI Donnie,
    Is it good after the fast to eat one meal of raw fruits/veggies and the rest juice for the first few days and then after that have one meal with a lean meat? after about a week is it ok to switch back to a normal diet my normal diet is very healthy containing mainly just fresh fruit and veggies, lean meat, fat free cottage cheese, and fat free greek yogurt, things like that. Would that work to keep the weight off if I do that for a week and then the next week be totally off juice?

    • Nichole, after your fast it’s best to consume only raw fruits and veggies for the first few days. Afterwards you can start adding in a lean protein. After that just keep in mind that it’s best to consume mostly fresh fruits and veggies. Stay away from dairy, breads, sweets, any excess sugars and you’ll do great to keep the weight off and even continue losing it. Let me know if you have any questions.

  45. HI Donnie,
    Is it good after the fast to eat one meal of raw fruits/veggies and the rest juice for the first few days and then after that have one meal with a lean meat? after about a week is it ok to switch back to a normal diet my normal diet is very healthy containing mainly just fresh fruit and veggies, lean meat, fat free cottage cheese, and fat free greek yogurt, things like that. Would that work to keep the weight off?

    • Nichole, after your fast it’s best to consume only raw fruits and veggies for the first few days. Afterwards you can start adding in a lean protein. After that just keep in mind that it’s best to consume mostly fresh fruits and veggies. Stay away from dairy, breads, and any excess sugars and you’ll do great to keep the weight off and even continue losing it.

  46. Hi Donnie, thank you very much for providing us with all your experiences and advises. I did the juice fast for 3 days, and today is my 2nd day of breaking the fast. I am actually following the options where you eat one meal a day of fruits or veggies and after 3 days I can start adding protein stuffs. I am kind of confuse when you say ONLY one meal. So I am only allow to eat solid food for one meal a day? So I can only drink juice for the rest? And when you say veggies, can it be cooked? Or it has to be raw veggies?

    For the following rules: no soda, no alcohol, no candy or sweets, no dairy, and no breads. Do I have to keep that for a long time, or just one week after fasting? Plus how long can we start eating fried food? I know it is not good, but want to eat it once in a while; so I want to know when is the best time to consume fried related stuffs even for a little portion. Thanks a lot Donnie!! :)

    • Bonnie, if you’re following the one meal approach when coming off your fast then you should go about fasting like normal. Have a juice throughout the day as you feel hungry and then have a small dinner consisting of just fruits and veggies. A meal is a solid, you can still have as many juices as you like Bonnie. It’s best if you start off having only raw fruits and veggies as opposed to cooked.

      Soda, alcohol, candy, sweets, dairy, breads, and fried foods are what cause the weight to pile back on. By eating those on a regular basis you are inviting the weight to come back. So I’d say stay away from those at all costs. Don’t make them a habit that turns into them being included in your daily diet. Just use your best judgement and ask yourself is it really worth it to eat this before you eat something. Let me know if you have any questions Bonnie.

  47. Hi! Thank you for all the info and advise!
    I am on the 5 day of the first fast of my life. I have done a juicefast, drinking ca half a litre of green vegetable juice a day pluss a 1-2 glasses of betrootcarrot juice with ginger and lots of garlic, as I read that would help eliminate parasites in the stomach. Its has been very nice and harmonious fast, I have lots of energy, but still there is some hunger feelings. I dont know if it is cravings or real hunger. But I am a little dissapointed because I feel the detox has not been so deep..

    I am considering now to continue for a few days more but then adding a drink of psyllium husk and bentonite clay to clean the bowels more. Would you recommend this?

    Can it be to hard for the stomach to have psyllium as the first solid food?

    Is it better to break the fast and start eating veggies and then adding the psyllium-clay drink?

    Wish I read this forum earlier in the fast then I could have added some things to deepen the process, but still I am happy with myself for going throuhg with these 5 days, next time I can go deeper and longer :)

    Love and gratitude

    • Asa, avoid the psyllium as it’s not necessary. Once you go back to eating solids stick with fruits and veggies while still consuming juices throughout the day. Why do you feel the detox has not been a good one? If you’re getting that burst of energy and feeling great that means you went through a good detox. Not everyone experiences the bad symptoms of detoxing but that doesn’t mean you didn’t have a good detox. If anything, you’re lucky and didn’t have to experience some of those symptoms.

      If you’re feeling good and the fast is working, why stop now?

  48. hi I am about to start my juicing fast but I have some concerns. Can I drink all the juice that I want or just 3 juices a day? what about water or what else am I going to be able to eat? and how much exercise should I do? my other question would be are there certain juices that I have to drink or it can be any combination that I want? thanks and please let me know

    • Ingrid, you should drink a juice whenever you are hungry. Just don’t confuse cravings for hunger. On a juice fast you can only consume the juice you make and water. This means no solids of any type. You also don’t need to exercise and it’s best if you don’t exercise for the first few days as your body will need the time to rest and recover. You can also have any combination of juices that you like. Feel free to experiment with your own creations also. I’m here if you have any questions Ingrid.

      • WOULD IT WORK ALSO WITH SMOOTHIES? IS CAUSE MY JUICER IS NOT WORKING RIGHT NOW SHOULD i Wait till is working what would you reccomend?

        • Sorry Ingrid, smoothies and juices are two completely different things. You’ll need a juicer to go on a juice fast. Get your juicer working and until then, enjoy some smoothies.

  49. Hi Donnie,… I am starting a juice fast. I am going to start at a 7 day and if everything goes well, I will continue on until I get to my goal weight. I am looking to lose 40 lbs. I can’t imagine myself 40 lbs lighter. I take medications for Ulcerative Colitis. Any suggestions on what the best juice would be for me?

    Thanks Lisa Beau

    • Lisa, I’m glad you are starting your juice fast. 40 pounds is a very achievable goal and one that you can reach if you keep at it. As far as the Ulcerative Colitis goes juicing may be really beneficial you. The reason being is that juice is absorbed and not passed on through your digestive system. This will rehydrate and cleanse your digestive system. It may work out really well for you. As far as the best juices, as long as you are keeping a good mix of ingredients and staying true to the 80:20 ratio of veggies to fruits, you will do great! Have you asked your doctor about juicing yet? You should let him/her know in case any medications need to be altered. I wish you the best Lisa. Please keep me informed on your progress and know that I’m here if you have any questions.

  50. This is a great article. Perfect for what im looking gor. Im on my 13th day of my 15-day juice fast. Never felt any better as soon as I saw the result. Lost 12lbs in 12days. I do regular workout too. After this, I will embrace juicing for life. Im also planning to have 5-day juice fast every month to detox. Is this healthy? My aim is to lose all my excess fats and maintain my slimmer shape. For healthy reasons, ive decided to give up my comfort foods too. If I could live being a vegan then it will be great. But I dont think im willing to give up my sashimi and sushi yet :) maybe soon. Thanks for this piece! Its just two more days and I will start eating solids again :) yey! I did it!

    • Lanne, congrats on day 14 today! It’s great to do a detox once a month. I usually go between 3-7 days every few weeks. As long as you’re eating healthy and maintaining a weight that you’re comfortable with, feel free to enjoy the healthy foods you like. I’m here if you have any questions.

  51. Do you gain weight after a fast?

    • Only if you go back to eating how you did before the fast Selena. Just stick to a healthy diet afterwards and the weight will stay off. Let me know if you have any questions.

  52. Hi Donnie!

    I just found your site, thanks for all the wonderful information and support you are offering!
    I finished a 21 day juice fast on Monday, and today is my 4th day of eating solids again. I am a bit stuck as I have basically been having salads and steamed vegetables consisting of steamed green veg, onions, peppers, and in my salads rocket, beetroot, avocado, tomatoes. Thats basically it. In the morning I have been having a vegan protein powder mixed with almond milk and if I do any strength training (I am a light exerciser but I am trying to get back into my dance classes and then using my body resstance for toning exercsise- no weights as yet) I have had a second protein shake of the day. The reason I chose to add these in is I don’t want to clog my colon up with meat and fish- I don’t know if/when I will start eating organic chicken/fish again- but I didn’t want to lose any muscle mass as it is already quite low.
    SO my issue is that my tummy is bloating massively just from eating the salad and vegetables. It never used to bloat before I fasted when I ate these things- normally my tummy would be flat within an hour of eating a plant based meal, but I have got really painful bloating and look pregnant and it lasts for hours! Then, embarassingly, sometimes I have a gas issue. What is going on with my difestion do you think? I find myself just wanting to go back to nothing but juice but I weigh 7stone 5lb now and I don’t think I want to lose much more weight as it will make me look drawn. Right now it is 8.30am and I am drinking hot water with lemon, cayenne and apple cider vinegar because I read it can reduce bloating. But I really want to eat a plant based diet, I love my veggies, so can you advise on what to do? I keep wanting to do an enema every day but I don’t want to get addicted to that to reduce bloating as my body should do this by itself. Should I go back to just juices?
    Many many thanks in advance for any ideas or advice you can recommend.


    • Alex, congrats on 21 days of juicing! That’s really great! Just eat less so you aren’t bloated. After a big juice fast like that, your stomach doesn’t want to handle that much. It’s your body telling you enough is enough. Keep including juices and eat a minimal amount of solids for a while. This should help your body adjust at a better rate.

      • Thanks Donnie. I will try smaller portions, am just going shopping for loads more ingredients for another 7 days of juicing….Might try just bringing one small solid meal in a day, the rest juice. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom with others. 😀

        • That’s great Alex, I wish you the best on the next 7 days! I’m always here to help in any way possible.

    • I just wonder if those protein powders affect you like they do my husband and I. We tried them for a while but realized they caused gas and bloating so badly that we spent most of our days very uncomfortable. We decided to stop adding them to our smoothies and Voila! No more gas or bloating. Just a thought, you might want to experiment with that. You should be getting plenty of protein from you greens that you’re eating and hopefully juicing too. Just thoughts on my part and a wish to help you feel better backed by my own experience with the protein drinks but I’m certainly anxious to see what others have to say about it too. Get well.

      • I don’t really include any protein powders in my juices Suzanne. If I do, it’s pure unflavored natural protein isolate that I get from the whole foods store. It’s pretty much just protein without any of the additives in there. I’ll have to pay more attention next time and see if I notice any of the same symptoms that you did. But you’re right in the fact that you get plenty of protein from the juices. Thanks for the update, have an amazing day!

  53. Wow, just found your site! Very good info. Thanks. I am doing a 60 day juice fast to support a friend. She has a brain tumor that the docs want to remove but she wants to try a healthier approach. We have a few others joining us in this 60 day juice fast. None of us are overweight by more than 20 pounds at the most. We are on day 12 and all are on fresh veggie (some fruit) juices made with various slow rpm juicers. My concern is, what if day 30 rolls around and we are all looking rather skinny? I want this to be a healthy fast. Should we shorten the juice only fast to 30 days and then for the next 30 add whatever raw fruits and veggies we want? Maybe add a healthy smoothie for dinners? We’ve all lost approximately 10 pounds each, already and that’s just on day 12! I want my friend to get healthy so I want to do what’s best. Please let me know what your thoughts are on this. Much appreciated.

    • Suzanne, I’m sorry to hear of your friends troubles but I’m happy to see she has such wonderful friends that are doing this for her. Congrats on day 12!

      As far as the weight loss, you’re body will even out and the weight loss slows drastically once you reach a certain point. You will lose a majority of your weight during the first week or two. I would continue to juice as long as you’re feeling comfortable with your results. Once you get to the point where you don’t want to lose too much more then start adding fresh fruits and raw veggies to your diet while still incorporating juices and water throughout the day. This will continue to give you the benefits of the fast while stopping or slowing down the weight loss.

      I wish you and your friends all the best with your juice fasting experiences. I’m always here if you have any questions. Please keep me updated on your status and let me know how your friend does.

  54. Thank you for some easy and accessible insights.
    I fast every year and I tend to follow the 3 day off the fast approach with juice included.
    Tomorrow is my last day in a 35 pure juice cleanse. In the past I have mixed juices and soups and smoothies, basically long cleanses we’re about liquids with no solid. This time I stayed true to only juice and hot water with ginger, mint leaves and lemon. It has been probably the most rewarding experience of my life, even though I do a 30 day liquid cleanse for the last ten or so years.
    I like your meal plan idea and I had already planned on eliminating breads and candy (I’m a vegetarian) and I will also explore what it will be like to ave o alcohol for at east six months.
    Hopefully my girlfriend doesn’t put too much pressure to eat pasta/bread/sweets now that I have completed my experience :)
    Thanks for the site! Liked your recipes, and many of them I had done already, though I ever wanted t try and juice a banana….seems too messy :)

    • Gabe, congrats on 35 days of just juice! That is a great accomplishment! I’m glad you like the site and found it all informative.

      Banana’s aren’t bad if you have a centrifugal juicer with some decent power. It doesn’t yield much but I don’t find the cleanup any more difficult than a normal juice. The bananas I use are still a little green for the most part.

      If you ever have any questions just let me know. I’m always here to help Gabe. Congrats again on your 35 day juice fast!

  55. Hi Donnie,

    Tonight is the last day of my 7 day juice cleanse. I have never done this before and wasn’t sure what to expect. I have lost 12 pounds and im very happy with that fact, but my goal was to cleanse and detox. Now that my week is up im kinda feeling stuck.. it never occurred to me how slow the healthy process is to being able to eat a whole solid meal again. What I had planned to do, (before reading anything on this) was to fast for 7 days, take the next day nice and easy and eat simple, like an egg for breakfast, cottage cheese and tuna for lunch and a salad for dinner. Then followed by the next day hit up the gym… but now after reading so much it really doesn’t seem like that’s the best idea, like at all. But I really want to get back to the gym. Can you give me any suggestions?

    Thanks so much!

    • Congrats on 7 days and 12 pounds lost Vicki! When you come off your fast, start eating raw fruits and veggies while still incorporating juices into your diet. After a few days you can start to incorporate proteins like tuna, chicken, or other lean meats. I don’t see a problem with you getting to the gym after you’ve gone back to solids. You should be ready for that. Drink plenty of water, have a juice or eat when you’re hungry and you’ll be fine Vicki. I’m here if you have any questions.

  56. Hi Donnie,

    I did a 4-day juice fast in May, following your recipes while only consuming the juice 3-4X/day, as well as hot water with lemon in the morning and water during the day.

    I just completed another 3-day juice fast and am back to solid foods starting today.

    I am wondering when I will be able to drink coffee again. I enjoy having it in the mornings. When I did a juice fast in May, I waited at least a week to have coffee, but how many days do you recommend?

    Thank you!

    • Hope, you can have coffee, but just have it in moderation while off of your fast. While I understand you enjoy the coffee, you may want to stick to de-caf since you’ve already rid yourself of the caffeine in your body. No sense in putting it back into your system since you did the hard work of removing it. I’m here if you have any questions.

  57. Thanks Donnie, will do! I’ll make sure I prepare and that I’m ready to start eating healthily :)

  58. Thanks for your advice!! I’m on day 28 of a 30 day juice fast and was worried thinking I may be sick if I start solid foods again after a month. And i really want to have a healthy diet now!! Is it true that food intolerances are easier to spot after the fast?

  59. Hi Donnie,
    Thanks again for your quick response, your a star!
    I am following the fat sick and almost dead 15day plan, and have done the 15days and have now gone back to day 6 and will go through to day 15 again, basically because I hadn’t heard of your site when I started this, however would recommend this site now.
    I’m drinking 5 juices a day+ 16oz of coconut water, and plain water between this, and my bp was 55, in not super fit or anything and it was around 77 before.
    Thanks again Donnie
    Kind regards

    • Ursula, it sounds like you’re doing fantastic on your fast. Keep it up! I’m glad you found JOJ. Are you an active person? Do you do any workouts or cardio throughout the day. I’m going to guess you don’t smoke or drink?

      • Hi Donnie,
        Thanks for your msg, no I’m sorry to say I don’t work out, have been doing just some simple excersises, nothing strenuous though. I don’t smoke and only drink occasionally. I did smoke for years, and gave up then put on weight, that I now want to loose, but am beating myself up today, as have had a bad day, I went shopping first thing before I had time to have my first juice of the day, so had only had hot water and lemon, and saw a pack of natural cashew nuts and bought and ate them, then this evening had a slice of pitza, that the kids left, I’m really. Fed up at myself, so I guess I’m going to have to start fresh in the morning. I haven’t had any stomach problems, so I guess that’s one good thing, but am mad at myself for eating junk, any advice would be greatful
        Thanks so much

        • Yes, you need to start fresh. Just think to yourself, is it worth it to get a few minutes of satisfaction by eating those things, or would you get more satisfaction by being at your ideal health and weight? Ask yourself that before you think about eating anything during your fast. Just get back on it, stick to it, and you’ll do great Ursula!

  60. Hi Donnie,

    Thanks for your website. Tomorrow I will start my 1st day of juice fast and i have some questions:

    1. the recipe that you have given like the morning glory usually how oz it will produce. I have bought a centrifugal juicer since the masticating juicers are expensive.
    2. Can i drink green tea with lemon?
    3. since i am working for 8hrs i usually have my lunch in the office, what is the shelf live of the juices if i am using the centrifugal juicer.

    Thanks a lot again..

    • Congrats on starting your fast tomorrow Kristine!

      The recipes will make between 16-20 ounces and can differ based on what juicer you use.

      You most certainly can drink green tea with lemon. Be careful on the tea as you may want to switch to decaf. Caffeine is one of the things you are trying to rid your body of.

      You should drink your juices as soon as you make them but that’s often not always possible due to our schedules. You can make your juices in the morning and bring them to work with you. You need to make sure you store them in air tight containers and keep them in the refrigerator. They should hold up fine throughout the day. Make and drink your first juice in the morning. Then make a few juices to take with you to work. When you get home, make your final juice for the night and that way you will get the most out of it.

      I’m here if you have any questions Kristine.

  61. Hi Donnie
    Watched fat sick and nearly dead last month or so on tv here in uk, and toyed with the idea of a juice fast. Finally geared up to do it, and am now on day 14, have had some strange side affects, from peeing pink after beetroot, to feeling spaced out, to feeling like I can’t get up in the morning and groggy, and groggy/weak when I do, as I have to get up and get on with life, but it felt like I was on a go slow for most of the morning, things seem to be a bit better over the last four days so I’m hoping that this has passed, I’m going to see my doctor tomorrow (day 15) and if all well will carry on for as long as I can, just wondered if all this is normal and if you could shed any light on this.
    Thanks so much

    • Ursula, congrats on your fast. As far as the peeing pink after beetroot that is expected. Your urine will take on the color of what you consume sometimes. Are you not getting enough sleep Ursula? Sleep plays an important role in your weight loss and your juice fast. You need to ensure you are getting at least a good 7 hours sleep every night. It’s important to also make sure you are drinking enough juice and plenty of water. How much juice and water do you drink throughout the day? Make sure you are listening to your body and having a juice when you feel hungry. Hunger is how your body tells you that it needs nutrients so don’t deprive it of those or you may get symptoms like you are experiencing. Keep me posted and we will figure it out Ursula.

      • Hi Donnie,
        Thanks so much for your quick response, I really appreciate it. I have been getting enough sleep, and just been following the juice recipes, and not sure of the exact amounts of juice or water I should be drinking, I have just been drinking the amounts of juice the recipes make up and additional water through the day, so wonder if you could advise me on this. As I said previously things seem to have got better over the last few days, but last night felt freezing especially in my hands but more in my feet, and took a good 3hours to get them warm, but I’m fine today, as it’s day 15, I went to my doctor for a checkup, and she didn’t know what she should be checking levels of???? She did check my bp and that was normal but my pulse was a bit low, any ideas??? PLUS I have done this for weight loss, and I have only lost 7lbs yet I have been reading about people losing vast amounts in 15 days, any ideas or. Answers or light you could shed on this would be most helpful.
        Many thanks again,

        Ps have tried to subscribe, but the link in the email its sent me won’t allow me to.

        • Ursula, you should be drinking between 4-6 juices per day with each being between 16-20 ounces. You should shoot for at least 64 ounces of water per day also. If you’re cold, try taking one of the soup recipes on the forum and drinking that. It’s just juice that is warmed up and eaten like a soup. It will help with the cold feeling.

          How low is a bit low on your pulse. Low as in good, or low as in super abnormally low?

          What type of juicer are you using Ursula? 7 pounds in 15 days does seem a little low. Let me know how many juices per day you’ve been having and what type of juicer you are using. We will figure it out.

          I checked and you are indeed on the email subscription list :) Thanks for your interest.

  62. Hey Donnie,

    Here’s a little history. I got into juicing from watching “fat,sick & nearly dead” on netflix. I did a 30 day juice cleanse, which was amazing by the way. I followed a juicing detox plan called “108 yoga super juices”. I don’t know if you’re at all familiar with it. It was a different juice everyday, which was great. The only problem I had was when I had finished the cleanse I was unsure what I wanted to eat because before I didn’t eat very healthy. I bought the “forks over knives” cookbook and tried a recipe out of there and it wasn’t half bad… I work 2 jobs back to back and have very little time to cook so I eat out a lot on my lunch breaks. So I slowly went back to the bad habits I had before.

    I want to get back into juicing again and I am going to do another juice cleanse. Instead of doing a different juice everyday I wanted to know if I can do 3 different juices everyday instead of what I was doing before.

    Do you have any recommended juices for the 3 meals a day?
    I like consistency and would rather drink the same things everyday, then maybe every once in a while switch it up. It’s also funny because I work in a produce dept. so going to the store everyday isn’t a problem.

    • Jason, you can pick any combination of juices and juice whichever ones you like. I recommend you take a look at the juices on the 7 day fast and pick out a few of them to use as your everyday juices. It’s best that you have between 4-6 juices per day with each being about 16-20 ounces. You don’t have to have a different juice every time so pick whichever ones you want to try. Good luck and keep me posted. I’m here if you have any questions.

  63. Hi Donnie,

    I’m on day 4 of 5.

    I’ve found it a lot easier than expected. Day one was worst of all with cravings for very salty pizza, but 2,3 and 4 have been fine.

    I’ve definitely lost some of that extra 15lbs I’ve been carrying, but have slightly stale taste in the mouth and acid reflux issues – but nothing major. Also, I haven’t had the desire to work out like I would normally.

    Day 6 I’ll be eating light, but cooking my favourite paella for the evening. Other than not returning to bad habits (I didn’t really have any to begin with) is there a reason I shouldn’t do this?

    Thanks so much for this website,


    • Nick, congrats on day 4 of your juice fast! Make sure you are drinking plenty of water immediately after a juice and throughout the day. You can continue on your fast or you choose to start incorporating solids back into your diet. It’s really up to you and what your goals are. Read this article as it goes into detail about coming off of a juice fast.

      I’m here if you have any questions.

  64. So glad I found this website. I’m gearing up to start a juice fast. Do you know if juicing causes blood sugars to rise? Also, I have chronic pain and inflammation. Do you know if juicing will help with that? Thanks!!

    • Michelle, welcome to JOJ! You can keep your blood sugar in check by limiting the amount of fruits you put in your juices. I have sciatica and before my fast I was about to undergo surgery for it. The pain was very bad. After my fast the pain is at very tolerable level, enough to where I avoided the surgery. I’m sure juicing can help you and your situation as well. Keep me posted Michelle. I’m here if you have any questions.

  65. Hi just starting my juice cleanse today got to get juicer from costco I’m actually excited and scared that I May cave in I’m going to do it!

    • Stop being scared! Replace that scared feeling with thoughts of excitement of how your going to look and feel after your fast. That will keep you motivated to keep at it! Keep me posted, I’m here if you have any questions.

  66. Me and my mother are starting the 7 day juicing diet tomorrow and she was wondering if she can drink coffee at all? we are both short and over 200lbs and looking to lose weight due to health issues. Also what shall we do after the 7day juicing diet?

    Please Answer ASAP

    Thank you

    • Brittney, welcome to JOJ and congrats on starting your juice fast tomorrow! Stay away from the coffee. Tea is a much better choice. Caffeine is one of the toxins you’ll be ridding your body of. After the 7 days of juicing you should go on and do another 7 days or longer if your goal is to lose a good amount of weight. Also, you can read this article as it will tell you how to come off of your juice fast and how to eat again once you’ve finished your fast.

      Enjoy! I’m here if you have any questions.

  67. Can you work out on a juice detox? I am doing it a little differently. I am doing a 7 day juice detox but also incorporating one warm soup – homemade (only vegetables and salt reduced vegetable stock) – for dinner, as it’s winter at the moment and I can’t manage only doing juices when it is so freezing.

    Warm regards,

    • Christina, you can work out but keep your workouts light during the first few days as you’ll be going through detox. It’s best to get as much rest as possible during the detox phase. If include a soup with any kind of solids you are not really doing a juice fast. The point is to let your digestive system rest so it gives you back the energy it normally uses to digest. Juice is absorbed and not digested, so when you through something even a soup with veggies you take yourself out of the fast. There are soups you can make out of juice so you will be able to fast.

  68. Hi, thanks for your informative blog, it’s really amazing and has helped me to make the decision to start juice fasting the week after next. Thank you :) I just wanted to ask if there is any age limit to juice fasting (for my sister)? Also, is there a guarantee of weight loos through juice fasting? Because I’ve been doing a regular fast (not juicing) and it has really had any effect… I’d appreciate a reply, thank you so much!! Xx

    • Sorry, I meant weight *loss Thanks xx

    • You are very welcome Sam! As far as age limit, I’ve seen juicers as young as 12 and as old as 76. So there really isn’t any age limit when it comes to juicing. It’s pretty much a guarantee that you will lose weight from the fast. The difference between a juice fast and a fast where you don’t take in any nutrition is that when you go on a normal fast you aren’t giving your body nutrients. Your body then goes into lock down mode and does it’s best to hold on to everything it has because it’s not getting the proper nutrition to sustain itself. When you’re on a juice fast, you are loading up with nutrients and sustaining your nutritional intake, so your body doesn’t starve and hold on to everything.

      • Okay, thanks so much for your reply! I just started my Juice fast today… and i really dont like the juices!I don’t know if i’m making them wrong or not but i really cant seem to stomach the flavour of the vegetable juices… I’ve tried a couple of different recipes but at the moment i’m only downing them by blocking my nose so I can’t taste them… the fruit juices are delicious by the way… Any advice? Thanks xxx

  69. kayla-xox

    Hi I’m curious to know what the difference is between a 3, 5 and a 7 day cleanse.

    • The only difference is how long you wish to fast and what your goals are. A 3 day is great for a quick detox, a 5 day is great for a full detox with some weight loss, and a 7 day or longer is your best bet for a full detox and good weight loss. I’m here if you have any questions Kayla!

  70. Yeah we cant eat or drink during our fasts:) i dnt hv words to thanx a lot fr the support and motivtion.. I dont think tht any one else is so dedicated to help others like u do..
    Stay blessed always

    • Thank you Farheen, that means a lot to me. My goal is to help everyone who seeks help. I’m always glad to help!

      Since you can’t eat or drink during Ramadan I would suggest you wait till Ramadan passes to get started on your fast. It’s important that you keep a steady flow of nutrition throughout the day while on the fast and since you can’t do that you would be risking your health.

      I would suggest that you eat light and healthy when you feast. Try to stick to fresh fruits and vegetables until you can start your fast. I’m always here if you have questions.

  71. One more thing i want to ask tht during ramadan we fast the whole month and break the fast in eve.. Is it safe to be on a juice diet while fasting everyday??

    • Farheen, will you be able to juice during the day? It’s important to be able to have a juice when your hungry while on the fast. If you can’t eat or drink juice juice may want to wait until Ramadan is over to start your juice fast.

  72. Thanx a million donnie fr sch a quick response

  73. One more thing can i take multivitamis along wd the juices??

    • There’s no need for multivitamins as you’ll be getting plenty of higher quality minerals and nutrients through your juice. The multivitamins would just be wasted Farheen. I’m always here if you have questions.

  74. Can i use sweetner in my juice..if i start juicing during my periods would i still loose weight??

    • Farheen, don’t put any sweetener in your juices. Just drink them plain and they will do wonders for you. If you stick to the juice you’ll definitely lose weight regardless what time of the month it is :)

  75. Thanks Donnie!
    Your information on what to eat after fasting is exactly the info I was looking for! I’ve just completed my 3-day juice fast and am finally feeling better (the first two days were tough! Non-stop headache and body aches!) This has been quite a challenge, but one WELL WORTH COMPLETING! I intend to keep this healthy state of body, mind & spirit.
    Thanks again for having the right information IN EASY FORMAT!!!! :-)

    Tally Ho!!!!!

    • Martha, you are very welcome! Congrats on completing your 3 day fast. Try to incorporate a juice or two into your daily routine as the health benefits are so great! I’m glad that you found the site helpful Martha, thank you! I’ll be here if you have any questions.

  76. I started my juicing today, or I believe I did? I did eat an Apple since I was craving some food. My goal is to clean my body and lose some weight. I started changing my habits back in April, I was 290lbs. I changed my eating habits and got in the insanity workout plan, now I’m 255lbs. My reason for losing weight is because of asthma, currently I’m not relying on my inhaler as much as before. I do wonder if I should do my workout while juicing? Anyways I’m planning on juicing for 7 days, let’s see what happens then.

    • Eddie, thanks for your comment. You have to push aside the cravings and only have juices when your hungry. Stay away from solids of any type! You need to stop eating solids for a few reasons. The juice fast works by allowing your digestive system to relax, hydrate, and cleanse. When you eat something solid, you just kick it back into gear. Juicing will do wonders for you if you let it. You lost 35 pounds by changing your habits so I know you have some incredible will power Eddie. Use that will power on your fast and you’ll go on to lose even more weight. Let me know if you have any questions Eddie, keep me posted please.

  77. Ok so no snacks in between meals, so then how many juices can you drink in a day? Obviously one for breakfast lunch and dinner but how about in between those if you are hungry. Sorry one more question what is the latest you should consume your juices?

    • Meghan you can have between 4-6 juices each day with each juice being about 16-20 ounces. I usually have a juice no later than an hour before I go to bed as sometimes the juice will keep you up.

  78. during the fast is it ok if you have snacks in between meals if you feel yourself getting hungry? like raw almonds or something of the sort Also, I do not have a juicer but I have a vitmix is this ok to use instead of a juicer?

    • Meghan, no snacks, just juice! It’s important to not have any solids while on the juice fast. You need to give your digestive system a rest and let the juice work to cleanse your body. You won’t achieve the results if you start adding solids, regardless of how healthy they are. Also, no vitamix, only a juicer. You can read this article for a more in depth answer as to why.

      I’ll be here if you have questions.

  79. Thank you, I plan on juicing everyday and adding it into my lifestyle. Today I had fruit in the morning, a salad at lunch & another salad for dinner along with herbal tea. When can I start eating normal again (chicken,meat,rice,wheat,oatmeal etc)?

    • Valerianna, since you’re already including solids you can start adding other stuff as you please. Just do it in moderation and don’t over eat. You’ll be good to go!

  80. I broke my fast and ate grapes/oranges this morning. So that made 4 days, I got really scared on how much weight Im losing so fast and I plan on starting a fast again after I consult my doctor since I am already so petite to make sure I don’t get down to a dangerous weight. Can I eat regular foods again, what would you recommend?

    • Valerianna, if you’re not trying to lose weight you have some more options. You can make your juices more fruitier and it will be okay for you to eat a lite meal of fresh veggies every so often. Feel free to experiment with your juices and drink them as often as you can. If you’re dropping too much weight you can always add some protein to your juices. I suggest a pure unflavored protein isolate. This will help with any muscle loss and should keep your weight on while you juice. Keep me posted Valerianna, I’ll be here if you have any questions.

  81. Thank you for your immediate reply. I’m dealing with a bad odor that seems to be coming from my pores and it’s only getting worse with time. I want so badly for juicing to rid me of this problem aside from all of the other health benefits that juicing has. But the body odor is the primary reason I started this fast. It hasnt been a full 3 days yet and I already lost 7 lbs even though my weight is not an issue. After the fast I want to start a healthy diet because I now see that what you put into your body reflects outward and Im hoping that will make or keep the odor away. I will stay on my fast! How long should I stay on it until I see a difference with the odor from my pores? It’s hard for me to talk about this problem but I’m becoming so down and even isolating myself because of it, I just want it to go away. The doctor even told me that he is at a loss for what the cause could be, so he wants me to see a gastrointerologist in 2 MONTHS!

    • Valerianna, I would try for a week and see if it has made a difference. If not, try for two weeks and then add some raw fruits and veggies into your diet. The main thing is to let your body completely cleanse itself before you stop or start adding solids back into your diet. Keep me posted, I’d like to know what happens Valerianna. Keep me posted please.

  82. I am just finishing up day 2 of my juice fast for the very first time. I feel like instead of doing a juice fast I should just incorporate it into my day. I plan on replacing 1 meal with a vegetable juice, while eating healthy. My goal is to become vegan. I’d like to start eating solids tomorrow (which would have been day 3)but I’d like to know where you think I should start. My fast was only 2 days so should I follow the same guidelines above or do I have more wiggle room? Thank you!

    • Valerianna, I think you should stay on your fast. It’s only been two days, give it some more time. You haven’t been through detox completely but if you do want to get back to solids, you shouldn’t have a problem. Remember, you’ve only been on juice for two days, that’s not long enough for it to have any impact on your system.

      Keep me posted, I’ll be here if you have any questions.

  83. I lost 8 pounds on the 3 day juice fast – I’m already looking at food differently – I will update as I go along.

    I am thinking of juicing one meal a day and eat fruits and veggies. I’m already questioning my decision to eat the ‘crap’ food that I was eating before. I believe that the 3 day juice fast is helping me to make good decisions about food moving forward.

    • Kathy, that is great news! Congratulations on how great you’ve done so far! Juicing even at least one meal a day can be very helpful to you. I’m looking forward to more of your updates.