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Gung Ho Mango Juice

Gung Ho MangoGung Ho Mango

Gung Ho Mango Juice

This is the Gung Ho Mango Juice Recipe! It’s a very delicious yet health packed juice loaded with all the right vitamins and nutrients to keep you going strong. The Gung Ho Mango juice has a sweeter taste but goes down smooth and easy. It consists of orange, mango, strawberry, carrot, spinach, romaine lettuce, and cucumber. The romaine helps to balance out the strong fruits and the cucumber ties it together to give it that perfectly enjoyable taste that we all love!

If you want something sweet but something that you can also chug down when you’re thirsty, this is the juice for you. I prefer to enjoy this drink around lunch time but it would be a great morning juice if you like a mellow sweet drink. So, let me get on to the recipe because that’s what you’re here for right?

Gung Ho Mango Juice Ingredients

  • 1 Orange
  • 4 Mango Slices
  • 3 Strawberries
  • 1 Big Carrot
  • 1 Handful of Spinach
  • 1 Cucumber
  • 3 Romaine Leaves


As always, I recommend that you clean all of your produce before you juice them. I don’t keep the rind on when juicing oranges but a little rind won’t hurt anything. As far as substitutions, you have plenty of options to customize the Gung Ho Mango juice! Strawberries can be replaced by raspberries or pomegranate seeds to change up the bitterness. If you want to go crazy you could replace the carrot with a beet or two. That would give it a deep crimson color and change up the flavor a little bit. If the flavor is too earthy for you, it would be a good option to replace the romaine lettuce with cabbage, broccoli, or swiss chard.

I hope you enjoy this one, it’s awesome! If you try any of the substitutions please post and let us know what you did and how it turned out. As always, happy juicing!

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  1. I substituted the romaine with red cabbage and it was delicious. This is my first attempt and I have got to say it is really good!! Here’s to a more healthy me!!
    Ann Marie

  2. Hi there!
    Thanks so much for the website and all the great recipes!
    I ordered my juicer tonight so just getting everything in order, hope it gets here soon!
    Just wanted to inquire if it’s okay to take weight loss supplements while juicing?j
    Thanks again!

  3. I just started juicing & have enjoyed several of your recipes. Is there a way to get the nutritional value on your recipes? Thanks for helping to make beginning juicing easier.

  4. Hi Donnie, Quick question, loving all the juice, but a good majority of your recipes say ” great for breakfast or lunch” What are the options I should be looking at for supper? Thanks

  5. Hello, We are just beginning our juice fast tomorrow morning. My question is, we use a Vitamixer juicer; is this acceptable? I know that it does not remove any pulp, but they say that it is healthier, because of the extra fiber. Although, it does blend it up extremely well, it is not like water.

    • Toni, the vitamix is a blender and not a juicer. Each gram of fiber contains 4 calories. If you follow the recipes exactly and use your blender instead of a juicer it’s even a possibility to gain weight due to the high calorie intake. Please read this article for more in formation on why you MUST use a juicer for a juice fast: I’m here if you have questions. Cheers!

  6. Hi Donnie,

    I have already grocery shopped and ready to start tomorrow for 7 days! My question is, is it okay to still take vitamins during the 7 day juice fast? Im so excited about starting!

    • Christina, I’m sorry for the late response. There’s really no need to take vitamins during your fast as you’ll be getting plenty of nutrients. Any extra nutrients just get passed out as waste. Stick to your juices and see how you feel before adding in vitamins. It all really depends on what vitamins you are taking and what vitamins you are getting from your fast.

  7. Day one for me…guba try this tomorrow..what r romaine leaves??can something else b used as a substitute if I can’t get them?

  8. Hey everyone! I just started juicing today and it tastes better than I expected! I am very excited about my journey for health I am embarking on. :)
    For those of you who are maybe on a bit of a budget, but want a product/juicer that will give fast and delicious results, I highly recommend that you go to your local Canadian Tire and pick up a Breville Juice Fountain Pro. I am very impressed with my purchase, and at only $160 it didn’t put me out too much, either. I’m a total noob at juicing so I’m surprised that even I could work it so easily. lol. Good luck, fellow juicers!

    • Jennifer, congrats on starting your juice fast! The juice fountain is a good juicer as are most Brevilles. Keep me posted on your fast and let me know how it goes. I’m always here if you have questions Jennifer.

  9. Lucky you! It takes me twice as long with my Green Power juicer. But that’s alright, it’s well worth it.

    • I wasn’t that fast when I first started out! My first juice took me about 30 minutes as I was figuring out how to do everything and was too worried about following the recipes exactly 100%. I’ve got it down to a science now :)

  10. Donnie, the baby I was talking about was the juicer, I mentioned that I had spent over $400 on it so it would have to do for now. I like how easy and effortless it looks to make juice in your juicer and clean up I imagine is a breeze compared to mine which has several parts to clean, but as I said, for now I must stick with mine.
    But yes, of course tge kiddos are always top priority. We have 3 and almost all of our decisions involve making them happy and well adjusted. That’s the joy of being a parent. Alright, I’ll leave you alone for awhile, I’ve been commenting almost everyday, I just love your JOJ site and find something new and interesting each time I go in. It keeps me motivated and I need that because I plan to make this part of my lifestyle.
    Take care!

    • That’s great Ivette! It’s pretty easy to make a juice with the centrifugal juicers I use. It takes me under 10 minutes to prep, make a juice, drink it, and clean. Keep me posted on your success! I’m always here if you have questions.

  11. Hi Donnie, I think it’s my juicer. It’s a masticating juicer with twin gears and its the kind that has different screens for fruits and veggies. I have to juice my veggies first then replace the filter with the fruit one. Because of this I have to strain my finished juice since some pulp falls into the juice container when I’m switching the filters. I usually strain all my juices once I’m done and end up with a bit of pulp. I don’t strain my avocado juice though. I think of the fat content and feel like it wouldn’t go through. If you try it out let me know how it goes with your juicer. I know you have a Breville. I won’t be able to invest in a new juicer now anyways but I’d like to know. I bought mine about 4 years ago and just now have put that thing to work overtime. I only occasionally used it in the past and would even store it inside my cabinet. That baby takes center stage now haha. So I spend over $400 for it and so I’ll have to make it work for me.

    • Yeah Ivette, while masticating juicers are great they tend to let a little more pulp in sometimes. Masticating juicers are great though. They allow you to store your juices for longer periods of time compared to centrifugal juicers. With masticating juicers you’ll also get more juice and a better quality juice. Just keep straining your juices like you have been.

      Babies and kids always take the center stage :) But it’s all worth it!

  12. Hi Donnie, I’m drinking my dinner right now and it turned out great! I added half a cucumber and it think it was a good addition. I feel like I’m drinking guacamole 😛 so I suppose fresh cilantro can be added too. I only like cooking with cilantro, I don’t like it raw so I won’t add it. Donnie, the avocado goes into the juice cup creamed but there isn’t much going into to pulp catcher. I’m just wondering if I’m still drinking a “juice” with this recipe? I’m wondering how reliable my juicer is. I know it’s high quality. It’s a “Green Power” Juice extractor. It can juice wheatgrass even, but I’m questioning some of the juice that goes into the juice cup now.

    • Ivette, I love guacamole so I’ll have to give it a try.

      Your juices should be about the same consistency of water. If they aren’t then chances are you’re getting solids mixed in there and should change up your recipes a bit. Avocados and bananas tend to do this in some juicers.

  13. Hi Donnie, yes it’s super tasty! I’m too much… I realize what a sweet tooth I have as I’m here drinking my second juice and savoring it. It’s sweet and smooth and I’m enjoying it for the second time today. I am craving a bit less sweet now so I’ll probably make my avocado, lettuce, tomato, lime, garlic juice for dinner but I’ll probably add cucumber to make more juice and to try out and see if it makes it even better.

    • It’s great that you aren’t craving as much sweetness anymore. It means your system is adjusting to the juice. Keep it up! Let me know how your dinner juice turns out.

  14. Donnie, this recipe is awesome! I think finally I turned a corner as far as not enjoying my juicjng experience thanks to this recipe! I didn’t have fresh strawberries, just frozen so I added a pinch of fresh pomegranate seeds and a small chunk of fresh pineapple. The result is delish! Better than any juice I’ve ever had, including store bought!
    Today is day 1of my third 3 day juice fast. I’d like to go longer than 3 days but it seems that’s all I’ve been able to do without cheating with my lifestyle. I’ve had great results though so I’m hoping I can lose the last 5 lbs with this fast. I should aim to continue if I’ve not reached my goal by the end of day 3. Don’t mind me, I’m just talking myself into it. It’s highly possible now though because I’ve enjoyed a juice finally! I’m happy 😀

    • Ivette, I’m glad you enjoy this one. It’s a real tasty juice isn’t it?

      If you haven’t reached your goal by day three then extend your juice fast until you do hit your goal. I’m sure you will hit it within a few days. I bet after 3 days you could easily go 5 days. I wish you the best Ivette! Let me know how things work out for you.

  15. Can I drink green tea during the juice fast?

  16. Hi! I’m about to start the juice fast with my friend, and I was wondering how many people can this recipe (or all your recipies) can serve?

    • Kiyomi, the recipes are for one person. If you find that the recipe produces too much juice then try splitting it between the both of you or adjusting the quantities. Try out a few recipes and see how much each make with your juicer and you’ll get a better idea. I’ll be here if you have questions.

  17. Hi, Donnie!
    Thanks for great juice recipe and beautiful site! Why is it called Gung Ho? I don’t like to mix many vegetables with fruits. I’ve read somewhere that it’s not so healthy because fruits and vegetables consist of different ingredients and our stomach needs to produce different ferments to assimilate it. Is this wrong? What do you think?

    • Dave, thanks for your comment!

      You have to understand that the mixing of fruits and vegetables is only hard on your digestive system during the breaking down cycle. When you are juicing, these fruits and vegetables aren’t digested but instead absorbed into your system because they are already broken down. So the downfall of mixing fruits and veggies is only true when you are eating them, not juicing them. I hope you have a better understanding of this now.

      • Hey D, I have a question about this comment your made:

        “You have to understand that the mixing of fruits and vegetables is only hard on your digestive system during the breaking down cycle. When you are juicing, these fruits and vegetables aren’t digested but instead absorbed into your system because they are already broken down. So the downfall of mixing fruits and veggies is only true when you are eating them, not juicing them. I hope you have a better understanding of this now.”

        Is this true if you blend instead of juice? Does the body have problems breaking down fruits and veggie together when blending vs juicing?

        • It’s easier when you blend Gogi, but they still aren’t broken down and will pass through digestion. Juicing breaks them down to their finest whereas blending breaks them down but not to their finest. Hope this helps.

  18. Hi, I’m new to juicing. Berries are really pricey where I live, can I use frozen berries instead? Perhaps if I let them thaw first?
    Just curious if this would be the same, I have heard that frozen produce can actually have more nutrients than fresh because they are preserved when they are first harvested. Not sure if this is a myth.

    Cheers for this web site!

    • Rebecca, you can use frozen fruits. When they are frozen they retain some or most of their nutritional value. I don’t know about them having more nutritional value. The actual freezing process involves picking the fruits, blanching them in boiling water for a brief period of time to sterilize it, and then freezing them. They may also lose a little nutritional value when being reheated or thawed.

      With that being said try them out, worst case scenario is that they don’t taste as good or you get tired of thawing them out.

    • I heard this specifically about blueberries very recently.

  19. Would this be a breakfast, lunch or dinner drink

    • Jessie, this juice can be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a snack. It’s generally better to drink juices with more fruit in the morning but it really depends on what you goals are and what you wish to achieve with your juice fast.

  20. Hi,

    I want to start the 2 week (maybe longer) juicing fast and I have a few questions:
    1). I ordered a nutribullet and I am not sure if I will get the same results as a traditional juicer.

    2). will I lose weight on the fast? what is the average pounds per week can be lost?

    Thanks so much.. Great website!!

    • Nadia that’s a good question, please read the FAQ ( ) Blending is not the same as juicing. The juicer separates the pulp/fiber and the blender does not. You should not be having any of the pulp while on the fast.

      You will lose weight, during the first week I lost around 12-15 pounds. You usually lose more during the first week. Let me know if you have any questions.