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Author Topic: Colon Cancer

Juice Expert
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Re: Colon Cancer
on: October 17, 2013, 23:41

AS an addendum to my previous post - despite the light vegan meal last night - my BP this morning (best of three - ALL very similar) 117/74.

Not sure it helps anyone but, hope so.... Mal

Juice Expert
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Re: Colon Cancer
on: October 30, 2013, 09:49

Hi Mal.
I still keep checking in to see if you have updated with your progress.
Like you, I have had some good BP news. 2 weeks ago my BP was 157/92 and after 2 weeks of a combination of juicing and eating raw it is now 118/79. As you know, that is about spot on.
It's frankly amazing what these fruits and veges can do for us and I hope to hear more good news from you soon.

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Re: Colon Cancer
on: November 2, 2013, 17:57

Hello sir, (2nd language from french)

I did a 18 days water only fast and it changed my life.

I started to juice 2 glasses a day right after that and I feel superb.

Glass 1 = 2 oranges, 1 grapefruit, 1 lemon every morning.

Glass 2 = carrots/turnip/potatoes/kale/salad/cabage + onion

If you can start drinking onion juice, the benefits you will feel and live are unbelievable.

I encourage you to read about onions (pungent, not sweet) and start juicing it. You will feel an increase (very easy to feel) in your testosteron and in your strength, mood etc. Read the link I provided as well, there is mounting evidence that onions are good at fighting exactly the type of cancer you are talking about.

If you can live with the smell, I would strongly encourage you to go with stronger alium like shallots, garlic etc.

Very easy: Take 1/2 pungent onion which whole is about the size of your fist. This will net you 2-3 oz or onion juice. Mix it with honey and drink it. If the onions are too pungent, you might have a hard time keeping it down but its rare in my case.

It is normal you get an abdominal upset and a runny nose. This will go away as you eat better and become healthier.

Also there is a recent studies that show that people who eat garlic have 40% less chance of getting lung cancer.

Garlic is excreted through the lungs (thats why there is nothing to do against the bad breath it gives) so garlic is really good for lungs.

In my case: I am 41, I lost 30 lbs with a 18 days fast 6 months ago. Now I weight 5 lbs more than when I was 20 and my weight varies 1-2 pounds during a 30 days period. I didnt take back any of my weight.

My general mood, my skin, my eyes, my strength, my general outlook on life, my resistance to stress etc were all increased positivaly with my 2 glasses of juice a day.

I bought a 100$ cheapo juicer and I do it religiously everyday. When I know my wife wont be there for 1-2 days, I make garlic and shallots juice because she despise the smell.

Every morning, I have 2 hards thing to do: drink the onion juice + clean the juicer afterwards. It taste bad, strong etc and I hate cleaning the juicer but nothing in the world could make me stop doing it: I love the way it makes me feel.

Studies about onion (if you read anything, read this):

Juice Expert
Posts: 48
Re: Colon Cancer
on: June 10, 2018, 04:13

Hi Donnie and all you juicers out there.

It has been a long time since I wrote, but, I can never forget how incredibly supportive people on this blog were, particularly Donnie. During a very low period in my life. No matter how I phrase the words “thank you” they just don’t seem enough.

Well almost five years have passed, I juice often and just finished an eight day “reset”.

I just had a colonoscopy and am delighted to find I am still TOTALLY cancer free, I maintain a COMPLETELY plant based diet and have for a total of 10 years now.

I have learned a lot over the years and know that Juicing and plant based food are important in my life and could be in yours, however, we are all different.

I juice 3-4 times a year, for a week or so, (mostly), sometimes more. My plant based diet is so delicious, I just cannot understand why I ever needed to consume animals.

I take two supplements – A weekly Vitamin B12 and Vegan omega 3 DHA-EPA, my main reason for supplementing EPA/DHA in my hereditary high BP. Most people would be OK adding flax, chia, etc.. as ALA can convert to DHA/EPA (Better in Women).

My sincere thanks to everyone

Mal (Australia)

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