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Author Topic: beet juice, red urine, and iron deficiency?

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beet juice, red urine, and iron deficiency?
on: May 16, 2014, 14:14

Hi All,
I am a competitive runner, and recently have been having some of my worst performances in competition that I can remember (been competing since I was 14, not 27). In the past few years I have started occasionally drinking juice, mainly with beet juice as it is supposed to have very good benefits for endurance sports. Not an everyday or even weekly thing, but enough to know how it affects me. Normally I'll have a bit darker of a stool, but I've never experienced red urine before. This past time I drank it however, (first time I drank it during my "slump") I had red urine. After some brief internet research I learned one possible reason could be low iron, something that could also be to blame for my awful performances. Has anyone had similar experience with red urine cause by beets and looked to see if they were iron deficient?

thanks a lot,

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Re: beet juice, red urine, and iron deficiency?
on: May 19, 2014, 00:07

Hello Scott,

I love juicing beets and I usually juice it with pineapple as it masks the earthy taste. I also get red urine when consuming sugarbeet juice. This is what I got online: "Consumption of beets can cause urine to become red or pink in color. This condition"called beeturia"is not considered harmful.One area in which beeturia may be a potential concern involves problems with iron metabolism. Persons with iron deficiency, iron excess, or known problems with the metabolism of iron are more likely to experience beeturia."

I hope this helps. But It would still be better if you could check with your health care provider just to be sure. Thanks!

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Re: beet juice, red urine, and iron deficiency?
on: October 30, 2021, 11:59

What, juice therapy is a great solution. But I want to advise you to add a few drops of cbd oil to your juice and then the effect will be much more powerful. I have already tried this approach. I bought myself Blessed cbd oil and added this product to different juices. It improved my health and strengthened my immune system.

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