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Summary - Robp
Name: Rob P Robp
Registered: July 22, 2013, 13:02
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I'm a forty yr old father of one bounding 4yr old girl, and husband to a wife that has a cake shop. I've always considered myself an eclectic person, willing to try most things, and the things I like I try them twice. I attribute this largely to experimenting with recreational substances in my youth, but that was all a long time ago now, however for many years I ran bars and still have an (un)healthy alcohol intake.
Professionally I am a nurse and work long hours on a busy hospital ward, I've just downloaded a pedometer on my phone and I just about cover my 10,000 steps in a 12hr shift. The ward I currently work on cares for a lot of alcoholics, and I see people the same age as me, and younger, who have destroyed their bodies through drink and drugs. It makes me so thankful for my health and that I sometimes said no instead of yes.
Diet wise I have a relatively healthy diet, both my wife and I are good cooks, we lived in Thailand for three years and still enjoy cooking delicious Thai food, along with other tasty food from around the world. We use a lot of fresh veg, buy most of our meat from a local farm shop, and involve our girl in cooking as well. I also like to make my own beer and have started cooking big style Tex-Mex BBQs
I have fasted before, the first time was the most intense and I don't think I'll top that, it was on a Thai island and involved little more than the juice from two coconuts a day, some bitter herbs mixed with psyllium husk and Vit C, and of course as much water as was needed, and three coffee enemas a day. I found it very draining, but was also a revelation. I could do it and I did feel good after, the weight I lost stayed off for a long time.
I want to do this juice fast to kick start a healthier lifestyle, or at the very least to cleanse myself for a bit, after a bit of research I like the menu and organisation of it, everything is laid out and easily obtainable. Currently weigh 73kg/160lb and have a BMI of 26. I want to drop that to about 68kg/150lb and see where I go from there...

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