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Cool Cabbage Juice Recipe

Cool Cabbage Juice RecipeCool Cabbage Juice Recipe

Cool Cabbage Juice Recipe

This Cool Cabbage Juice Recipe will hit the spot if your looking for something filling but not overly sweet. This juice drink is made up of cabbage, celery, cucumber, spinach, carrot, apple, grapes, lemon, and fresh ginger root. The grapes and lemon are the key to making this cabbage drink come to life with it’s own uniqueness. It’s not too sweet, but it’s not dull or sour either. It has just the right combination of things to make it extremely healthy while still maintaining a good look and a fresh taste that your palate will soon high five you for drinking. This drink can be had for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or for a snack between meals. You may find that you only need to use a half of a cucumber instead of a whole cucumber for this recipe. The Cool Cabbage Juice Recipe can be modified to use Kale instead of spinach, Lime instead of Lemon, Blueberries instead of Grapes, or even removing the carrot or the celery. Experiment and try out a few variations and then come back and post what you did and how you liked it. I love to hear from other juicers.

Cool Cabbage Juice Recipe Ingredients

1 Cucumber

1 Carrot

2 Celery Stalks

1/4 head of Red Cabbage

1 Granny Smith Apple

1 Cup of Grapes

1/4 Lemon Peeled

1 inch of Fresh Ginger Root

1 Big Handful of Spinach

Remember, it is very important to wash and rinse all of your fruits and vegetables prior to juicing them. Make sure you core your apples and remove the stems from the grapes. My rule of thumb is if I wouldn’t normally eat it on the fruit or veggie, then I’m not going to juice it.  I hope you enjoy this recipe. Please experiment and let me know what substitutions you found that really worked for this. Enjoy!

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  1. The green cabbage is too strong tasting for me! Yuck!

  2. I just came across your website and am really enjoying it. Everything is clear with all my questions answered. Expecially since I am active and do work out! I am looking to lose weight and I have an abundance of organic cabbage my daughter brings home from work (restaurant throwaways). This will be perfect and I am going to make it now. Just for the record—I eat ALL my apple! Ha Ha!

  3. we made this today and substituted a beet for the grapes…it was fantastic! thanks for the recipe!

  4. can u do the same with a nutri bullett machine

  5. B-Bird

    This was a delicious recipe! Can’t wait to juice it again tomorrow!

  6. My spouse and I will start juicing tomorrow therefore prepping. We normally eat the skin of our potatoes; is it ok to juice with skin on? Tks
    By the way ur site is irie (great)

  7. Could I possibly us white cabbage instead of red cabbage ?

  8. Trying this one for lunch tomorrow.

  9. Finally- a way to enjoy drinking cabbage juice. Thank you for this recipe!

  10. This tasted really good. Thanks for the recipe. I just added 1/4 Jalapeno to spice it up. It was really nice.

    • Karthik, I’m pleased that you enjoyed it! I’m going to have to try adding some jalapeno as I love a good kick!

  11. Owesome am starting advice for starters

  12. Try adding anise, zucchini, yellow squash, sweet potato and pumpkin.

  13. I am new to your site and I tried this recipe. I only had green cabbage and didn’t know what to combine it with. I really like this combo! Thanks!