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Banana Boost Juice Recipe

Banana Boost Juice RecipeBanana Boost Juice Recipe

Banana Boost Juice Recipe

The Banana Boost Juice Recipe is one of my favorite juice recipes. It has a creamy flavor but isn’t overpowered by the banana. It consists of banana, apple, mango, pomegranate, carrot, spinach, celery, and cucumber. There is no individual ingredient that really stands out, instead you get a unique flavor that is truly a delight to drink. The banana boost juice recipe can be enjoyed for breakfast lunch or dinner and it’s very high in vitamins and nutrients.

I use Chiquita mini bananas instead of the larger bananas for this recipe. Crossed with mango and variety of vegetables, the banana tones are mellowed down to a point where this drink is not sweet or sower but highly flavorful and enjoyable. If you are looking for a juice recipe that is 100% enjoyable then you must try this banana boost juice recipe. On to the recipe!

Banana Boost Juice Recipe

1 small Chiquita Banana
1 Granny Smith Apple
5 Mango Chunks
1 handful of Pomegranate Seeds
2 Full sized Carrots
2 Handfuls of Spinach
2 Celery Stalks
1 Cucumber

I start by juicing the apple and mango first and then move on to the pomegranate seeds and banana. After that I juice the carrots, spinach, celery and then finally the cucumber. I typically juice cucumbers last to push out any other juices that haven’t yet made it out of the juicer. I usually offer substitutions on all my recipes but this banana boost juice recipe should be enjoyed just as it is. But if you can’t get a hold of pomegranate seeds they could be replaced with raspberries as they offer a close similarity.

I would love to hear your reviews of this juice recipe or any alterations you have made to it. This juice is also great when poured over ice and sipped on. If you have a multi-speed juicer, bananas should be juiced at the low to medium setting due to their consistency and texture. Enjoy this recipe and make a comment with your review. As always, make sure to clean your ingredients well and above all else, enjoy your juice!

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  1. Thank you – you encouraged me to start juicing. I love this juice!! Juicing has been such a struggle for me not because of the not eating part or the taste of the juices because I like it, but, the whole thing about drinking freshly prepared juice kills me. I’m ALWAYS on the go and most time I don’t have time to prepare, juice and clean the machine. What do you think about me making 2 days batches. I don’t get why there wouldn’t be any nutrients left…where do they go? How much nutrients are left? Isn’t some nutrients better than none?

  2. Can you add water to the mix to add more to the bottle for work as in half or a small cup xx

  3. I have now seen the difference between a blender n a juicer omg n bargin juicer b n m £20 400w brill xx

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