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7 Day Juice Fast Videos

7 Day Juice Fast Videos

7 Day Juice Fast Videos

I came across Mesoirie’s 7 Day Juice Fast Videos on YouTube last night. She went on a 7 day juice fast and documented every day of it over a series of seven videos. She goes into detail explaining what recipes she uses, how they taste, and even how she prepares and makes them. Her videos are inspiring to anyone who is thinking about starting a juice fast.

She not only does a great job detailing her fast, she makes it personal and enjoyable to watch. I watched all seven videos and Mesoirie is joy to watch. Even her children get involved and try out her juices.

If you are planning on or thinking of starting a fast, watch these videos of someone going through it. I also love how she comes up with her own recipes after a while. I always suggest that people make the juices more suited to them and use what they enjoy, and she did a fabulous job of doing just that!

Mesoirie uses a few JustOnJuice recipes throughout her fast and you’ll get to see her make them from start to finish. You’ll also see her reactions to the taste along with her comments. I hope you really enjoy these videos as much as I did.

Mesoiries’ 7 Day Juice Fast Videos Day 1

Mesoiries’ 7 Day Juice Fast Videos Day 2

Mesoiries’ 7 Day Juice Fast Videos Day 3

Mesoiries’ 7 Day Juice Fast Videos Day 4

Mesoiries’ 7 Day Juice Fast Videos Day 5

Mesoiries’ 7 Day Juice Fast Videos Day 6

Mesoiries’ 7 Day Juice Fast Videos Day 7

Thank you for making these wonderful videos detailing your juice fast Mesoirie! You’re 7 day Juice Fast Videos were a pleasure to watch and I hope you really enjoyed your fast and continue to incorporate juicing into your everyday life style. Subscribe to Mesoirie’s Channel Here


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  1. What kind of juicer do you use?? What brand can you recommend because my juicer got broken last Monday and I was searching for another one so that I can start with my cleansing right away. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. I saw the Joe Cross movie, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, I was very encouraged by it but wasn’t motivated enough to try juicing. Now that I am on bp medication and the Dr. wants to put me on cholesterol medication, I’m reminded of Joe. I want to do a 60 day fast, right now I am day 6, I’m loving it! I have not had a juice I don’t like. I have an old Juice Man juicer and while it does the job, I know there are better juicers available. While talking to a friend about my journey, she informed me that she has the Omega VR350 and I’m really loving it too! I’ll have to bite the bullet and purchase one because I know now I will be juicing from now on. In five(5) days I have lost 11 pounds! I have energy, I even exercised this morning, the elliptical and free weights. My goal, to get off the bp med and reach my height and age weight ideal. I have a considerable way to go, but am also encouraged that I can juice until I meet my goal. Also, after as a side note, my daughter has joined me after day one, her goal is a week now, which she initially said three days. It is so doable and so enjoyable. Just give it a try. There is much good advice and planning info on line, take advantage of it. HAPPY JUICING!

  3. Donnie, I am on my 9th. day of juice fast. I have been having a lot of cramps. Any suggestions?
    Thank you for you’re blog. Aaron

  4. Hi there,
    What are the benefits of using Celery or other nutritionally (lacking) equivalent vegetable in your juice?

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