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7 Day Juice Fast Plan

7 Day Juice Fast Plan

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7 Day Juice Fast Plan


The 7 Day Juice Fast Plan is great if you’re looking to get cleansed, detoxed, and lose weight. There are two breakfasts, two lunches, and two dinners for you to chose from but remember, this 7 Day Juice Fast Plan is just that, a plan. You don’t have to follow it 100% word for word or meal for meal, but you should follow the core advice within it. A few things to keep in mind when following the 7 Day Juice Fast Plan.

Juice Fast Tip 1 If a certain recipe is unappealing to you, make substitutions that are similar. For example, if a recipe calls for Kale but you can’t get any Kale or just don’t like Kale, then replace it with Spinach or even Broccoli. It’s okay to replace, substitute, or change up the recipes.

Juice Fast Tip 2 You should not eat any solids during this 7 Day Juice Fast Plan. It defeats the purpose of it. So stay away from any solids, you’ll be Just On Juice for seven days.

Juice Fast Tip 3 If you get headaches, or strong cravings, it is normal for the first 2-4 days. Just stay focused and stay on the juice. Make an extra Juice to drink if you feel like you’re about to cave in and eat something solid.

Juice Fast Tip 4 Drink at least 16 oz of water after each juice meal. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

Juice Fast Tip 5 Start each day off by juicing 1/2 lemon (peeled) and mix it with 12-16 ounces of warm to hot water. I do this as soon as I wake up each morning, it’s important to cleanse your digestive system and give you a good boost of energy.

Juice Fast Tip 6 It’s recommended to have between 4-6 juices per day each consisting of 16-20 ounces. The below list is great to get you started with different juices. You can choose whichever juices you please while on your juice fast. The list takes into consideration you will try them all. So feel free to experiment while on your 7 day juice fast plan!

Breakfasts Lunches Dinners
Morning Glory Mean Green Sunset Passion
  • 2 Apples
  • 1 Cucumber
  • 1 cup Blueberries
  • 2 cups of Grapes
  • 2 Kale Leaves
  • 1″ Ginger
  • 1 Granny Smith Apple
  • 1 Cucumber
  • 4 Stalks of Celery
  • 4-6 Kale Leaves
  • 1/4 Lemon Peeled
  • 1″ Ginger
  • 1 Beet Sliced
  • 1 Cucumber
  • 1 Carrot
  • 1 Granny Smith Apple
  • 4 Kale Leaves
  • 1/4 Lemon Peeled
  • 1/4 Lime Peeled
Jolt Juice Bruschetta Tang Green Machine
  • 2 Apples
  • 1 Orange
  • 1 Cucumber
  • 1/4 Lemon Peeled
  • 4 Kale Leaves
  • 2 Tomatoes
  • 1-2 Garlic Cloves Peeled
  • 1 Bunch of Basil (20 Leaves)
  • 1/4 Lemon Peeled
  • 4 Kale Leaves
  • 2 Apples
  • 2 Cups Spinach
  • 1/2 Cucumber
  • 2 Celery Stalks
  • 1 Med Carrot
  • 1″ Ginger
Shopping List of 7 Day Juice Fast Plan Things to Remember While on the 7 Day Juice Fast Plan
  • 12-15 Granny Smith Apples x 2
  • 16 – 20  Cucumbers
  • 1 Bag of Carrots
  • 1 Bag of Oranges
  • 6-12 Tomatoes
  • 7 Beets
  • 1 Garlic
  • 1 Bag of Basil Large
  • 4 Cups of Blueberries
  • A Bag of Grapes
  • 3 Bags of Celery
  • 5 Big Bags of Spinach or 8-12 Bundles of Kale
  • A Ginger Root
  • 7 Lemons
  • 2 Limes
  • You may want to split up the 7 Day Juice Fast Plan into two separate trips to the grocery store. You can do this by getting 12 apples, 12 cucumbers, 1 bag of celery and 2-3 bags of spinach or kale half way through the 7 Day Juice Fast Plan.
  • After 3-4 days you will start to feel an abundance of energy, headaches will be gone, and you won’t be as hungry. This means you have overcome the hard part and pushed out a majority of the toxins in your body. Keep going strong, it’s definitely worth it. Why stop now?
  • Always wash and clean your produce before juicing it!
  • Clean out your juicer after each use.
  • It helps to take Ziploc gallon size bags and prepare your fruit and veggies ahead of time. I will put breakfast in one bag, and lunch in another bag, it cuts down juicing time in the morning.
  • REMEMBER, you don’t have to follow this 7 Day Juice Fast Plan 100%. Feel free to experiment with your own veggies and fruits while juicing. You can come up with your own recipes so use the above recipes as guidelines.
  • Make sure you are coring your apples as you do not really want to juice the seeds.
  • You can pour any of these drinks over ice and enjoy them or drink them how they are.
  • Do not add salt, but feel free to add spices such as pepper, fresh mint, basil, oregano, chives, or thyme.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these juices, I’m doing and are very rich. regards

  2. I usually lose about 7 pounds when I ckeanse. Its the best way to break your carb addiction. Its important to drink as much water as you can. Use the juicer you got. I worked my way through several before I settled on the one I liked best. I have been juicing for about 4 years. Best thing ever!!

  3. with this do you have to use a juicer or could you use a nutri-bullet? im only asking bc i dont want to spend money on a fancy juicer when i already have the bullet from my grandma.

    • Isn’t that just a blender? It would be considered more of a shake than juice. Still consuming solids, so you’re not really “cleansing”, and just dieting for 7 days.

      • Ok, so you’re telling me that a liquid doesn’t require digestion? And or that raw fruits and veggies don’t cleanse your system even when beaten down to pulp? I love the ideas of juicing and i like the idea of those who have high end blenders who can also blend to the point it’s liquid and can consume where most of the nutrition is, which is what the juicer gets rid of. I’m going to assume most people who would want to argue have no college education in health and science fields of study. Haylie, you would be better of using a blender if that’s how you want to get everything you need, stay healthy. People who use a juicer will be missing out on a lot of nutrients that you’ll be getting.

        • Hi tyler, I have the cheap model of magic bullet that i bought from walmart to make shakes. My question is, will this work the same? Thank you in advance.

    • Take my word for it. You won’t care for the texture of Nutri-bullet “juice.” I saw someone who got a French press (like to press out coffee grounds) to squeeze the rest of the juice out of the pulp, and that might work okay. But seriously, I’ve tried the Nutri-bullet route. The texture is gross (especially with celery), and you usually lose juice if you try to press it out by hand.

      I think part of the reason to use the pure juice is to eliminate the insoluble fiber, which adds an extra level of energy to the digestive process. Juice takes less body resources to digest than the bulk that is removed during juicing. I realize it’s another expense, but you can get a Jack LaLanne juicer for $100. It’s not hugely powerful but good enough for a lot of people, and the chute is big enough for whole small apples and tomatoes. I just wish the juicers were easier to clean–or that I had a dishwasher. :o)

    • Just use a stainer to take out the pulp. U get the same results:)

  4. Hi,

    I’m starting my 7 Day Cleanse tomorrow. My question is, this sample plan on the website has 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 donners. Is that for 2 days or 1 day? How many mls of juice should I have for each meal?


    • Hi there, I just started yesterday and I have one each for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I always try to get around 400ml of juice. But pay attention to the ingredients, because the recipes above vary in size. And besides juices: drink much much water! It helps against the hunger.

  5. How much on average will I lose?

  6. I’m giving up after first day. This is sooo disgusting I can’t drink it. I feel like puking. It sounded so good and nice but no…never again. This is the worst thing ever.

    • Don’t give up… Please. Your tastebuds are probably all out of whack. Try this juice: 2 medium apples (whatever you like), 1/2 a cucumber, handful of celery, handful of kale, nice chunk of ginger and 1/2 a lemon. Yummy stuff. I make one called lemonade and it’s literally just 4 apples and 1/2 lemon. It really tastes like lemonade. These should make about 16oz each.

      Good luck :)

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  10. Can you start this diet when 6 months preganat?

    • No. You need to eat a healthy, REAL diet while pregnant and nursing.

  11. Hi. Need some help. Started juice diet yesterday but find some recipes only end of with a small amount of juice. Can i add water to it? Also this lemon juice in the morning can i use asda lemom & lime juice drink? Really hard to peel a lemon!!!! What im aiming for is approx 4x1l juices per day. Is this right?

    • Add additional celery or cucumber. I’m sure you can add water but add skyline water or bottled or cooled boiled water. You can do this!

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  14. Today is my first day of juice cleansing! So far I’ve finished a Morning Glory for breakfast, and half a Bruschetta Tang for morning snack. Right now I’m having Mean Green for lunch. After I get home today I will have a Sunset Passion for dinner! This tastes way better than I imagined! The Morning Glory specifically, I substituted blueberry with half a pear and it just tasted so good, wonderful to start my day!
    I am not feeling hungry at all, which is a pleasant surprise. I will keep on posting my progress! Thank you for providing these amazing recipes!

    • This post is great. Very informative. Thank you :-).

      I’d like to make a small input (if I may).
      It’s also a great idea to add some spices to your juices.
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  16. Hi,

    Im new to your website, i was looking for a juicing plan.

    the 7 day juice fast plan does it mean using the same plan for 7 days?

    Pls advise, appreciate any help.

    thanks for your website and keep up the good work


  17. Today is day 6 of 7. Dropped 8+ lbs so far. The hardest part has been the caffeine withdrawals (I’m a 2-3 cup a day drinker). I never did get the energy boost. And I’m ALWAYS hungry. In fact, I fantasize about food. This is a nice kick-start to a better health plan. But I’ll be so glad when it’s over…

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  19. Hi, I tried the juice plan last week. I didn’t follow it to the letter but substituted most meals with juice. Tended to eat some yoghurt and fruit in the evening and some fruit now and then. My goal was to kick off my diet. Coupled with a daily exercise regime before and after work I lost 8.4 kg in the week.

  20. We just started this 7 Day Just Fast Plan and on our 3rd day. Our goal is to cleanse our body and not to lose weight. I always feel hungry. :(

  21. Hello and thank you so very much for helping with many of us including me with regards on a 7 day juice plan.
    I am planning to start my juice cleanse next week with a local company that delivers, and I wanted to try that first instead of investing in a proper juicer first.

    May I ask what should I look out for when I go and look at these companies. I found a company that is good price wise only because they are not using organic products, but their ingredients are fresh and they are cold pressed juices. Should I be worried about that? I hope you can advise on this. I really appreciate and sincerely thank you very much.

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  24. Hello, thank you for offering this amazing plan, I’m going to give it a try starting February. I have actually never made juice before, so I want to know if each recipe yields to 1 serving? Also, you said 4-6 drinks per day, do I have snack drinks aside from the three meals then? Thank you!

  25. I think I’m going to try this. Sounds really good. So, I assume a Nutribullet will do just fine as it extracts the juices, right? Can’t wait to start!

  26. Hi !

    Thanks for sharing the recipe. Just have two questions:

    1, when making the juice for each meal, can I add some water or almond milk in it. If so, how many oz ? or nothing but the fruits and veggies themselves is preferred ?

    2, if I want to add bananas to the recipe, what you’ll recommend me to do? should I sub one item for banana or just simply add it and which meal as well ?

    Thanks for you time and really appreciate it.

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  30. I just started a juice fast today. I am doing a 60 day fast and then going to the Furhman Method ( ) after that. The question I have is about the shelf life of the juice. I work 12 hours days so my plan was to make my breakfast and lunch juice when I make my dinner juice. At about 7 or 8pm. I purchased air tight containers which are also dark tinted. I work in the medical field and know that light will degrade compounds whereas the same compounds in the dark will last much longer. I leave much earlier than the rest of my house in the morning so I don’t want to run my loud juicer in the AM. As I said I work 12 hours so I will be gone, and unable to juice, until I get home around 7 o’clock in the evening. Any advice for me or do you think that I will be alright with my plan.

    • You’re gonna be fine. I’m a full time student, and work 2 jobs during the day, I definitely know what you mean about lacking time. So yes, your plan will work just fine. Good luck!

  31. Hi guys!!
    Today was my first day of the 7 day Juice Fast and I survived much better than I thought I would. I keep telling myself, “mind of matter”. I’m really excited to see the results!

    • Congrats on day 1 BahamaMama! Just keep your focus and you’ll do great! Keep me updated on your progress and take before/after pictures. I wish you all the best! Cheers!

  32. I just started today! I have done a few juice fasts before, it has been a few years though. I am really excited for the energy! Any suggestions on what to do while I am at work all day? The juice is supposed to be consumed right away so I don’t want to bring a pre-made juice for lunch. I am planning on just sticking to water all day at work, but I would only be able to juice maybe 3 times a day in that case. 1 in the morning, 1 when I get home, and 1 in the evening.

    • Carrie, welcome to JOJ. You can make juices ahead of time and bring them to work. Just make sure you make them in the morning before you leave, keep them in a refrigerator, and store them in air tight containers. That’s what I did during my fast. It didn’t hurt the integrity of the juices too much and they still tasted good. I would usually consume my juices no longer than 4-8 hours after making them. Give it a shot, it’s better to do that than to consume only water. This way you’ll still get nutrition and wont starve yourself. Cheers!

  33. I am going to start this hopefully soon my only question is, I don’t have a juicer but can use my 900 watt Ninja? It says it’s good for juicing but want to make sure. Thanks!

    • Mario, a Ninja is not a juicer, it’s a blender. It will not be the same as the juicer extracts only the juice whereas the blender blends everything all together. Take a look at this article for a more in depth answer to the differences:

      You can use the Ninja but you’ll have to use a cheesecloth or really fine mesh strainer. You can strain plenty of juice out that way and avoid any of the pulp. I wish you all the best Mario! Cheers!

  34. Hi!

    I just started a two-week fast yesterday, and today I made the Bruschetta Tang and it only made 8 oz. Anything you can think of that I might have done wrong?



    • Meranda, the Bruschetta Tang recipe is dependent on the size of the tomatoes that you use. The best advice I can give you on this juice is to do the tomatoes last and use enough to get it between 12-16 ounces. Cheers!

  35. Hello,
    I have been juicing once a day for a few weeks, but just started a 7 day juice fast today. I have read mixed suggestions for protein. When doing a juice fast do you get a sufficient amount of protein in the juice, or do you need supplementation?
    Thank you!

  36. How much time do you take each meal? You said there are 2 breakfast, 2 lunch, and 2 dinners? So, do you break up the breakfast? Or take both breakfast at once, lunch as once, and dinner at once?

    • Mai, since I usually do between 4-6 juices per day I just have one when I feel hungry. Depending on the time of day I may have one breakfast juice, 3 lunch juices, and a dinner juice or two. It just depends on when I feel hungry. There are two juices in each category so you have options and don’t tire of the same juice over and over again. Cheers!

  37. Today is my first day of the 7 day fast. I had the morning glory for breakfast and it was a lot better than I anticipated! I broke my back almost a year ago and gained some weight during recovery. Working out isn’t really an option for me anymore so I’m hoping this will help me start to feel better and to lose the weight. Thanks for all the information posted on it! I’m very excited!

  38. Today is my first day of the 7 day fast!! I had the Morning Glory for breakfast and it was actually a lot tastier than I anticipated. I’m super excited about this cleanse. I broke my back almost a year ago so working out isn’t really an option for me. Hopefully this will help me feel better and help me lose the weight I’ve gained during recovery! Thanks for all the information on here!

    • Megan, congrats on making the choice to do a fast! It will do wonders for you! Keep me updated on your progress. I’m here if you have questions or need support. I wish you all the best!

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  40. Is it okay to pre-make the juice and keep it in bottles in the fridge? I’m not home often and would like to be able to keep them handy so I can grab one when I’m out the door or bring one for lunch and keep in the fridge at work.

    • Erica Truth be told, fresh fruit and vegetable juice is one of the most perishable foods on Earth, so ideally you should drink it right after making it. That said, as a matter of juicing and health, if you store the juice correctly then you could drink it throughout your day. Keep the juice cool and in an opaque container, so light doesn’t harm the juice. Some juicers like the twin gear models are designed to extract the juice in such a way that the juice can be consumed up to 24 hrs later with minimal nutritional drop off.

    • Erica, it’s okay to pre-make them as long as you drink them very soon. Don’t let them sit too long as they lose their nutritional value quiet fast. Keep them stored in the refrigerator in an air tight container. Cheers!

  41. Just got all these ingredients and I’m ready to begin my fasting! One question though, do you have any extended meal plans for juicing rather than just 7 days? Maybe a 30 Day plan perhaps? It’d be more ideal for me cause I’m trying to get rid of a lot of weight. Very helpful though!

    • Max, just take it one week at a time and repeat the 7 day plan till you reach your goal of 30 days or your weight goal. Once you go for a while you’ll start to come up with your own recipes and plans for what works best for you. I wish you all the best Max, keep me updated on your progress. I’m always here if you have questions or need some motivation. Cheers!

  42. After seeing sick fat and Nearly dead I bought a juicer and going to start this Friday on an initial two week reboot and detox. Any good recipe web pages aside from this one, which has also helped greatly to inspire me to give it a go!

  43. Hi
    I am new to juicing this is my first time. This seems expensive can someone give some cost saving ways to juice. just went shopping made about 2 days worth of meals.

    • Yolana, for an individual it comes out to about $8-15 per day. That is your total food budget. It’s best to shop your stores and find the ones that do price matching. You can get some great produce for some great prices. Try the price matching and also see if you have some farmers markets out near you. Cheers!

  44. I can’t afford an expensive juicer so hopefully a 400 watt will do, also can you drink hot tea on this, and can I use frozen berries

    • Ruthanne, even a 400 watt juicer is better than no juicer. As for the hot tea that’s good. Tea is great on the fast. Frozen berries are fine to use as long as you thaw them out completely before you juice them. Cheer Ruthanne! Keep me updated on your progress! I’m here if you have any questions!

  45. just reading this and i have some questions. some recipes say apples and some say granny smith (can i always use granny smith or is there another type you recommend)
    also where they call for blueberries/strawberries/mango, can i use the frozen types you buy from the store in 1kg bags?

    • just reading this and i have some questions. some recipes say apples and some say granny smith (can i always use granny smith or is there another type you recommend)
      also where they call for blueberries/strawberries/mango, can i use the frozen types you buy from the store in 1kg bags?

      • Rachford, you can use any type of apples you like. I like the granny smiths as they have the lowest amount of sugar out of all types of apples. It’s important to limit your sugar intake while on a juice fast. The frozen fruits are fine as long as you let them thaw completely before juicing. Cheers!

    • Ally, welcome to JOJ. It’s best to use granny smiths as they have the lowest amount of sugar out of all the apple types. As for the frozen fruits you most certainly can use them. You will have to let them thaw out completely before you juice them though and you may lose a little juice in the process. Cheers!

      • thanks for that :) Granny’s are really the only apple i like so you made my day there and i will be sure to let everything fully thaw. i add them frozen to my smoothies but trying this for a bit of difference, thank you

        • That’s great Ally! I love the granny’s also. They are very tart in taste and it blends perfect with the veggies in just about any juice. Cheers!

  46. What is a good substitute for celery?

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  48. Hi, I’m on day 4 of the 7 day juice diet. I’m still feeling weak however my mind is much clearer. My question is what kind of eating program do you do after to keep losing weight? I want to incorporate exercise and weight training into it. I started at 262lbs. @ 6’1 and after these few days I’m down to 258 w/ no exercise besides common routine. My goal weight is 195lbs. Someone help me out here.

  49. Hi there Donnie

    Thanks to JOJ juicing is now a regular thing that I do. It’s kind of like a sabbatical I take to manage my busy life. I love your positive comments and I love reading what other juicers have to say. Thanks heaps, and keep on juicing!!!

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  51. how did you get on with you’re & day juice drumles in den haag?

  52. hi,

    My friend and i were wondering if we could do one of the juices into soup? or does it all have to be strictly juice?

    Thanks! :)

    • You could make a vegetable broth out of juice pulp. Use dulce flakes or kelp instead of salt.

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  54. I just bought a slowjuicer and after I’ve seen the docu ‘Sick, fat and nearly dead’I decided to do a 7 day juice detox. Starting from wednesday. Wish me luck!!

  55. I have a slow juicer, so my juices have a little pulp in them. Is that considered solid?


  56. Hi,

    I just started my fast this morning! feel great so far! …lol
    My question is I take a Vicodin and a muscle relaxer at night before bed for back pain. I know this is a detox but I’m more starting this to kick off my weight loss program. Anyway, will taking these meds at night still be okay? because I believe I’m supposed to take them with food?

    Good luck juicers!

  57. Are cooked beetroots okay to use or is it better to use raw ones?

  58. I take medication for my headaches and depression…will I be able to take those normally? I take them before bedtime…

  59. Green machine is yum! Just had my first juice for dinner, had vegetable soup for lunch so doing well I think :) My juicer arrived today! Any tips on cleaning it?

  60. Hi Donnie,

    If I have a juice for breakfast and lunch and a homemade soup for dinner (just vegetables) will I still lose weight/ detox? Thank you :)

  61. Hi . I am helen and 38 years old and live in IRAN . I like juicing fast and I am on day one , I feel a little headache , I really like to do up to end but could i drink black tea or not ?
    best regards


  62. Hi, my name is Annabelle. I’m 19 years old and I currently weigh 12 stone, I’m 5’6 and would love to get back to 10st. I want to use a two week juice diet as a way of kickstarting my weight loss. Is this a good idea? Would people recommend this? Roughly how much have people lost in the two weeks and is it easy to keep the weight off afterwards :)?

    Has anyone had a similar goal and succeeded?


  63. Hi! I was starting the juice cleanse today but i think i may have misunderstood… i thought it was to make those 3 recipes (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and that would be enough for your full day of juicing… but one of those juices only made just under 400ml (not even 15ounces) so was i meant to make all 6 recipes each day?

    Sorry for the silly question!!

    Thank you :)

  64. Hey, is it alright to blend it instead of juicing?

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    I like all of the points you’ve made.

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  67. Hello, Im a college student and I a wanting to start this juice fast tomorrow. I go to the gym at least 3 times a week and do cardio workouts along with body strength. Would you recommend me doing this while on the juice diet or just lower my time i spend going to the gym?

  68. Hello,

    What are your thoughts on juicing without a juicer? I have purchased nut bags and will use that and a blender as a subsitute to juicing. Would you say it is as effective? I can’t afford a juicer and have heard many good things about them!!

    Your thoughts?

    • Trisha, it’s not exactly the same but it’s still closer to juicing than straight blending. It can still be effective but it’s simply more time consuming. Keep me posted, cheers!

  69. Hi to everyone

    If i´m felling great can i keep juicing for more than 7 days? lets say about 30 days or more like the movie “fat, sick & nearly death”? I´m 80 pounds overweight.

    • Rafa you most certainly can juice for longer than seven days. keep me posted on your success! I wish you all the best!

  70. Also! Can I workout while on the cleanse? Maybe after the 4th day that I get my groove back I can start working out?

    • Arnaldo, you can work out however, make sure you listen to your body and don’t over work yourself. Take it easy and know your limits! Cheers!

  71. Hi

    I was wondering mow much time ahead I can make my juices? Can I make juices for my next 2 days and just keep them in jars in the fridge? Also, do I need to clean the Juicer every time I make a different juice? Can I just make all the different recipes of juices that I will drink that day in one use, and just clean the juicer after or do I need to clean the juicer after each juice recipe that I make?


    • It is not recommended that you make juice more than an hour or two before you consume it for maximum potency. It begins to lose it vitamin and mineral values as soon as you juice it.

  72. Hello! I am really looking forward to do this plan, but I have a problem. I can´t stand cucumber! It sounds stupid but I really can´t even smell it…is there something that has similar nutrients that I should replace it with? or it doesn´t matter… ? thanks!

  73. Hello – does milk need to be excluded from this diet? I am going to try this starting day after! Guessing no tea coffee either

  74. Hello everyone,

    I had a tooth removed today, so my doctor said I should drink juices only for the next 5-6 days, nothing solid for me. So I have to do juicing. Looking forward to it, because I have also weight problems. Today is my first day, so my height is 162 cm, a my weight is 73 kg. Definitely, I am overweight. :( I’ll keep up posted after 7 days how it went. Feeling hungry already, but also my tooth hurts so I have a pretty good reason why to stay in bed today. XoXo wish u all the best juicers :))

    • Hang in there Victory, I hope you feel better. Let the juices work their magic and hopefully all will be well. Keep me posted on how things go. I wish you all the best!

  75. 1 BAG is how much on a weight scale? I mean pounds or kilograms?

  76. I am on my 3rd day of juicing and have actually gained 3 pounds? Is this normal at first or am I doing something wrong?

    • That makes absolutely no sense Contessa, unless you weighed yourself at different periods throughout the days. You are taking in juice and water all throughout the day so your weight will vary. Also, make sure you weight yourself in the morning after you use the restroom, and bare naked. This way you will get accurate results daily.

  77. Hi, I was wondering why you couldn’t keep the fiber part of it if you blended it?
    Right now I don’t have my juicer but I would like to try this. Also I am using meal replacements if I try the 7 day juice challenge should I stop drinking those?

    • The key to juicing is to remove the fiber. Blending just mixes up produce, juicing removes the fiber (pulp) and gives you just the juice. Drink only the juices that you make along with water. Cheers!

  78. Completed the 7 day cleanse and had a 10 lb weight loss (135-125). In the 10 days since I have maintained my weight by having a green juice and a red or orange juice once or twice a day, re-started mild exercise and eating smaller, healthier meals. After this mornings’ green juice…off to paddleboard with renewed energy.

    Thank you for having a very useful site whose content made a meaningful difference for me.

    • Congratulations Elissa! Thanks fantastic news! I wish you all the best and please keep me posted with your progress every now and then. It’s always great to hear other successful stories! Cheers!

  79. hello everyone im going to start the 7 day juice fast plan and I was wondering on the ginger how much should I use in each drink it says to use 1′ are they referring to 1 inch?

  80. OK, I have been entertaining doing this for about 6 months. I am 45 years old, and a wife and mother of 3, so I thought it would be very hard.
    Today, I found out, I have to have my tonsils out!
    Perfect timing! Cant eat solid food, doctor says will be 10 days like that, so I am going for it.
    Recipes please. Will be stocking up for my journey of juicing!

    • Kimberly, I’m sorry to hear about your tonsils but I’m glad you’re looking at the positive side to that. Now you have your motivation to juice! Keep me updated on your progress and know that I’m here if you need me. Cheers!

  81. Hi Donnie,
    I have been planning to try the juice fast for quite some time now, and finally I have decided to start it this weekend. But, I have a few queries.
    1. Can I make 2-3 juices in the morning and carry it with me to the office, to be consumed throughout the day?
    2. I love my green tea. Can i consume it during the JOJ diet?
    3. My weighht is pretty much normal. But I have got little fat in my mid-section. Will this diet, along with some exercise, help me in reducing that fat?
    4. Can I exercise (just jogging and light exercises) during this diet?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Preetha, welcome to JOJ!

      You can make juices in the morning and take them with you to the office. Just keep them in airtight containers and inside a refrigerator.

      Green tea is fine Preetha, but don’t overdo it as caffeine is one of the toxins you’re trying to rid yourself of. A little here and there won’t hurt but it’s best to go decaff if you can.

      Juicing will help you lose that weight, especially around the mid section.

      You can exercise but I suggest you keep it light and don’t over work your self. Listen to your body and know when enough is enough.


  82. hey im in college and my teacher gave us a diet project to study on, i chose the 7 day juice challenge. I was wondering how to find out about the calories in these jucies along with the saturated/non saturated fats, total protein those kind of things?

    • Chantel, sorry for responding so late into your project.

      To find out the calories in the juices you have to start by adding up the total calories based on the ingredients you use.
      Then you count the total fibers.
      Multiply the fibers by 4 to get your Fiber Calories.
      Subtract the Fiber Calories from the Total Calories and you will have an estimate of calories for your juice.

      A simple site that I use to get my numbers for calories is

      Cheers and best of luck on your project Chantel!

  83. I just made the “mean green,” and honestly felt like I was on fear factor while drinking it.

    • The mean green recipe is very can make it with just green apples, celery, cucumber, and kale if you don’t like the ginger.

  84. Great article and tips!! I have been juicing for about a year now, but this is my first cleanse. Am I “allowed” to drink coffee during the juice cleanse?

    • Rebecca, welcome to JOJ and congrats on your juicing! It’s best to leave out the coffee during your juice fast since caffeine is one of the toxins that you will be cleansing from. I wish you all the best on your cleanse!

  85. I cant wait to start…. starting tomorrow, forgot the shopping list at home yesterday so was unable to get all the goodies….

    Happy Dance…. my daughter is 11 months old and Im yet to lose all the weight, if I start now I can lose some of it before her first birthday….

    • Liesl, I’m sure you will lose a good amount of weight before her first birthday! Keep me posted and let me know if you have any questions! Cheers!

  86. Started my cleanse today and I’m already hungry.

    • Remember Julia, there is a difference between hunger and cravings. Hunger is when your body is saying it needs nutrients. Cravings are when your mind is telling you to eat out of habit, or for the enjoyment of it. When you juice you don’t feel hungry because you are loading yourself up with nutrients. You’ll learn to differentiate hunger and cravings the longer you juice and when you are feeling hungry, you need to have a juice. Keep me posted Julia, I wish you all the best! Cheers!

  87. Donnie are you on twitter ?

  88. Hey! Very good article. I am an obese guy and after failed success with strict diets, I feel juicing will be my way to go! Just a question though, I do not have means to a juicer. I was wondering if blending then straining the fiber is the same? Or does juicing really need a juicer? Thanks to any help!

    • Markel, welcome to JOJ and congrats on deciding to juice! While blending and straining isn’t exactly the same I’ve seen people get results by doing it that way. It’s best to use a juicer but if you cannot get one then try blending and straining until you can acquire a juicer. I wish you all the best Markel, keep me posted. I’m here if you have any questions.

  89. Would it be OK to add Cyan pepper to the morning lemon & water?

    • Kittie, that’s a wonderful idea and it does add a kick to your juice. Give it a shot and let me know how you like it!

  90. I notice you don’t have pineapple as a substitute or as any of your ingredients.
    Any particular reason? I love pineapple, cucumber, lemon and ginger as a
    morning drink.

    • Kat, you can always add some pineapple to your drinks. I typically add it in to a juice to give it a sweeter taste. Enjoy!

  91. Juices* sorry

  92. Hi! is it ok If I make my huices in advance for a few days or does it have to be made fresh daily?

    • Jade, if you make them in advance you will probably want to freeze them since they will go bad rather quickly. It’s best to make them fresh. Cheers!

  93. I am planning to start my juice diet tomorrow, however I cant stand the taste of ginger. Is there anything I can use as a substitute that would have the same nutritional value?

  94. Just a quick update…

    I am on day 5 of the juice cleanse and doing great. I started at 135lbs and am now 127lbs. Although the weight loss is great, there are other benefits that are equally, if not more important for me.

    1) Acid Relux is gone: For the first time in 5 years I have not had a single instance of acid reflux! I suffered from this daily and took 3-4 Xantac, then switched to Prilosec when that didn’t work. I stopped taking meds after day 1. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night with a burning throat so I sleep better.

    2) No sugar cravings: I was never a sugarholic, but now the thought of eating anything overtly sweet is unappealing.

    3) No desire for wine: I used to have a glass or two of red wine with dinner each night. I have zero desire for it now. What to do with my wine cellar, LOL.

    4) No bloating: My middle section used to feel very bloated, now it does not. Hooray!

    There are other benefits too, but hopefully some of the above will inspire others to try the cleanse. I really encourage you to keep a journal of pictures and notes about each day so you can record the experience. It is also very motivating to see my transformation in real time.

    Lastly, I thought I would share a couple of tweeks I made to the plan that seem to help me keep on track:

    Lemon-Cayenne drink: In between breakfast and lunch and after drinking water I would have 16 oz. of Lemon-Cayenne drink. You can also have this any time. Recipe follows:

    Juice of 1 1/2 to 2 lemons
    cayenne to taste (I like 1/2 tsp)
    agave syrup- 1-2 tbs. (optional-I only did this once, before I lost my craving for sugar)

    Cashew-almond milk: Sort of dessert after dinner and before nightly glass of tea. Recipe follows:

    1 cup raw cashews soaked in water for 2 hours
    16-20 oz filtered water
    1 vanilla bean (scraped)
    1-2 tbs agave syrup (optional)

    Place all ingredients in blender or food processor and process until smooth. You can leave the little bits of cashews in the drink if desired. I strained them out to make it a true milk.

    With labor day approaching I wanted to be prepared for the inevitable BBQ that we will have. I purchased some veggies to roast and will take it slow coming back to solid foods.

    Good luck everyone.

  95. BTW… Just started my juice diet. 1st day and counting!

    • Hi Thomas, I am on day 3 of my juice fast. I could use a buddy if you are still dieting. Let me know!

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  98. Just finished ramping down meals for the last 2 days and prepared the first 3 days of juices in bags. Steamed veggies and tea tonight and starting in the morning. I have purchased juice cleanses before, but where I live it costs at least $125 for 3 days. I purchased all the ingredients for this cleanse for about 5 days for only $50. More effort, but hopefully worth it. Another prep note to add…I purchased different color drink bottles for each juice. I plan to make breakfast and lunch juices in the morning. Drink the breakfast juice at home and carry the lunch juice in a refrigerated bag.

    I am on a long term fitness program and have lost about 40lbs through diet and exercise. Tonight I weighed in at 135lbs and took a bikini photo to memorialize my starting point. I will post again after the cleanse…

    Fingers crossed I can stay on track!!

    Good luck everyone..


  99. Will be grocery shopping tonight and starting the plan tomorrow. I will keep you guys posted with measurements, and weight. I’m also going to be having a juice between the meals as a “snack” since I run 3 miles for lunch and 2 miles in the evening. Thanks for all the input from previous comments, and I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes for me.

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  103. ok, I think I already know that alcohol must be off limits but, can I have a glass of red wine at night on this?

  104. Ok, I probably know the answer to this but, can I have a glass of red wine at night on this 7 day plan?

  105. I’m trying to prepare my meals the night before in ziplock bags as suggested. Is it ok to slice apples and citrus the night before or only just before going in the juicer? I’m wanting to start this tomorrow morning…

  106. Will i be able to gym or run durin the 7 days of the fast?

  107. Will i be able to go to gym or run durin the 7 days ?

    • I did this for the whole 7 days, and you should be able to go to the gym, as long as you up your juices to 5-6 per day. I never felt weak nor tired. I did 3 juices a day and lost 15 lbs.

  108. This might be a weird question, but I’ve been cleansing for 3 days now and have not pooped. Is it normal to only go number one due to the lack of solids or should I stop cleansing and eat fiber to go number two?

    • My experience with constipation: I’ve been juicing for 3 weeks now. The first several days, I was constipated. It made me worried, nervous, and scared. What I did, was Google “side effects of juicing diet”, and found that constipation was normal in the beginning, until your digestive system learns “this is what you’re gonna eat, so get over it”. I went to the drug store and talked to the pharmacist. He told me to buy one of the fiber supplements (Metamucil, Fiberall, etc.). I bought it in the “orange citrus” flavor. It doesn’t taste bad. It tastes like watered-down orange juice. After a couple days of taking this (following the directions on the canister), I finally pooped. After that, I was pooping regularly. What I also read online, was that your poop may be a strange color, or even “green”, because of all the vegetables. I hope this helps.

  109. I want to lose 70 lbs in a year. Is this possible, and how frequently would you say I’d be able to go on this 7 day diet?
    My family have a history of obesity, and I’ve let myself go for the past 2 years. I’m approaching 30 and am terrified of being as big as they are and losing out on healthy young life.
    How would I go about implementing this 7 day juice diet into a regular schedule to achieve the best results but still not get seriously ill?

    • Wasn’t “Joe” from the movie “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” doing juicing for 60 days straight? I watched a ton of Youtube videos (search “juicing”), and some people do nothing but juice all day long, while others do some juice and then a solid dinner, and some do juicing for 2 weeks, then 2 weeks a health diet; then juice again, etc. One guy’s video shows him doing the juicing for 30 days, and then he started a healthy diet and he’s doing great. Go on Youtube; there are tons of videos.

  110. I have adrenal fatigue. Now, I don’t know that this will be important to keep doing, as I have not experienced serious juicing before, but, for adrenal fatigue, it is pretty important to drink water with a little sea salt in the morning; and, maybe, even to add sea salt to food.

    I could do that, I suppose, by juicing kelp; but, I have only ever seen dried kelp, so that sort of puts a damper on the idea. Not to mention that I am not sure what it would taste like, juiced, but, it sounds unpleasant. Do you know if juiced kelp is weird?

    Anyway, assuming the Wet Kelp Fairy doesn’t deliver me some, every night, in my sleep, I might have to keep doing the sea salt thing. I am wondering if that would cause any problems. It doesn’t seem to me like it would, and, if I was doing it, I would kind of play it by ear, and, cut back or cut it out if it seemed unnecessary with the juicing. I just .. well .. don’t want to screw anything up, either way.

    • Arletta: Several of us started juicing at work. We’ve been doing it for about 3 weeks now. There are 3 women, 2 men, who are NOT doing a complete juice diet. They have juice for breakfast, lunch, & a mid-day snack, but they have dinner of chicken or fish, a green vegetable, and half an apple. Two of the women and both men use Kosher salt on their chicken, due to religious beliefs. They’ve been losing weight, and have not had any problems. They also feel 100x better than before. I did research online about juicing before starting this, and it said that some people only have 1 juice per day; some have 4; some have nothing but juice.

  111. Need to lose about 10 lbs in order to pass an Army tape test. You think I can lose this amount in 10 days?

  112. So is it healthy if I do this same recipe for 6 months?

    • No 6 months is not healthy at all it can cause serious damage ur body still needs protein remember that u can do 42 weeks like 6 months but not in a row

    • Wait, “Caroline” replied to you saying that your body needs protein. But when I’ve done my research on juicing, it states that many vegetables have a lot of protein, and that’s how vegetarians/vegans get their protein. So I disagree with Caroline.

  113. When it says 2 kale leaves / is that like 2 packs/bunches of kale or say 2 stalks of kale? I’m going to give this ago this weekend.

  114. My mom and i will be starting this week. Im very excited , we just waiting for our juicer to arrive 😀 Il be doing the 7 days and she will be doing one juice a day to ease her into the healthy lifestyle. Viva le fruit and vegetables ! #happyveggie

  115. I am over weight teen is this a good idea for me to lose weight my goal is to lose 50/80 pounds in 6 to 8 months can and will this help?

    • Josh, I’m positive you will lose weight and do it before the 6 to 8 month time frame! Keep me posted and let me know if you have any questions Josh! Cheers!

  116. On the 7 day plan I see garlic on the shopping list, however, it’s not listed in any of the recipes. What is it used in??

    • Amorales, the garlic are used in the Bruschetta Tang recipe:

      2 Tomatoes
      1-2 Garlic Cloves Peeled
      1 Bunch of Basil (20 Leaves)
      1/4 Lemon Peeled

      Go really easy on the garlic though. I’d start with 1/2 to 1 clove and go from there. Cheers!

  117. Is it okay for a teenager to juice longer than 7 weeks? Also could a teen that’s doing hardcore sports(gymnastics and football) and is already fit juice or will they lose energy?

    • Carmen, it’s best to check with a doctor on that. As long as the person is continuing to be healthy under the supervision of a doctor it should be fine for that long. Cheers!

  118. Would lettuce or chard work in place of kale? My juicer handles them much better.

    • yes chard red or rainbow chard will work just as well,

  119. I am finished with day 7 of this juice fast, and kind of want to go for 7 more. I miss chewing, but these juices are so nutritious, and filling, that I managed to finish the week strong and full of energy. I did tweak things a little here and there (added parsley and oregano from the garden to most everything and mint to some), but 3 a day, straight across the menu and switching top to bottom by day, I made it varied and never boring.

  120. Nathan your comment generated this response. I juice a lot and love it, I stop juicing because the cleaning every time (3 times/day) was killing me. However, giving up the juicing was worse than the cleaning. Because you cant freeze or leave in the fridge for any length of time this was just sad to me.

    I hate to be a commercial, but I bought a vitamix for 2 reasons. I dont want to lose the fiber and the valuable nutrients that most juicers make you throw away. And the best part I put water in the juice container and pulsate for 1 minute to clean!!

    It cost more than my car but well worth the investment. it does everything but hop back in the cupboard on its own.

    Lemons are a necessary ingredient in juicing unfortunately they can alter the juice dramatically. Try just a sliver and work up from there, it took me months.

    Consistency is always an issue, many like the nutribullet. I tried it twice and didnt have any success, the consistency didnt work for me. Too chucky, and too thick yuke.

    Be careful with your fruits they carry and lot of sugar. And so do carrots, I was going throuh bags and bags until i found out how much sugar they have.

    My juicing doesnt seem the same without them, but I am pushing through it, have not found a replacement yet.

    If you struggle through a 7 day juice fast, i suspect is the juicer. You are not getting enough nutrients to sufficiently satisfy your body needs.

    If you jumped into a 7 day fast with no experience you are brave and my hat is off to you. Work your up to it. My first time I lost 10 pounds but by day 4 I could hardly get out of bed. My blood sugar was dangerously low

    Juicing is a great alternative to overcooking, under cooking veggies and fruits. Unfortunately the juicers separate the pulp from the juice. I liked that for a better consistency but sadly losing to many nutrients, whole point of juicing.

  121. what if i juice a bunch then freeze it? i hate cleaning my juicer and would prefer to do that as little as possible.

    • You definitely do not want to do that. Sadly, you have to drink the juice within twenty minutes of making it or it loses its nutritional value.

  122. How much weight did you loose?

  123. Thank you for this! Will start juicing tomorrow. Hope. I can do it.

  124. I’m worried about my energy levels. Can I add a can of diet soda a day, just for the extra caffeine, or will that undo the good I’m doing?

    • uhhhhh its soda!!!!!!! it is literally the most unhealthy liquid sold on the market!
      diet soda has been proven to be more harmful than regular soda .

  125. I did the seven day fast and felt better than I have in years. I was surprised that I wasn’t walking around hungry all day, it was just the opposite….I felt satisfied and didn’t have cravings like I have when trying other options. I now juice twice a day (morning & night) and eat one healthy meal at lunch time and I have more energy and even my skin looks better. I would recommend reading everything about juicing and how to eat afterwards before starting this. I’m glad I did it and would recommend it to anyone who wants to detox in a healthy way. REMEMBER to drink lots of water.

  126. I don’t understand. I thought apples are bad to eat during dinner time because of acid but how come these dinner juice recipes (sunset passion & green machine) include apples?

    • I’m not understanding why apples would have any bad effect for you regardless of when you eat them.

  127. I started the Juice fast plan last Monday and I want to share with all the people here who wants to start this next Monday, my personal experience. This is what happened to me: I started the day off good, I had a Juice on breakfast, I had a little more juce as snack (because I was feeling hungry) then I had my “lunch” juice, then another “snack” juice… around 7 pm, when I was literally dying of hunger, I proceed to make my own creation juice (to add more creativity and different flavors, like they suggest here), and guess what! I started having the worst stomach pain ever! I was still hungry, but my stomach was filled of liquids, I was dizzy… and one hour later… I had to vomit. I spent two days sick!!!!
    People, this is a warning: if you are not used to have regularly in your diet fruits and veggies.. PLEASE!!!! start SLOWLY! now, I learned my lesson, and I am doing one juice daily, maybe in the morning or maybe at night but JUST ONE! eat healthy, eat fruits and Veggies, and incorporate more juices to your diet slowly.

    • That’s why its really important to do a pre-cleanse.
      What I like to do is 3 days before I want to start a cleanse I only eat fruits and vegetables to prepare myself.
      I also do a post cleanse eating only fruits and vegetables again the day after and slowly start adding other solid foods back into my diet.

  128. I really can’t afford a juicer, but I’ve seen a couple comments saying it won’t work with a blender, any tips on the best way to make do if a juicer is way out of your price range?

    • It wont work with a blender. I just bought myself a Nutribullet and now it’s better. I am doing juices for less than a week.. (on the 4th day I got the Nutribullet) I couldn’t take the juice so thick and gross as it was.

    • i just bought a juicer from walmart for $35 they aren’t that pricy

    • Just look on craigslist. you can usually find hardly used ones for $20-40

      • 4 days ago, my daughter and I decided to try juicing. I told her I didn’t want to spend the big bucks on a juicer, we were going to hit the thrift stores in town. At the 2nd store, I walked out with a new-looking juicer, for $3. At the 4th store I walked out with another…for $3.00!

    • I couldn’t afford a juicer either, so I started looking on craigslist. Right away i found a Champion Juicer in great condition (even the original box was included) for only $50. And there was a lot more to choose from. Hope this helps :o)

  129. My husband and I are starting this on Monday (July 7th). I think it will be difficult for me as I am more of a salt person than a sugar person. It seems that most juice is more on the sweet side. Is there something that will help with the salt cravings?

    • I read that you can add salt-free spices like cinnamon, pepper, basil, oregano, etc. Maybe those things can trick you into thinking you’re getting some salt. Just a thought.

  130. I am wanting to start tomorrow however don’t have a juicer, is a blender or a food processor good enough?


    • Blending everything is nasty as you get all the pulp which will want to make you gag. You can do this but I certainly couldn’t.

      Wait until you can get a good juicer.

  131. I drank my second glass of juice today. It is so gross. I even peeled a whole lemon and put it in, still gross. I think I might need a lot of support.

    • Hi Mark,

      Which one did you try? I really like the Bruschetta Tang, but I only add one clove of garlic. I also add a carrot and several celery stalks. I also keep tasting it as I go along.

      Hope you are hanging in there:)

  132. Going to start this on Monday ! Can’t wait, thanks for making it so easy. My question is about excercise , should we be doing any throughout the week of doing the detox? Thanks

    • I’m starting this on Monday too, fancy being my buddy? Check are progress , experience etc?

      • Yes! Definitely sounds good. Need some motivation. Have you got all your veggies yet? Just ordering mine for delivery on Sunday night!

    • Pilates, yoga,cycling and walking are good activities, down shift your workout both intensity and duration as you will be getting fewer calories, protein and carbs than usual. You want to conserve energy to help your body rest and keep your immune system strong.

  133. Can I make like 3 juice “meals” at one time and bottle them and refrigerate them to have the next day or would they not be any good at that point???

    • From what I know, you want to drink the juice immediately or it will oxidize and lose its nutrients. It depends what kind of juicer you have. If you have the more expensive kind that don’t cause foaming on the top of your juice, it can be stored easier for up to 2-3 days. But you want to seal it in a jar or something if storing it.

    • I make all my juice in the morning for the whole day. I scoop the foam off the top and put it in jars.

  134. I want to join 7 day juice diet program. Can you please let me know how it works. Thanks-Vina

  135. Hi there…I’m reading up on all of your comments and replies as I’m thinking of doing a cleanse and am just wondering if it’s safe to not be including some form of protein…either in food or powder form? Do we not need this in our diet? I also realize that this is suggested for a week, but if you want to go longer than that is it safe? Also, how do you begin introducing solid foods again afterwards and not gain back everything? Thanks for your time and answers!!! Cheers, Paula

    • 1. The is protein in fruits and vegetables. You do need protein in your diet. If you’re worried about losing muscle mass, add more protein to your diet.

      2. It is safe. If you start feeling sick, just stop the diet.

      3. Don’t eat too much.

      • I plan to start my juice diet tomorrow morning, however I hate the taste of ginger. Is there anything I can use as a substitute?

  136. Can you do this with a Ninja?

  137. Can you also add seeds like chia, hennep etc?
    And maybe a good idea to combine the lots of water besides the juicing with some fresh mint leaves, cucumber, ginger of lemon? It teasted really good to add one of those to the water!

  138. Just wondering how many calories around about are you intaking each day if you have the 6 juices?

  139. Can I make all the drinks at once for 1day or do I have to make them as I need them. How do I store them

  140. I do have a juicer the question is I don’t do fruit because I am allergic to fruit. I do know that there are vegetables that have vitamin C etc in them. because ive notice on the breakfast plan everthing is about fruit. Is there a way I can supplement the fruit for something else. I really need some answers so I can start my program.

    • I use a lot of beets and carrots in the am, with cucumbers, ginger and celery

  141. Hello! I am so happy to have found this website because it stated that I can substitute spinach and brocolli for kale. We do not have kale where I am from so I have never been able to utilize recipes with kale. So, please help me. Exactly how much brocolli and or spinach do I substitue for 2 leaves of kale, 4 leaves of kale, 4-6 leaves of kale as in your recipes? Thanking you for your time and your reply.

  142. I’m on my forth day juicing and I have lost 6 pounds. I am a 26 year old man, 5’10 and weighed 192 lbs before starting. I am now at 185.2 lbs as of this morning. I’ve followed all of these recipes and also downloaded an app on my phone called JUICING that has some better tasting recipes as well. I did however “cheat” a little each night. When I get home from work, instead of juicing my dinner I would eat a small salad instead. I am to do this diet for 1 more day then over the weekend, watch what I eat and ONLY drink water (a lot of it). I did notice however with all juicing recipes that it doesn’t taste the same if you let it sit in the fridge overnight :-/

  143. I worked this out to be around £55 per week? no way I can afford that.

    • I worked it out on the Asda website it came to just over £25. I think that might be easier for most people.

  144. Can you stay on this diet for an entire month?

  145. So how much weight do you really lose in 7 days? How long do you do this before you see results?

    • That depends on how much water weigth you are retaining and how much you have to lose. a normal diet you can safely lose 2-3 lbs in a week but people have lost up to 10 juicing nad from other diets. If you only have 10 lbs to lose you may only lose a couple. I have a bad lymphatic system so I tend to drop more when I do a cleanse (I retain toxins and water weight) so I tend to lose 7-10 lbs and once I lost 12 lbs in the first week but tappered off in the next couple weeks when I added solid foods.

  146. Earlier this year I did the master cleanse. I was going to do it again, but the smell and taste of lemons turns my stomach. I did loose a lot of weight on the diet. How does juicing differ from that? Is one better then the other?

  147. So, I just finished my full 24 hours, it’s been really tough considering I work the graveyard shift. But, I’m starting my 2nd day and already I have a headache and I was so weak today that I just slept instead of drinking my 3rd cup of juice. It’s gonna be a long 7-days!

    • Hope you make it and the headaches have subsided. I get them bad when I start a cleanse but they do go away by day 3 for me. Good luck you must be in the home stretch now. I start mine (again) on Friday.

    • Lol… I’m just about to start mine and your comment made me laugh so hard. Oh Gosh, considering I’m a foodyyyyy

  148. What can I swap beats out with? I do not like Beats…. and Suggestions.

    • Beets* Sorry for the Miss Spell.

    • I am on day 2 now, and I thought day 1 was almost too easy. Now that I am on day 2, I am extremely hungry. Is it because I used a lot of fruits in my day 1 drinks? I understand now, after reading more articles, that I should be doing more veggies than fruits. But the fruits taste so much better?

      • how many times to you juice 6? or 3?

    • Just leave it out and up the Kale or spinach a little or go with another root veggie like extra carrot, sweet potato (1/2 per beet), radish (2-3 per beet). Beets are excellent source of a lot of vitamins so if you can tolerate a little (1/2 or 1/4) try putting a little in. I don’t care for the taste myself but I do not find it over powering if just 1.

  149. Hi,

    Any ideas for what would be a good substitute for cucumber?


  150. what is the substitutions for Blueberries

  151. I want to juice for 60 days.. Can I use this plan weekly?

  152. I plan on starting this Tuesday, but I do not have a juicer, so far I’ve been blending everything and still seem to get the same results. This way I can keep my fiber too. Is there a difference?

  153. I just started today (so I’ve only been through the breakfast one)
    It turns out to be quite a lot – it’s three glasses. Combine that with another two glasses of water it says I should drink with each shake, that’s a ton! I don’t really see myself doing this more than three times a day (at best). Is that ok or too little?

  154. Hello! So I just started the juice fast today, and I’m a little worried because I am starving! I did the lemon and water first thing, then had my first juice around 7 am and the water right after, and now it’s only 9 and I’m ready to eat everything! I wanted to save my midmorning juice until 10 am but I may have to drink it now. I guess my question is, what if the 6 juices aren’t enough to hold over my appetite?

    • If u want it, drink it! Its all good nutrition anyways

    • Did you eat really healthy before starting the juide diet? Asking, because Dr. Fuhrman says that what most people consider hunger is just withdrawals from not eating the unhealthy food most people are used to eating. As you continue to juice and flood your body with nutrients the “hunger” may subside because the body is now getting what it really needs. But if you already ate really healthy then this wouldnt apply and maybe you are really just hungry. Hahaha.

    • Hi Courteney. I did this type of juice fasting a while back and intent to do it again. You will be tempted to eat everything because the food is an addiction we have programmed our bodies to consume every day. With the juice you’re getting all of the same nutrients you would through eating solids and more except it’s being absorbed immediately being in liquid form. That being said it’s best to look at it like quitting smoking or rehab. It’s going to suck. You just have to stick it out until the sucky part passes which, like the article says, is 3-4 days afterwards. I know when I did this I had an incredible amount of energy after the initial suckiness passed. The way I was able to get through it was by drinking tons of water. The water makes you feel full. Also keep yourself occupied constantly so your mind is on something else. Don’t go around people who are eating or cooking foods. Try not to watch commercials or even tv because people are eating on it every 2 seconds. It will pass and your body will thank you for it!

  155. Any particular reason for using Granny Smith apples over another type of apple? The only thing I can figure is that maybe they have less sugar content?

    • I always use Granny Smith apples. I prefer the tartness and the consistency is always superb in my personal opinion. If you have noticed, G.S apples the meat of the apple tends to be on the crisper side, while other varieties I have found have been a bit too mealy for my personal preference. I also strongly believe that the tartness of the apples makes the drinks taste better. I do not care for Galas, Red Delicious, or the other varietals; not that they are a bad apple, so to speak..but I just happen to think all of my juices taste better with the tarter apple. I also do not use much fruit in my juices. I really enjoy using all the vegetables as much as possible. I also only put fruit in my morning juices. Not taking in natural fruit sugar in after 11 am. The sugar early on helps to kickstart your system and gives you a healthy boost of natural vitamins and minerals and with the natural sugar you get a bit of a ‘high’ so to speak. But, after a certain point I stick to all veggies. I hope this helps you!

      Good Luck and Happy Juicing!

  156. I don’t have a juicer but I have a nutria bullet can I use this???

  157. I really want to try this 7 juice diet, but I was wondering how will this affect me because I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and acid reflux? Also, is it a good or bad idea of doing this for a whole month? I never tried a diet before

  158. Hi just a quick question it properly sounds silly but do you put the fruit and vegetables row in the blander? Thanks

  159. hello.
    should i mix all those fruits and leaves together? it will be like cocktail right? or should i choose each of the fruits?

    Morning glory – i will choose only apple to juice it? or i will combine all from the list?
    thank you

    • Umahmedvik, you will use each ingredient on the list, unless you are diabetic then it will be wise to choose only one fruit. Cheers!

      • thank you – i will try this today :)

      • last, can i still drink coffee? im a coffee addict :)

        • Sorry, no coffee unless you drink decaf and you drink it plain without any creams, sugars, honeys, milk, or sweeteners. But that kind of defeats the purpose of coffee. Drink unsweetened green tea but keep it to a minimum. That way you’ll still get a little caffeine. Cheers!

          • Thank you! Im on my 1st day so far i dont feel hungry but a lil’ headache….

  160. I’m 15 and 118 or so pounds, if I do this juice fast will it affect me and help me lose weight? My goal is 110. (I have to be a certain weight for modeling) but yeah, I have school and I was just wondering if I would have to use the restroom.. Like a lot and if I would be too exhausted to focus during classes.


  161. I am starting this detox tomorrow ….. I plan on doing it for the 2 weeks. What I was wondering is … can I use any of the recipes that are listed or should I stick with the ones that you purposely listed for the detox? If so …. how do I know which ones to use in the morning, afternoon or evenings? Thank you in advance for your help.

  162. Okay guys….I am going to do this…I need to do this…I will check back for support. My body hurts all the time, high blood know the story.

  163. I have 150lbs to lose! This is going to be my starting point! With the Lords help and this plan, I have great confidence that I will be on my way!! Going to the store tonight to get ingredients! :)

    • you got this, i’m going to start to after a documentary i’ve watched on netflix

  164. This is great. Working on a grocery list now for a Monday start. Can you recommend a recipe for a 400 calorie juice. I need at least that amount of calories for my meds.



  165. Thank you so much Donnie !!!
    Have lost 15lbs so far and it couldnt be happier !!
    You dont have to starve yourself to lose weight !!!

    • Jeff,
      How long did it take you to shed 15 lbs? I just started, any tips?

  166. I am on Day Seven of 2 week fast, feels good, thank you Donnie, you are awesome.

  167. I’m on day 4, I’ve been really lucky with no head aches, lots more energy and feel really well. I do wake up hungry but as soon as I have my lemon water hunger seems to go?
    I’m doing this to lose weight, if I do it for 7 days what do I do next????

  168. Hey am I suppose to double the grocery list all of the items for two?

  169. Started Today…… with great expectations……

  170. GenuineArizona

    On day 3! All is going well. Very slight headaches when I started, felt a little fatigued and in some what of a fog mentally and a couple of times felt nauseated. BUT! I did feel the energy from time to time, I slept better. I miss chewing on some tasty food, but I’m not hungry at all. My mind is clearest it’s been in awhile today. We’re going to keep it moving forward!!

  171. when it says ginger how much and how do you do it

    • One inch of Ginger Root, just cut it and throw it in the juicer!

  172. Can I exercise on this juice diet?

    • Kimberly, you can exercise just don’t overdo it. Listen to your body and don’t push yourself too hard. It’s best to let your body rest and recover during your fast. I didn’t do any exercise during my fast but started immediately when I went back to solids and had really good results even after the fast. Cheers!

  173. How much will a weekly shop cost me? That looks a lot from initial inkling.

    • I just went shopping and got what was suggested for a half way trip. Now, I also had to look at the recipes and grab some of the stuff that wasn’t listed. Like ginger, lemon, and beets (I did forget the blueberries so I’m gonna be stuck with jolt juice until I can convince myself to go shopping again). Just that cost me a fair amount. $31 and I didn’t follow the shopping list suggestion fully because, frankly, I don’t have the money to drop one just one trip. So, I’d say it’s fairly expensive. Even more so if you buy only organic- I didn’t.

      • If you consider what you might spend on groceries and dining out anyway, it’s really not that bad…

  174. I’m on day 4 of my 7-day juice fast, it’s been a mission. I had to go to number 2s about ten times yesterday, haha, I’m constantly thinking about food – even dreaming about it, in the evenings I’ve had major headaches and felt really nauseous, I hope that’s just the toxins coming out and this evening I feel better, I’m looking forward to the abundance of energy as I’ve been quite lethargic the last couple of days, I’m really missing my poached eggs on whole-grain toast I’d usually have for breakfast, haha, I suppose I took food for granted before this fast, I just want to eat something, anything, even the mince I cooked up for my dog the other day smelt appetizing! Did anyone else have these intense cravings? Last night I dreamed I was having a nice thai red chicken curry!

    • Hi NatDev, I haven’t felt like that at all during the 5 days, however before I started this detox I drunk detox tea for two weeks so perhaps that was when I got rid of majority of the toxins.. I finished my juice detox now, I did a 5day detox. I’m doing 2 days tomorrow and wed and then every week as well for as long as I need to. I like how I don’t have to worry about food preparation as it takes very little time and effort to make the juices!

      • Hi Kasia, am I able to prepare my juices in the morning to take to work, they would be kept refrigerated. Also roughly what times do you have the 4-6 juices. Thanks heaps

    • I’m on day six of a ten-day fast and for me, the worst day was the first…the first night, to be exact. Headaches, whole body ached, restless legs, horrible! Every day has been better since. Down 8.5 lbs, feeling good (though I did manage to catch a cold! Ugh!)
      Hang in there, it gets better, and you’ll be so glad you did it!

      • Did you excercise along with the diet?

      • Heather–The first night was also awful for me. I’m on day 3 but I’m still not very energetic. Are you eating any fruit without juicing it?

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  176. Hi, am I able to prepare my juices in the morning to take to work, they would be kept refrigerated. Also roughly what times do you have the 4-6 juices. Thanks heaps

  177. So do you think these drinks would be ok to drink after sitting in a lunch bag with an ice pack from about 7 am to lunch time (12) ? Or will they have gone bad by 12? Also, Can I make them the night before for breakfast and lunch?

  178. does this shopping list do 2 people or just for 1????

    • Becky, this shopping list is for one person. There are 6 recipes for you to choose from and enjoy! I wish you all the best! Cheers!

  179. Reading these posts have given me more motivation. I’m at my witts end with my overweight problema and I am pretty tired of feeling and lookingso much older than what I truly am. On my way out right now to get the items I need to jump-start this project. Wishing myself willpower, that’s what I need.

  180. ok day 1, finding it hard. Tried the Bruschetta Tang for lunch and it was so disgusting!! the morning glory this morning was nice!This could be the longest 7 days ever…..

    • I’d try doing a little creative substitution if you find a juice not to your liking (I loved the bruschetta tang, btw!)You really don’t have to drink just those juices. You can either concoct your own, or do a little searching for others ( has a lot of good ones, as does the whole idea is to just do fresh fruit and veggie juices, trying for an 80/20 veggie/fruit balance.
      Good luck!

  181. Hi everyone!

    Just wanted to update you. I’m on day 5 and I’ve lost 6lbs so far. I feel great, only had a headache once :) Today is my last day, but I’m going to juice twice a week until I reach my goal weigh :) Keep at it, it’s worth it :)

  182. Day 1. All I can think about is food! I will power through. Worried I won’t be able to make it 7 days. Fingers crossed though!

    • I’ve started today too – just did the grocery shop. Sad when things that are so good for us are so jolly expensive :( very determined to do this & nice to know someone has started the same day as me

  183. Hey Kasia

    Few months ago I have done 7 days JOJ and I have lost 7lb in a week. On my day one today and planning to lose as much as possible. Good luck to you all :)

  184. Hi,
    Ive started my JOJ today…. and ive quit smoking… im coughing like a sheep cuz ive quit (withdrawal symptoms)

    I was juicing my morning glory and I found that all the kale leaves didnt get juiced it went to the waste thing :(
    The drink actually tastes nice and im quite suprised…. any suggestions on the kale leaves?

    Thanks :))

    • What type of juicer do you have? If you have the same type as me (single auger) then I tend to juice all the kale first followed by something hard like a carrot. I find that it helps juice the kale down and then the carrot pushes through into the waste.

      Hope that doesnt sound too weird!

      • Thanks for the reply. I finally managed by using your trick. Thanks so much!!

  185. So…I am prepping for a wedding next year and I am finishing up law school. With law school came some bad easting habits, but I was fortunate not to gain a lot of weight, like 5-10lbs. But I have had a tough time kicking my bad eating bass and training my body to like healthy foods. So I have been desperate to try a juice cleanse or any sort of cleanse in order to readjust my body. I want to try a short cleanse first, and then possibly try a longer one, like 21 days or so. Is 3-4 days a good trial run or should I just go straight to 7 first?

    Also, my fiancé got me a juicer for Christmas, and I have no idea how to use it or what type it is… Once he set it up the box and the directions went missing haha.

  186. On day one! I’ve had a mean green and sunset passion so far. To get rid of the taste i drink it through a straw and follow with plenty f water afterwards. I’m planning to put my results on my instagram, if you are interested please look at kasia_sia on instagram.

    • Im on day one too! Ive done a cleanse around the same time as last year so hoping this year wont be so bad. Last year, Im completed 7 days so this year im planning on 10. Who knows, Maybe I will do more!

      Missing food already.. Day 1 sux

      • Rebecca we can do this 😀 Day 1 is almost over for me as I’m in UK and its almost 9pm 😉 How much did you loose last year?

        • Day 3 girl! going strong.. Im in Canada so Im 7hrs behind you, but im orginally from the UK, I used to live in Greenwich, London.

          Last year I lost 10 lbs in 7 days and following that I followed a vegan diet for 3 months and lost another 10 lbs.

          I went back to eating a vegetarian diet but kept up not eating any animals. So this year planning on the same thing. Its day 3 now and im down 4lbs.

          How about you?

  187. Thank you so much this is fantastic ? I am going on a detox soon and was looking for instruction on how to go about it.

  188. Hi.
    This may be a silly question but, would it work the same if I just blended the ingredients and made a smoothie type thing?! As I don’t have an actual juicer.
    Thanks, Megan.

    • Hi there, I am not an expert, but I read somewhere it is not the same. Drinking juices aloud your body to use the energy cleaning you inside, if you blend the veggies and fruits your body will use energy processing the fiber you are putting in with the smoothie. That is one of the reasons why it is not the same.

  189. Thank you for your inspiration, this site is worth it’s weight in all the precious stones and metals.
    I came across the site from a friends recommendation.
    I had a few hiccups over the past few weeks when attempting to start the seven day juice plan, birthdays or other social gatherings blindsided the good intentions. And there was always the late night snack attack. Since discovering Just on juice, I realise the “cravings” I used to have were mostly being thirsty but then, reach for nutrient poor snacks or, we decide it’s a loaded plate of something bad to munch!!
    I finally decided, and started last week Thursday.

    The site helps and guides you with great recipes and encourages you to put your individual slant on them too. I enjoyed most of them to be honest. I thought of food a lot of the time, but actually looking through recipes with pictures and drinking another juice or water helped enormously.
    I feel lighter, healthier and ready for my next task. It was not easy, but anything worth the results is never easy.

    How often do you recommended repeating this plan? I’ve got a target weight to achieve.
    I start eating solids tomorrow, what is recommended so I don’t shock my system too much? (I was going to steam some fish and veggies.)

    Thank you again,
    I’ve bookmarked this as a definite favourite.

  190. On my Third day now of this diet and I can see difference on my belly. It is very hard but I will keep going as I know I will see the benefit. Having to go to the loo more often than normal! Some of the tastes of these are not nice, but drink a lot of water after to get rid of the taste. I would recommend to drink it very fast rather than slowly.

  191. Hello, I was wondering if it is okay to do hard exercise and drink protein shakes while doing this plan. Also, is it okay to do this plan for two/three weeks in a row or is that too much?

    Thanks in advance!

    • It’s recommended that when you exercise, do so lightly, especially in the first few days, though it would be best to avoid protein shakes during the extent of your juice fast. You can definitely do this plan for a few weeks, though. The longest I’ve heard people doing it is 60 days.

  192. Hello there I’m 26 years old and currently 15 1/2 stone. I will be starting this diet tomorrow, so will keep u posted on how we’ll I’m doing to try and get people involved. If anybody comes across this message and want to ask me a question on how I’m doing or feeling to try and help them make a choice on wether to start a juice diet, just ask. Thanks Paul.

    • Hi Paul,

      My name is Jenn I am thinking of trying this juice diet i am going to be 30 this year. I want to lose atleast 30 pounds and I will be happy :) How are you doing with this juice diet so far? I did the Herbalife for about 3 months and I lost 20 pounds but it was $200 every 2 weeks. So I stopped doing. I missed eating real food too lol. But I will be trying this juice diet by next week for sure.

  193. Hello,

    I have just came across this website and I spend over an hour reading through the comments. I have been thinking about a juice detox for a while now but I never had guts to do it… I have always had problems loosing weight, I’ve been on a diet pretty much since I remember. I’m going to be 27 next month, I currently weight 85kg (13st 5lb) and I’m 170cm (5ft7), my bmi is 29.4 making me overweight and very close to obese. Ideally I would like to loose 2 stones, time isn’t an issue, I’m happy to loose weight slowly and keep it off. Juice detox sounds like something that would kick off my weight loss :)

    Since January I have been drinking fruit and veg smoothies on and off pretty much every other week for a few days. Using a blender wasn’t ideal so I purchased myself a juicer, it came on Saturday, this morning before work I bought lots of fruit and veg and I’m starting my juice detox on Friday (that’s when my boyfriend is going away for a week, making the time for juice detox just right). I will update you all on my progress :)

  194. Im sure you have been asked this before. For the blueerries, can I get a bag of frozen berries and thaw them before juicing them? Will this work?

  195. Thank you for the auspicious writeup. It in fact was a
    amusement account it. Look advanced to far added agreeable from you!
    By the way, how could we communicate?

    • I’m starting this diet today!! Wish me luck!!!=) well have started!

  196. I’m on day three of the 7 day cleanse. I feel great and have an abundance of energy. last night I was pretty hungry and felt a little bloated but that thankfully has passed. This morning I woke up feeling great and feeling like I can make it the full 7 days

  197. Hello, i just recently bought a juicer and im planning to do this 7 day deetox menu. Am i not suppose to eat/drink anything but the juice recicipe?

  198. This is day 2 for me and I’m getting some cravings. Day 1 was pretty easy for me but today I did not like the juice “concoction” I took for lunch and it’s making me want real food again. When I get home from work I’ll follow the recipes as they were tastier. Thanks for such a great blog.

  199. I am glad I read what everyone experienced before I started. I was able to understand that this is temporary and stick to the plan. Today is day 1. I wanted solid food most of the day, but resisted. The absolute hardest part was cooking my son diner lol…

  200. Do I have to use a juicer, or can I just do veggies/fruits in my vitamix? Do these “smoothies/mixes count as juice if you only use the ingredients listed(veggies/fruits only-nothing added)?

  201. Hi my name is shelby I would like to try and start juicing I was looking at your 7 day plan I just have some questions
    1: your recipes that you proved how many juices would 1 recipe make? ( how many glasses?)

    2: I work different hours all the time could I make a juice for my lunch and keep it in the fridge or do they go bad real fast? (In other words do I need to drink the juice right after I make it?)

    3: should I exercise while I’m fasting?
    If so, should it be a heavy work out light ect…?
    Thank you

  202. Hi my name is shelby I would like to try and start juicing I was looking at your 7 day plan I just have some questions

    1: your recipes that you proved how many juices would 1 recipe make? ( how many glasses?)

    2: I work different hours all the time could I make a juice for my lunch and keep it in the fridge or do they go bad real fast? (In other words do I need to drink the juice right after I make it?)

    3: should I exercise while I’m fasting?
    If so, should it be a heavy work out light ect…?
    Thank you

  203. Please does anyone know what can I eat after the fasting??I dont want to give my body a shock after 7 days of juicing..any advices?


      This website has VERY good information regarding fasting safely.
      This link is for “Breaking a Fast” specifically, nut I recommend at least skimming all of it.
      It is written for the purpose of Spiritual Fasting, however the nutritional info is good for all to use.

    • Just introduce food very slowly. I would start with soft foods. I always start with my gluten free yogurt and work my way from there.

    • It best to start eat fresh fruits and vegetables raw coming off of the juice. Continue to keep your self on a healthy lifestyle diet after the 7 days of juicing. Work juicing and eat fresh fruit and using the solid parts from the juicing for blending together a sugar free smoothy. After another week start instroducing nuts and berries. Then introduce fish and chicken but keep it light keep it healhty to maintain the progress you’ve made

  204. Hmm is anyone else having problems with the images
    on this blog loading? I’m trying to find out if its a
    problem on my end or if it’s the blog. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  205. Thanks a ton for this high quality write-up.

  206. Hello,
    What you need to understand is that if you go longer than the 7-10 days your ability to move waste will become lazy due to the fact that all you are ingesting is liquid. If you go longer and then start to eat solids you will become extremely constipated because your bowel has not had to work in a long time.
    Be smart about this and only start with a weekend cleanse if you have never done this before. Then you can clean up what you are ingesting during the week and then you can try a 7 day fast.
    Be smart about this people, your body is meant to eat and you are meant to chew which is another problem from drinking your meals. If you want to substitute one or two meals eventually with juices thats fine but you also need to eat solid foods and chew.
    Also if you are thinking of nothing but food while doing this you are not getting all the nutrients you need so check what you are juicing. If you feel you need more protein then get a really really good protein powder to mix with your juices.
    If you dont read labels and teach yourself about ingredients then all the juicing in the world wont help you.

  207. I do not have enough time to properly browse
    this webpage presently, nonetheless I bookmarked it to look
    at it afterwards. Thank you for the points.

  208. I’ve been looking through your web-site for a long time, but up until now I decided to write at the
    very least a howdy there.

  209. Does anyone know if chea/or almonds can be added to the juice?

    • It best to start eat fresh fruits and vegetables raw coming off of the juice. Continue to keep your self on a healthy lifestyle diet after the 7 days of juicing. Work juicing and eat fresh fruit and using the solid parts from the juicing for blending together a sugar free smoothy. After another week start instroducing nuts and berries. Then introduce fish and chicken but keep it light keep it healhty to maintain the progress you’ve made

  210. Is it safe to do this juice diet for longer than 7 days? I have a lot of toxins I need to filter out and worry that it may not be enough.

    What symptoms should I expect the first three days?

    Thanks I look forward to getting started!

    • do it for 7 days. go the rest of the month eating normally but healthy. then do it again for 7 days the next month. dont go more than 7-10 days at a time. just do it for more months.

  211. Hello, I am on day 3 of 7 and I am unable to have a bowel movement. What sort of things can i drink to help with my constipation? Thanks

  212. Hello,

    I just started my juice fast but I get a diarrhea after each juice I drink. I’m following the 7 days plan recipes. Is this normal to have GI problems at the beginning??

    I appreciate your response,

  213. should i peel the cucumber? something on the Morning Glory juice is really sour is this because i did’n peel it? or is the kale?

    • I had trouble w/ the kale being bitter so I replaced 1/2 of the kale w/ romaine and/or cabbage.

      I don’t peel my cucs and have had no problem.

  214. hey I am on day 6 of 7.. I have lost 8 pounds so far. wanted more but a loss is a loss. I thought this was going to be easy but its hard. I was thinking bout food all the time was hard to to eat solids. but as the days go on gets easier. might do 14 days now I aint sure will see on day 7

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  219. Is it okay to exercise on this? And I mean a pretty intense workout regimen.

  220. Can I prep all my juices in the morning and freeze them?

    • You can Pearl but it’s better not to freeze them. How long will you be out and away from your juicer?

  221. Not sure what I’m surpose to put for info in the above boxes, sorry. Hello all, I am going to be doing the jucing asap. Due to constipation quite bad, tired of using fiber, meds, nothing keeping my stomach colon intestines clean, terrible weight gain and have all the other systoms, fatique, no energy and more, what I’ve been feeling like this for close to 3 mo’s is worse then doing the juicing. So, I need to puchase a juicer? I thought I read you do not have to use a juicer, is this so?

  222. Hi Y’all, I’m really interested in doing a juice fast just to feel better about myself, but i don’t have a juicer, what kind do y’all use, or recommend me getting? preferably not one that is expensive please! Thanks so much!!!!

  223. Well I am almost done day 1, it was a little challenging trying to over come cravings and spells of feeling hungry.
    But I stayed focus and reminded myself of the positive outcome. I’m excited to take on day 2. Of the challenge..

  224. I was wondering if I could do this cleanse for more then 7 days and do it for 10 instead ?

  225. I am on day 2. My tummy is going cock-a-hoop and I am hungry!! I feel light headed and not great. However I do feel totally unbloated and i’ve had a few compliments that I look like i’ve lost weight, which I am putting down to being less bloated. I will stick with it…

  226. I am day 3 and I feel amazing, but doing my routine workout was alittle harder on my body than usual so I just did an easier version, my headaches were pretty bad for the first 2 days and have subsided today making me able to get out and smell the fresh air, I am grateful for this new change, my body is feeling lighter and I feel happier…taking this day by day 1 juice at a time

  227. Im on day 2 cravings come and go nothing major tho. I do have a headache been here all day but was too be expected since I was semi addicted to coke and now my body is wanting the sugar. Looking forward to tomorrow hopefully headache will be gone. I do find it difficult to have more than 3 drinks a day feel like I’m forcing myself to drink them and feeling worse for it.

  228. Hello everyone! Is it common to feel like you are going to throw up or throwing up? I got sick last night after my first day of the juice cleanse, and today I am feeling sick and my head hurts pretty badly. Is there any way to make the headache cease or at least make it better?

    • Are you thoroughly cleaning your produce. You might have some form of food poisoning. If it’s just simply headaches. I’ve heard that’s normal.

    • I’m ending day 2 I have not experienced any headaches or severe hunger pangs. I do four 16oz juice and plenty of water in between. I also drink twinnings ginger and lemon decaf tea. I do crave bread and rice more a lot right now but I’m generally ok. Does that mean I am juicing too much?

    • good stuff

    • you may be sodium deficient.

    • You might be experiencing dehydration which is abselutely normal. I would advise you to try drinking alot of water to help the body hydrate and easily udjust to this major change. Goodluck

  229. Starting the fast next week, my mum has started this week. My mum adds wheatgrass powder to her juices, I want to know if this could hinder any potential weight loss? Thanks in advance.

  230. hello everybody!
    today is my 7th day! i managed not to cheat all week, however it was my week off work. i found first two days quite hard (headaches and cravings), but day three and onwards was fine. all together i’ve lost 9lb. on day one i was 177lb, but i am 5″11 tall. i did it mainly to detox my body and a weight loss is a nice side effect. normally i go to the gym 4 or 5 days a week and i am doing weights. i stopped for the time of the juice fast, so i can’t wait to work those muscles.
    i wish you all good luck with your juicing- be active, be healthy and be happy!

    • Quick question, it’s just one juice per meal, per day, right?
      lol sorry, I am just confused and I saw that you’ve done this already. (:

    • What was it like going to the toilet during these 7 days? Did you end up going more? Did it effect your stomach?

  231. Help PLEASE! I am brand new to this stuff. I am using the magic bullet rather than a juicer. I tried to make the Morning Glory and there is no way all of that product fits into the magic bullet! Am I supposed to make it in batches, or do I just cut down on product? I used only one apple, most of a cucumber, and only parts of the grapes, blueberries, and some broccoli (don’t like kale or spinach). But I ended up with a huge, frothy drink, that looks like it is going to be more than enough for breakfast. I’m imagining that with a juicer, so much of the product goes to pulp that maybe you need all of the ingredients.


    • Hi Dina,

      There’s actually a good spot on this website that explains why a blender won’t work for a juice fast.

      Take a look:

    • you’re supposed to use a juicer, not a blender. read the answer under the juicing questions link called “can I use a blender”

    • hey Dina!
      I’m not sure how your magic bullet works, but it has to separate the juice from all the pulp. thats why mixer is not good for juice fast either. you can use a part of the products, juice it, than put already made juice into some container or jug. than you can juice the next part of the products and so on until all is done. each juice you make should be 16oz or more. juices are very frothy, but i like the foam :)
      hope that helps!

  232. i like your simple intro to juice fasting. i have done numerous juice and water fasting over the last 45yrs. I see a lot of info on different combos that are prohibited, and it can be cumbersome and confusing. I am embarking on a month fast, however, i like your approach for the first wk.

  233. Hello, thanks for all the info and motivation. I tried to do 7 days but couldn’t, do to a personal issue that came up unexpected. But I did do it for 3days and I lost 7 pounds and man it feels great and I can tell the difference in my clothes and pictures. I loved it and yes the first two days were the most difficult for me, on the 3rd day i could smell food and didnt crave it any more. Am going to start tomorrow again but now I know that if I did 3days I can definitely do a lot more. Going on my journey of losing 100 pounds and I know I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13

    • Oh and yes like VG says praying and reading the Bible a lot more is the real secret to help you get through the difficult times when you crave for solid foods.

  234. I am not into cucumber? what can I used instead of cucumber?

  235. Hello, I have heard that is it pointless to juice the night before ( example for breakfast) and then save it in fridge and drink in morning because the juice losses all nutritional value. Is this true? I been doing this and I would like to make sure I am doing things correctly. To juice in the early AM seems like a alot of work since I work very early in the morning.


    • No, it is not true. Fresh juice will last at least 48 hours if kept in the refrigerator. I put the juice in a tightly lidded container. I often make juice for the entire next day, and take it with me to work.

      Hope this helps.

  236. Hi Everyone,

    I am on day 4 and I feel great and have lost 5 lbs. Yesterday I experienced a headache, but not today. I vegetable juice in the morning for breakfast, fruit juice in the afternoon for lunch, and vegetable juice again in the evening for dinner. I also drink 10 onces of water every hour ( I put myself on a water schedule to remind me to drink water). I am also starting a light exercise regime (mainly treadmill or 1-2 (12 minutes) mile walking in place exercise DVD). I will probably juice for 10 – 14 days. One important thing that I do everyday while fasting is I pray and read the bible. I want to become the best that I can be on the inside as well as on the outside. I wish you all the best and safe juicing!

  237. I started juicing yesterday.
    I feel great! I recently went raw vegan so I think it has added in the ease of just juicing.
    Sounds like everyone is doing great thus far. Keep it up.

  238. Day 8….Getting through the weekend was hard. We went out to eat and even though I thought the salad was light I felt kinda sick afterwards. I’m trying to ease my way back into food, so I will try a salad with protein for lunch. Still juicing for breakfast and dinner.

  239. Im on day one, and Im looking strengths to continue with the fast.

  240. Day 2. I feel like I’m in a bit of a daze. I just want to sleep. I am craving solid food, especially because I’m getting snacks and meals for my 3 year old son today. My partner is on day five and is looking and feeling great so that’s keeping my spirits up. I am definitely down a couple pounds already. I’m trying to remember all the people in the world who have no choice but to “fast”. Onward.

  241. I am on day 5 but I think this might be my last day. I have lost 5lbs. On day two I lost but on day three I gained. did anyone else gain or is it just my scale Now I am steady losing again. I feel good about this juice fast because it made me realize that I can say no to pizza and other food, yesterday I watched my family eat pizza it was hard, but I did it. So I am excited to start eating but choosing good foods and minimizing the bad foods.

    • B-Bird

      Hi, STeph,

      I lost 3 lbs almost right away and gained it right back. I’ve lost it again and now. I’m on day 6 and have only the lost 3 lbs. Maybe the scale will say good things tomorrow.

    • I am on day f4. On the first day I lost 2lbs,on the second day 3lbs, on the third day 1lb and on the fourth day 2lbs. That is a total of 8lbs. I am really encouraged and hopefully I will complete my seven day juicing

  242. Day 5! I feel GREAT!!!!! I don’t have a headache and I weighed myself and I’ve lost 10lbs!!!! I’m motivated to keep going! I will complete the 14 day fast. For all of you that are just starting stick with it! The results are worth it!

  243. Day 5:
    two glasses of juice from morning

    Energy level : Feeling good
    Attention : Fine..can concentrate well at work
    Craving for solid food : very minimal


  244. I recently did a total 7 day juice fast using only green juice. I lost a total of 19.6lbs, I also dropped my Triglycerides from an alarming 638 to a managable 323. Wouldnt say that I noticed a big energy boost, but that fact that I feel much better about myself gives me energy in its own. I am still juicing for most of the day but im not making a small low carb meal for dinner. I highly recomend doing this if you really need that jump start to a new lifestyle!

    • Waoh! It is great to have lost 19.6lbs in seven days. Please can you let me know what green juice is made of. I will be grateful

      • I mostly just did Morning Glory, Mean Green, and Green Machine.

    • Hi there, just wondering what kind of “green” juicing you did. Is there anywhere where I can get some of those recipes or what did you follow?

  245. Day 4:
    Morning and afternoon is fine. Drunk two glasses of juice from morning

    feeling OK…energy level OK [ i need to keep my self motivated instead of feeling great from inside]
    less craving for solid food


  246. Day 3 still feel tired, and have a headache not sure I’m getting enough calories. I ate a banana this morning after not feeling full from my juice and water. I hope this gets better soon 14 days is looking really hard.

  247. hi all, this is my 12th day, i did say i was gonna do 2 weeks but i feel so good that i may just carry it on for a while, i have 32 pounds to lose and have so far lost 11 pounds, when i first started this i struggled and still struggle every now and again with wanting food, i also had a bad headache on day 2 but thankfully i didnt get it till late in the evening so i went to bed, it was gone on the third day and i havnt had anything since. I will admit, i have caved here and there with food, and had a salmon fillet and a bit of chicken because i have found that its not sugar im craving it meat, i dont think this has done me any harm and its still keeping me on trqack with juicing. It honestly does get easier with the juices, u stop cringing at the thought of one more pirece of celery and can start drinking them quite happily. I also worry about wether im getting enough calories or not as i have only been drinking 3 juices per day (along with green tea and water) but im sure my body will let me know if im not getting enough, but i have started having a small fruit juice an hour before bed just to increase the calories abit. I assure you, try stick with it if you can, i feel great, i cant believe how much energy i have, its a bit like a natural high, good luck…it will be worth it x

  248. My 12th day of juicing. Mostly green juice. Lost 13 lbs. In the morning I take Metamucil and capsule of Omega 3 oils (as I did before this reboot). I put water and ice cubes in my green juice and carry it around in a big 2 liter thermos. In the evening I like carrot and apple juice (sometimes I add other fruit in the juicer). Trying to keep my fruit juices under control :) . Craving for food is there but it’s tolerable. Only hard part is when I sit down with my family for dinner.
    Another 7-8 days and I will be at Weight Watchers life-time membership weight. No more paying monthly dues.
    I’m making transition plan now – you can’t just go to regular food right away. Looking forward to some salads and soups. One more week to go!

    • That’s nice Miro…you and other members are my inspiration to continue journey
      i am at day 3


  249. Day 2 is rough. I was planning on going for 7, but I might stick to 3. Wish I would have eased into this.

  250. Hi Friends,

    Today is my third day….already had two glasses of juice and will take two more

    I am feeling

    1) fatigue- seems losing energy
    2) Not able to focus well @ work
    3) craving for food continues

    Hoping that this phase will over soon…Want to continue this journey for at least 4 days and then will determine next course of action


    • that will all get better very soon, you will still crave food im sure, as i still do but try to put it to the back of your mind and put your foot down with yourself, your focus will vastly improve very soon along with your energy levels

  251. Day 2 is also tough. I’m hungry and thinking of eating a salad with a small piece of chicken breast. I’m going to try and get through today…hopefully Day 3 will be better.

  252. 2nd day and like Manish am craving food you can chew. Thought about food most of yesterday so hopefully after a day or 2 this will get better. The odd thing is, I am not hungry. Even after I didn’t drink the dinner juice because i didn’t like it. Concerned a bit that I am not eating enough calories. Only had 3 juices yesterday. Takes so much time that making more than 1 for each meal seems to take forever. Oh, well, on i go.

  253. I started my juice fast yesterday and it was tough, but I made it through it. I did get a headache and I’m hoping Day 2 will be a little easier.

  254. Hi Donnie
    I wanted to do Juice Fasting for long time and here i am.
    today is my second day….Yup it is hard
    First day was hard…I took 3-4 glasses of Juice
    Second day …yes i do feel craving for hot solid food[Pizza etc..] but i want to continue journey….i already took 2 glasses of juice

    I am 35 year healthy old main
    i am mainly looking for
    1) reduce my weight 10-15 lbs
    2) increase my mental focus and will-power
    3) increase my physical stamina to enjoy life

    Wish me good luck


  255. Started Day 1 today. Was shocked with the ingredients that it actually tasted good. Was even a bit sweet. Not a big fan of ginger but will try to get past that. Agree with other comments that the success of others is very motivating! Crossing my fingers I will have the same results.

  256. I have psoriasis and I’m going to start juice fast tomorrow. I am looking forward to it and hope I can make it for 7 days total or more :)

  257. This morning I was temped to eat breakfast. I got on the scale and saw where I had lost a total of 7 lbs since starting. This made me more determined. We have a local Farmer’s Market sponsored by the city each Thursday. I had only 10 bucks and was able to buy 6 cucumbers, 5 kiwi fruits, 1 cabbage, 1 bunch of beets, 8 large carrots and 1 bunch of celery. Thank God!

  258. I’m fasting today with a friend and will start my juice diet on Friday, Feb 14. The fast today is juice and water only, as a way of seeing if I can stand to do without any solids for 7-10 days. Yikes! I love this site because you all are offereing support and insight. Kudos! I’ll be back to check in ;=)

  259. Hey everyone.

    Just a quick question I have been drinking lemon water all day, I think that’s been keeping me full.

    Is it ok to drink lemon water throughout the day or should I just drink it in the morning and just replace fresh water?

    Thank you

  260. on day 4 of my cleanse, lost 4.5 lbs so far, i hadn’t used the bathroom for the first 3 days which is unusual for me so i had to drink a laxative tea to get things moving, if this is your first time juicing it gets easier after the first 2 days

    • Enemas are good when fasting, but especially if the bowels aren’t moving on their own. Enemas clean the colon so that the poo doesn’t just sit and become toxic since there is no fiber to push it out.

  261. I have never tried juicing. But do I add water along with the fruits and veggie?

    • Typically no. However, if I find that a mix is a little too strong I will add a very small amount of water….maybe 1oz.

  262. I am 90kg. And have some sort of Diabetic as well. If diet juice is safe for me?

  263. I’m done with day 6 of a juice fast, going to do at least 10 days. It’s going fairly well- I feel good and am not even very hungry, but I’m disappointed with the results. My starting weight was 164.5 lbs, and by day 3 I was at 159.5 lbs. But now I’ve not only stopped losing, but have gained at least a pound back, and don’t understand how, on a completely liquid diet. The only thing I can think of is that I started doing a little non-cardio exercise (stretching, pushups, situps, weights) a couple days ago, and might have gained muscle mass, if it’s even possible that quickly. I really can’t believe I could have gained it from calories, from too much fruit or something. I’ve been having 4-5 juices a day, and most of them are pretty foul from being so packed with veggies. But either way, it’s a bummer that I didn’t keep going down like I thought.

    The juicing is a huge undertaking, preparing a massive amount of veggies/fruits and cleaning the machine over and over again. Ugh. I probably wouldn’t have started this if I’d known it’d be this much of a hassle. I also got a mild cold a couple days ago, but I’ll be damned if I’m quitting this far into it.. hopefully it doesn’t affect anything.

    Good luck to anyone else taking this on too!

    • Hey Dan, I think it is fantastic that you’re committed and have started juicing! It’s a fantastic way to detoxify your body and stay healthy. But the 7 day detox is just a detox, you won’t lose a whole bunch of weight on it. If you are looking to lose a lot more weight (although it doesn’t sound like you need to) I would highly recommend the “17 day diet” by Mike Moreno. It is fairly easy to follow, and it “tricks” your body every 17 days into revving up your metabolism by adding new foods. It’s awesome. I lost 12 pounds in the first 17 days, and that was fine for me so I skipped to the last cycle – maintaining.

    • Dan,

      Your weight loss sounds pretty good for your weight. I’m on Day 6 of my detox and have lost 11 pounds. I started around 235 lbs though. I’m only lifting weights at the moment as well.

      The prep and cleaning does does suck, but it’s only temporary! Stick with it.

  264. I am starting the cleanse tomorrow! I am currently 142 lbs! I will post back on February 15 and give y’all an update on my weight!

  265. I started juicing today but I think I did it wrong. I followed the recipe but it made about 32oz. Will drinking that much several times per day make me gain instead of lose?

    • My first was juice two days ago, I only made half and it didn’t even fit into the cup that came with the Breville juicer. Well I used two bunches of celery (mean green juice) then yesterday I googled “what is a stalk of celery” and I had used two whole celery plants and a stalk of celery is only one rib. It not only tasted nasty It made a lot of juice. Now I know

  266. What could be a good substitute for lemon? I’m allergic to lemons

  267. On day 3. Doesn’t seem like i’ve lost any weight.

    How much exercise needs to be done with this detox to loose 5+ pounds?

  268. Would it be ok to use frozen fruits? I live in the Midwest and good quality fruits are not always available or are pricey this time of year.

    • yes, frozen fruits are absolutely ok! some argue that they can even be more nutritious than fresh fruit due to their nutrients being “locked” in during the freezing process. some fruit (depending on the type, where its being transported to and from) can loose nutrients due to the transportation process. research babe!

  269. Hi! I’m starting my juice fast tomorrow. I was wondering how often one can do such a fast. Say, a few times a year, once every three months?

  270. On day 7 today juicing only. Lost 8lbs in the 1st 3 days . Started my period on the 4th day no wright loss since is this expected?? Feeling great though.

  271. I started this morning with the morning glory recipe. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the drink was. Lunch I did the mean green. It is indeed mean. It was bitter at first so I added a few carrots. I got so full.

    I have all my meals planned and marked in a ziplock bag. I am keeping a journal. Around 11 I started experiencing a headache but I think that is because of no coffee. That is how committed I am. I always start the morning off with coffee.

    For dinner I am preparing the sunset passion.

    I hope I stick with this. In the past I would get bored easily and lose interest. I am enthused right now.

  272. Thanks for this great site. I have done juice fasts in the past but got away from being healthy so am at Day 2 of my juice fast I just started.

  273. Can I use a half a lemon instead of a quarter which you state in your juice recipes?

    Also am I ok to drink lemon and hot water throughout the day? Or should I just stick to the one in the morning?

  274. Can I add honey to my morning lemon water?? If not so why?

  275. Can I add honey to my morning lemon water??

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  277. Also I’m creating my own juices is there any method / difference in creating a breakfast or lunch or dinner juice? Thank you for your help.

  278. Hi Donnie Please can you share some more juice recipes. Thank you.

  279. So…heres my first day.
    I did a 15min workout when I woke up, usually a lot less but had to go out and buy groceries.

    Anyways, I’ll be keeping my progress posted.

    Can someone tell me how much to workout each day?
    I was planning to work out thrice a day, each session of 30 mins…

    • 1st day went well, worked out quite a lot and was drained by the end of the night….and felt dizzy so had a little cereal :/

      2nd day today, had a decent amount of my morning juice bt its lunch time now and I’m STARVINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG :(

      • Hey Sanz, I just finished a 7 day cleanse. I work out 1 hour each morning so I do what you feel comfortable with but don’t over do it. If you are doing the 7 day to cleanse or detox it’s not recommended to drink anything but the juice, it defeats the cereal :( I also felt a little dizzy, tired, headaches, starving the first couple of days but after that I felt great. Although I did a different program that allowed me to drink 6 drinks throughout the day I still lost 20 pounds. Probably a lot of water but I feel great. Remember to drink water, stay soda or coffee. Good Luck

        • Hey Andy thanks for the feedback.

          3rd day and I woke up this morning wanting to quit; but I made it through :)
          Had my morning juice and did a 30mins stair climbing workout.

          I’m not drinking sodas or coffee, but I have black tea it helps with the headache…is that okay?

          I guess its just tiring to make the juices…or I dunno but I don’t feel like drinking anymore…I guess its the loss of appetite..

          And wow you lost 20 pounds in 7 days?!?
          Congratulations! 😀

  280. If I use a blender with the recipes will it do anything for me? I don’t have a juicer and I know it won’t be the same, but will there be no benefit at all?

  281. Hi, I’ve done the juice fast before and now I’m doing it again with my mum and my sister in law. I need to know if it’s ok to do the juice fast while on antibiotics?

  282. I have been on this fasting for 3 days now, what do i do about tiredness and headaches cuz its killing me. Another symthom am getting is that i cant use the bathroom. PLz let me know if am on the right path or not.

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    I’d really like to be a part of community where I can get responses from other
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    you have any recommendations, please let me know. Bless you!

  284. also, can we add some protein to the juice

  285. i want to buy a juices best quality and price combo any suggestions please thx

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  287. I am getting started juicing on 2-1-14. I am going to do a 14 day cleanse with the hope of losing weight and eating healthy.
    Anyone have suggestions on the best tasting juices to help me into the program?

    Wish me luck,


    • Hi Jeff. Here are a couple that I use. 5 ribs celery,1 cucumber, 1 green apple, 1 cup of kale, 3-4 romaine leaves, a handful of spinach, 1 oz of lemon juice or this one 1 green apple, 2 beets, 5 large carrots, 1 1/2 tb of ginger, half a lemon. Now these may taste a little strong at first but stick to it. Stay away from all but a little bit of fruits. Fruits taste good but have lots of sugar which will not promote weight loss. Iam not a dietician or pro in any way or form. Im just someone like you that is trying to lose weight and eat healthy so these are from my experience. I’m currently on my fourth day and I’ve lost 11 pounds. Good luck to you

    • Hi Jeff
      Like you I have made a commitment to start on 2-1-2014. I purchased a juicer, did a whole lot of research and now I am excited about starting. I lost so much weight on the Adkins diet, but due to a family health crisis I put the weight back on. I will be following and hopefully we can encourage each other.

      I have purchased most of the groceries and just need a few more items.

    • Hi, I have been juicing for 3 days and the juice I always begin with is beets, carrots, apple and ginger. it taste good and its a good cleanser. But as I look at this site I’m going to try all of his recipes because they seem to be flavorful. Good Luck!

  288. i am sooo excited! my hubby bought me a juicer for my birthday and i am going to do the cleanse. starting on tuesday cause i need to go grocery shopping. will start with 7 days but if i can handle it going to go longer. wish me luck!

  289. So excited to start a 10 day cleanse!!!! I tried the mean green juice today and love it. I will be starting around Feb. 4th after I go grocery shopping. Has anyone done a 30 day cleanse or longer? Just curious if it works or not and if the weight stays off if you stick with healthy habits.

    • Hi Trina

      I am currently on day 10 and intent to go for the full 30 days and see what happens then. I have currently lost around a pound a day. I think the weight does stay off only if you continue with a balanced and healthy lifestyle. I found out that someone I know has done a 100 days juice fast and lost a third of her body weight which she has maintained. Good luck and enjoy your journey it is a learning curve!

  290. I am on my 2nd day. Feeling tired and bit hungry. But is lunch hour so I am struggling, needless to say can’t wait to go home since hubby decided to support me by not cooking any meals at home. But I had a great night sleep last night. Wondering if the juicing was the reason. ???

    • Consentida, I am on my 10 day, doing great!! Do not give up!!! The first 4 days are very hard to cope with, I did notice that on the 5th day, I wanted solid foods!!! Do not know why, but I have not given in!! My headaches have gone away, I do have energy!! My hair and skin look and feel different!! If you need motivation, you will find it here!!! There is always plenty of support from everyone :) hang in there. Good luck.

  291. hey, I found this website and it has really motivated me to start juicing! I am currently 5ft11 and weigh 64kg (which is all fat, im looking to lose the fat and eventually gain muscle!) but I have found it hard to lose the weight i want just from dieting and exercise.

    so excited to see how this goes! wish me luck and goodluck to everyone else starting out on this plan! 😀

    • Annie, good luck!! This really does work!! You will see.

  292. Hi, am on my 2nd day. just wanna ask if its normal that u dont poop in 2 days but am always pee. Thanks. By the way, I follow all ur recipe and so far so good. I super love the taste. Have a good day to you. =)

    • Some people will Pee more i ask my father who is a Juice nutritionist because I am pooping non stop he told me that it depended on how clogged up with a mass of soiled waste. If you did not have a lot of solid wast come out day one then day 2 may be a poop free day after the 3rd day you might want to be ready for the unknown because if you are compacted with soiled wast day 3 is usually day it brakes down and comes rushing out. I just want to tell you if this is your first juice fast watch out for a few things. i am not tiring to be gross. #1 don’t think the little farts you have had during the day are going to be just gas play it safe because a little fart can be a wet one without any warning and make a mess. and number 2 Know were your bathrooms are were ever you go! and 3 always have a change of underwear and pants. Now after your first fast your next one will be more regular

  293. What is the different between a smoothie texture than juice if the ingredients are the same? I only have access to a blender. Any suggestions? Can I do a fruit and veggie smoothie cleanse? If not, why not?

    • I was wondering the same thing so I Google searched “Can you juice with a blender?” and read what I found. Here is a quote from what I found on one website and after that is the website where I found the info. I hope this helps! “I’ll say it again, no! The reason you cannot use a blender for juicing is that a blender does not separate the fiber and pulp from a juice like a juicer does. A blender simply chops up and blends whatever you decide to put into it. A juicer on the other hand will separate all the fiber and pulp and give you only the juice of the fruits and veggies you put into it. When you are on a juice fast you have to eliminate all of the insoluble fibers from your diet to give your digestive system a much needed rest and cleanse from all of those dirty toxins that you’ve been feeding it. So, if you’re still wondering, can I use a blender for juicing, read on!”

  294. Do yo know of any juice cleanse with sauerkraut

  295. Looking for a way to incorporate Sauerkraut in to the juice cleanse. Any recommendations?. Thanks

  296. I started today but I have also been doing insanity for the past three weeks can I continue doing insanity while doing this juice diet?

  297. Hi, just wanted to know if we are allowed to have soup?? Really want to start 2moro so will be going shopping after work!

    • No – soup is not a part of this cleanse. Happy Cleansing!

    • Hi Ayesha! Good luck on your cleanse! On the 7-day juice cleanse, it’s ONLY juice. No solid food including even fruits and vegetables. You have to juice them to get the full nutrients they provide. I actually look forward to my juices now! Weird, I know. 😉

  298. I have started day 1 of juicing after a very busy festive season! I am looking forward to feeling energised and ridding my body of toxins!!!

  299. I start my 7 day plan tomorrow and I am very excited but extremely nervous. any advice?

    • Hi Anna! I hope you’re doing well on your cleanse so far! My advice would be to STAY STRONG! For me, Day 5 was the most difficult. I ended up caving and eating something unhealthy. :( But I’m back on track now and trying to make up for it. Make sure to drink LOTS of water in between your juices and make yourself extra juices if you get too hungry. Good luck for the remainder of the cleanse!

  300. I’m on 1st day of detox..Start off today by juicing 1/2 lemon (peeled) and mix it with 12-16 ounces of warm to hot water. COntinue with the Morning Glory and Mean Green for Breakfast and Lunch. I also prepared Lemon Mint Infused Water. So far so good except the frequency of toilet visit has increased. May I know if all I can drink are just juices? Can I have oats in the morning or hot chocolate (without sugar) in the afternoon? How about yogurt? Please advise. Thank you

  301. can you juice bananas?

    • you cannot. it just converts the entire thing to pulp and yields no juice. i tried it yesterday.

    • Hi Denise! Unfortunately bananas don’t produce much juice. I have found that you will get A LOT of juice from cucumbers, oranges and apples. Pineapples would probably give a good amount of juice but I have not tried them yet. Pears also are a good choice and mangos work well too.

  302. I’m starting my cleanse Monday and I’m wondering if I can make all my juices for the day to take to work? I know I’m suppose to drink them as soon as I make them but how do I do that at work?

    • Hi Shannon! What I did during my cleanse was prepare everything the night before my chopping up my fruits and veggies and putting them in a freezer bag so I could juice them in the morning. I did this for both my breakfast and lunch because I didn’t want to haul my juicer to work everyday. I hope that is OK with Donnie.! :)

  303. I’m on day 4 of my 14 day fast and I am exhausted! I’ve been following your recipes. I’ve done it before and remember being full of energy. I didn’t think it would affect me but I’m menstruating this week. Could this be the cause or am I just not juicing enough. I’m having a 20 oz juice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’m also having about 8 oz in the afternoon. I’m drinking about 80 oz of water a day as well. I’m down 9 lbs already!!! Thank you so much :)

    • Hey what are you doing to loose weoght so fast?

  304. Day 1. So far so good.

  305. Hi Donnie, Where does the majority of weight lose occur in the body during this fast? I would guess that it is from emptying the bowels out and perhaps a little bit of rubbish from the liver and kidneys. Would I be correct in assuming that sustainable weight loss (ie body fat) as a result of the fast would be minimal. I am at the end of day 2 of the 7 day fast. Thanks in advance.

  306. I’d really like to try this but I was wondering if I could make most of my juices in the morning and take them with me to work? I work all day (usually 10 hour shifts) and have no way of making juices at work. We have a fridge btw.

    • That’s what I did during my juice cleanse, Christina. Taking my juicer to work everyday would be a PAIN! I juice my breakfast and lunch in the mornings. And juice when I get home for dinner. Somedays were hard between lunch and dinner so I would advise to make a third juice in the morning to hold you over. Good luck!

  307. Hi.
    Day 1 today of a 7 day plan. The thought of ginger turns my stomach (it takes me back to morning sickness days) … can’t even stand the smell, so there’s a challenge before I start.
    Why aren’t banana’s or strawberries included in any recipes please?
    Thank you

    • They are not “hard. ” enough for the juicer. You can use them in a blender for smoothies.

    • Hi Kelly! If you don’t like ginger, you don’t have to include it in your juices. Bananas don’t juice well. I’ve been using strawberries in some of my juices. But it’s important to have 80% vegetables and 20% fruits. Donnie also mentions that you don’t have to follow his recipes exactly. You can change it up and make substitutions. You can read more about that here:

      Hope you’re doing well so far! Stay strong! Day 5 was the toughest for me.

  308. I’m on the final day of my 10 day cleanse fast and let me tell you my experience.

    First of all, I feel tremendous. I was never out of shape but had put on some unwanted pounds since Thanksgiving until the new year and I wanted to see what this cleanse would have done for me. at 5’8″ I was a 152 dude. So not heavy, but if you saw my frame it’d make sense.

    For some reason I was nervous about starting this cleanse. “Will I pass out? Will I get sick? Will I be irritable?” My advice to you, just start the damn cleanse. It’s not nearly a big a deal as you may think and it’s perfectly healthy.

    Anyways, I ended up losing 9 lbs in 10 days by very stringently following this plan. I did not eat any piece of food, drink anything other water, smoke, etc. Just juice.

    I lost 4 pounds the first day, 2 pounds the following day, then stabilized, then lost a pound a day until today. 9 total lost pounds.

    I was not a really unhealthy eater prior, so perhaps that played into what I’m about to say next, but the cleanse portion of this fast did not last long, maybe only the afternoon of my first day. After that I felt all of the energy everyone talks about as you come through the painful part of the fast. This was not a big deal for me at all. I felt as good on day 2 & 3 as I do now.

    Now for the hardest part. The weekend. My weeks are so routine & scheduled that it’s easy for me to plan a juice fast like this. But the weekends are tough because that’s when people are most likely to overeat, cook delicious BBQs, drink wonderful beers, etc. I went to a football playoff party and drank juice and water whilst everyone gorged themselves. It was tempting, but anyone even somewhat strong-willed will be just fine. Be prepared for people to taunt you by waving delicious treats in front of your face (as my girlfriend and mom both did). Don’t worry they aren’t evil, they know my constitution.

    After 10 days I can say I don’t want to lose anymore weight. I’m full on skinny now and my holiday gut is gone. If you’re way overweight, I’d recommend going the full month though. I’ll most likely gain some weight back but not return to previous habits. I will be juicing once a day from here on out.

    Thanks to Donnie for being as accessible as he is on this site. It’s been a fantastic resource for me.

    Good luck everyone!

  309. day one: is it ok to drink meals very slowly, like over the course of the morning?
    I started off with the hot lemon juice this morning then “breakfast” but I didn’t drink it all at once. Am I supposed to down it?


    • Sabrina, you should finish a juice within 15 minutes as it will get absorbed within that time frame. You can make smaller quantities and have more juices throughout the day though. Just listen to your body and have juice when you are hungry. Cheers!

  310. What is the best recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner? Going to try the 7 day plan on Monday I have never done a juice detox so I hope this works!

    • Kimesha, any of the listed recipes will do you just great! Just make sure you are having a juice when you feel hungry. You will probably go through 4-6 juices per day so feel free to try out many different recipes. Cheers!

  311. Hi! Today is my 5th day and I am finding this day to be difficult as well! Gosh I wanted solid foods!! But I did not give in, I will weigh myself on the 7th day. Good luck everyone :)

    • Hi Lisa! I’m starting day 5 tomorrow. This morning I weighed myself and I had lost 7.5 in 3 days! But I’m not sure if my digital scale is right. I weighed myself a few mins later and it was a different weight! I got so excited. :(

      I’m tired of being hungry. Smelling food is KILLING me! I’m trying to stay strong but I was thinking about making my cleanse 5 days instead of 7. :\

      • Hi Tangie :)
        I know it is difficult, but the more I see that I am slimming down, I do want to keep going! I have not weighed myself yet, but i can tell I lost weight, so I am going to keep going, also coming here to the blog, keeps me motivated :) good luck

        • Lisa,

          I’ve lost 4 lbs in 4 days! Like I stated in my earlier post, my scale was playing a trick on me! :( I’m on day 5 now and I’m feeling good. I’m still hungry but it’s not as bad. I do miss chewing food though! There have been a couple of times when juicing, that I wanted to take a big bite out of the fruit! 😉

          Good luck to you! Please keep us updated on your progress. :)

          • Tangie, congrats on your weight loss so far! One way I helped to ease the chewing thing was to chew some sugar free gum every once in a while. As long as you don’t swallow it, it will help with the lack of chewing. :)

        • Lisa,

          I am very disappointed to say that I did end up caving on Day 5. :( I was so RAVENOUS! And I didn’t do that great on Days 6 and 7 either. I’m so bummed out! So this week, I’m trying to get back on track. I only lost the 4 lbs but plan to lose more. Ughhhhh. I feel so guilty. Please don’t judge me! I hope you did better than I did! :)

    • Lisa, hang in there and stay focused. Congrats on day 5! It’s only going to get easier from here on out. You are probably on the tail end of your detox, it will pass soon. Thanks for keeping me posted. I’m looking forward to hearing more updates! Cheers!

  312. im om day 6 ;ost 9 pounds

    last night though i ate some cauliflower does that mean i must start over

    • Danny, congrats on 6 days of juicing and nearly 10 pounds lost!!! That’s really amazing and I’m happy for you. No need to restart or anything, just hop back into your juices and you’ll be fine! Keep me posted on your progress. Cheers Danny!

  313. Hi

    I on day 6 of fast have lost 9 pound so far

    Last night was hardest day i had i ended up eating bowl of cauliflower does that mean i need to restart the fast over again

    • Danny, congrats on 6 days of juicing and nearly 10 pounds lost!!! That’s really amazing and I’m happy for you. No need to restart or anything, just hop back into your juices and you’ll be fine! Keep me posted on your progress. Cheers Danny!

  314. Hey guys,
    just said I’d let ya’ll know, I’m on day 9 of the juice fast plan and have already lost 10lbs, have to say I found day 5 the most difficult, but stuck with it and am finding the results absolutely amazing, my body must have been crying out for this!! Keep up the good work it gets easier x

    • I am on day 5 and I feel like eating something right now !!!!! But I am determined to continue. At this point I am not going to throw away all the sacrifice.

      • Julia, you have the right mindset! Stay strong and be determined! Day 5 can be a tough one but it will only get better from here on out! Cheers!

    • Jay that is fantastic! Congrats on day 9 and 10 pounds lost already! You’re doing great!!! Keep me posted and let me know of your progress every few days. It’s amazing what fresh fruit and veggie juice can do for our bodies! Cheers!

  315. in how many days?

    • Megan, that comment has been deleted. It was a spam comment that got past my spam filters. I do my best to make sure all the spam is caught and kept off of JOJ but every once in a while some of them slip through the cracks. It was an advertisement for some miracle weight loss supplement with no reviews, comments, or proofs. Cheers!

  316. Hi, thanks for this website. It’s great. I have been only on juice, strictly on juice since Sunday and today is Tuesday. TOday it was very hard so I had some fennel with apple cider vinegar olive oil salt and pepper and some kale heated in the microwave (with vinegar oil salt and pepper). I cheated but I didn’t eat anything processed, jjust vegetables. SHould I start ALL over again with the juice fast or should I continue juicing as if this was my 3rd day? Thanks again

    • Ambra, just focus on getting back on the juice. Remember you are doing this for your health. Just don’t make a habit of eating solids all the time :) You’re doing great Ambra congrats on day 3! Cheers!

  317. HI Donnie,

    your story inspired me to go on a 14 day juice fast. I am on the second day I had gained 2.5 pounds. I am following the recipes on your site. Any suggestions?


    • Pepper, are you using a juicer or a blender? Also, don’t weigh yourself daily as your weight fluctuates. If you do weigh yourself make sure it’s at the same time every day. It’s best to weigh yourself first thing in the morning after you use the restroom but before you have your water or juice. Cheers!

  318. Hi! Today is my second day! Are these recipes the only ones we can use for the juice fast or can we use the ones on the other tab as well?

  319. Hi Donnie,

    I am really interested to start the 7 day juice fast, but i am a working girl I’m in the field for about 8 hours. I have no time to prepare it on lunch time or dinner time. Is it ok if i prepare my juice for lunch and dinner in the morning? would the juice spoils if it will notbe taken after juicing? Thank you very much.

    • Cathy, it’s perfectly fine to prepare your juices in the morning and bring them with you. Just keep them in airtight containers and store them in a refrigerator or an ice chest. They can keep for around 8-10 hours this way. Cheers!

  320. Hi Donnie,

    I started the 7-day cleanse today and I already have a headache! I know that is one of the side effects but I didn’t think I would get one on the first day. It’s not too bad of a headache but I’m worried about what’s to come. :\ It’s possible that I’m being paranoid since I’ve read other comments about feeling tired, achy, unfocused and having headaches. Wish me luck for the next 6 days! Thanks for this site! It’s very useful for us beginner-juicers. :)

    • Hi! This is my 3rd day, feel very fatigued, headache not too bad, I am so determined, I tell myself over and over again! We can all do this :)

      • Lisa, congrats on day 3! You’re going through detox and it will pass very soon! Stay strong and stay motivated! You can do this!

    • I had headaches the first and second days only. I am on the 4th day now. Good luck

      • Hi Julia :) thank you! Going on 4th day! Feeling much better!! Good luck as well.

    • So, I’m on day 3 and I’m actually feeling pretty good so far. I haven’t had any major problems. I’ve had a very dull headache, I’ve been FREEZING and a bit tired and I’m urinating more often. And of course, I’m hungry but it’s not unbearable. But overall, I feel pretty good.

      One more question…Is the weight we lose mainly water weight? Thanks again!

      • That’s great Tangie! Congrats on day 3 and feeling good! You can take tylenol or ibuprofen for the headache. Some people do get cold on a juice fast so it’s not uncommon. The more you urinate the better as that means your fast is going good. The majority of toxins and weight are released through the urine. As with any diet you lose a combination of water weight, fat, and muscle. The majority of weight comes from fat and water weight though. Cheers!

    • Tangie, headaches are common symptoms when one goes through detox. Take some tylenol or ibuprofen to help. Some people do get bad symptoms during a fast but it’s not the norm. I wish you all the best Tangie! Keep me posted on your progress. Cheers!

  321. I started today and my juice is not thick at all. It almost has the consistency of water. Good luck, Mick!

  322. sorry 3 posts it must be the hunger

    • Not worries Mick. Make sure you are using a juicer and not a blender. If you’re using a juicer what brand are you using?

  323. I have posted this once so sorry if it appears again

    I have just started today and have a quick question.

    Does anybody else feel the juice is too thick, should i be adding water?

    Male, 44, 6ft, 211lbs

    Thanks for any advice


    • Mick, are you using a juicer or a blender? Your juices should be about the same consistency as water. Cheers!

  324. Hi All,

    I have just started today and have a quick question.
    The juice seems very thick, i did the mean green one first. Is it best to add water as i struggled to drink half of it.
    Male, 44, 6ft Tall, 211 lbs

    Thanks for any advice


    • Sounds like you’re blending and not juicing? A juicer is required to make these recipes

    • Mick, are you using a juicer or a blender? Your juices should be about the same consistency as water. Cheers!

  325. Hi all,
    I started my Juice Fast today for 7 days, really looking forward to the cleansing and weight loss. I’m currently 159 lbs and 5.7″ I carry my weight well however the heaviest I’ve been so hear goes.
    Hoping to get back to 147 Ibs which is my average weight.
    Thanks for the plan and tips, have a good day everyone
    Karen (UK)

    • Karen, welcome to JOJ and congrats on starting your juice fast! I’m sure you will hit your goal fast! Keep me posted on your progress. I’m here if you have any questions. Cheers!

  326. Hi there
    I started just juice diet today 13/01/14. I need to ask if there is a recipe that I do not like and only found two that I really like can I use just those recipe until I finish my juice diet.

    • Michelle, it’s fine to just use the two recipes that you enjoy. Another idea is to take the two juices you enjoy and experiment with the substitution list found here:

      I like to take a juice I enjoy and replace one or two ingredients to see how it changes the juice. Sometimes I find that the juice is much better this way. Cheers!

  327. If I do not have a juicer, will a blender work just as well, or no? I just am not able t afford a juicer at this time, and I am really wanting to hop onto this weight loss journey. I am 21 years old, and I am very overweight. Because I am so tall, no one believes me when I say I am 260 lbs. I really hope that this juice fast will help me get some good starting results! :)

    • Hey Annie! If you have a pretty decent blender, that WILL work for a juice diet. Just keep in mind that blending uses the entire fruit/veggie, where juicing leaves only the liquid and disposes of remaining fibrous solid portion. Technically, you get more health benefits from using the entire fruit/veggie, it’s just harder for most people to drink, so if you can manage to get it down, you go girl! I’ve tried both, and what I’ve seen from my blended juice, is that it kind of separates. So you have juice on the bottom and more of the frothy fiber on top. If you can’t deal with it like that, just buy a cheap mesh strainer and pour it through that! Hope that helps! Happy juicing :)

      • You would get more nutrition if you were to eat or blend a whole cucumber as opposed to juicing one. But when you take a look at a juice recipe it’s nearly impossible to eat or blend that amount of food every day. Plus each gram of fiber contains 4 calories and when you add that up throughout the day it’s a lot!

    • Hi Annie. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Donnie has mentioned numerous times on this site that you cannot use a blender for juicing. Below is his response to that question:

      Q. Can I use a blender?

      Juicing Questions Answer – A juicer and a blender are two different creatures. The problem with a blender is that it does not remove the fiber from the juice allowing your body to digest it. Remember, the purpose of a juicer is to extract the juice and leave behind the fiberous pulp so your body doesn’t have to go through the digestive process. So no, you can’t use a blender if you’re planning on juicing. A blender can make some really great smoothies though!

      You may be able to find a juicer on sale or even on eBay but make sure it’s at least 700 watts. Most juicers cost at least $100-$150 and some even more than that. I bought the Breville juicer that was used in the documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.” Maybe Donnie has some other alternatives for you that are affordable. Good luck to you!

    • Sorry Annie, a blender will not work. Please read this article for more information on why you MUST use a juicer for a juice fast:

      You can however achieve results using a blender. You would have to cut the recipes in half and make sure you are eating a blended meal every time you feel hungry. It’s important to limit your fruit quantity too as you want to cut out a lot of the sugars. If you stick to fresh fruits and veggies you will achieve results, it will just take a little longer Annie. I wish you all the best. I’m here if you have questions. Cheers!

  328. Today is my 2nd day! I have done everything it says to follow. I feel a headache coming on. Also I feel very, very cold, does anyone have those symptoms? I am not giving up.

  329. I don’t have a juicer but I do have a vitamix, just wondering if that would change the way I would follow this plan? The vitamix emolsifies everything you pit in it so I would be getting more than simply the juices.

    • Trina, you have to understand that each gram of fiber contains 4 calories. You would get the same effect using your vitamix as you would by eating the produce raw. If your goal is to add more nutrition into your daily diet then this will work out great. If your goal is to lose weight you can still lose weight just at a slower pace as opposed to using a juicer. If you want to use your vitamix just start by halfing the recipes as a starting point. It will take you longer but it will still work. Cheers!

  330. Hey guys!!! The #6 piece of advice calls for consuming 4-6 juices per day, but the outline (or “plan” if you will) only has juice choices for the 3 main meals… Even if you count the lemon and hot water immediately upon wakening as a meal, that’s the minimum (4 meals). Is it best to add in an extra lunch or dinner juice? I see the breakfast juices have more fruit than the lunch and dinner juices, so to minimize the fructose intake, I’d assume you only add an extra juice from the lunch and/or dinner recipe choices!! Or would it be better to drink the 3 main meal juices, drink the hot water w/ lemon, and drink a minimum of 16 oz of water in between the meals? At first glance, I’d imagine that drinking 4 juices (a breakfast, a lunch, and both of the 2 dinner options) would work best to keep a person from getting TOO hungry and still get enough juice/nutrients during the day… Thoughts?

    • Chris, the outline contains 6 juices for you to try. They are split into three categories for you to choose throughout the day. Lets take a normal day for example. You wake up and have your lemon water and then choose your first juice of the day which would be in the breakfast category. Next time you get hungry you can choose either another breakfast or a lunch juice. After that when you make your next juice you would probably stick to the lunch juices. When it gets close towards the end of the day you choose a dinner juice. Once you start juicing you will get the hang of it. Just remember to have a juice when you feel hungry and you will do great! Cheers Chris!

  331. Today was my first day! It is extremely difficult, but I know with motivation and results, I will continue for as long as I can. Best of luck to everyone :) my weight right now is 158-5’1

    • You and I are in the same boat Lisa! Im 5’1″ 158 and I started the juice diet on the 10th of January. It is tough and I already have a headache but we will stay strong and keep our eyes on the prize! Good luck to you as well. I will be looking out for your updates! :-)

  332. I am about to start a 7 day juice cleanse. Mostly to get all the toxins out of my body and start fresh before I start a hard work out regiment. I am also a smoker, and I am planning to quit cold turkey. Do you suggest I quit smoking before the cleanse or during the cleanse? I feel like juicing on top of nicotine withdraw will be really difficult on my body and increase cravings for a cigarette/food..

    • I would recommend quit on the juice fast. That way you will get rid of that bad habbit and your body will get rid of toxins as well. First few days, you will have withdrawals. I read this book called “The Easy way to Quit smoking” by Allen Carr and it helped me a lot to quit. Try to get that book and read it, its one of the best seller for quit smoking.

    • Erin, anytime to quit smoking is a good time. It may be better for you to quit before your fast as it will help to give you that will power to do the fast. You can quit during the fast too. Either way you will quit smoking. Cigarette cravings usually go away after 3 days because the nicotine is out of your system. Cheers!

  333. Hi i am exited to try your detox i am starting monday lets se how it goes will write a review after, i have a question is it ok to get lymphatic massage maybe 2 time so it will help you get ride off toxins and do you recommend taking a colon cleanse pills with the fast

    i am also taking my everyday vitamins do i stop taking them for a week or is it ok to take them

    – fish oil
    – b 12
    – vitamin e
    – hair. skin, nails

    • Andres, welcome to JOJ and congrats on starting your juice fast! It’s fine to get a lymphatic massage but there’s really no need to take colon cleanse pills. The juice will cleanse that part all on it’s own. You can continue to take them if you want to, the B-12 would be a good one to keep taking as you don’t get B12 from fruits and veggies. Keep me posted on your progress Andres and know that I’m here if you have questions. Cheers!

  334. Hi Donnie, I’m still in school and really want to try this juice fast. I’m starting tomorrow which will be a Saturday. I’ll be fine with making fresh juices ready to drink on the weekend. However, I can’t take a juicer or small cooler to school with me. Would it be ok if I took a juice with me to school. I’m in school from 8:30 AM until 3:10PM. Since I’m only in school for a short period of time, would one juice be ok to take with me, or would you recommend 1 and a 1/2 or 2 full 18 ounce juices. I would really like some help. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

    • Scarlett, I would recommend you take at least 2 16 ounce juices with you. If you don’t have a fridge you can use ask some of your teachers. I know some of them have their own little mini fridges in class with them. Keep me posted on your progress Scarlett, I wish you all the best! Cheers!

  335. HI Donnie. I am waiting for my juicer to come in and I am so excited to start! I’m 21 years old and I’m about 5’8 and I weight 150lbs. My goal weight is 120lbs. My question is, should I do the juicing fast for 7 days and then stop and go back to eating solid foods and then start again? Or is it better to just keep going with the fast for about a month or however long it takes to lose those 30lbs?

    • Hi Jessica, it’s great to hear you’re so excited about losing weight! As this is your first juice fast I would recommend only doing it for 7 days. After the seven days are up, eat healthy and exercise regularly. This is the best way for you to lose weight. The juice fast will be a great quick start to your weight loss plan. Once you’ve been back on solids for a few weeks and think you’re ready for another fast then go for it! However, losing weight by eating solid healthy food, with exercise is the most healthy way to lose weight. Goodluck! I’m not Donnie but I hope this helps you out!

    • Jessica,
      120 lbs is too thin for someone 5’8″. Have you checked that BMI?

    • Jessica, if you want to lose 30 pounds you can either juice it all off, or juice till you hit about 130 and then start incorporating solids into your diet. Remember, you will continue to lose weight after your juice fast as long as you stick to healthy eating choices. I think you are well within your means to lose 30 pounds within a month Jessica. Keep me posted on your progress and know that I’m here if you have questions. Cheers!

  336. I am on day 3. I’ve cheated only by drinking green tea as I cannot give up caffine the same week I give up alcohol and food (my family would kill me). There is a pizza party in the office right outside my cube. And I’m drinking a juice the color of mud. I’m staying strong! It’s worth it. I don’t weigh myself (I even turn my head at doctors offices), but my pants are loose, my wedding ring is loose, and I feel better. Just got to stay strong. I went down to the cafeteria and got a large overpriced sparkling water to take my mind off pizza.

    • You CAN DO IT Joy! Stay mind strong!

    • Joy, it’s okay to have a little green tea just don’t drink a lot of it throughout the day. Stay strong Joy, you are doing fantastic! When I started my first juice fast I worked at an office that had really great cooked lunches catered in every day. I had to smell steak, lasagna, cake, and a whole mess of other foods throughout the day. It was a lot easier than I though it would be after a few days. Stay strong and know that what you are doing is for the betterment of your health! Cheers Joy!

  337. I take prescription pills and vitamins like hair skin and nail vitamins and flaxseed oil, are all of those ok to take with the detox? Also am I allowed to have unsweet hot and ice tea with this detox?

    • Heidi, if what you are taking is prescription then you should continue to take them. You may want to get with your doctor and let him/her know what you are doing in case they wish to adjust the quantity of your medications. Tea is fine to have on the detox. Cheers!

  338. Thanks for this site! I’m on my fourth day and have lost 7lbs! Hopefully the worst detox symptoms have subsided. The thing that causes me most discomfort is the diarrhea. Will it subside as well in the coming days? Also are there fruit and vegetable combinations that we should avoid?

    • Jesse, welcome to JOJ and congrats on your weight loss so far! If you’re having diarrhea you may be drinking too much juice. Try lessening the amount of juice you drink each time and see if that helps. Cheers!

  339. If I am not able to juice in the middle of my day will it be okay to prepare all juices for the day in the morning and keep them refrigerated until I consume them? Or does this cause the different fruits and veggies to diminish in nutritional value?

    Thank you!

    • Jenna, it’s perfectly fine to prepare your juices in the morning and keep them refrigerated until you wish to consume them. They can usually last around 8-10 hours. They will diminish the longer they are left out but as long as you keep them in airtight containers and store them in the refrigerator you help to minimize the loss. Cheers!

  340. Do you have to peel oranges, lemons, limes, or anything other fruit or vegetable before you juice?

    • Think it depends on the type of juice you have. With mine, I have to peel citrus b/c of the oils in the peel. I also remove the stems off carrots, and apples and things and cut them in half or fourths. It is not necessary but I feel like I am making it easier on my juicer that way! :)

      • I always wash my cucumbers with dish soap and then scrub them with a soft brush. It takes just about all the oil and wax off the peel. Come to think of it, I also remove the stems off carrots most times. Cheers!

    • Natasha, you should peel anything with a rind on it such as oranges, lemons, and limes. Anything else with a skin you don’t have to peel it as a lot of nutrition is in the skin. Cheers!

  341. Hello,

    I was wondering if you have a plan for type 2 diabetics?

    • Drew, it’s best to limit your fruit intake while on the juice fast and keep a good amount of protein such as kale or spinach in your juices. Stick to using one fruit or less per juice and you should be fine. It’s a good idea to check with your doctor and let him/her know what that you are planning on doing a juice fast. This way he/she can advise you on what to avoid or make suggestions. I wish you all the best Drew. Keep me posted on your progress and know that I’m here if you have questions. Cheers!

  342. Hi team

    While on this Diet plan, will there be a affect if i smoke ?


    • One of the main goals of a cleanse is to rid your body of all toxins. This would include cutting out smokes, booze, coffee.

    • Sohail, when juicing it’s best to cut out as many toxins as possible including smoking. I’m sure you’ve heard this a thousand times but smoking is bad for you. You’ll still lose weight and cleanse even if you smoke but the smoking can slow down the effects. Cheers Sohail!

  343. Can I do this plan for 14, 30, or even 60 days?

    • James, you can go as long as you wish. I find it best to consult with a doctor if you go past 30 days though. This way your doctor can ensure everything is how it should be before you proceed past 30 days. Cheers James!

  344. I am on day 4 and expected to have lost at least a pound or two and have not so thats disappointing. Also really hungry today so ate some beet tops. Feel good though alert and have energy. Working 9 hour days no problem. Going to keep itup another 4 days and see.

    • Weird. I lost 4 pound on day one and I’m thin to begin with. Are you eating stuff in between? Results won’t be as good.

      • I am thin to begin with as well and in years past with other diets this scenario had been the case as well , others shed (my husband for example) while I felt starving and I only slowly inched off a pound or two maybe, so i figured this was the same situation. however, I learned that making whole juice with my blendtec blender isn’t the same at all as making juice. what has been excellent is that on day 6 yesterday i can say. I have felt really good. lots of energy and clear headed which is a really awesome side effect of the massive influx of nutrition. so going forward for me just dumping all the simple carbs and wheat products is the way to go long term.

        • Nadya, you’ll still go through detox using your blendtec. Even though it’s not the same as juicing, you are still giving your body only fresh fruits and veggies and that is what puts your body through detox. It goes much fast with a juicer though. Cheers!

    • Nadya, it’s nearly impossible to not lose weight on a juice fast after 4 days if you stick to it and do it correctly. Are you sticking to the juices 100% or are you snacking here and there when you get hungry? Also, what type of juicer are you using. Let’s get to the bottom of this and figure out what’s going on here. Cheers!

      • Thank you for replying, I was not snacking one eye-oata but learned upon reading further into your blog that my whole juicing with my blendetec blender is not juicing per se. While i used exactly your recipes i was really drinking more like smoothies rather than juice. While nutritionally I dont fully understand how pulp and fibre contribute to higher calorie, i take the experts word for it.

        • Nadya, each gram of fiber contains 4 calories. That’s why you must use a juicer if you are doing it for weight loss. I wish you all the best! Cheers!

  345. Would it be okay to do the 7 day plan for 30 days?

    • Kristin, many people have gone on to juice past 7 days. 30 days is fine. If you plan on going longer than 30 days you may want to make a doctors visit to ensure everything is how it should be. Cheers!

  346. Hey!

    So I am on day 2 of my juice fast…to be honest I was inspired by that documentary the fat, sick, and nearly dead one. I have kinda just been throwing things together to create juices…my favorite has been a carrot, apple cucumber blend. Infact, I am using it as my base for my lunch one too. I tried beet juice last night, it tasted like dirt and the color was not appetizing! lol. However, it seemed like my body had more of a ‘response’ to the beet juice? I don’t know if that is true or if it was just b/c it was at the end of the day of day one. Soo my worry is if I am getting enough calories a day? I know I have plenty to spare haha but I juice three times a day, 16oz per juice. Oh and I drink lemon juice with warm water first thing in the morning. I am hoping my cravings go away soon because I am hungry! 😛

    • Shano, as long as you have 4-6 juices per day you should be fine. It’s hard to say what exactly “enough” calories are for any individual. Just stick to the juice and let it work its magic and you’ll be great! Just push those cravings away and keep juicing! If you feel the beet did you some good, then try experimenting by adding 1/4 of a beet in some of your juices. This way you don’t get the full blown beet flavor that you don’t like. Cheers!

  347. Can I use a blender and so it as a smoothie version

    • Sorry Joshua, a blender will not work on a juice fast. The recipes are also way too big to be blended 4-6 times per day. If you blend one of these recipes you’ll end up with about 1.5 liters to eat per meal. If you don’t have a juicer and don’t want to purchase one then I suggest you stick to eating fresh fruits and veggies along with a few blended concoctions throughout the day. This will still allow you to go through detox and lose weight, just at a much slower pace. I recommend you get a juicer and go for the fast. You’ll be thankful you did! Cheers!

  348. i am glad to say today is my last day on this 7 days juicing journey and i feel great. it was not easy at the beginning but it paid of at the end. i lost 11 pounds and counting down, i will definitely do i again as i want to loose more but also don’t want to push it as this is my first time doing it. but i have to say a big thanks for this website and Donnie for the recipes.

    • Rene, congrats on going 7 days and losing 11 pounds! That’s really terrific! It’s amazing what fresh juice and willpower can accomplish! Cheers Rene!

  349. This is my 5th day of juicing and I have lost 9 1/2 pounds. I am keeping a video diary so I can look back and see how far I’ve come. The first 2 days were the hardest. Today I’m really feeling better. I’m noticing that my mind seems to be focusing better and I’m not getting tired in the afternoon like before I started. I am looking forward to this journey and my new way of valuing my health. I am wondering if I could add the organic kale, spinach and cucumber juice to my juice rather then trying to push them through my juicer? I added pamegranate juice to my tomatoe, celery, carrot and apple lunch juice today. Is that ok or is juicing the actual fruit better?

    • Bonnie, that’s great that your keeping a video diary! If you decide to put up your own blog just let me know and I’ll link back to you.

      If you use bottled juices they won’t give you the same benefit as fresh juice that you make. It’s tempting to grab a bottle of pre made juice but I can tell you from experience that they don’t work near as well as the juice you make yourself. Always juice the actual fruit/veggie as you’ll get a much better quality of nutrition from it. Cheers Bonnie!

  350. Hey Donnie,
    I am on day ONE of my juice fast. I did the first breakfast and the first lunch that you have as an option. I must say that the breakfast was tolerable and the lunch is what I’m working on getting down now. I did the recipe as you suggested, and since I don’t really like celery, I’m finding that I MUST substitute because it’s all I can taste. My goal is to do this for 14 days and then re-evaluate to see if I can keep it going. I would really like to do it until the end of January if I can take it. If I want to lose 40 pounds, is there a way to juice fast in intervals with some days or weeks of solid food in between? Or, is it better to keep going with the juice fast as long as you can to try to lose the weight? Thinking about doing this for weeks at a time seems overwhelming to me and I’m only on day one. :-(

    • Just so you know the first 3 days are the hardest….its a mental challenge for sure. I hate celery too! I just put less in. One key thing if you want to lose weight is juicing mainly vegetables. The fruit juices are really high in sugars and therefore you will lose less weight. take a laxitive tea at night and look into doing a saltwater chug in the morning (make sure you have a few hours because it is not pretty…feels amazing afterwards though! day one definitely the hardest. Stick to it and you will be happy you did. i have a vegetable boullion broth at night to replenish my salts..strange that it is like a treat. one day at a time.

      • Jen, you’ll get plenty of sodium on the fast as it’s a natural part of celery. I’d advise against adding any “salt” to the juice fast. Cheers!

    • Freda, it’s best to keep juicing until you reach your goals. You could juice until you lose half the weight of your goal and then start incorporating solids back into the mix. Here’s a guide on how to do that:

      I found that I continued to lose weight even after I started eating solids. I was still having a juice or two throughout the day and simply eating healthy. Stick to fresh fruits and veggies. You’ll do great Freda. Keep me posted on your success! Cheers!

  351. Hi,

    First of all, thanks a lot for your page, it’s my first time here and I really like the information and the plan that you put together.
    I have quite a lot of experience in water and juice fasting whether it be for weight loss (I actually lost a stone in 2 weeks the first time I did 3 days of water fast followed by 9 days juicing and kept it off since by reintroducing “normal” ingredients veeeerrrrrryyyy slowly to my diet) or detox (which I do once every 3 months to clean up a bit).
    Now, when I first started, I tried juicing mangoes, strawberries and tomatoes and they damaged my juicer so bad that I never tried again and I never tried to find a solution to these until I saw your page today.
    I see that you actually juice grapes and bluberries and was wondering whether you have a special technic to juice fruits and vegs with a lower water content, or whether it’s easier for you because you have a different / better juicer?

    Thanks a lot
    Dee :-)

    • Dee, welcome to JOJ! I have never had problems juicing fruits such as strawberries, tomatoes, grapes, or blueberries. Out of the juicers I’ve tried some produce more juice and some produce less juice. If you have an adjustable speed juicer it’s best to juice them at a lower speed. These actually have a higher water content and you want to run these at a slower speed if possible. One thing I don’t do is put a whole lot of pressure on the pusher when I juice them. I just put a slight amount of pressure and they always give me a good amount of juice. Stuff with lower water content such as spinach or kale I tend to bunch them up as tight as possible before putting it through the juicer. I always juice those at the highest speed possible and sometimes have to put a little more pressure on the pusher. I’ve tried a variety of juicers, some cheap and some expensive and juicing those fruits/veggies seem to always give me juice. What type of juicer are you using Dee? Cheers!

  352. Is it okay to drink coconut water while on the cleanse? Im on day three and I’m missing it loads!

    • Abby, I read on Dr. Oz’s website that coconut water helps with flushing out toxins in your body, so I don’t see why not. Just as long as it doesn’t have any additives or sugars and is pure coconut water.

      • Well put Alexis! Coconut water is not only great to have in addition to your juice fast but it’s also great to mix in with some juices. Experiment, enjoy, and have fun!

    • Abby, coconut water is fine to have while on your juice fast. Just make sure it’s plain 100% coconut water without any additives.

  353. hi Donnie, thank uou so much for this list. I love it so much. I am on my first day and I’m so excited about stafing anew. I have recommended this list to all of my friends.

    • Didi, you are very welcome! Welcome to JOJ and congrats on your first day of juicing! Keep me posted on your progress and know that I’m here if you have questions. Cheers!

  354. Is it bad if you peel the lemon without peeling it? I like the flavor it’s been adding to my juices.

    • Betamale, are you asking if it’s okay to “juice” the lemon without peeling it? It is but I always prefer to peel mine as bacteria can hide in the rind. Just make sure you clean and scrub it really good before juicing it. Cheers!

      • Yup, got caught between thoughts.

        Thanks for the tip. I start my cleanse in earnest tomorrow

  355. I had to have a jaw alignment surgery done about 2 summers ago and since i couldn’t eat solids during the healing process, smoothies became my new best friend since i had to do this for 4 weeks i can tell you i did loose a ton of weight. So if you do have a blender instead of a juicer that is totally fine. Either way you will be losing weight but i do recommend as a liquid to put in the smoothie chose juices not milk or yogurt that will defeat the purpose.

    Good Luck Juicing/Smoothing (:

    • Margarita, it really depends on what goals people have. Blending is not as affective or nutritious (per glass) as juicing. Read this article for the differences of blending and juicing and why a juicer is a MUST for someone looking to go on a juice fast: Cheers!

    • Kale does not juice. I have tried but there is no liquid in it. Also about blending v. juicing, I have been juicing and adding all the kale pulp to my juice. I have lost weight cause I feel full and don’t overeat. Don’t you believe the roughage is a natural part of the fruit/vegetable? Didn’t our early ancestors with the same genes we have inherited eat the whole fruit/vegetable and avoid being overweight or obese. The juice alone would cause a sugar spike similar to diet soda where the sugar or perception of phony sugar causes an insulin spike leading to food cravings.

      • Sorry Donald, but kale does juice. Here’s a video (not of me or by me) of someone with a common Breville juicer juicing kale that came up on youtube for the term “juicing kale”: I’m sorry you have trouble juicing kale. Maybe it’s your juicer or type of juicer.

        Adding the kale pulp to the juice is fine if you are just going for the nutritional benefits and not trying to do a juice fast, but defeats the purpose of a juice fast as you are adding in solids.

        Obviously it’s a natural part of the fruit/vegetable but it’s still not supposed to be consumed whole during a juice fast. Our early ancestors also didn’t have GMO fruits and veggies to worry about, weren’t as overweight, didn’t have access to fast food, soda, along with all the other conveniences we share, and they got plenty of physical exercise on a daily basis. I fail to see your argument here Donald. You could argue if we got rid of a majority of our personal luxuries, lived as they did, grew our own crops, and worked as they did that we would all be as healthy as they were I suppose, but that’s just not a reality moving forward for most people.

        If you read through the site you’ll see that it’s best to juice at a ratio of 80% veggies and 20% fruits so you aren’t taking in too much sugars throughout the day. Congrats on your weight loss. Cheers!

      • Also you will not gain weight blending cause each “blend” can make 2-3 cups of juice. I don’t think it matters how it is done. The average American gets 5-10% of nutrition from the produce aisle. If that number becomes 100% you will lose weight almost automatically. Your taste buds reset and a grape tastes sweeter than the richest pastry you can imagine.

        • It all depends on what you are blending. If you try to follow a juice fast but instead use a blender it’s possible to gain weight based on the calorie count alone. It’s sad that more people don’t get their nutrition from fresh fruits and veggies and it’s true that once a person with bad eating habits goes to a plant based diet that weight will start to drop, they will regain their health, and their taste buds will reset. After my first fast I was amazed at how different things tasted. Even a carrot was sweet. My choice for a sweet craving is an orange slice or a strawberry.

  356. I’m starting my juicing today. I only have a blender that calls itself a juicer. Anyways, Do I make the juice and carry it with me through out the day and drink at certain times? I am at school everyday and want to juice. Can I snack on solid veggies to curb my cravings?

    • Laura, if your blender/juicer doesn’t extract the juice and leave behind the pulp you may consider investing in a juicer. Read this article to see the differences between blending and juicing: So many blender companies are using the term “juicing” or “juicer” and it’s very misleading to what juicing actually is.

      When juicing, it’s okay to take your juices with you as long as you store them in an airtight container and keep them in a refrigerator. Don’t curb your cravings, completely push them out of the picture! Hunger is how your body tells you that it needs nutrients and cravings are when your mind is telling you to eat out of habit, boredom, or just for the enjoyment and taste of it. When you are truly hungry you should have a juice. When you have cravings you should practice ignoring them and pushing them out. When you have a juice, you will curb the hunger as the juice is jam packed with the nutrients that your body needs when it’s hungry. Do your best to avoid those cravings and absolutely no solid food whatsoever while on your fast! You will do fine Laura, just stick to your juice and you will see. Keep me posted on your success! I’m always here if you have questions. Cheers!

      • Donnie – There are mixed opinions about which is better: juicing or blending. I blend because it makes sense to me that with all the meat and juice of the fruit or veggie, you get the WHOLE food and that’s what I am all about. I don’t really need to cleanse or diet or even detox. I have a very good diet with moderate alcohol, caffeine, and sweet intake. Very moderate so I don’t need the detox qualities of juicing. But I have been told that blending is more “nutritious” or nutrient loaded than juicing. I can see the benefits of a juicing fast for detox though. I don’t think it really matters in the long run. What’s important is the understanding that when you juice or blend you are getting the benefits of those nutrients going directly into your system more efficiently. We don’t chew our food or digest well enough to extract all that goodness, and the best of all about these two techniques is that the sole emphasis and focus of your food intake is on fresh fruit and veggie consumption. Pure an simple. :) Peace!

        • Christine, if you juice just one cucumber and you blend only one cucumber you will get more nutrition out of eating the blended mix as opposed to drinking the juice since a little nutrition is lost in the pulp. So if you use that argument then you will get more from blending than you will from juicing. However, if your goal is to get the most nutrition into your daily diet, blending doesn’t even come close to juicing. Again, I’ll give you an example since most people are here to learn about juicing.

          Take this recipe for example:

          2 apples
          1/2 lemon
          1 cucumber
          1 inch ginger
          2 handfuls of spinach
          4 stalks of celery

          If you juice this up you will have a nice 16 ounce nutrition packed juice. If you blend it up you’ll end up with about 50 ounces of blended mush that you have to eat. People who are here to juice will drink the 16 ounce juice and get loads of nutrition while leaving out the pulp. People who eat the blended mix will get slightly more nutrition at eating more than 3 times the quantity. I’m not saying blending is bad or juicing is the only way to go, but it’s much easier and more appealing to get that nutrition in the form of a nice 16 ounce juice as opposed to eating it (blending it).

          I see your point if you don’t need or want the detoxifying qualities but you can’t really say that blending is healthier or juicing is healthier in the short or long run. You can however say that juicing will give you way more nutrition per glass as opposed to blending, and people who simply want to add a juice or two to their existing diet find it much easier to juice as opposed to eating the above recipe once or twice a day. Who really wants to eat 4 apples, a whole lemon, 2 whole cucumbers, some ginger, 4 big handfuls of spinach, and 8 stalks of celery a day just to get half the nutrition they would if they made 4 16 ounce juices?

          People come here to learn about the ins and outs of juicing and I only feel it’s my duty to keep them informed about it. As you said, the best of all about these two techniques is the fact they both emphasize fresh fruits and veggies in our diets. I wish you all the best Christine.

          • Thanks for the clarification. I too was not saying one was worse than the other. I really think a mix of both might be good and I will definitely consider it. I appreciate what you’re doing and I’ve learned a lot. I hope you didn’t feel any animosity from my comment. I want to support this way of thinking and eating. Good luck to everyone here!

  357. I’m so glad I found this site! I’m starting Day 1 tomorrow. It’s my first juice fast… I’m really excited and nervous! I’ve had a lot of questions answered here. Thank you!

    • Julie, welcome to JOJ and congrats on starting your juice fast tomorrow! Don’t be nervous, you are doing this for the betterment of your health! I wish you all the best Julie! Keep me posted and know that I’m here if you have any questions. Cheers!

      • Thank you. First day is almost done, and went quite well! Can you tell me the significance of doing this for 7 days? My plan was to try this for 4 days since it’s my first one. I might try and extend it to 7 though. And how do you go about reintroducing food when this is done? I was thinking just fruits and veg for the first day to ease back into eating. Thanks for taking the time to respond!

        • Julie, the significance of juicing for 7 days is you get a full detox and of course the weight loss. The longer you juice the easier it is to stick to healthy eating habits once you come off. You have less of a chance of reverting back to your old eating habits the longer you stay on the juice fast. As far as what to eat and how to reintroduce solid food back into your diet after a juice fast, read this article as it will answer all your questions:

          Cheers Julie!

  358. Why is juicing better than blending..?

    • Paula, it depends on what your goals are. The easy answer is that you get more nutrition per glass of juice than you do per glass of your favorite blended beverage. Much more nutrition! Let me know if you need elaboration or have more direct questions. Cheers!

  359. Hi, I’m very new to juicing for I just got my juicer on Christmas. I am starting school again in a week and am wanting to detoxify my body so I can have a fresh start; but am nervous about a few things. I’ve never been a huge veggie eater so im afraid the amount of veggies might overwhelm my body. I’m also on the thin size for my height/age but am in pretty good shape. I’m afraid I might end up loosing too much weight for I normally consume 3k+ calories a day.

    • Ben, welcome to JOJ and congrats on your new juicer! Start out with a simple 3 day juice fast and then take the next week and eat only fresh fruits and veggies. This will give you a good start on the detox and continue through as long as you eat fresh fruits and veggies. Weight loss depends on how much weight you start out with and caloric intake depends on what type of foods you are getting your calories from and how active you are. You won’t lose as much as someone starting out with an extra 50 pounds or so. Give it three days and then evaluate your success and your goals to decide if you should go further. Keep me posted and let me know how things turn out. Cheers!

  360. My husband has Graves disease and is on immune suppressants, cortisone, blood pressure tabs, purblokka, to name a few, he has gained an enormous amount of weight from depression etc. He has made a conscious decision to start the new year on a happy, healthy note and would like to complete a juice fast, to detox and if possible lose some weight. I am a tad worried that with all the meds, his system will freak out if he has no ‘real’ food in his stomach. What would you suggest ?

    • Dael, let me first explain what “real food” is and how it works. We eat to provide ourselves with nutrients to function throughout the day. Your husband will be getting more nutrients, better nutrients, and 100% fresh nutrients as opposed to the solid food he eats now. Juicing packs in so many nutrients per glass and that’s why it works.

      Now onto hunger. Hunger is how your body tells you that it needs nutrients. So when you have a juice you are giving your body the nutrients that it requires to thrive on. The body loves fresh nutrients!

      So the notion that juice is not “real food” is false. Remember, your body wants nutrients and it doesn’t care if they come in the form of liquid or solid. I’m not saying to juice for the rest of your life but in the short term juicing will be very beneficial.

      With all the meds that your husband is on, it’s going to be in his best interest to consult with his doctor first to see if any medication dosages might need to be adjusted. He shouldn’t stop taking any prescribed medicines unless the doctor okays it first. Please keep me posted and let me know how everything goes. I’m always here if you or your husband have questions Dael. Cheers!

  361. I really want to start this but I have a few questions. When the 7 days are up what can I eat? I know not to eat bad, salty, sweet snack foods but as far as meats and other foods, do i just ease into it or just eat a normal meal? Will the weight come right back once I start eating normally? Will the juicing make me sick, i read another juicing site and it said that you should stay near a barthroom, is this juicing going to do the same? Thank you for answering my questions. =)

    • Welcome to JOJ Elyzabeth! Give this article a read: It will answer all of your questions on how to eat after a juice fast.

      If you maintain healthy eating habits the weight will stay off and you will probably continue to lose weight. If you go back to old or bad eating habits then of course it will come back. Juicing wont make you sick unless you catch food poisoning from not washing or using bad produce. You’ll probably pee a lot during your fast but that’s normal and a good sign that you are eliminating toxins and weight. During your first few days any bowl movements you have will be from the solids that you ate prior to your fast. I wish you all the best Elyzabeth! Keep me posted on how it goes. Cheers!

  362. Hi, I can’t seem to find fresh blueberries in stores right now, is there some sort of substitute fruit I can use? Or can I just go without?

    • I blend not juice and I use organic frozen fruit. I suppose you could defrost them and then use them…? In the summer I freeze all fresh fruit. If you want to know how just ask and I’ll let you know… peace!

      • Freezing fruits and veggies works out great as the frozen produce retains its nutritional value. If you’re juicing them you have to make sure they are thawed out 100% first. Cheers!

    • NB, take a look at the substitution list found here: If you don’t like any of the substitutions it’s fine to go without them. Cheers!

  363. Hi — I don’t have a juicer can I put the ingredients in a blender — will it be the same affect. Also, I really need my morning coffee, can I use substitute sugar and non-fat milk. Thank you.

    • Dear Brenda,
      I have been told that if you are a coffee drinker who needs their coffee every morning that before you go on the juice diet you need to ease yourself off the coffee because if you all of a sudden put a halt on the coffee the morning you Juice it can cause you to have headaches since Coffee is caffeinated and is considered a drug (not bad kind lol). Your body/mind will be in withdrawal so that is why you need to each day ease yourself off of the coffee before you start the diet.

      Good Luck with Juicing :)

      • Margarita, no body “needs” their coffee. It’s only a built up addiction of caffeine, and caffeine is a bad drug. It is best to ease yourself off of it but I found it better to just quit consuming caffeine immediately. I was a huge caffeine drinker and only got a slight headache on day three that was cured by ibuprofen. Of course this will differ with each person. Cheers!

    • Brenda, blending these recipes will not give you the same benefits. Please give this article a read: It will explain why a juicer is a MUST if you plan on juicing. Sorry, no substitute sugar or milk, just old fashioned natural fresh fruits and veggies. Cheers!

    • Hey! I own a vitamix blender which I bought thinking I could do very similar things with and I was definitely wrong. I tried using the vitamix the first day and after blending up all of the produce, no fiber is removed so you have a GIGANTIC smoothie. Mine was legit a liter and a half. Yesterday I went out Nd bought a new Omega Slow Juicer and it worked perfect! The recipe yielded exactly 8 ounces.
      Someone had tried explaining his to me before and I didn’t quite understand the difference but once you try a blender you’ll understand the difference.
      I know they are expensive, but worth it!!

      Hope this helps! Good luck!

      • Katie, welcome to JOJ and thank you for your comment. I’m glad you decided to invest in a juicer after you tried the blender. It makes such a huge difference doesn’t it? I’m sure many people will read your comment and decide to purchase a juicer instead of using a blender. After all, who wants to sit down and eat a gigantic liter and a half smoothie 4-6 times per day??? Cheers Katie!

  364. wondering if theres a plan to come back on to solid foods after the plan is done.

  365. Can you use Splenda? Also I have been taking 2 to 3 tablespoons of virgin high grade coconut oil that is liquid- would this be allowed?

    • Andra, no splenda and don’t add any oils to your juices. I promise things will be fine if you let the juice work their magic.

  366. Hi
    Today is my day 3. I know I am not supposed to eat solids but I have been eating my morning oatmeal with cinnamon and half a spn almond butter. Other than that I have just been juicing the whole day. Though first day, I just wanted to be lying in bed, day 2 I spent cleaning the whole house and did not have any cravings. But yes, day 2 night, the sight of vegetables made me want to throw up. I know for sure, the combination of veggies I took for day 2 dinner tasted really bad.
    My purpose is just to detox and not weight loss as I am in my weight ratio.
    Now, does eating oatmeal in the morning defeat the purpose? Am I detoxifying atleast little bit of myself?

    • If you are just looking to detox and not lose weight then there’s no problem with a little oatmeal. Just limit your sugar intake and if you do eat solids keep them limited to fresh fruits and veggies. You may wish to go for 7 days if you’re already including solids as you won’t get a full detox in 3 days that way.

  367. Today is the beginning of my 3rd day.

    Day 1: Majorly optimistic, feeling good.

    Day 2: Started optimistic and then became one of the hardest days ever, both physically and emotionally. In the morning, I chopped all my ingredients for the day and put them in labeled bags. I was motivated, I was singing and dancing around.

    Everything was going well until about 3pm. I had so much hunger (not cravings), but I couldn’t bring myself to make another juice. I thought I would vomit if I even LOOKED at another juice last night. I thought it would be a bad idea to force myself to drink one because I don’t want to create a negative association with it, so I just went to bed hungry.

    I’ve read various places that the 2nd day is the hardest. Has this been true for anyone else? Has anyone else ever experienced that feeling of being disgusted by the thought of juice and then just settling for hunger?

    Yesterday was majorly hard. Today I woke up feeling better. I’m having my lemon and warm water now. But I’m thinking of just switching to the 3 day and making this my last. Any thoughts?

    • Hi,

      I’ve done this for 7days before and had great results. I’ve started again and am on day 5. You forget how difficult it can be at the beginning. I still have a slight headache but am feeling a lot more energetic. Like you I get that feeling towards juice and just don’t bother to make one and go hungry but I think this defeats the purpose (as my intention is weight loss). I think it can lead to the body storing. It’s strange sometimes I think it’s sheer laziness yet I’ll make my partner his dinner and enjoy cooking it (which I never do) and not be phased by the food. I’ve only been having 2/3 juice a day but am going to try today to up that. Have you tried making a nice fruity one for once in the day? If you enjoy the taste you might enjoy the idea of juicing again. I always add a Granny Smith apple and 1/2 lemon to my veg juice to make it taste a bit nicer too. Oh and drink a huge glass of water to wash it down.

      Are you doing this for weight loss or detox? I think the side effects can last 3-5 days, once all the toxins are out your system. Last time I started to feel better around day 4/5 but I think everyone is different. Hope you got through yesterday. I would say don’t give up, it’s tough going but you’ll be so proud once you finish all the days you intended :)

      Good luck :)

    • Joy, welcome to JOJ and thanks for your comment. It sounds like you were going through detox. Sometimes the detox symptoms can be like that. The detox phase will pass and you’ll be thankful as you’ll get a rush of energy and that sets the pace for the rest of your life. Keep me posted. I’m always here if you have questions.

  368. What is the best way to ease off the 7 day fast as I’m sure its not to wise to jump into a meal full of starches and solids.

  369. I don’t have a juicer. Can these be smoothies instead?

  370. Can’t wait to start Sunday…. Would it be acceptable to add in a protein shake or 2 during the week?

    • Reno, it’s okay to add in a protein powder such as an unflavored protein isolate. Stay away from the normal flavored protein shakes as they contain much more than just protein and will affect your fast. Cheers!

  371. am i able to eat a little fruit while on the juices sech as a apple or a few grapes to cure mu hunger bug..And is it good to add strawberries to the juices?

    • Anthony, you can’t eat any solids while on the juice fast. You won’t be hungry either. Hunger is how your body tells you it needs nutrients. When you go on a juice fast you curb that hunger every time you have a juice because juices are packed with nutrients. Cravings are when your mind tells you to eat out of habit, boredom, or for the pleasure of it. You’ll learn to differentiate true hunger and cravings. You’ll get cravings while on the juice fast, just don’t give in to them and you’ll succeed Anthony! Keep me posted. Cheers!

      Oh, and strawberries are fine to add to juices, just don’t go overboard with them.

  372. Any suggestion for replacing beets into the juice for dinner?

  373. On day 3 of this program and jut got the energy kick. Was feeling a little sluggish and grumpy yesterday but today is a whole new day. I can barely sit in my seat and do my work. I want to get up and move!

    • Welcome to JOJ and congrats on your juice fast Mare! Isn’t it amazing when you get that energy kick? I would go around and start cleaning anything and everything just cause I had the energy to do so. Needless to say, even with two boys, my house is so clean since I’ve been juicing! Cheers!

  374. can i drink coffee?

    • No coffee unless it’s decaf, plain, and doesn’t contain any additives like sugar, creamer, milk, honey, sweetener, or any other fun stuff. That kind of defeats the whole purpose of coffee though. Cheers tamtam!

      • Can I drink Nettle Tea with splenda?

        • Sorry Eighternity, no Nettle Tea or splenda. You can however make your own loose leaf tea and drink it plain. Cheers!

  375. How long to stay on juice plan if looking to drop 2-3 dress sizes? Thank you.

    • Around about 2 weeks but its not healthy to give up solid foods all together, after your first 2 week juice fast spend 3 days eating solid (but healthy) food. After those 3 days you’ll be ready to start your next 2 week juice fast.

      • Eden, why is it not healthy? We eat for nutrition don’t we? You’ll get more nutrition in juicing than most get eating solid meals throughout the day. I’m saying it’s best to juice or even healthy to go 100% juice for the rest of your life but it’s not unhealthy to give up solids for a few weeks if you plan on juicing.

    • Kirstie, just stay juicing till you drop 2-3 dress sizes. I’m bet you could hit your goal with two weeks of juicing! Cheers!

  376. Can we eat water based fruits to get the effect of eating. Such as celery watermelon ??

    • Sorry, no solids whatsoever while on the juice fast. It’s fine to put them through the juicer, just don’t eat them whole. Cheers!

  377. Morning glory is my favorite! Delicious!!!

  378. Hi Donnie! I’m eager to start this cleanse so I can get rid of all the toxins in my body and just look and feel better! I admit I did over-indulge during the holidays. I just purchased a Breville juicer so I hope it’s a good one! Anyway, my colleague was telling me that she and her fiance tried a 1-week juice cleanse and physcially felt terrible. She said they had no energy and they were experiencing flu-like aches and pains! So they gave it up after a few days. Is this what I have to look forward to? I hope not! My goal is to lose weight and jumpstart my journey to becoming a healthier person.

    And one more question…Is it safe to do this cleanse longer than 1 week? Thanks so much for your feedback!

    • Tangie, welcome to JOJ! Breville makes wonderful juicers so I’m sure you’ll be happy with it! People who feel terrible during a juice fast are usually doing it wrong Tangie. You’ll find that if you do it right that you’ll have more energy than you know what to do with! It almost sounds like your colleague had a case of food poisoning. Make sure you wash and clean your produce very good before you put it through the juicer. Peel all oranges, lemons, and limes too. If you read through the 7 day plan, and read through the site, I doubt you’ll have the same experience as your colleague did. Keep me posted on your success Tangie! I wish you all the best! Cheers!

  379. planning on doing juice detox next week. I work out 6 d/w both cardio and strength training. shall I cut down on lifting and stick to cardio or go easy on both while on cleanse?? also, I am addicted to my coffee and tea;) any ideas on what I can add to my juice that would help with the cravings or/and absence od caffein??
    Thanks in advance

    • Lesia, welcome to JOJ and congrats on getting ready to start your juice fast next week! Take it easy for the first few days on your fast. You need to let your body rest and recover. Cut out the coffee unless it’s plain and decaf (no sugars, milk, honey, or anything). Tea is okay in moderation but stay away from black tea. You can add tea into your juices. I’ve done it before but I prefer to have my tea by itself after my juice. Cheers!

  380. Hi I like spicy foods. Can I add peppers, onions and not spicy but can I add tomatoes to my juice fast?

    • Patricia, not only can you add peppers, onions, and tomatoes but you can add a few drops of your favorite hot sauce too! Cheers!

  381. Hi I am wondering if there is anything that can help curb my headaches? I have done juicing in the past and was really thrilled with the results, although the headaches just kill me. Also I am an anemic and am on a lot of vitamins due to this and on B-12 shots is this going to be a problem? Could I still take my ibuprofen if headaches are to much?

    • Joslyn, Ibuprofen or Tylenol is fine to take while on the juice fast. B-12 shots are also fine. Keep me posted on your success Joslyn! I’m always here if you have questions. Cheers!

  382. hi i had my colon removed. if i got on this juice for 10 days , is this going to go right though me as far as bowel movements thanks

    • Dave, the first few days you may experience bowl movements. After that you shouldn’t have many of them due to the fact that juice is absorbed and not digested. Keep me posted and let me know how things work out. I’m always here if you have questions Dave. Cheers!

  383. Can we pre-make our juice for lunch and take it to work?

    • I was wondering the same thing myself…I found this. Hope it helps answer your question.

    • Jen, it’s okay to make your juices in the morning and bring them to work with you. Just store them in airtight containers and keep them in the refrigerator. They should hold for 8-10 hours. Cheers!

  384. I’m looking to start this Friday. Can you put milk thistle in the juice? Thanks :-)

  385. I am so glad I found this. I have had a difficult time doing a fast because of outside influence. This week I will be alone in the house so here is my opportunity to jump start the rocket ship hahaha. But anyways, glad I came across this and all the fruits and veggies on this list I have juiced before so it will be a good experience!! :)

    • Join The Juicing Way and update us on your progress with others who are also doing the detox for 60 along side you.

    • Daniel, outside influences can be tough to deal with while on a juice fast. It’s good that you’ll be alone this week. Keep me posted on your success and know that I’m here if you have any questions. Cheers!

  386. Planning on starting this soon, was wondering if it is likely that my skin would break
    out during the detox? Thanks x

    • Abby, it’s a possibility that you may break out. I didn’t break out during my fast and it’s not a common thing. But toxins will find their way out, usually through urine. Sometimes the toxins coming out will cause you to break out through.

  387. I am looking to do a 14 day cleanse .I watched the show “fat , sick , and dying” and was motivated to do this for 2014. I have been having problems with being regular and digestion. I want to cleanse my liver specifically. What cleanse would you suggest?

    • I watched the same show yesterday after signing up to netflix and it inspired me to buy a juicer and start a fast.
      All the best with your fast.

    • Nicole, just stick to the 7 day juice fast plan and you’ll do great! Keep me posted on your success! I’m always here if you have questions. Cheers!

  388. WE DOING 60 DAY JUICE AFTER THE 60 DAYS WE GONNA JUICE MORNING THEN EAT LUNCH THEN JUICE DINNER i wanna stick to vegetables d you have a receipt for me only vegetables we got cucumbers spinach kale celery lemons beets basil can you tell me what to combine for three meal deal

    • Abel, you can really combine any combination of those together. Try something like this:

      1 cucumber
      1/2 lemon
      1 beet
      handful of spinach or kale
      2 stalks celery
      handful of basil


  389. Donnie,

    Can I drink black coffee and still have this diet be effective?

    • No, this will totally defeat the purpose of juice fasting. You do not want to add any stimulants no coffee, no black or green teas. When we drink caffeine our system needs to work to metabolize it and safely process it. The purpose of the Reboot is to give our bodies a break from as much work as possible.

    • Sorry Wendy, coffee is something you’ll need to avoid while on the juice fast. It’s okay if you use decaf and don’t add any sugar, creamer, honey, or anything. But that kind of defeats the point of having a coffee.

  390. I work out quite a bit, I am wondering if I do a fast is it still of to have protein shakes after a workout?

  391. Hey do you need a juicer to do this or will a blender do the same to blend them

  392. is it ok if I drink gaterade while on the juice fast when iam playing hockey?

  393. Hi I just started the 7 day diet today and drank my first juice the jolt juice but I was wondering, do you have to drink all of the juice that you made or can you have it until you are full because I drank all of it and I feel like im about to throw up and also do you have to drink 4 juices a day because I don’t get hungry too much??

    • Suman, if 16 ounces is too much then cut it back to 12 ounces. Drink a juice whenever you feel hungry. It’s all about listening to your body and having a juice when it tells you that it’s hungry. Hunger is how your body tells you that it needs nutrients so don’t ignore it. Drink enough to satisfy yourself, and make a drink when your body tells you to. Cheers!

  394. how much weight would you lose in a 7 day juice diet????

    • Well Daisy, it depends on how much you start out with, how well you stick to the juices, and what you juice. I’ve seen people lose anywhere from 7-15 pounds or more in a week. One gentleman lost 22 pounds during his first week.

  395. Im 14 and was going to use your juice diet for 5 days. Is this ok?

    • Hollie, welcome to JOJ! I don’t see a problem with it as long as your parents are cool with it. I’m always here if you or your parents have any questions. Cheers!

  396. woops…anyway, I am nursing my baby. would you have any suggestions as to how and with whatI should add to this cleanse to make sure I’m getting enough nutrients for me and my baby? I have done my own research, I’m just curious yup see what your thoughts on this might be. thanks so much!

  397. today is the end of day 1 for my hubs and I on your 7 day cleanse. I’m about to go to sleep and I’m so hungry and have to pee constantly. I am usually dehydrated so this is something my body wil have to get used to. I am juicing for two so I double each recipe. The bruchetta recipe did not make nearly enough for us. what would you suggest adding to that recipe to produce more volume? I am very happy and determined to do this cleanse and am grateful that you posted it. I do have a question for you, I have a9 month old baby

    • Tara, I suggest you use bigger tomatoes or use enough tomatoes to make it enough. If you’re nursing you should be careful as toxins are released into your body that can get into your milk. But being that your baby is 9 months old you two should be fine. It’s best to consult with your pediatrician to be sure though as I’m not an expert in that field.

      Just think, every time you pee you are getting rid of toxins, fat, and other waste. Keep it up and you’ll do great! Keep me posted and let me know how things work out. I’m always here if you have questions.

  398. i did the 7 day fast in nov,and felt amazing,i want to do 21 days in jan and wondered if i need to take any iron,calcium and fibre supplements to stay healthy for that lenghth of time ?

    • Ails, you should be fine on your 21 day fast without any supplements. If you plan to go on longer than 30 days then it would be wise to consult your doctor.

  399. Hello
    I’m going to try this 7 day plan my question is I work a 13 hour day so can I make a batch up and take it with me and still have all the goodness also can you make them and freeze them
    Thanks steve

    • I have always freezes my juice.

    • Steve, you should be fine if you make the juices in the morning and bring them to work with you. Just store them in airtight containers and keep them in the refrigerator. Usually 8-10 hours is all I’ll store a juice for, but they may last a little longer. You’ll have to be the judge of that. Keep me posted on how you do Steve. It’s always great to hear back from people on their success. I wish you all the best!

  400. Hi Donnie,

    Thank you SO MUCH for posting this info! It’s clear, straight to the point and I especially appreciate the recipes and grocery list.

    I have a good friend who always recommended juicing to me, since I have Crohn’s disease and need to heal my intestines. Long story short, last year, I began taking herbs and got off of my medications and was in remission for a while. However, I messed up my diet and got sick again… plus, apparently I had a lot of built up scar tissue that turned into a huge mass in the right side of my colon. So during the summer, I had a right hemicolectomy (50% of my colon removed).. then I also had a second surgery after developing an abscess.

    Since surgery, I’ve recovered well and seem to be in remission, but I really want to cleanse my body again, since I was on a lot of antibiotics, and have made poor food choices.

    I recently watched a movie called ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’ and it’s about a man’s experience juicing and it has really made this type of cleansing/healing process easy for me to understand and I decided I want to do this for myself.

    My question is – is it okay to continue taking herbs while juicing? I like to take herbs for digestion, yeast build up, inflammation, hair, skin and nails… these are herbs that were recommended to me by a herbalist/iridologist/holistic nutritionist, and they all seem to work well for me.

    Sorry for the long message, but I thought it was important to mention my backstory. I am going to start this cleanse on Dec 26/13! Yay! So excited, my Breville juicer is being delivered today. :-)

    Thanks again for your help!

    • We start our 7 day in the morning. I’m excited! I have struggled with my junk food addiction my whole life. I’m on a roller coaster. I went vegan for about 6 months and felt great! I was even working out. I caved and stated eating dairy first and now I’m back to full blown junk food every chance I get. I looked in the mirror yesterday and do not like who is liking back. I’m miserable. Well we bought a juice a month ago and juice in the morning and it tastes fantastic. So I can’t wait to start this challenge! Thank you!

      • Delia, welcome to JOJ and congrats on starting your juice fast today! I’m sure you are going to feel fantastic on your fast! Keep me posted and let me know how it goes. I’m here if you have questions.

    • Jenn, you can put some of your herbs through the juicer. What herbs are you taking? Let me know what herbs you are taking so I can suggest some fruit/veggie replacements so you can try it out. I’m really positive that once you start juicing you will notice a huge change in how you feel. I wish you all the best Jenn and I hope you keep me posted and let me know how things go. I’m always here if you have questions. Cheers!

  401. Hi donnie,
    I have found that the juices are very lumpy epically the jolt juice am i doing it wrong or do I need to mix it with water or a liquid?

    • Yes! You should be adding water, it cuts down a lot on the lumps…also depending on what type of blender/juicer you have I would recommend the Nutribullet. It’s a little on the pricey side, but it’s worth it! If you can’t afford a Nutribullet try the magic bullet, its like 50$ I’m pretty sure at target. Good Luck!

      • There shouldn’t be any lumps in your juice. It should already be about the same consistency as water. Don’t use a blender to do a juice fast as it’s not going to work out the same or be as efficient. The Nutribullet is a blender. Read this article for more information on why you MUST use a juicer on a juice fast and not a blender:

        Hope this helps. Cheers!

    • Kimberley, your juices should not have any lumps in them whatsoever. It almost sounds like you are using a blender instead of a juicer. If not, what juicer are you using?

  402. Donnie,
    How are the commercial juices like Odawala, Acai Berry etc. especially when travelling and not being able to travel with a juicer?

    • Tamera, it’s best to stay away from those juices while on a juice fast. They are pasteurized in one form or another. Any juice with a shelf life that long is not all natural. A majority of the nutrition is lost in these juices. I once tried a 5 day juice fast on commercial juices and I didn’t get near the results that I get when making my own juice. They are fine when you are in a pinch but don’t rely on them for all of your daily needs. If you are traveling to work, you can make your juices and take them with you. If you’re traveling for a few days and can’t take your juicer there are places that serve juice. Almost all of your whole foods stores do now along with most of the smoothie places.

  403. What can I substitute ginger for? Do you have any other recipes?

  404. Can I have coffee? Will put it thru juicer if I must, lol

    • HAHA!!! Sorry Gethayes, no coffee not even if you put it through the juicer. If you want, you can have a cup of decaf with no sugar, no cream, no milk, no honey, or anything added to it. That kind of takes away from the whole point of coffee though right?

  405. Hi Donnie do I need to just stick to these 6 recipes for the 7 days or can I use some of the other recipes that are on the page ? Also say at lunch or dinner time could I make one of the morning juices or do I need to just have morning ones in the morning time

    • Kelsey, the recipes listed coincide with the shopping list to make it easier. You can however use the other recipes if you like. Just make sure you get enough produce at the store. Don’t feel like you have to stick with any particular recipes. Get out there and experiment and try them all out. You’ll have a better idea of what you like and dislike. Enjoy and have fun with it Kelsey! The morning ones tend to have a little more sugar in them so if you plan on having those later on at night just cut back on some of the fruit and you’ll be fine.

  406. Donnie I just had a quick question I am doing this 7 day fast for my New Years resolution for the 7 day juice fast does it have to be the 6 recipes above or I see there is another link on the side bar fr more recipes can we use one of those or is it recommended to just stick with these 6 for the 7 day plan thank you

    • Kelsey, the recipes listed coincide with the shopping list to make it easier. You can however use the other recipes if you like. Just make sure you get enough produce at the store. Don’t feel like you have to stick with any particular recipes. Get out there and experiment and try them all out. You’ll have a better idea of what you like and dislike. Enjoy and have fun with it Kelsey!

  407. i know organic fruits and veggies are better but does they have to be organic, and how long can i do this fast?

    • James, you do not have to use organic. Organic is great but in all reality there are no nutritional benefits of using organic over conventional. I choose organic and try to buy from local farmers when I can to help out the local farmers. I typically suggest if you plan on juicing long term to re-evaluate after every two weeks. If you plan on going long term, you should consult with your doctor after 30 days of juicing to make sure everything is as it’s supposed to be. I wish you all the best James!

  408. Also how much ginger do you mean when quoting “1″ Ginger” in your juicing recipes?

    Thank you for your help and advice.

  409. Hi,

    Brilliant site and ive read through all 25 pages of comments and there is some brilliant information.

    Please could you answer a few questions and confirm a few things, I know your already answered some similar questions so apologies.

    1) can the lemon drink in the morning be hot water instead of warm?

    2) is it more beneficial to have a full lemon in the morning or should I stick to just half a lemon?

    3) do you have to drink water straight after your juice?

    4) is it best to stick to only green vegetables and fruit? Or is having red apples, carrots and etc ok?

    5) is it ok to go bed feeling hungry and have your last juice 4 hours before you go sleep? Or will this be bad for the juice diet and make your body go into starvation mode?

    6) would a colon cleanse be beneficial after the juice fast?

    I look forward to hearing your reply.

    Kind regards