2 Week Juice Fast Plan

2 Week Juice Fast Plan

The 2 Week Juice Fast Plan is the same as the 7 Day Juice Fast Plan but doubled. You would simply follow the 7 day plan each week. You will find out what juices work best for you and what juices you are more in tune with the more you continue to juice. So as always, the recipes I provide are a guideline to help you get started in your juicing. You can change and substitute ingredients or you can still stick to the plan if you like. So here is the 7 Day Juice Fast Plan, just repeat it during the second week.

The 2 Week Juice Fast Plan is great if your looking to get cleansed, detoxed, and lose weight. There are two breakfasts, two lunches, and two dinners for you to chose from but remember, this 2 Week Juice Fast Plan is just that, a plan. You don’t have to follow it 100% word for word or meal for meal, but you should follow the core advice within it. A few things to keep in mind when following the 2 Week Juice Fast Plan.


First thing to keep in mind on the 2 week juice fast plan is if a certain recipe is unappealing to you, make substitutions that are similar. For example, if a recipe calls for Kale but you can’t get any Kale or just don’t like Kale, then replace it with Spinach or even Broccoli. It’s okay to replace, substitute, or change up the recipes.


Second thing to keep in mind while on the 2 week juice fast plan is that you should not eat any solids during this 2 Week Juice Fast Plan. It defeats the purpose of it. So stay away from any solids, you’ll be Just On Juice for 2 weeks.


Third thing to keep in mind while on the 2 week juice fast plan. If you get headaches, or strong cravings, it is normal for the first 2-4 days. Just stay focused and stay on the juice. Make an extra Juice to drink if you feel like your about to cave in and eat something solid.


Fourth thing to keep in mind while on the 2 week juice fast plan is to drink at least 16 oz of water after each juice meal. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

2 Week Juice Fast Plan
Fifth thing to keep in mind while on the 2 week juice fast plan is to start each day off by juicing 1/2 lemon (peeled) and mix it with 12-16 ounces of warm to hot water. I do this as soon as I wake up each morning, it’s important to cleanse your digestive system and give you a good boost of energy.


It’s recommended to have between 4-6 juices per day each consisting of 16-20 ounces. The below list is great to get you started with different juices. You can choose whichever juices you please while on your juice fast. The list takes into consideration you will try them all. So feel free to experiment while on your 2 week juice fast plan!

Breakfasts Lunches Dinners
Morning Glory
2 Apples
1 Cucumber
1 cup Blueberries
2 cups of Grapes
2 Kale Leave
1″ Ginger

Jolt Juice
2 Apples
1 Orange
1 Cucumber
1/4 Lemon Peeled
4 Kale Leave

Mean Green
1 Granny Smith Apple
1 Cucumber
4 Stalks of Celery
4-6 Kale Leaves
1/4 Lemon Peeled
1″ Ginger

Bruschetta Tang
2 Tomatoes
1-2 Garlic Clove Peeled
1 Bunch of Basil (20 leaves)
1/4 Lemon Peeled

Sunset Passion
1 Beet Sliced
1 Cucumber
1 Carrot
1 Granny Smith Apple
4 Kale Leaves
1/4 Lemon Peeled
1/4 Lime Unpeeled

Green Machine
2 Apples
4 Kale Leaves
2 cups Spinach
1/2 Cucumber
2 Celery Stalks
1 Med Carrot
1″ Ginger

Shopping List for
2 Week Juice Fast Plan
Things to Remember While on the 2 Week Juice Fast Plan
This is per week

  • 12-15 Granny Smith Apples x 2
  • 12 Cucumbers x 2
  • 7 beets x 2
  • 1 Bag of Carrots
  • 1 Bag of Oranges
  • 6-12 Tomatoes
  • 1 Garlic
  • 1 Bag of Basil Large
  • 4 Cups of Blueberries
  • A Bag of Grapes
  • 3 Bag of Celery
  • 5 Big Bags of Spinach or 8 – 12 Bundles of Kale
  • A Ginger Root
  • 7 Lemons
  • 2 Limes
  • You my want to split up the 2 Week Juice Fast Plan into four separate trips to the grocery store. You can do this by getting 12 apples, 12 cucumbers, 1 bag of celery and 2-3 bags of spinach or kale half way through the 1st week and again half way through the 2nd week.
  • After 3-4 days you will start to feel an abundance of energy, headaches will be gone, and you won’t be as hungry. This means you have overcome the hard part and pushed out a majority of the toxins in your body. Keep going strong, it’s definitely worth it. Why stop now?
  • After the first week is over, you are on easy mode from here on out. The longer you go, the better it is for you in the long run!
  • Always Wash and Clean your produce before juicing it!
  • Clean out your juicer after each use.
  • It helps to take Ziploc gallon size bags and prepare your fruit and veggies ahead of time. I will put breakfast in one bag, and lunch in another bag, it cuts down juicing time in the morning.
  • REMEMBER, you don’t have to follow this 7 Day Juice Fast Plan 100%. Feel free to experiment with your own veggies and fruits while juicing. You can come up with your own recipes so use the above recipes as guidelines.
  • Make sure you are coring your apples as you do not really want to juice the seeds.
  • You can pour any of these drinks over ice and enjoy them, or drink them how they are.
  • Do not add salt, but feel free to add spices such as pepper, fresh mint, basil, oregano, chives, or thyme.

The 2 Week Juice Fast Plan is great if you're looking to get cleansed, detoxed, and lose weight. View the recipes, shopping lists and tips.
2 Week Juice Fast Plan
Date Published: 11/13/2012
The 2 Week Juice Fast Plan is great if your're looking to get cleansed, detoxed, and lose weight. View the recipes, shopping lists and tips.
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  1. I am going to start juicing in a couple of days – exciting. Am just checking that one of those recipes comes out to 16 – 20 ounces or is the recipe meant for more than one person. As I haven’t started juicing yet I am unsure of the weights.

  2. Hi , I started my detox today and was on two minds if I was going to degox or juice so I ended up juicing and having a kale and avocado salad , shortly after I read why soling juicing was better so I am strictly on juices now . My concern is my juicer does not really jade, to juice spinach or melon , berries well am I ok to leave these out ? I see blueberries is on e shopping list . Also any tips on what to do when going out for the whole day ? My family and I are going on a all day outing tomorrow and I am unsure what to do , can juice be kept in bottles for the day. ?? Please help me with some ideas .


  3. Hi there !

    Im starting the fast tomorrow. Can.t wait! I weight 75 kg now at 1.75 m hight . I`ll keep you guys posted. Thanks in advance for all of the advices on this page. Really helpful!

  4. I’m now on day 8 and feel GREAT!!!! 15lbs down! My goal is/was the two weeks diet but I may go longer.

    I quit everything (alcohol, caffeine, sugar, fats, carbs, etc) cold turkey so it took about 5-6 days for all the toxins to get out of my system. For me, the first couple of days were pretty easy because, I think, I had so much crap in my system to live off of. LOL Days 3-5 were the hardest and was feeling tired.

    But now the headaches are gone, cravings are greatly diminished (I chew more sugar free gum now, ha-ha), I don’t feel hungry all the time and I sleep like a baby (no more mid-afternoon nap attacks either). TIP: group your breakfast menus in bags the night before. I juice two menus in succession (either breakfast/lunch or lunch/dinner) so I’m only using and cleaning the juicer twice a day. Get some light exercise going when you start feeling better.

    Don’t give up folks, the pay off is awesome!

    • B-Bird

      I’m currently day 5 and so happy to read this! I have been so tired, but am beginning to feel better. I considered quitting, but after reading this I’ll keep going.

      • YES keep at it. It’s been smooth sailing since my last post. I feel so good that I look forward to exercising and the weight continues to come off.

        I reached day 15 and don’t want to stop. I’ve set a new goal now for one month of pure juicing!!! Time to start looking for some new recipes to change things up a bit.

  5. um starting my juice fast tommorowwwwwwwwww :D :( u guyss motivate meeeee !!!!!

  6. Hi Donnie,
    im starting this challenge tomorrow,brought every thing required. One question i need to ask is if im going to the gym for a work out would i need to have solids if so when is the best time to eat also can we take a protein shake with this plan?

  7. Hi
    I am starting my fast tomorrow but I do not have a juicer. Will it be just as effective to use a blender and blend all ingredients?

  8. Donnie
    I started my juice fast last Thursday, however I have decided in the evening to have a piece of chicken and 2 vegetables. Is this ok? How is the impacting me? Karen

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  10. I have heard that you should juice each meal just before consuming as when it is exposed to air it loses some of it’s nutrients. Is this true? if I store it in an air tight container up to the top so there is no room for air, would that help?

    I would be fasting at work so would like to juice everything the night before.

    Also, what kind of exercise if any is recommended during a juice cleanse?

    Thank you!

  11. Hi there,

    I’m planning on starting the juice diet tomorrow. My only problem is I dont have a juicing machine, is it possible to use the ingredients to make smoothies instead of juices?


  12. Hi Donnie!
    Is it Ok to drink coconut water during a juice fast?

  13. Hi Donnie,
    I just started my 2 week juice fast today but I feel hungry right now. The noon juice was not as good as breakfast so I didn’t complete it. Any good tips? Karen

  14. Hi I have been fasting for approx. 15 days on smoothies, while I was waiting for my juicer, I now have it, but I kind of like my smoothie in the morning, is it feasible to have a smoothie in the morning and juices the rest of the day I want to continue for at least another 6 days…

    • Hi Jocelyne, was the smoothies as effective? or is it better to just do the diet on juice?

  15. So, I’ve completed 16 full days of Juicing. I’m going for 60 Hopefully. (Have a checkup on the 32nd day with the doctor to make sure I’m still healthy)

    For the first 3 days I was really sluggish and had headaches. I felt like I didn’t want to get out of bed. Unfortunately, I had to since i worked for all 3 days.

    From days 2-8 I felt nauseous every time I drank a juice. I’ve been through worse than feeling like I’m about to throw up for 1-2 hours a day. I knew I could do 14 days no matter what. And felt that if it didn’t stop by then I would, after the 2 weeks, stop. But, it did stop. I feel fine after every juice now. I’m truck-en along and have a long way to go.

    Lets talk about cravings. So, I used to eat a large bag of Ripple chips with Dill Pickle dip, every week, sometimes twice a week. There have been two instances where I could literally TASTE those salty chips with the creamy dill dip in my mouth. Just randomly sitting at home watching TV (where I would usually eat them). Another instance was when I was at my desk working and I burped. And I SWORE that it tasted like a cheese burger, Strange right? I mean I haven’t eaten any meat. I haven’t eaten any cheese. Yet, burger breath?

    The cravings are manageable to me. What I find so strange about them is how vividly I can taste them. Not like a lingering, oh I could really go for some X or Y. It’s I can taste these things as if I just took a bite of them.

    Anyway, Here are the stats for my first 2 weeks. For the first 14 days I went from 256.2 lbs down to 239.0 lbs. That’s a 17.2 lbs loss in 14 days.

    Here are 2 graphs:
    This one shows the Weight Loss per day. It fluctuates a LOT.

    This one shows the total Weight Loss overall

    16 days out of 60 done! That’s 26.6% finished!

  16. Hi all! So after some hard core thinking ….I’m starting this juice fast today. I’ve fought with my weight my whole life. Went up to420, had gastric bypass and went to 200, then shot back up from 2004-2012 where I weighed in at304. I was in grad school in London from 2010-2012 and was able to lose 75. Getting myself down to around 225. But here I am 2104…back in the states, having gotten married in oct, and I find myself at 290. I’ve been trying different things for months and nothing works. I seems as if I’ve been getting one cold after another…and lots of headaches. After learning more about juicing, I’ve decided to be determinded and do this. I know I concentrate mostly in protein and dairy…with not enough fruits and veggies. My husband and I recently went vegetarian…but I still find we eat way to much processed stuff.
    Welllll, he is gone for a week andive decided this is the perfect time to start this program! Wish me Luck!!!!

    • Good luck Denise, trust me when I say that it really is worthwhile. You will feel SO great by about day 5, keep us updated on your progress!

  17. Hey guys,

    So I’m starting the juice diet today and aiming to do it for 2 weeks. I’ve a big event in exactly 2 weeks and wanted to slim down for this. I’m 5 ft 6 and weight 140 pounds, how much weight do you think I would be able to lose if I stick to it properly and should I be exercising also? Please reply back, thank you.

    • Sarah, welcome to JOJ and congrats on starting your juice fast! You can lose anywhere from 10-20 pounds or more, it really depends on how well you juice, how you take to it, and how much you juice. You will lose weight during those 2 weeks and you’ll look fabulous at your event Sarah! Cheers!

      • Thanks Donnie! So far so good, it’s been a whole week and I’m feeling great. I haven’t weighted myself as of yet but I have so much more energy and I feel like I have lost some weight. Quick question: is it easy to put the weight back on once I start eating regularly? off course, I’ll be eating healthy foods or is it better to go down and have two juices a week with a solid meal and then one juice a week etc?

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